TV shows I've watched along with one line notes (7858 episodes)

I clearly needed a distraction, so I coded up this script that does a lot of clever things (including accessing TV guides and linking it to my calendar) to produce lists of episodes and summaries to keep track of the TV shows I've watched. ENKNF indicates that the program was unable to parse for the episode number and ? means that the episode number wasn't recorded. The one line notes/reviews are all over the place. Look at my overall ratings of these and other shows to see which ones I religiously watch.

11.22.63 - 12 Monkeys - 24 - A Discovery of Witches - A Series of Unfortunate Events - Absentia - Aftermath - Agent X - Alias - Alien Case Files - Altered Carbon - American Gods - Angel - Another Life - Archie: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Archie: Riverdale - Ascension - Ash vs. Evil Dead - Avatar: The Last Airbender - Avatar: The Legend of Korra - Avenue 5 - Black Mirror - Blindspot - Braindead - Brimstone - Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Castle Rock - Channel Zero - Charlie Jade - Cleverman - Code Name: Eternity - Colony - Condor - Continuum - Damien - Dark - Dark Angel - Dark Matter - Dark Skies - Day 5 - DC: Arrow - DC: Black Lightning - DC: Constantine - DC: Krypton - DC: Legends of Tomorrow - DC: Supergirl - DC: The Flash - DC: Titans - DC: Vixen - Dead Like Me - Defiance - Defying Gravity - Dimension 404 - Doctor Who - Doctor Who: Class - Dominion - Earth 2 - Electric Dreams - Emergence - Evil - Extant - Extinct - Falling Skies - Falling Water - Fantasy Island - Farscape - Fear Itself - Firefly - Flash Gordon - Folklore - Fortitude - Frequency - Friday the 13th - Fringe - Futurama - Ghost Wars - Hanna - Hard Sun - Harper's Island - Haunted - Haven - Heroes - Heroes Reborn - He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - House M.D. - Humans - Hunters - Jack Ryan - Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell - Kid Notorious - Killjoys - King of the Hill - Lexx - Limitless - Little Einsteins - Lost - Lost in Space - Lucifer - Lucky Man - Malcolm in the Middle - Manifest - Marvel: Agent Carter - Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Marvel: Avengers Assemble - Marvel: Cloak and Dagger - Marvel: Daredevil - Marvel: Guardians of the Galaxy - Marvel: Inhumans - Marvel: Iron Fist - Marvel: Jessica Jones - Marvel: Legion - Marvel: Luke Cage - Marvel: One Shot - Marvel: Runaways - Marvel: The Defenders - Marvel: The Gifted - Marvel: The Punisher - Masters of Horror - Millennium - Minority Report - Mr. Robot - Nancy Drew - Night Visions - Nightflyers - Niko and the Sword of Light - Odyssey 5 - Other Space - Outcast - Paradox - Penny Dreadful - Person of Interest - Poltergeist: The Legacy - Powers - Preacher - Primeval - Primeval: New World - Project Blue Book - Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal - Quantum Leap - Ray Bradbury Theater - Red Dwarf - Requiem - Salvation - Scream Queens - Sense8 - Servant - Shadowhunters - Sherlock - Slasher - Sleeper Cell - Sleepy Hollow - Snowpiercer - South of Hell - South Park - Space: 1999 - Space: Above and Beyond - Space Rangers - Stan Against Evil - Stargate: Origins - Starhunter - Star Trek - Star Trek: Continues - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Star Trek: Discovery - Star Trek: Enterprise - Star Trek: New Voyages - Star Trek: Picard - Star Trek: The Next Generation - Star Trek: Voyager - Star Wars: Rebels - Star Wars: Resistance - Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Stitchers - Strange World - Stranger Things - Supernatural - Tales from the Crypt - Tales from the Loop - Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Terra Nova - That 70s Show - The 4400 - The Adventures of Tintin - The Cosby Show - The Crow: Stairway to Heaven - The Dead Zone - The Dresden Files - The Exorcist - The Expanse - The Fades - The Family Guy - The Feed - The Frankenstein Chronicles - The Handmaid's Tale - The Haunting - The Kettering Incident - The Last Ship - The Librarians - The Living and the Dead - The Lost Room - The Magicians - The Man in the High Castle - The Orville - The Outer Limits (1995) - The Outer Limits - The Outsider - The Passage - The Pretender - The Shannara Chronicles - The Simpsons - The Strain - The Terror - The Twilight Zone - The Twilight Zone (2019) - The Umbrella Academy - The Whispers - The X Files - The X Files: Lone Gunmen - Threshold - Timeless - Total Recall 2070 - Tracker - Travelers - True Blood - Twin Peaks - UFO - Under the Dome - Upload - Utopia - V - V Wars - Van Helsing - Warehouse 13 - Wayward Pines - Weird City - Westworld - Wynonna Earp - Z Nation - Zoo

11.22.63 (8 episodes)

 108       The Day in Question                      - The new future initiated by Jake and Sadie turns out to be dystopian nightmare, which is then reset to achieve a poignant end.
 107       Soldier Boy                              - Jake regains his memory with Sadie's help and they set out to stop Lee and change the course of history.
 106       Happy Birthday, Lee Harvey Oswald        - Jake commits Bill fearing that he might be the second shooter, but is attacked and suffers a memory loss.
 105       The Truth                                - Sadie breaks up with Jake but her husband decides to go after them resulting in them getting back together.
 104       The Eyes of Texas                        - Both Jake's and Sadie's facades are stripped away.
 103       Other Voices, Other Rooms                - Jake enlists the help of Bill Turcotte to spy on Lee to determine if he really is JFK's killer.
 102       The Kill Floor                           - Jake gives up on stopping Lee Harvey Oswald but decides to preemptively kill a father before he murders his wife and children.
 101       The Rabbit Hole                          - A time portal in a diner allows Jake Epping to travel back to the 1960s with the goal of stopping JFK's assassination.

12 Monkeys (47 episodes)

 411       The Beginning (2)                        - Cole sacfrices his existence in all time to save the world and time rewards him with a happy ending.
 410       The Beginning (1)                        - The team set a trap for Olivia after learning that to solve their crisis, Cole, the source of its beginning and end, has to be completely erased from the timeline.
 409       One Minute More                          - The team uncover a final clue that takes them to 2018 just as the plague is released where Cole learns that Hannah is his mother who dies saving him.
 408       Demons                                   - Olivia follows the team to 1492, destroys the weapon, and prepares to initiate the Red Forest; the others get away but Deacon is killed.
 407       Daughters                                - Jones sends Hannah to 2007 for a final mission prior to letting herself be captured and interrogated as to when/where the weapon against the Witness resides.
 406       Die Glocke                               - Team Splinter head to 1941 Vichy France to steal the key to the anti-Witness weapon from the Nazis.
 405       After                                    - Cassie and Cole travel of 1966 New York to follow a phrase echoing in Jennifer's mind which turns out to be a causality loop.
 404       Legacy                                   - Team Splinter discover Titan being built in 1852 Montana by Jones' husband/Hannah's father who is shot by Deacon; both sides learn of a weapon against the Witness.
 403       45 RPM                                   - Cassie is unable to kill Olivia who as the future Witness has been orchestrating her actions; Cole and Jennifer find a clue to break the cycle.
 402       Ouroboros                                - Cassie decides get her revenge against Olivia for killing their son, while Cole and Jones decide to stick together and look to the future in 2018.
 401       The End                                  - Olivia attacks Cole and the gang with Titan, but they manage to splinter the whole facility back to the future in 2043 where their story began.
 310       Witness                                  - Olivia, playing a long con, betrays Jones and takes control of Titan, only to realise that it is she who is destined to be the Witness, not Athan, who in killed by her, but not before he helps save the lives of Jones and his parents.
 309       Thief                                    - Cassie and Cole glean the backstory of Athan, how he falls in love, sees her die 607 times, and eventually resigns to accepting his role as the Witness.
 308       Masks                                    - Cassie and Cole track their son to a maquerade in 1899, followed by Jones, Deaon, and Hannah; the duo escape with the help of Jennifer and their son's estranged guardian.
 307       Nurture                                  - Cole is unable to kill his son, but he splinters before he and Cassie can reach him; Jones, having discovered their secret, vows to go after them with Deacon's help.
 306       Nature                                   - Cassie and Cole team up with Agent Gale to witness the Witness kill all but one of a group of grieving individuals to create his army.
 305       Causality                                - Cassie, Jennifer, Cole, and Deacon splinter to 1989 to make a copy of the Word of The Witness, a map of his story, before it is to be auctioned off.
 304       Brothers                                 - While Cassie and Deacon make their way back home in 2046, Cole chooses the woman he loves and is forced to kill his brother in 2007.
 303       Enemy                                    - In 2014, Olivia and Ramse manipulate Jones into sending him along with Cole to 2007 osetensibly to kill the Witness, but Ramse plans to kill Cassie.
 302       Guardians                                - In 1922, Cole gets rid of three Horsemen guarding his son, but the fourth splinters back and resets the timeline undoing his and Jones' work; together they return to 2046 with Jennifer.
 301       Mother                                   - In 2163, future version of Cole splinters himself, telling him to seek out Jennifer in 1922, just as he comes across Cassie on Titan, who eventually gives birth to their son aka the Witness.
 213       Memory of Tomorrow                       - Cole ingests the Red Forest in 1959 and corrects events from two years back, allowing time to repair itself; the Witness is revealed to be the unborn son of Cole and Cassie who end up in 2164.
 212       Blood Washed Away                        - Cole and Cassie consumate their relationship in 1957 after failing to stop the last primary paradox; the Witness' guardians appear to kill all resistance to the Red Forest.
 211       Resurrection                             - Jennifer dies and is resurrected; Cole, Cassie, and Ramse head off to their respective missions as the Red Forest consumes everything in 2044.
 210       Fatherland                               - In 1961, Cole, Ramse, and Cassie find the Nazi scientist who created Olivia, Pallid Man, and the Messengers but trouble brews in paradise.
 209       Hyena                                    - Jennifer learns that choices determine endings at great expense in 2016; Cassie and Ramse team up to track down the Witness.
 208       Lullaby                                  - Cassie (and Cole) are sent to kill Jones in 2020 which ends up with them being stuck in a repeating loop until they do something but nothing.
 207       Meltdown                                 - The Witness splinters into Cassie's mind in 2044 and sabotages the time machine into melting down and releasing damaging radiation in order to kidnap Ramse's son.
 206       Immortal                                 - Cole and Ramse travel to 1975 to protect a primary who also happens to be a deranged psychopath; the Witness plays mind games with Cassie.
 205       Bodies of Water                          - Cassie is sent by 2044 Jennifer to make friends with 2016 Jennifer; Cole and Ramse set up Deacon which backfires on them.
 204       Emergence-episode                        - Cassie, Cole, and Ramse return to 2044 aware of the Army's plans to destroy time, and realise that they need to forget the past to save the future.
 203       One Hundred Years                        - Cassie and Cole travel to 1944 to prevent a pair of the Messengers from carrying out a murder; the Red Forest appears in 2044.
 202       Primary                                  - Cole demonstrates to Cassie that positive change occurs in 2044 when they save someone in the past (1944) instead of killing them.
 201       Year of the Monkey                       - Cole and Ramse team up to stop Jennifer Goines from unleashing a virus that will decimate the world in 2016 as Railly shows up from 2044.
 113       Arms of Mine                             - Cassie is shot and sent in time to 2044 to be saved using the machine financed by Ramse.
 112       Paradox-episode                          - Cole injects himself with blood from his younger self which leaves him unable to splinter.
 111       Shonin                                   - Ramse in the past ensures that the futures goes exactly as planned, as Cole is lost in 2015.
 110       Divine Move                              - Ramse and Cole both jump to 1987 at odds with each other.
 109       Tomorrow                                 - Jones takes Spearhead's energy core and Cole watches Railly die again.
 108       Yesterday                                - Cole splinters to 2017 and finds the plague still raging.
 107       The Keys                                 - A drone strikes Cole's location after he grabs the Markridge virus in Chechnya.
 106       The Red Forest                           - Cole finds his timeline changed when Railly dies.
 105       The Night Room                           - Cole finds a body containing the plague virus which he destroys and returns to a changed future.
 104       Atari                                    - Cole deals with Deacon's gang in the future to save Reese's life.
 103       Cassandra Complex                        - The story with what happens with Railly after Cole's first visit is revealed.
 102       Mentally Divergent                       - Cole returns and finds out about the Night Room.
 101       Splinter                                 - Cole travels back from 2043 to 2013 and then 2015 to stop a plague that wipes out most of humanity.

