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Master of Puppets

This is my favourite Metallica album. Battery is one of the most powerful tunes ever! I think Disposable Heroes played live rocks.

"Lashing out the action, returning of the action 
 weak are ripped and torn away.
 Hynotising power, crushing all that cower,
 Battery is here to stay."
                           ---Metallica, Battery

...And Justice for All

This probably marked the decline of Metallica. This is by no 5qmeans a "commercial" album---it includes classics such as Blackened and One, but you can see a trend that leads to the sell-out in the Black Album.

"Blackend is the end.   Winter it will send.
 Throwing all you see.  Into obscurity."
                    ---Metallica, Blackened


This self-titled release in a black cover, affectionately referred to as the Black Album, depicts how a powerful, agressive metal band can degenerate to produce Music for the Teeny Boppers. This isn't a bad album at all, but it belongs to the "pop" category.

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