A Big Evolution: Science

Rough draft with random thoughts.

Basic sciences

Meta physics

Since a theory or model of everything will encompass everything, including itself, A strange loop is a recursion between hierarchies; it is a self consistent feedback loop when dimensions are mapped to some abstract network dimensions consisting simply of nodes and edges. The nodes have to be separable from one another by at least some simple enumeration. It is the act of enumeration where you can get something from nothing. The bitstring representation has everything to do with enumeration and thus Cantor's diagonalisation technique can be used when you are able to create an abstract mapping to enumerable Thus it is provably the case that the set of integers or set of natural numbers are what count Western dualistic thought requires classification into entangled pairs of properties that correspond to quantum states. Thus the mind is already a quantum digital computer.

Mathematical and computing sciences

This is why genetic algorithms make sense and are consdered to be extremely efficient search techniques. Genetic algorithms follow form bitstring representations. quantum feedback looks are necessary for instantaneous communication kinetics isensemble behaviour Concepts used when talking about biological, chemical, physical, and mathematical evolution are identical . Evolution in biology is mappable to evolution diagonalisation Evolution is operating on multiple levels simultaneously as a function of time if you get in sync with your quantum clock then you will be able to the speed of light itself is relative. everything is relative. that's what quantum probabilities are about art, science, and philosophy song science if we can represent the number of states (N) in a system as a bit string where the bit index (position) represents the presence or absence of a given state in a given configuration/conformation then the state of the system can be thought of as the concatenated bitstring states need to be defined recursively sampling is whether a bit is on or not; selection is the probability of seeing that bit best described as opcode operand pairs - To model our current universe and its evolution, what is needed is operating on an initial bitstring with recursive operations that match what is observed in biological evolution (mutation/variation, duplication, selection) and demonstration of achieving the equivalent of our material universe based on spacetime. At the quantum level, this means bitstrings that at least encode the equivalent amount of information as a quantum particle (which presumably can be calculated using information theory) and then seeing which universes so simulated, if any, vaguely resemble ours.
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