Compilation and soundtrack (H) reviews

Heavy Metal (soundtrack)

The soundtrack actually fits the title to some degree, but the plots in the movie have nothing to do with heavy metal music. This album features some heavy classics such as Blue Öyster Cult's Veteran of the Psychic Wars and Black Sabbath's The Mob Rules. But even Devo's Working in the Coal Mine actually has a pretty aggressive feel to it. This is a decent compilation of tunes which is great for listening to on a long drive. Worth getting if you're a fan of the Heavy Metal, the movie.

Heralds of Oblivion

Some very good death metal here. If you ever though of getting in that kind of music, here's a good starter!

Hot 'n' Heavy / Loud and Proud

A two album classic rock collection including all-time greats such as Godzilla, (Don't Fear) the Reaper, Paranoid, Cat Scratch Fever, and The Final Countdown (remember Europe?).

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