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Tim Alexander (Primus, Laundry), one of the world's greatest drummers, Alex Skolnick (Savatage, Testament), one of the world's greatest guitarists, and Michael Manring, one of the world's best bassists, on one album! What an incredible combination. Is there any doubt it wouldn't work? Sure, there is. In any situation where musical virtuosos are thrust together, it's easy for each musician to just do their own thing and show off their talents resulting in a non-synergistic sound. For even though this is a combination that worked already once during the recording of Michael Manring's Thonk, all the instrumentalists weren't present at the same time in the same room. Fortunately, Attention Deficit pulls of a great coherent sound that is extremely diverse, ranging from jazzy improvisation to King Crimson-esque rigid jamming. There are moments where the music is very mellow, reminiscent of psychedelic Pink Floyd, and there are moments where the music borders on thrash, arising probably from the early backgrounds of the instrumentalists. This is one album where you won't suffer from Attention Deficit.

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