24 (120 episodes)

 524       Day 5: 6:00AM - 7:00AM                   - Jack is captured by the Chinese.
 523       Day 5: 5:00AM - 6:00AM                   - Jack goes after the masterminds.
 522       Day 5: 4:00AM - 5:00AM                   - Jack stops the terrorists yet again.
 521       Day 5: 3:00AM - 4:00AM                   - The terrorists find another way to target America.
 520       Day 5: 2:00AM - 3:00AM                   - One of the bosses gets a reprieve.
 519       Day 5: 1:00AM - 2:00AM                   - From Archie comics: The big boss has a big big boss who has a big big boss who has a big big big boss... (you have the idea)..
 518       Day 5: 12:00AM - 1:00AM                  - The plot gets even more unbelievable and more complicated.
 517       Day 5: 11:00PM - 12:00AM                 - Jack tries to get a hold of the tape that will prove his innocence.
 516       Day 5: 10:00PM - 11:00PM                 - The day's events are tracked to the highest levels.
 515       Day 5: 9:00PM - 10:00PM                  - The terrorists get ready to make their final attack as Audrey Raines is shown to be innocent.
 514       Day 5: 8:00PM - 9:00PM                   - Audrey Raines is implicated in the nerve gas plot.
 513       Day 5: 7:00PM - 8:00PM                   - Lynn saves the remaining survivors of the attack on CTU.
 512       Day 5: 6:00PM - 7:00PM                   - CTU itself is targeted by the terrorists as the President contemplates martial law.
 511       Day 5: 5:00PM - 6:00PM                   - A hospital is targeted by the terrorists.
 510       Day 5: 4:00PM - 5:00PM                   - CTU deals with a bunch of political BS while dealing with the Suvarov crisis.
 509       Day 5: 3:00PM - 4:00PM                   - The terrorist demand to kill Suvarovs.
 508       Day 5: 2:00PM - 3:00PM                   - The terrorists release the nerve gas in a mall.
 507       Day 5: 1:00PM - 2:00PM                   - The nerve gas used to secure America becomes a weapon against it.
 506       Day 5: 12:00PM - 1:00PM                  - Bauer exposes Cummings.
 505       Day 5: 11:00AM - 12:00PM                 - Bauer is taken into custody at CTU where is supposed to be assassinated.
 504       Day 5: 10:00AM - 11:00AM                 - Jack gets captured by the terrorists.
 503       Day 5: 9:00AM - 10:00AM                  - Jack goes head to head with the terrorists holding Ontario Airport hostage.
 502       Day 5: 8:00AM - 9:00AM                   - Jack is framed for the murder of David Palmer, but receives help from Chloe and Wayne Palmer.
 501       Day 5: 7:00AM - 8:00AM                   - David Palmer is assassinated; Jack returns to LA and kills his killer.
 424       Day 4: 6:00AM - 7:00AM                   - Marwan dies; the missile is destroyed; Jack is allegedly killed before being handed over to the Chinese.
 423       Day 4: 5:00AM - 6:00AM                   - Tony is rescued by Jack.
 422       Day 4: 4:00AM - 5:00AM                   - Tony is taken hostage.
 421       Day 4: 3:00AM - 4:00AM                   - Jack finds Marwan again who unleashes a missile.
 420       Day 4: 2:00AM - 3:00AM                   - Jack breaks into the Chinese consulate.
 419       Day 4: 1:00AM - 2:00AM                   - Palmer is called in to help.
 418       Day 4: 12:00AM - 1:00AM                  - A nuclear warhead goes missing.
 417       Day 4: 11:00PM - 12:00AM                 - Vice President Logan takes over as President.
 416       Day 4: 10:00PM - 11:00PM                 - Air Force One is show down by a stealth bomber.
 415       Day 4: 9:00PM - 10:00PM                  - Jack is traded for Behrooz.
 414       Day 4: 8:00PM - 9:00PM                   - Jack goes undercover with Dina.
 413       Day 4: 7:00PM - 8:00PM                   - Jack starts a firefight with the McLennan-Forster mercenaries; Paul is shot.
 412       Day 4: 6:00PM - 7:00PM                   - McLennan-Forster releases a EMP to prevent being incriminated.
 411       Day 4: 5:00PM - 6:00PM                   - Jack gets close to Marwan; Edgar stops the override; Erin's daughter dies.
 410       Day 4: 4:00PM - 5:00PM                   - Jack goes after Paul Raines, Marianne dies, and Curtis is captured.
 409       Day 4: 3:00PM - 4:00PM                   - Jack finds Navi and his family.
 408       Day 4: 2:00PM - 3:00PM                   - Another mole at the CTU is uncovered.
 407       Day 4: 1:00PM - 2:00PM                   - Jack and Audrey reunite with Tony Almeida.
 406       Day 4: 12:00PM - 1:00PM                  - Jack rescues heller; the terrorist plan to take over nuclear plants is uncovered.
 405       Day 4: 11:00AM - 12:00PM                 - Jack's suspect kills himself; Jack nears the compound where Heller is being held.
 404       Day 4: 10:00AM - 11:00AM                 - Jack holds up a convenience store to stall a terrorist.
 403       Day 4: 9:00AM - 10:00AM                  - Chloe aids Jack in tracking down the terrorists.
 402       Day 4: 8:00AM - 9:00AM                   - Heller's trial is announced on the web; Jack goes after the terrorists.
 401       Day 4: 7:00AM - 8:00AM                   - Jack is out of CTU and seeing Heller's daughter; there's a terrorist attack on a train as well as a potential one on the Internet.
 324       Day 3: 12:00PM - 1:00PM                  - Saunders faces the wrath of an angry victim.
 323       Day 3: 11:00AM - 12:00AM                 - Jack threatens to expose Saunders' daughter to the virus to find the location of the missing vials.
 322       Day 3: 10:00AM - 11:00AM                 - Keeler tries to get Palmer to withdraw with Sherry's help.
 321       Day 3: 9:00AM - 10:00AM                  - Tony works to help Michelle escape and free Saunders' daughter.
 320       Day 3: 8:00AM - 9:00AM                   - Jack uses Saunders' daughter to get to Saunders.
 319       Day 3: 7:00AM - 8:00AM                   - Kim poses as Saunders' daughter.
 318       Day 3: 6:00AM - 7:00AM                   - Michelle discovers that a hotel guest has escaped the quarantine.
 317       Day 3: 5:00AM - 6:00AM                   - Saunders asks Jack to kill Chapelle.
 316       Day 3: 4:00AM - 5:00AM                   - Michelle has to deal with panicky hotel guests and Sherry blackmails Palmer.
 315       Day 3: 3:00AM - 4:00AM                   - Gael is too late to stop the virus and Jack kills Nina.
 314       Day 3: 2:00AM - 3:00AM                   - Tony interrogates Nina about Alvers' location.
 313       Day 3: 1:00AM - 2:00AM                   - Nina releases a worm into the CTU system.
 312       Day 3: 12:00AM - 1:00AM                  - Amador cheats Nina.
 311       Day 3: 11:00PM - 12:00AM                 - Hector finds out about his dead wife and Sherry helps David Palmer.
 309       Day 3: 9:00PM - 10:00PM                  - Jack and Nina finally end up meeting again.
 309       Day 3: 10:00PM - 11:00PM                 - Claudia dies after helping Chase escape.
 308       Day 3: 8:00PM - 9:00PM                   - Jack tries to buy a live virus using the Salazars as decoys.
 307       Day 3: 7:00PM - 8:00PM                   - Jack is allegedly working with Hector Salzar.
 306       Day 3: 6:00PM - 7:00PM                   - Jack and Salazar end up in Mexico.
 305       Day 3: 5:00PM - 6:00PM                   - Jack takes off with Salazar just as Ryan is captured.
 304       Day 3: 4:00PM - 5:00PM                   - Jack takes his own initiative and breaks Salazar out of prison.
 303       Day 3: 3:00PM - 4:00PM                   - CTU discovers the packet of coke Singer is carrying isn't really the virus.
 302       Day 3: 2:00PM - 3:00PM                   - Jack goes after the bioterrorists who are using a young boy as a dupe to transport the virus across the border.
 301       Day 3: 1:00PM - 2:00PM                   - Bioterrorists threaten to release a deadly contagion unless a notorious prisoner is freed.
 224       Day 2: 7:00AM - 8:00AM                   - Jack proves to the government that they were manipulated into waging a war for oil.
 223       Day 2: 6:00AM - 7:00AM                   - Jack tries to track down Peter Kingsley with the aid of Sherry but has an heart attack.
 222       Day 2: 6:00AM - 7:00AM                   - Jack confronts Sherry in her role to bring down the Presidency.
 221       Day 2: 4:00AM - 5:00AM                   - Palmer is stripped of his powers by his cabinet.
 220       Day 2: 3:00AM - 4:00AM                   - Jack tortured to reveal the location of the audio chip that could prevent war, as Palmer's Vice-president plans to take over.
 219       Day 2: 2:00AM - 3:00AM                   - Jack retrieves an audio chip that will save the country from going to war.
 218       Day 2: 1:00AM - 2:00AM                   - Riots in Georgia target people from the middle east.
 217       Day 2: 12:00AM - 1:00AM                  - Jack tries to stop Palmer from making a mistake.
 216       Day 2: 11:00PM - 12:00AM                 - Syed Ali is assasinated.
 215       Day 2: 10:00PM - 11:00PM                 - Jack manages to escape nuclear destruction, thanks to George Mason.
 214       Day 2: 9:00PM - 10:00PM                  - The real bomb is found.
 213       Day 2: 8:00PM - 9:00PM                   - Jack comes across a bomb, but it turns out to be a decoy.
 212       Day 2: 7:00PM - 8:00PM                   - Jack finally breaks Syed Ali by threatening to kill his children.
 211       Day 2: 6:00PM - 7:00PM                   - Jack tries to catch Syed Ali and Palmer resorts to torture tactics.
 210       Day 2: 5:00PM - 6:00PM                   - Marie ends up being the terrorist.
 209       Day 2: 4:00PM - 5:00PM                   - Jack is taken hostage by Nina who threatens to kill him.
 208       Day 2: 3:00PM - 4:00PM                   - Nina kills Faheen after learning the location of the bomb.
 207       Day 2: 2:00PM - 3:00PM                   - Jack tracks down the terrorist Nina aided and Reza and his to-be father-in-law are taken to CTU.
 206       Day 2: 1:00PM - 2:00PM                   - Palmer's wife Sherry shows up.
 205       Day 2: 12:00PM - 1:00PM                  - Jack confronts Nina.
 204       Day 2: 11:00AM - 12:00PM                 - Jack finally tracks down Joseph Wald and realises Nina is also behind the nuclear attack in LA.
 203       Day 2: 10:00AM - 11:00AM                 - The CTU is blown up.
 202       Day 2: 9:00AM - 10:00AM                  - Jack tries to infiltrate a terrorist group.
 201       Day 2: 8:00AM - 9:00AM                   - Palmer, now President, calls on Jack to stop another terrorist plot.
 124       11:00PM - 12:00AM                        - In the final episode, Jack finishes off the Drazens, but has to deal with a painful loss.
 123       10:00PM - 11:00PM                        - Jack finally uncovers the mole at CTU.
 122       9:00PM - 10:00PM                         - Palmer convinces Mason to try to rescue Jack.
 121       8:00PM - 9:00PM                          - Kim is kidnapped again and Jack is taken prisoner by the Drazens.
 120       7:00PM - 8:00PM                          - Jack runs into Victor Drazen in a prison.
 119       6:00PM - 7:00PM                          - Jack ends up coming across a secret prison while hunting clues for the terrorists.
 118       5:00PM - 6:00PM                          - Jack imitates Alexis and Palmer prepares to go public with his personal situation.
 117       4:00PM - 5:00PM                          - Jack enlists Palmer's aide to track Alexis Drazen, but she kills him.
 116       3:00PM - 4:00PM                          - Teri loses her memory and Jack goes after the Drazens.
 115       2:00PM - 3:00PM                          - Jack and Palmer finally meet and put the whole thing together.
 114       1:00PM - 2:00PM                          - Jack is de-briefed and finally meets up with Palmer.
 113       12:00PM - 1:00PM                         - Gaines is killed and Palmer realises that power comes with a price.
 112       11:00AM - 12:00PM                        - Jack finally reunites with his family.
 111       10:00AM - 11:00AM                        - Jack reunites with "Alan York" and uncovers a Serbian/Bosnian connection to the plot to kill Palmer.
 110       9:00AM - 10:00AM                         - Jack contacts his wife and tries to rescue her.
 109       8:00AM - 9:00AM                          - Jack escapes from custody to go after his family.
 108       7:00AM - 8:00AM                          - Jack is considered a threat to Palmer, and the assasination attempt is foiled.
 107       6:00AM - 7:00AM                          - Jack pretends to kill Nina.
 106       5:00AM - 6:00AM                          - Jack continues his search for Kim and David Palmer confronts his wife.
 105       4:00AM - 5:00AM                          - Jack tracks his daughter and Palmer confronts his son.
 104       3:00AM - 4:00AM                          - Jack's team faces a lockdown.
 103       2:00AM - 3:00AM                          - Jack confronts his colleague, and Janet and Kimberly almost escape from their kidnappers.
 102       1:00AM - 2:00AM                          - Jack and his partner are shot at and the bad FBI agent turns out to be Jack's partner.
 101       12:00AM - 1:00AM                         - Jack Bauer and his team are on the trail of a person who wishes to assassinate a Presidential candidate who is black.

