Thailand revisited for the fifth time

My fifth visit to Thailand was the most relaxing and fun I've had there. This time, I was there to give two talks at the First International Conference on Bioinformatics held at Le Royal Meridian, which went well. The conference was stimulating and gave me some great new ideas to annotate protein function for whole genomes. I then spent a few days relaxing in Loei, where we went up and through a cavernous mountain to get some nice views of the province. Ate a lot of chicken with bamboo and bazil ("ka pow gai"), papaya salad (mmm, hot!), jackfruit ("?"), guavas ("makseda"), tender coconut ("luk-tan"), and an assortment of other tropical dishes. Went to the Hard Rock Cafe and Hot Shot clubs. Saw Collateral Damage and Mon Pleng Luk Tung FM.

Pseudointellectual ramblings || Ram Samudrala || || February 1-15, 2002