Dalmatian Car


The most interesting thing about this demo is the fact that all the instruments seem clearly distinct from each other. Perhaps this has to do with the minimalistic nature of the mix, but it does create a unique atmosphere as the female vocals (which are definitely an acquired taste) float over the music. There are two songs in the demo: the first, Better Psychotic, has some cool lyrics, but I thought that the dynamics between the quiet and noisy parts could've been better. The second song is really cool, with a fuzzed up bass/guitar, catchy bass lines, and interesting noise. The album is produced by Tim "Herb" Alexander, formerly of Primus.

Dalmatian Car

I reviewed a demo release of The Brides a long time ago (now the band has come to be known as Dalmatian Car). The demo was produced by Tim Alexander of Primus fame, and featured three songs. At that time I thought the songs had promise, but it's generally hard to assess the quality of a band from only three songs.

Dalmatian Car is their latest full-length 15 song release, with Alexander taking on a more prominent role in both the song writing and performance. In addition, some of the tracks feature John Hilton on drums, which provides a nice contrast to Alexander's work.

The music is diverse: sounding like the work Primus (primarily in the drumming, sometimes in the bass taking a lead role), King Crimson, and even Syd Barrett at times. In fact, the guitar work is highly reminiscent of what Barrett did in his early days. There is also a distinct punk influence.

It would be folly to recommend this only to fans of Tim Alexander's drum work with Primus. For those who miss him, this release is not only an example of his superlative drumming, but also showcases his bass guitar, vocal and keyboard (!) work as well.

A few songs have the potential to make it big in the mainstream. They are the perfect compliment of Cushma's vocals and bass, and Alexander's drumming. These include Where Are you Tonight?, Batmobile, and The Corner Store. I highly recommend checking out this release if you're looking for something different.

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