A Discovery of Witches (8 episodes)

 108       Episode 8                                - Diana and Matthew decide to time walk to 1590 to escape their enemies on the Congregation after making sure their friends are safe.
 107       Episode 7                                - At the haunted house she grew up in, Diana learns to gain control of her powers when Matthew's jealous ex-lover Juliette grabs her.
 106       Episode 6                                - Diana's experience frees her magic from being spellbound and she escapes when Matthew comes searching for her.
 105       Episode 5                                - Diana consumates her relationship with Matthew; the witch Satu and the vampire Gerbert capture her and proceed to torture her.
 104       Episode 4                                - The consequences of Diana's forbidden relationship with Matthew become apparent when the Congregation of creatures seek to capture her.
 103       Episode 3                                - Diana and Matthew become closer, much to the consternation of her fellow witches and other creatures seeking this manuscript.
 102       Episode 2                                - Diana finds an ally in Matthew Clairmont, a vampire who does not appear to have ulterior motives like other witches and demons.
 101       Episode 1                                - Diana Bishop, a witch, finds a mystical manuscript in an Oxford library and attracts the attention of other supernatural beings.

A Series of Unfortunate Events (8 episodes)

 108       The Miserable Mill (2)                   - The children escape Olaf and Georgina and are sent to boarding school.
 107       The Miserable Mill (1)                   - The children are forced to work in the mill; Klaus is hypnotised by Georgina Orwell who is working with Olaf.
 106       The Wide Window (2)                      - Josephine is abandoned to leeches and Olaf is foiled again; the children sneak away to the Lucky Smells Lumber Mill.
 105       The Wide Window (1)                      - Olaf, disguising himself as Captain Sham, fakes Aunt Josephine's death as a suicide.
 104       The Reptile Room (2)                     - Montgomery is killed by Olaf, but the children escape his clutches and are sent to their Aunt Josephine.
 103       The Reptile Room (1)                     - The children are sent to live with their Uncle Montgomery but are followed by Olaf and his minions.
 102       The Bad Beginning (2)                    - Count Olaf schemes to get his hands on the Baudelaire fortune but the children get one up on him.
 101       The Bad Beginning (1)                    - Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire are sent to live with their distant relative Count Olaf when their parents die.

Absentia (30 episodes)

 310       Iterum Nata                              - Emily breaks up the organ smuggling ring and finally figures out that her boss is the primary mole who was into it for the money.
 309       Tenebris                                 - The Durand family fight back against Dawkins, and while there are some losses, Flynn is able to handle him; Emily, Nick, and Cal work together to take down Meridian.
 308       Veritas Aequitas                         - Dawkins follows Emily's grandfather and targets her son Flynn, while Nick and Emily decide to take down the Meridian organisation and run into Cal.
 307       Liberavit                                - Emily ditches Cal, unable to trust him; the mole at FBI continues to throw a wrench in her search; Nick manages to escape, is recaptured, and eventually found by Emily.
 306       In Quo Ego Vado Vos                      - Emily and Cal start working together to track down Nick, who is moved away from the location he was being held at just before they arrive.
 305       Quid Pro Quo                             - Nick hallucinates about his ex-wife but does not reveal the information sought; Emily travels to Europe and works with a former associate to rescue Nick.
 304       Alea Lacta Est                           - Dawkins goes after Emily's son but she calls her father to take him to safety; Kai passes on the wanted data to Emily before she dies.
 303       Nosce Inimicum                           - Nick is totured for information on the information ostensibly provided by Kai, while Emily works with her to bring down Dawkins, who is working for his kidnappers.
 302       Capta Est                                - Nick is kidnapped by the organ harvesting ring but then appears to be taken by someone more brutal; Emily tracks down his informer Kai and works with her to find Nick.
 301       Tabula Rasa                              - Emily, haunted by her past, struggles to make a life with Nick, but a new case involving an organ harvesting ring he takes on threatens both their lives.
 210       Accomplice                               - Alice, who is connected to the family counselor, kills him but is tracked down by Emily and is shot dead by an ambitious FBI Agent.
 209       Committed                                - Emily discovers that their family counselor is connected to the act of terror as well as her previous captivity.
 208       Aggression                               - Emily finds a connection between the terrorist and her time in captivity; Nick has a hard time pretending to be a hero.
 207       Boom                                     - Emily and Cal make it back stateside with the help of a friend who gives his life; Emily's confrontation with the terrorist proves fruitful.
 206       Cover                                    - Emily and Cal try to break into the mercernary life in Moldova and get out of a tough scrape only to be recaptured again.
 205       Bolo                                     - Emily and Cal are tasked with going out of the country to capture the terrorist suspect and render him to a black site.
 204       Offenders                                - Emily works with a new partner Cal to track down the fentanyl killer.
 203       Guilty                                   - Emily rejoins the FBI to investigate the death of her mother; the FBI identifies a suspect in the Boston terrorist attack.
 202       Madness                                  - Emily's mother is killed but is made to look like an overdose; Emily's son Flynn displays antisocial tendencies.
 201       Casualties                               - A new terrorist attack takes place in Boston; Emily tries to build on her relationship with her son; a woman claiming to be Emily's mother turns up.
 110       Original Sin                             - Even though Nick doubts her to the very end, Emily proves her innocence and kills her tormentor in self defense.
 109       Child's Play                             - Nick's distrust in Emily grows to irrational levels as her feels the loss of control over the abduction of his family.
 108       Brave Boy                                - Emily goes undercover in a mental institution and the authorities track her there, leading to Nick being shot by her.
 107       A & B                                    - Emily goes to her brother, Jack, for help, after she is shot.
 106       Nobody's Innocent                        - Emily's brother Jack turns out to have been involved in dubious activities; Nick's new wife Alice gives him an ultimatum.
 105       Dig                                      - Emily is accused of further murders and it appears someone is masterminding an elaborate scheme to keep her connected to her kidnapping.
 104       Me You Him Me                            - Emily goes on the run after sleeping with Nick who was supposed to have taken her in and kidnaps their crooked former boss Adam Radford.
 103       The Emily Show                           - Emily's run of bad luck continues as further evidence mounts against her and finds that others blame their circumstances on her disappeance.
 102       Reset                                    - Emily is implicated as a suspect in a series of new murders, while discovering the existence of a corrupt FBI Agent via her ex-husband Nick Durand.
 101       Comeback                                 - FBI Agent Emily Byrne, presumed dead, returns after six years and finds her life and relationships have changed.

