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The 10th Anniversary Compilation

This is a marked departure from any of the releases on Magna Carta records, a progressive rock label. Tempest make Irish folk rock along with lines of the Pogues, Levellers, and Giant Ant Farm, but with a fresh twist. Though normally Tempest's music, more than being tinged with punk, takes on a progressive rock aesthetic (and this is particularly obvious on such releases like Turn of the Wheel and The Gravel Walk), that is not immediately apparent here. However, if one listens carefully, the re-recorded classics from the band's ten-year history does contain syncopation, odd tempo/time changes, sophisticated arrangements, and heavy-duty instrumental workouts, while being full of memorable/catchy hooks. Instrumentation on this album includes the mandolin, mandola, flute, fiddle, violin and the more traditional guitars and drums. Classic tunes on this compilation are You Jacobites by Name, Queen of Argyll, Captain Morgan, The Sleeping Highlander, The House Carpenter (the longest tune on the album at seven+ minutes featuring some great guitar work) and Montara Bay (which features a beautiful mix of Spanish guitar and violin, and is a cool place to go to). This is definitely one of the best releases Magna Carta has put out.

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