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If you like Primus, there is a strong probability that you will like this group. The vocals (by Toby Hawkins) and songwriting style is a bit like what Tool and Primus do, though the vocals leave a bit to be desired. The guitar work is harsher and more "normal" compared to the stuff done by LaLonde. It reminds me of Therapy? Tim Alexander's drumming here sounds like how he would have sounded if he had played on Sausage's Riddles are Abound Tonight. In fact, the drumming is what I like most about this album. While in some ways it is not as showy as the stuff in Primus' releases, it is highly complicated, and does get your head banging. The next thing I like most is Ian Varriale's Chapman Stick which results in some cool harsh and weird noises. If you're into dark sludgy music, be sure to check them out!

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