Love Spirals Downwards - albums

Sideways Forest (EP)

Haunting female vocals à la the Cranes, and some cool electronic noise blend to create a great gothic-ambient experience. From the two songs (three, if you count a remix), it's really hard to gauge the potential of this duo, but I'm definitely looking forward to their third full-length release Ever, if the rest of the stuff is anything like this!


Having heard the entire release, I think one of the best descriptions of Love Spirals Downwards, for someone who hasn't heard them before, is "the Cranes meet the Cocteau Twins." The initials of the band I think give a good indication of the substance that should be imbibed when listening to this music to get the most out of it. The music inspires surreal visions and there's a synergistic quality to the enchanting female vocal and the guitar complement. Ryan Lum's guitars are at their most expressive when the acoustic guitar maintains a steady rhythm (as in Sideways Forest and Above the Lone) and the electric guitar creates ambient sounds that literally mesmerise. The vocals by Suzanne Perry are highly melodic and deeply moving.

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