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Green Mind

This is a bit rougher than the some later stuff and it shows Mascis experimenting extensively. It's also less refined than his latest. The songs don't settle down into one groove but instead vary in tempo. The arrangements also are more complex and the songs have a more punkish feel to them (than the alternative sound seen in Without a Sound).

Where You Been

This is my favourite album by them and also the most rock-like. The first song (Out There) has an almost Blackmore-ian guitar feel. The songs are smooth and flowing. If you're looking to see why I think he's an awesome guitar player, do be sure to check this album out.

Without a Sound

This contains a lot of catchy songs with some very cool guitar work. I've heard parts of previous DJ albums and they are also very good. I think Mascis gets a bit too pseudo-emotional in some of the songs, but this is not the case in the live shows!

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