Aftermath (13 episodes)

 113       Whispers of Immortality                  - The family work with Bob to open wormholes that suck up the moon fragments about to smash into them, one of which also gets Karen.
 112       Now That We Talk of Dying                - The family track down Moondog/Bob Black while being pursued by a couple of murderous government agents.
 111       Where the Dead Men Lost Their Bones      - The family cures Josh's infection and go off seeking Bob Black, a radio host who seems to have all the answers.
 110       Hieronymo's Mad Againe                   - The women deal with a feverhead while on a hunt for tetracycline to cure Josh's infection.
 109       The Barbarous King                       - The family run into Karen's dad who claims to have turned over a new leave until Josh umasks him.
 108       Here Is No Water but Only Rock           - The Copeland family are reunited once more.
 107       What the Thunder Said                    - The family meets a man who can perform miracles just before Mt. Rainier erupts and Karen is separated from them.
 106       Madame Sosostris                         - Joshua meets up with a colleague whose predicted the apocalypse; Karen unloads her grief in a deadly manner.
 105       A Clatter and a Chatter                  - The Copeland family are unable to save Karen's sister Sally from being killed by a skinwalker possessing a feverhead.
 104       Fever of the Bone                        - Brianna, with a boyfriend in tow, is reunited with her family after fighting off a skinwalker.
 103       In Our Empty Rooms                       - The family fight off a quartet of armed pseudosoldiers while Brianna ends up in a weird commune.
 102       In Rats Alley                            - Matt overreacts and kills a schizophrenic individual who is off his meds; Brianna makes and unmakes a new friend; more disasters strike.
 101       RVL 6768                                 - Amidst disasters of Biblical proportions, the Copeland family struggle to survive and reunite when Dana's twin Brianna is separated from them.

Agent X (10 episodes)

 110       Fidelity                                 - Ray orchestra a Prisoner's Dilemma scenario between the world leaders, but John, Olga, and Malcolm work together to bring him down.
 109       Penultimatum                             - John's fiance Pamela is kidnapped by Ray to coerce John but ends up being rescued by Malcolm, John's handler.
 108       Angels & Demons                          - As the POTUS struggles to stay alive and war off further attacks, Agent X and his colleagues continue to be played by the Cabal.
 107       The Long Walk Home                       - John manages to gain the upper hand, as he uncovers a few skeletons from the Agent X program that culimates in the POTUS being shot.
 106       The Sacrifice                            - A former Agent X thought to be dead threatens the lives of John, the Vice President, and a treaty that she is trying to facilitate.
 105       Truth, Lies, and Consequences            - John cuts short a bioterrorism plot seconds before it explodes over the National Mall, almost losing his own life.
 104       The Devil and John Case                  - John travels to Mexico to demolish (the myth of) El Diablo.
 103       Back in Your Arms                        - John uncovers a secret conspiracy involving a shadow government subverting Executive authority.
 102       The Enemy of My Enemy                    - John and Olga work together to stop nuclear weapons from ending up in the wrong hands.
 101       Pilot                                    - The Vice President of the United States discovers her true responsibilities: to oversee an agent (John Case) with a license to kill.

Alias (105 episodes)

 517       All the Time in the World                - The good guys finally take down Sloan and Irina.
 516       Reprisal                                 - Sloane kidnaps Marshall and Rachel to execute his endgame, and takes out Prophet Five and bombs APO with the help of Peyton and Sark.
 515       No Hard Feelings                         - Sydney recovers the final artifact needed for Rambaldi's endgame but Sloan takes it from her.
 514       I See Dead People                        - Anna is finally killed by Sydney who infiltrates Prophet Five posing as Anna-posing-Sydney.
 513       30 Seconds                               - Nadia is revived, but Sloan is unable to choose her over Rambaldi, resulting in her death; Renee is killed by Anna.
 512       There's Only One Sydney Bristow          - Anna kidnaps Will Tippin to enable her to eventually become a Sydney doppelganger.
 511       Maternal Instinct                        - Sydney delivers a baby girl with the aid of Jack and Irina.
 510       S.O.S.                                   - Sydney's kidnappers appear to have averted a crisis in her pregnancy; Jack identifies a mole within the CIA to recover her.
 509       The Horizon                              - Sydney is kidnapped and interrogated by Kelly Peyton acting on Irina's behalf and isolated on a freighter.
 508       Bob                                      - Rachel and Sark hook up.
 507       Fait Accompli                            - Dean is captured, interrogated, and eventually assassinated through Sloane's actions.
 506       Solo                                     - Rachel goes on a solo mission to steal the plans for a weapon that can lasso missiles intended for another target.
 505       Out of the Box                           - The father of Vaughn's ally Renee Rienne turns out to be a doppelganger working with Gordon Dean.
 504       Mockingbird                              - Sydney and Rachel are almost killed by Gordon Dean.
 503       The Shed                                 - Sydney encounters Rachel Gibson, a protegee of Gordon Dean, who has been unknowingly working for the wrong team.
 502       1                                        - Sydney finds and loses a cryogenically suspended body.
 501       Prophet Five                             - Vaughn is suspected of being a double agent and is shot and apparently dies; Sydney is pregant with their child.
 422       Before the Flood                         - Sydney and Nadia fight it out but the latter manages to stop Elena's world domination plan with the team's aid.
 421       Search and Rescue                        - Sydney, Nadia, and Jack rescue Irina and head out to stop Sloan and Elena.
 420       The Descent                              - Sophia Vargas is Elena; Sloan appears to betray Sydney and Nadia once again and joins forces with Sophia; Irina is alive.
 419       In Dreams                                - Sloan's addiction to Rambaldi comes to a head with the interrogation of Arvin Clone.
 418       Mirage                                   - Elena shows her true colours and steals the Hydrosec compound that can contaminate water supplies.
 417       A Clean Conscience                       - Elena, Irina's sister and the cruelest of the three, has been stalking Sydney and Nadia.
 416       Another Mister Sloane                    - The team track down Arvin Clone but he manages to escape.
 415       Pandora                                  - Sloan is being set up by someone else impersonating him.
 414       Nightingale                              - Sydney, Vaughn, and Jack infiltrate to Russian nuclear facility to obtain a molecular manipulation weapon.
 413       Tuesday                                  - Sydney is buried alive by a terrorist faction and it's up to Marshall to save her.
 412       The Orphan                               - Nadia's ghosts come back to haunt her but she deals with them effectively.
 411       The Road Home                            - Jack needs to kill an old friend who has obtained an AI drone that almost kills Sydney.
 410       The Index                                - Sydney, Dixon, and Nadia think that Sloan is reforming the Alliance but it is a set up.
 409       A Man of His Word                        - The APO captures Anna with Sark's assistance and retrieves the explosive; Nadia recovers.
 408       Echoes                                   - Nadia is shot by Anna Espinoza.
 407       Détente                                 - Sydney and her sister Nadia work together to deal with a powerful explosive called Black Thorine.
 406       Nocturne                                 - Sydney experiences deadly hallucinations after coming in contact with a designer drug.
 405       Welcome to Liberty Village               - A Russian terrorist organisation plans to infiltrate and attack America with a reuseable EMP.
 404       Ice                                      - The APO team deal with a compound that causes people to instantly freeze dry.
 403       The Awful Truth                          - Jack helps Nadia obtain closure for the alleged murder of her mother.
 402       Authorized Personnel Only (2)            - Sydney learns that there was a contract placed on her life by Irina which was the reason for Jack having her killed.
 401       Authorized Personnel Only (1)            - Sydney, Vaughn, Jack, and Dixon are recruited to a real black ops division of the CIA headed by Sloane.
 322       Resurrection                             - Lauren is finally killed by Vaughn.
 321       Legacy                                   - The CIA recover Nadia after she is experimented on by Sloan to produce Rambaldi's message.
 320       Blood Ties                               - Sydney's half sister, Nadia Santos, aka the Passenger, is found and is taken by Sloan.
 319       Hourglass                                - Sloan is allegedly executed but it turns out to be a fake, orchestrated by Jack.
 318       Unveiled                                 - The CIA attempts to find out about the Passenger as Vaughn uncovers the truth about Lauren.
 317       The Frame                                - Lauren frames her father to cover her activities done on behalf of the Covenant.
 316       Taken                                    - Dixon's daughters are kidnapped by the Covenant.
 315       Facade                                   - Sark and Vaughn are trapped on a plane with a bomb set to go off.
 314       Blowback                                 - Sark and Lauren interfere with an operation being undertaken by Vaughn and Sydney.
 313       After Six                                - Sark and Lauren kill the heads of six Covenant cells and end up being made leaders of the North American cell.
 312       Crossings                                - Sydney and Vaughn end up trapped in North Korea but Katia Derevko helps them out.
 311       Full Disclosure                          - Sydney's two years of her life is recalled by Kendall; Lauren is a mole working for the Covenant.
 310       Remnants                                 - Lindsey is killed by Sloan who acquires yet the Rambaldi device.
 309       Conscious                                - Sydney goes into a dream state in order to uncover her memories.
 308       Breaking Point                           - Sydney's friends break her out just before invasive brain surgery is about to be performed on her.
 307       Prelude                                  - The NSC finds out that Julia Thorne is Sydney and arrest her for the murder of Andrian Lazarey.
 306       The Nemesis                              - Sydney shoots Allison again but she survives having taken the Rambaldi potion.
 305       Repercussions                            - Sloane is kidnapped and returns to ask to work as an uncover agent.
 304       A Missing Link                           - Sydney has to stab Vaughn to maintain her cover.
 303       Reunion                                  - Sydney and Vaughn go on a mission together to destroy the Medusa device.
 302       Succession                               - Sydney finds other agents like her who have been abducted by the Covenant and made into assassins; Sark is released.
 301       The Two                                  - Sydney returns to find that Vaughn is married, her father is in prison (who she works to get released), and Sloane is a philanthropist.
 222       The Telling                              - Sydney and Francie fight it out and the latter emerges victorious, only two years later in Hong Kong.
 221       Second Double                            - Will is framed by the evil Francie and ends up on the run.
 220       Countdown                                - Dixon manages to pull through and the team manages to find the Rambaldi heart.
 219       Endgame                                  - Dixon's wife is killed by Sloane as revenge; Sydney rescues Neil Caplan.
 218       Truth Takes Time                         - Emily is mistakenly shot and killed by Dixon; Sydney shoots Irina.
 217       A Dark Turn                              - Irina shows her true colours as she is extracted by Sloane with the Rambaldi manuscript.
 216       Firebomb                                 - Sloan manages the development of a Rambaldi energy weapon which is ultimately acquired by the CIA, with some difficulty.
 215       A Free Agent                             - Sloan reemerges and is caught robbing a bank by Sydney but ends up becoming his prisoner.
 214       Double Agent                             - A CIA undercover agent has been replicated as a result of Project Helix that Sydney must destroy.
 213       Phase One                                - The Alliance is finally taken down but it turns out to be part of a longer game being played by Sloan and Sark who replace Frankie with a doppelganger.
 212       The Getaway                              - Sydney and Vaughn risk their covers and Jack discovers the identity of Sloan's blackmailer; Sloan's wife is still alive.
 211       A Higher Echelon                         - Marshall is rescued by Sydney and Dixon; Sloan's access to the NSA Eschelon program is thwarted by the CIA with Irina's help.
 210       The Abduction                            - Sydney and Marshall go on a mission together, but instead of being taken in by the CIA, he is kidnapped.
 209       Passage (2)                              - Irina appears to betray Sydney and Jack but it turns out to be a ruse as the team uncovers yet another Rambaldi mystery.
 208       Passage (1)                              - Sydney, Jack, and Irina go on a mission to Kashmir to recover portable nuclear warheads.
 207       The Counteragent                         - Sydney cuts a deal with Sark to save Vaughn's life who then joins forces with Sloane.
 206       Salvation-episode                        - Sydney manages to save her mother from being executed and her father from being sent to prison.
 205       The Indicator                            - Sydney discovers that she was programmed to be a spy by her father.
 204       Dead Drop                                - Sydney and Michael attempt to recover Irina's operation manual but Jack makes other plans for them.
 203       Cipher                                   - Sydney attempts to retrieve a Rambaldi created music box but falls into freezing water.
 202       Trust Me                                 - Sydney begins to trust her mother.
 201       The Enemy Walks In                       - Sydney's mother surrenders herself to the CIA after killing Khasinau.
 122       Almost 30 Years                          - Sydney finally comes face to face with her mother.
 121       Rendezvous                               - Sark is used to draw out Khasinau but Will gets mixed up and is eventually taken by Sark.
 120       The Solution                             - Sydney lays a trap for Khasinau but Dixon crashes the party.
 119       Snowman                                  - Sydney learns that Noah is the Snowman, a rogue assassin.
 118       Masquerade                               - Sydney encounters and works on a mission with her ex-lover Noah where passions ignite.
 117       Q&A                                      - Sydney is grilled by the FBI and escapes to realise that her mother could still be alive.
 116       The Prophecy                             - Sydney is taken into custody by the government on the basis of a 500 year old prophecy.
 115       Page 47                                  - The Rambaldi book contains a page with an image of Sydney.
 114       The Coup                                 - The Man's actions are seemingly audacious and bold as he goes after Rambaldi artifacts.
 113       The Box (2)                              - Sydney and her friends manage to thwart Cole's plans.
 112       The Box (1)                              - An ex-agent and old enemy of Sloan, McKenas Cole, leads a team to infiltrate SD-6 with only Sydney and Jack left to stop them.
 111       The Confession                           - Sydney learns that her mother was a KGB assassin.
 110       Spirit                                   - Sydney goes to Cuba to rescue her father but ends up being captured.
 109       Mea Culpa                                - Sydney is suspected of being a mole, passes an initial test, but fails another.
 108       Time Will Tell                           - Sydney finds Rambaldi's journal but Anna takes it from her.
 107       Color Blind                              - Sydney finds the man who killed her fiance.
 106       Reckoning                                - Sydney infiltrates a mental institution that is actually managed by the K directorate.
 105       Doppelgänger                            - Sydney's cover is threatened but her father manages to save it in time.
 104       A Broken Heart                           - Sydney uncovers a plot to place a powerful explosive into a human to create a walking bomb.
 103       Parity                                   - Sydney and Anna play games with each other to recover a Milo Rambaldi artifact.
 102       So It Begins                             - Sydney inadvertently causes a nuclear weapon to end up in the hands of terrorists.
 101       Truth Be Told                            - Sydney Bristow discovers that the agency that she is working for is the enemy in a brutal fashion.

Alien Case Files (6 episodes)

 106       UFOs 1973                                - Alleged UFO encounters that ostensibly spiked in the year 1973, probably one of the better episodes of this series.
 105       Alien Watchers                           - The myths of the world today are ostensibly due to alien influence and interbreeding.
 104       Aliens and Atlantis- Stargates and Hidde - Yet another unified theory (ostensibly) that doesn't make sense and is terribly wrong in some ways.
 103       Alien Invasion                           - Something about aliens being behind everything.
 102       Alien Abduction                          - Something about people who claim they are abducted.
 101       Fast Walkers                             - Something about eponymous UFOs and people who have been abducted.

Altered Carbon (18 episodes)

 208       Broken Angels                            - Tak Prime sacrifices himself to eliminate the Elder, prior to which Carrera and Danica are both killed; Quell, Tripp, and the AIs start a new life.
 207       Experiment Perilous                      - Tak and the Elder fight, while it explains why it hates the Founders for having committed genocide on its people; Tak sets it free and it takes over Carrera's stack.
 206       Bury Me Dead                             - The Governor of Harlan's World, Danica, confronts Tak's team and reveals herself as the mastermind; the Elder within Quell activates the Songspire to rain Angelfire down on her team.
 205       I Wake up Screaming                      - Tak Prime and Tak fight with each other until the latter is ostensibly thrown off a cliff; Quell struggles with her split personality.
 204       Shadow of a Doubt                        - Jaeger revives an older copy of a still loyal Takeshi (Prime); the newer Tak figures out Quell is killing Founders of the planet Harlan's World.
 203       Nightmare Alley                          - Takeshi is about to executed when the real Quell shows up and they escape together after which she indicates she is not herself.
 202       Payment Deferred                         - After a brief fight Takeshi and Quell recognise each other but the former is captured by Praetorian Ivan Carrera aka Jaeger and his team.
 201       Phantom Lady                             - Takeshi, hired by a Meth and sleeved into a new body, comes to and finds everyone ostensibly killed by his long lost lover Quellcrist Falconer.
 110       The Killers                              - Kristin and Takeshi defeat Rei and her goons, and bring Laurens and his wife to justice.
 109       Rage in Heaven                           - Takeshi double sleeves and leads Rei astray to infiltrate her lair, destroy her backups, and save Kristin, but ends up being captured.
 108       Clash by Night                           - Rei persuades Takeshi comes up with a story to solve the Laurens case, which has some truth to it; Kristin defeats an army of Rei clones.
 107       Nora Inu                                 - The backstory of how Takeshi and Reileen ended up joining and leaving the Protectorate and the Yakuza (respectively) to become Envoys is revealed.
 106       Man with My Face                         - Kristin and Takeshi are captured by Dimi who goes up against them in the Fightdrome but his sister Reileen shows up to help him out.
 105       The Wrong Man                            - Kristin and Takeshi appear to learn the truth behind murder of Laurens; the former is attacked and almost killed.
 104       Force of Evil                            - Takeshi is tortured and learns that his sleeve belonged to the partner of Kristin Ortega, a Bay City police officer.
 103       In a Lonely Place                        - Laurens makes clear what Takeshi's role in the future's social hierarchy is, following which he is captured by Dimi.
 102       Fallen Angel                             - Takeshi continues his investigation and finds that the more things change in terms of technology, the more human nature remains the same.
 101       Out of the Past                          - Takeshi Kovacs, a dangerous Envoy, is resleeved after being on ice for 250 years, to solve the murder of the extremely wealthy Laurens Bancroft.

American Gods (8 episodes)

 108       Come to Jesus                            - Wednesday aligns with Ostara, goddess of Spring, to start a war with the new gods, while Laura finds out that everything that has happened to her was orchestrated by him.
 107       A Prayer for Mad Sweeney                 - The backstory of how Mad Sweeney came to America through the prayers and offerings of Essie MacGowan is revealed.
 106       A Murder of Gods                         - Wednesday attempts to recruit Vulcan who has become the new god of guns and America, but has to beheads him when he is betrayed.
 105       Lemon Scented You                        - Shadow and Wednesday are taken into police custody, and are then offered a truce by Mr. World and an apology by Technical Boy.
 104       Git Gone                                 - The backstory of Laura and Shadow, from their initial romance to their separation when he was sentenced to prison, is revealed.
 103       Head Full of Snow                        - As escaping Czernobog's manner, Shadow helps Wednesday rob customers at a bank; upon returning to his hotel, he finds Laura Moon waiting.
 102       The Secret of Spoons                     - After encounters with new god Technical Boy and their mouth piece Media, Shadow and Wednesday travel to Chicago to recruit Czernobog.
 101       The Bone Orchard                         - The enigmatic Mr. Wednesday offers a job to Shadow Moon, recently released from prison and mourning the death of his wife and best friend.

Angel (4 episodes)

 410       Awakening                                - Angel confronts his evil alter-ego, Angelus.
 219       Belonging                                - Cordelia's visions are used to help kill a Drokken.
 202       Are You Now or Have You Ever Been        - Angel's past from 50 years ago returns to haunt him.
 109       Hero                                     - Angel and Doyle protect mixed-blood demons from an army of pure-bloods bent on eradicating them.

Another Life (10 episodes)

 110       Hello                                    - Niko helps the species on Zakir deal with their cybernetic organism infestation but the Achaia retaliate by destroying the entire planet.
 109       Heart and Soul                           - The cybernetic alien organism Achaia inside Sasha fails in its goal to destroy the Salvare, which reaches the planet Zakir and learns that the aliens known as Achaia only seek destruction.
 108       How the Light Gets Lost                  - On the Salvare, a mind controlled Sasha implements his plan to get rid of William, the ship's AI, and take control.
 107       Living the Dream                         - Back on Earth, Niko's husband Erik makes a breakthrough in communicating with the artifact which he then enters but quickly exits when he chooses their daughter.
 106       I Think We're Alone Now                  - The ship's civilian observer appears to be infected by an alien brain organism from the artifact; a difficult crewmember becomes a hero in death.
 105       A Mind of its Own                        - An away mission on a goldlocks mooon containing a similar artifact goes awry when a stowaway organism causes damage to the ship's systems.
 104       Guilt Trip                               - Niko is unable to exit her Soma-induced sleep until she confronts her past actions and accepts them for what they are.
 103       Nervous Breakdown                        - The crew are infected by a boron-based virus and race against the clock to find a cure.
 102       Through the Valley of Shadows            - The captain of the Salvare, Niko, faces down a mutiny and deals with the loss of oxygen reserves.
 101       Across the Universe                      - A crew of astronauts travel to a distant star system on the Salvare to investigate the origins of an alien artifact that landed on Earth.

Archie: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (20 episodes)

 209       Chapter Twenty: The Mephisto Waltz       - Sabrina and her friends defeat Lucifer by imprisoning him in Nick's body, with Lilith becoming the Queen of Hell.
 208       Chapter Nineteen: The Mandrake           - Sabrina pervertedly performs the miracles of Jesus, thereby enabling Lucifer to usher in the apocalypse.
 207       Chapter Eighteen: The Miracles of Sabrin - Sabrina learns that her destiny is to be the Herald of Hell.
 206       Chapter Seventeen: The Missionaries      - Three witch hunting angels cause havoc within the Greendale coven until Sabrina dies and is resurrected with superpowers.
 205       Chapter Sixteen: Blackwood               - Father Blackwood moves to consolidate power by marrying Zelda, framing Ambrose for murder, and expelling Sabrina and Nick.
 204       Chapter Fifteen: Doctor Cerberus's House - Lilith uses the pretext of tarot card readings to mess with the minds of Sabrina and her friends and family.
 203       Chapter Fourteen: Lupercalia             - Sabrina is forced to kill the wolf familiar of her love interest Nick Scratch when she becomes territorial over their budding romance.
 202       Chapter Thirteen: The Passion of Sabrina - The Dark Lord and Lilith have a wager on his grip over Sabrina which he wins.
 201       Chapter Twelve: The Epiphany             - Sabrina commits to competing for the position of Top Person at the Academy but certain factions in hell oppose her.
 111       Chapter Eleven: A Midwinter's Tale       - As the witches celebrate solstice, Sabrina makes contact with the spirit of her mortal mother residing in limbo.
 110       Chapter Ten: The Witching Hour           - Sabrina signs the Book of the Beast and reigns hellfire on attacking features, but the price paid is her free will.
 109       Chapter Nine: The Returned Man           - Sabrina's attempts to solve all problems with magic backfire spectacularly, pushing her closer to the Dark Lord.
 108       Chapter Eight: The Burial                - Sabrina attempts to cheat death when her boyfriend Harvey's brother dies in a mine collapse.
 107       Chapter Seven: Feast of Feasts           - Sabrina tries to stop a patriarchal cannibalistic tradition among the Coven mimicking Thanksgiving.
 106       Chapter Six: An Exorcism in Greendale    - Sabrina takes part in the first exorcism of a demon by a witch to help out her friend Susie.
 105       Chapter Five: Dreams in a Witch House    - Sabrina accidentally releases a demon while solving a puzzle who torments her family in their sleep.
 104       Chapter Four: Witch Academy              - Sabrina attends the Academy of Unseen Arts where she is harassed and challenged.
 103       Chapter Three: The Trial of Sabrina Spel - Secrets about Sabrina's family and past come out while trying to get out of her half-commitment to the Dark Lord.
 102       Chapter Two: The Dark Baptism            - Sabrina has a change of heart just before she signs her name in the Dark Lord's Book of the Beast.
 101       Chapter One: October Country             - On her sixteenth birthday, Sabrina Spellman faces the difficult choice of pledging herself over to the Dark Lord to become a full-fledged witch.

Archie: Riverdale (57 episodes)

 322       Chapter Fifty-Seven: Survive the Night   - Betty, Veronica, Archie, and Jughead defeat the Gargoyle King (Penelope), her acoylte (Chic), and the Black Hood and vow to be friends forever.
 321       Chapter Fifty-Six: The Dark Secret of Ha - Betty figures out that Edgar's Farm an organ harvesting front using hypnosis before he puts her under.
 320       Chapter Fifty-Five: Prom Night           - Betty, working with Jughead, plans a trap for the Gargoyle King but she is attacked by the Black Hood.
 319       Chapter Fifty-Four: Fear the Reaper      - Jughead plays G&G to ensure the safety of Jellybean; Gladys tearfully leaves town; Betty's dad is thought dead.
 318       Chapter Fifty Three: Jawbreaker          - A new batch of a drug turns its users into crazed monsters; Betty lets go of her mother.
 317       Chapter Fifty Two: The Raid              - Betty gets close to uncovering the activities at the Farm and comes face to face with Edgar; Jughead and Archie try to keep the tow clean on their own.
 316       Chapter Fifty One: Big Fun               - At the end of the opening night of Heathers: The Musical, Edgar Evernever shows up along with his fellow cult members in white.
 315       Chapter Fifty: American Dreams           - Jughead finds out that his mother is the new drug queen of Riverdale; Archies finds a way to finish the Red Paladin quest.
 314       Chapter Forty-Nine: Fire Walk With Me    - After Archie is almost killed by a G&G player, he along with Betty and Jughead decide to end the game once and for all.
 313       Chapter Forty-Eight: Requiem for a Welte - Gladys convinces the Gargoyles to join with the Serpents as a result of Cheryl and Toni forming their own Pretty Poisons gang.
 312       Chapter Forty-Seven: Bizzarodale         - Drug kingpins Gladys and Jellybean, Jughead's mother and sister, return to Riverdale; Josie and Archie kiss.
 311       Chapter Forty-Six: Red Dahlia            - Jughead solves the case of who shot Hiram and who ordered it; all warring parties end up in a stalemate.
 310       Chapter Forty-Five: The Stranger         - Archie returns to Riverdale, has trouble adjusting, and breaks up with Veronica after Hiram is shot in the chest.
 309       Chapter Forty-Four: No Exit              - Archie in exile in the Canadian wilderness goes through a surreal experience involving G&G; Veronica fights with her father.
 308       Chapter Forty-Three: Outbreak            - Hiram's plan to take over Riverdale and mold it in his own perverted image goes into operation, as Archie leaves the country.
 307       Chapter Forty-Two: The Man in Black      - Archie and Jughead, on the run, come across a town owned by Hiram, whose control of Riverdale manifests for Betty and Veronica.
 306       Chapter Forty-One: Manhunter             - Archie's name is cleared by Veronica but he breaks up with her; Betty is attacked by the Gargoyle King after which she is shipped off to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy convent.
 305       Chapter Forty: The Great Escape          - The G&G land of Eldervair is a metaphor for Riverdale is made clear when Archie aka the Red Paladin escapes with the help of his friends.
 304       Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Midnight Club   - Betty's mother recounts her time in high school when a group of misfits came together to play G&G, with evil results.
 303       Chapter Thirty-Eight: As Above, So Below - Archie participates in a prison fight club; Jughead gets deep into the Griffins and Gargoyles game with Ethel.
 302       Chapter Thirty-Seven: Fortune and Men's  - Archie's plans to not be reduced to an animal in the prison are thwarted by Hiram; Betty and Jughead investigate Gargoyle darkness.
 301       Chapter Thirty-Six: Labor Day            - Archie accepts a plea bargain that lands him in juvenile detention; the Gargoyle King claims his first victim of the era.
 222       Chapter Thirty-Five: Brave New World     - Hiram's machinations to take over Riverdale comes to fruition, with Archie becoming his latest victim after being falsely accused of murder.
 221       Chapter Thirty-Four: Judgment Night      - Hal turns out to be one of the Black Hoods; Jughead is beaten up by Penny and the Ghoulies working for Hiram.
 220       Chapter Thirty-Three: Shadow of a Doubt  - Betty suspects that Hal is the Black Hood, but another attacks the mayoral debate; Fangs is shot.
 219       Chapter Thirty-Two: Prisoners            - Betty learns that Chic is not her brother Charles and is responsible for his death, and hands him over to the Black Hood.
 218       Chapter Thirty-One: A Night to Remember  - Midge is murdered by the Black Hood during the high school's production of the musical Carrie.
 217       Chapter Thirty: The Noose Tightens       - Chic puts family one too many times in danger; Archie continues to cozy up to Hiram; Cheryl is freed.
 216       Chapter Twenty-Nine: Primary Colors      - The competition for town mayor and school president heats up; Cheryl gets placed in conversion therapy.
 215       Chapter Twenty-Eight: There Will Be Bloo - Hiram's plan for a private prison in Riverdale gets closer to fruition; Chic is not who he says he is.
 214       Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Hills Have Eye - Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Archie head out to a lake house for a romantic getaway, further strenghtening their bonds.
 213       Chapter Twenty-Six: The Tell-Tale Heart  - The Coopers deal with disposing the body of a drug dealer shot by Chic, roping in Jughead and FP.
 212       Chapter Twenty-Five: The Wicked and the  - Archie seemingly learns the truth about the Lodge family, while preventing Hiram from being killed.
 211       Chapter Twenty-Four: The Wrestler        - Archie tries and fails to impress Hiram until the latter finally decides to take him under his wing.
 210       Chapter Twenty-Three: The Blackboard Jun - The Serpents move to Riverdale High when their school closes; Archie becomes an FBI informant.
 209       Chapter Twenty-Two: Silent Night, Deadly - The janitor Svenson is identified as the Black Hood, but Archie remains unconvinced.
 208       Chapter Twenty-One: House of the Devil   - FP is released from prison early and plans to go straight, which is derailed when Jughead ends up owing a debt.
 207       Chapter Twenty: Tales from the Darkside  - The Black Hood gives our friends an opportunity to not sin for 48 hours which they all fail, leading to a reckoning.
 206       Chapter Nineteen: Death Proof            - Betty attempts to turn the tables on the Black Hood by revealing the identity of the person distributing illegal drugs.
 205       Chapter Eighteen: When a Stranger Calls  - The Black Hood killer taunts and tortures Betty until she breaks down and gives him the name of his next victim.
 204       Chapter Seventeen: The Town That Dreaded - Archie's efforts to take down the Black Hood blows back with disturbing consequences.
 203       Chapter Sixteen: The Watcher in the Wood - The Black Hood killer reveals that he is punishing the town for its sins.
 202       Chapter Fifteen: Nighthawks              - Archie suspects a connection between the two crimes while his friends work on rescuing Pop Tate's and Jughead's father;.
 201       Chapter Fourteen: A Kiss Before Dying    - Fred dreams of death before finally pulling through; the murderer continues by offing Miss Grundy, now living in Grendale.
 113       Chapter Thirteen: The Sweet Hereafter    - Just as the town appears to be back to normal, Fred is shot in a robbery that is stated as being anything but random.
 112       Chapter Twelve: Anatomy of a Murder      - Clifford is revealed as being involved in a massive drug trade and Jason's murderer, who hangs himself after being caught.
 111       Chapter Eleven: To Riverdale and Back Ag - FP is arrested for Jason's murder after a gun is found in his trailer, which occurs after Archie and Ronnie search it without finding anything.
 110       Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend            - Betty throws a party for Jughead on his birthday which is crashed by Cheryl and Chuck resulting in a host of spilt secrets.
 109       Chapter Nine: Chapter Nine: La Grande Il - Polly's motivations for her actions is to spy on the Blossoms, who try to buy Archie but fail.
 108       Chapter Eight: The Outsiders             - After a lot of drama, Polly chooses to live with the Blossoms.
 107       Chapter Seven: In a Lonely Place         - The backstory of the relationship between Fred and Jughead's father is revealed, as is the Lodge method of conflict resolution.
 106       Chapter Six: Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Ki - Betty reconnects with a pregnant Polly; Archie gets over his stage fright; Ronnie worries about her family.
 105       Chapter Five: Heart of Darkness          - The funeral service for Jason showcases the gothic horror show that is the Blossom family; Archie focuses on his true love.
 104       Chapter Four: The Last Picture Show      - Miss Grundy is forced to leave town after her involvement with Archie is discovered; Jughead loses his home.
 103       Chapter Three: Body Double               - Veronica, Ethel, Betty, et al. go "full dark, no stars" on Chuck and his buddies for their objectification of women.
 102       Chapter Two: A Touch of Evil             - Cheryl Blossom is arrested on suspicion of murdering her brother even as Archie attempts to do the right thing.
 101       Chapter One: The River's Edge            - High school student Jason Blossum's death shakes up small town Riverdale where Archie and his friends are coming of age.

Ascension (6 episodes)

 106       Chapter Three(2)                         - Christa ascends and enables the crew to go to space.
 105       Chapter Three(1)                         - Christa ascends and enables the crew to go to space.
 104       Chapter Two(2)                           - Strange things happen on Ascension including several murders.
 103       Chapter Two(1)                           - Strange things happen on Ascension including several murders.
 102       Chapter One(2)                           - The pseudo spaceship Ascension is launched as an experiment on human evolution.
 101       Chapter One(1)                           - The pseudo spaceship Ascension is launched as an experiment on human evolution.

Ash vs. Evil Dead (20 episodes)

 210       Second Coming                            - Old Ruby, Kelly, Ash, and Pablo defeat Baal and young Ruby and are celebrated as heroes.
 209       Home Again                               - The gang travel back in time to 1982 to stop the younger Ash from opening the Necronomicon, encountering resistance from Baal's demons.
 208       Ashy Slashy                              - Ash escapes the grip of Baal's illusions and gets him in the same room as the book (Pablo) who then sends him back to hell, but dies after.
 207       Delusion                                 - Ash is trapped in an illusion created by Baal where he is tortured as a deranged pschopath responsible for the deaths of his friends.
 206       Trapped Inside                           - Egged by Baal, the town comes for Ash but he demonstrates that demons are real by killing his sister, again, before he is knocked out.
 205       Confinement                              - Baal starts wearing the skins of his human victims sowing distrust within the team and their associates.
 204       DUI                                      - Pablo tosses the Necronomicon back into a hell pit which stops Ash's car from being possessed.
 203       Last Call                                - Ash's car becomes possessed and goes on a killing spree just as his father begins to believe in him.
 202       The Morgue                               - Kelly and Ash extract the Necronomicon from the morgue but the proverbial fan is really soiled when Ash's car is stolen by two teenagers.
 201       Home                                     - Kelly, Pablo, and Ash are plucked out of retirement and ally themselves with Ruby, who has lost control of her children.
 110       The Dark One                             - Ash makes a truce with Ruby allowing him, Kelly, and Pablo to retire in Jacksonville, FL while Ruby is the Godfather of her demon spawn.
 109       Bound in Flesh                           - Ruby reveals that she is the author of the Necronomicon after tricking Ash and the team into trusting her.
 108       Ashes to Ashes                           - Ash returns to the cabin where the Evil Dead was spawned where Amanda is killed by a doppelganger generated from his possessed hand.
 107       Fire in the Hole                         - The gang deal with a militia who believe that they are government agents responsible for turning their friends into demons.
 106       The Killer of Killers                    - Following an attack in a diner where Ash saves her life, Amanda joins up with their group.
 105       The Host                                 - The demon Eligos is exorcised from Kelly but it costs Theo his life.
 104       Brujo                                    - Ash goes on a Ayahuasca trip with Theo, Pablo's uncle, as his sitter, but is attacked by a possessed Kelly.
 103       Books from Beyond                        - The group summon a "minor" demon to help them send all the other ones back, but it proves to be a bit too much to handle.
 102       Bait                                     - Kelly's mother returns as a Deadite who kills her father before being dispatched by Ash and his friends.
 101       El Jefe                                  - Ash unwittingly reawakens the Necronomicon curse and resumes wielding his chainsaw against the evil Deadites, accompanied by Kelly and Pablo.

Avatar: The Last Airbender (61 episodes)

 321       Sozin's Comet (4): Avatar Aang           - Aang enters the Avatar state and removes Ozai's bending powers; Zuko is crowned Fire Lord and promises to restore honour to his nation.
 320       Sozin's Comet (3): Into the Inferno      - Aang and his friends face off in furious battles against Ozai and the Fire Nation, led by Azula, respectively.
 319       Sozin's Comet (2): The Old Masters       - As his friends prepare for war, Aang receives instructions on energybending from a giant lion turtle.
 318       Sozin's Comet (1): The Phoenix King      - With Sozin's comet days away, Aang disappears while meditating on his choice to kill Phoenix King Ozai.
 317       The Ember Island Players                 - Team Avatar attend a play that is a parody of their adventures.
 316       The Southern Raiders                     - To win Katara's trust and forgiveness, Zuko helps her find the Fire Nation soldier who killed her mother.
 315       The Boiling Rock (2)                     - Ty Lee and Mai turn against Azula which starts to drives her insane.
 314       The Boiling Rock (1)                     - Along with Zuko, Sokka infiltrates a maximum security Fire Nation prison to rescue Suki and his father.
 313       The Firebending Masters                  - Zuko and Aang journey to the ruins of the Sun Warrior civilisation to learn firebending from its original source, the dragons.
 312       The Western Air Temple                   - Zuko joins Team Avatar who accept him after he helps save them from Combustion Man.
 311       The Day of Black Sun (2): The Eclipse    - The anticipated invasion becomes a trap, causing Team Avatar to flee albeit with Zuko in tow.
 310       The Day of Black Sun (1): The Invasion   - The team recruit friends from their journey to mount an invasion against the Fire Nation.
 309       Nightmares and Daydreams                 - Aang stresses about facing Fire Lord Ozai, causing him to experience nightmares and lose sleep.
 308       The Puppetmaster                         - Katara resorts to bloodbending to overcome a former Southern Water Tribe waterbender holding a grudge against the Fire Nation.
 307       The Runaway                              - Toph, Aang, and Sokka pull scams on Fire Nation villagers that draws the attention (and fire) of Zuko's assassin, Combustion Man.
 306       The Avatar and the Firelord              - Aang and Zuko learn the backstories of Fire Lord Sozin and Avatar Ruko that resulted in the hundred year war.
 305       The Beach                                - Ty Lee, Mai, Azula, and Zuko go to Ember Island to learn more about each other and themselves, while Zuko's assassin hunts Aang.
 304       Sokka's Master                           - Sokka feels left out for not possessing bending skills and trains to be a master swordsman.
 303       The Painted Lady                         - The team help out a village on a river whose way of life has been ruined by the Fire Nation.
 302       The Headband                             - Aang is picked up for truancy and joins a Fire Nation school where he enables his fellow students to have a taste of freedom.
 301       The Awakening                            - Aang feels like a failure when everyone thinks that the Avatar is dead, when Ruko appears and informs him of his own culpability.
 220       The Crossroads of Destiny                - Azula plots to take over the Earth Kingdom; Zuko sides with her and they deal Team Avatar a grave defeat.
 219       The Guru                                 - Aang connects with Guru Pathik to unlock his chakras so he can control the Avatar State, but he is unable to let go of Katara.
 218       The Earth King                           - The team convince Earth King Kuei that a war is unavoidable and obtain his support, resulting in Long Feng's imprisonment.
 217       Lake Laogai                              - Aang and Appa are finally reunited despite Long Feng's attempt to declate Team Avatar enemies of the Earth Kingdom.
 216       Appa's Lost Days                         - Appa's mistreatment, escape, and his quest to find Aang is revealed, but it culiminates in his capture by Long Feng.
 215       The Tales of Ba Sing Se                  - A series of short vigenettes showcase the life each member of Team Avatar has in the city.
 214       City of Walls and Secrets                - Aang and his friends discover that the people of Ba Sing Se prefer to believe that ignorance is bliss.
 213       The Drill                                - Aang and his friends foil the plans of the Fire Nation to drill a hole through the walls of the impregnable city.
 212       The Serpent's Pass                       - Aang and his friends guide a refugee couple through a treacherous path to get to the outer wall of Ba Sing Se.
 211       The Desert                               - Aang rages at the sand dwellers who inform him that Appa has been traded away but calms down with Katara's influence.
 210       The Library                              - The quartet journey to the Spirit Library to identify the time of an upcoming solar eclipse, but Appa is kidnapped.
 209       Bitter Work                              - After some initial difficulty, Aang finally manages to earthbend to rescue Sokka in danger.
 208       The Chase                                - Toph and the rest of the trio have a hard time getting along until they unite with Zuko and Iroh to fight against Azula.
 207       Zuko Alone                               - The backstory of how Zuko's father became emperor of the Fire Nation is shown, as well as evidence of Azula's childhood psychopathy.
 206       The Blind Bandit                         - The trio run into the blind Toph Beifong, an outstanding earthbender, who runs away from her protective family with them.
 205       Avatar Day                               - When Aang is accused of murder, his friends help him clear the name of one of his past incarnations, Avatar Kyoshi.
 204       The Swamp                                - The trio learn about the interconnectedness of the world when they are called by a tree at the centre of a swamp.
 203       Return to Omashu                         - The trio see the city under Fire Nation control and learn from Bumi who is its prisoner that he is biding his time.
 202       The Cave of Two Lovers                   - The trio meet a group of travelling bards and navigate a treacherous maze within a mountain to reach Omashu.
 201       The Avatar State                         - The trio set off to Omashu to learn earthbending from King Bumi, but meet a General bent on using Aang's Avatar State.
 120       The Siege of the North (2)               - Aang defeats Zhao and his army by joining with the Ocean Spirit, who takes him away for killing the Moon Spirit.
 119       The Siege of the North (1)               - The Fire Nation begins their attack on the Northern Water Tribe fortress; Zuko kidnaps Aang.
 118       The Waterbending Master                  - The trio reaches the Northern Water Tribe where both Katara and Aang are tutored by a master in waterbending.
 117       The Northern Air Temple                  - Aang initially is dejected at the repurposed temple settled by refugees from the war but eventually comes around.
 116       The Deserter                             - A former Fire Nation master who imparts the value of learning discipline and the dangers of fire upon Aang and his friends.
 115       Bato of the Water Tribe                  - Aang feels alone when Katara and Sokka run into a member of the Southern Water Tribe who can lead them to their father.
 114       The Fortuneteller                        - Sokka attempts to convince everyone that a village fortune teller is a fraud.
 113       The Blue Spirit                          - Aang is captured by the Fire Nation and is rescued by a mysterious spirit who turns out to be Zuko in disguise.
 112       The Storm                                - The backstories on Aang ended up being frozen for 100 years and Zuko's exile are revealed.
 111       The Great Divide                         - Aang mediates between two warring tribes who need to work together to survive being stranded in the world's largest canyon.
 110       Jet                                      - Katara places her trust in the leader of a rebellion against the Fire Nation who uses extreme methods, going against Sokka's instincts.
 109       The Waterbending Scroll                  - Katara steals a water bending scroll from a gang of pirates who then fight with the Fire Nation to capture the Avatar.
 108       Winter Solstice (2): Avatar Roku         - Aang and his friends venture deep into Fire Nation territory to communicate with Avatar Roku's spirit.
 107       Winter Solstice (1): The Spirit World    - Aang reconnects with the Spirit World when saving a village from an attack by a spirit monster.
 106       Imprisoned                               - Katara inspires a group of Earthbenders imprisoned by the Fire Nation to rebel against their captors.
 105       The King of Omashu                       - In the Earth Kingdom city of Omashu, Aang reconnects with his mad childhood friend Bumi.
 104       The Warriors of Kyoshi                   - Katara, Sokka, and Aang shelter with Kyoshi's female warriors riding elephant Koi until Zuko finds them.
 103       The Southern Air Temple                  - Aang learns that he is the last of the airbenders, while Zuko fights off a challenge from Zhao.
 102       The Avatar Returns                       - Aang is captured by Zuko, a banished prince seeking to use Aang to reclaim his position, and is saved by Sokka and Katara.
 101       The Boy in the Iceberg                   - Sokka and Katara discover Aang and his flying bison Appa frozen in ice one hundred years after his mysterious disappearance.

Avatar: The Legend of Korra (52 episodes)

 413       The Last Stand                           - Kuvira is finally defeated; Varrick and Zhu Li get married; Korra and Asami head out for a vacation in the spirit world holding hands.
 412       Day of the Colossus                      - After a number of failed attempts to destroy Kuvira's vine cannon robot, the team manage to find a way inside it.
 411       Kuvira's Gambit                          - Kuvira threatens holds Republic City hostage with her vine cannon, willing to sacrifice her lover Baatar to gain power.
 410       Operation Beifong                        - Kuvira tests out her vine cannon, the Beifong family is reunited, and Korra is unable to persuade the spirits to fight on her side.
 409       Beyond the Wilds                         - Korra confronts Zaheer in prison to overcome her mental block and is able to come to terms with past events with Raava's guidance.
 408       Remembrances                             - The story of how our heroes from Team Avatar got to where they are is reminsced.
 407       Reunion                                  - Kuvira's forces attempt to kidnap Wu but they are thwarted by Team Avatar.
 406       The Battle of Zaofu                      - Korra battles and loses to Kuvira, even after entering the Avatar State which continues to haunt her.
 405       Enemy at the Gates                       - Kuvira marches onto Zaofu and asks Suyin to surrender the city; Korra tries to mediate between them.
 404       The Calling                              - After Ikki, Jinora, and Meelo find Korra, she is able to bend the last bit of mercury out of her and reenter the Avatar State.
 403       The Coronation                           - Kuvira remakes the Earth Kingdom into the Earth Empire; Korra struggles to remove the poison still in her system.
 402       Korra Alone                              - Flashbacks detail Korra's recovery but she is unable to reach her Avatar State and travels alone until she runs into Toph Beifong.
 401       After All These Years                    - Korra walks a dark path as Kuvira seeks to gain power and control over the populace.
 313       Venom of the Red Lotus                   - Team Zaheer is defeated; Suyin metalbends the mercury out of Korra; Jinora is made the first airbending master in a generation.
 312       Enter the Void                           - Korra turns over herself to Zaheer and he administers a poison containing mercury to her to end the cycle of the Avatar.
 311       The Ultimatum                            - Team Zaheer attack the Northern Air Temple to force Korra to surrender to them; Team Tenzin fight valiantly but are defeated.
 310       Long Live the Queen                      - The Earth Queen is killed by Zaheer; Korra and Asami escape their captors and reunite with Lin, Tonraq, and Lord Zuko.
 309       The Stakeout                             - Zaheer's team capture Mako and Bolin while Korra and Asami are captured by the Earth Queen's forces.
 308       The Terror Within                        - Team Zaheer infiltrate Zaofu and almost kidnap Korra but Team Avatar thwarts them, unmasking a traitor in their midst.
 307       Original Airbender                       - Jinora and Kai are kidnapped by bison poachers but are rescued after Bumi gets his airbending act together.
 306       Old Wounds                               - The Beifong sisters finally let go of their past issues and reconcile.
 305       The Metal Clan                           - Korra and her friends find their latest airbender in Zaofu, a metal city led by Suyin Beifong, Lin's estranged half-sister.
 304       In Harm's Way                            - Korra and her friends liberate airbenders conscripted to form the Earth Queen's army.
 303       The Earth Queen                          - Then team travel to the Earth Kingdom capital Bang Sing Se to recruit more airbenders; Bolin and Mako run into their relatives.
 302       Rebirth                                  - Team Avatar attempt to recruit airbenders to build their new nation as Zaheer breaks out members of his old gang for his plan of revenge.
 301       A Breath of Fresh Air                    - The restored balance causes Korra to be banished from Republic City and new airbenders to crop up, resulting in the escape of a dangerous criminal Zaheer.
 214       Light in the Dark                        - Korra defeats Unavaatu once and for all, and chooses to keep the portals that allow humans and the spirits to coexist open.
 213       Darkness Falls                           - Vaatu merges with Unalaq to form the Dark Avatar, Unavaatu, who destroys Korra's connection to the other avatar incarnations.
 212       Harmonic Convergence                     - Despite Korra's best efforts, Vaatu is freed by Unalaq.
 211       Night of a Thousand Stars                - Varrick's plans to start a war come undone and Team Avatar reunites to use his battleship to fight Unalaq who has defeated Tonraq.
 210       A New Spiritual Age                      - Unalaq agains the upper hand in the spirit world resulting in Korra's defeat and Jinora being trapped.
 209       The Guide                                - Korra reunites with Tenzin and enters the spirit world with Jinora to close the Southern portal, as Vaatu anticipates her arrival.
 208       Beginnings (2)                           - Korra learns how the Avatar was created by the merger of Raava, the light spirit, and Wan, the first human to wield all elements.
 207       Beginnings (1)                           - Korra explores her past lives while being healed and encounters Wan, the first Avatar from 10,000 years back.
 206       The Sting                                - Korra washes up on a beach having lost her memory; Mako gets closer to identify the person behind the attacks on Future Industries.
 205       Peacekeepers                             - Korra is swallowed up by an angry dark spirit and is presumed dead.
 204       Civil Wars (2)                           - Korra learns the truth about her father who was the victim of Unalaq's manipulation.
 203       Civil Wars (1)                           - A civil war erupts between the Northern and Southern tribes.
 202       The Southern Lights                      - Korra manages to release the Southern Lights.
 201       Rebel Spirit                             - Korra changes teachers from Tenzin to Unalaq in order to learn how to deal with angry spirits.
 112       Endgame                                  - Korra and her friends defeat Amon, after which she reconnects with her spiritual self to become the Avatar.
 111       Skeletons in the Closet                  - The sad story of Yukoke, Amon, and Tarrlok is revealed.
 110       Turning the Tides                        - Amon takes over Republic City as Korra and her friends narrowly escape.
 109       Out of the Past                          - Amon defeats Tarrlok which enables Korra to escape and return to her friends.
 108       When Extremes Meet                       - Tarrlok shows his true colours when he uses the illegal bloodbending technique to kidnap Korra.
 107       The Aftermath                            - Korra and her friends find out that Hiroshi Sato is an Equalist sympathiser.
 106       And the Winner Is                        - Amon gatecrashes the bending tournament and takes away the winners' bending abilities.
 105       The Spirit of Competition                - The Fire Ferrest advance to the finals after surviving a love triangle.
 104       The Voice in the Night                   - Korra challenges Amon to a duel but his ambush makes her come to terms with her fears.
 103       The Revelation                           - Korra and Mako rescue Bolin from Amon who appears to have the ability to take away bending permanently.
 102       A Leaf in the Wind                       - Korra becomes frustrated with her training and joins a pro-bending team which ends up helping her.
 101       Welcome to Republic City                 - Korra, the next Avatar after Aang, arrives in Republic City to begin airbending training with Tenzin.

Avenue 5 (9 episodes)

 109       Eight Arms But No Hands                  - The weight jettisoning plan goes awry and it ends up doubling their course.
 108       This is Physically Hurting Me            - Ryan is demoted by Herman acting rashly as usual and begins to regret his choice; the passengers work together to jettison weight to shorten their course.
 107       Are You a Spider, Matt?                  - A pile of feces orbiting the ship begins to resemble Pope John Paul II.
 106       Was It Your Ears?                        - A halfway home party is held, a woman goes into labour, the passengers survive an oxygen leak; the White House happens to be in Buffalo and the AI president demands a sacrifice of 500 nonessential personnel.
 105       He's Only There to Stop His Skeleton fro - Ryan under Billie's direction manages to succeed but all credit is given to the Ryan, much to Billie's annoyance.
 104       Wait a Minute, Then Who Was That on the  - Ryan begins faking how to run the ship better which leads him to undertaking a mission to save the crew.
 103       I'm a Hand Model                         - Ryan learns that everyone that appear to be running the ship are actors paid to look good, and the real minor crew is running it from its bowels.
 102       And Then He's Gonna Shoot Off            - The only ones who seem to know what is going is the engineer Billie McEvoy and to a certain extent, