Return to Paradise

In my opinion, Styx is a vastly underrated band. The music they've produced has had the timelessness of other rock classics which are constantly played on radio, and a lot of that music is present in this live double-album release containing some of the greatest songs they've done. The band lineup is the original one, with Dennis DeYoung performing lead vocal duties, James Young and Tommy Shaw on guitars, Chuch Panozzo on bass, and Todd Sucherman on drums. DeYoung's voice is still as powerful as ever and the guitar work of Young and Shaw complement very nicely with Panozzo's and Sucherman's guitar work. Classic tunes in this best-of live compilation include Blue Collar Man, Snow Blind (one of those timeless classics I was talking about) Suite Madam Blue, Grand Illusion, a passionate rendition of Babe, Come Sail Away, and The Best of Times. It is great to see Styx back on track, and if they are a band you listen to, or are interested in checking out, I definitely recommend this compilation.

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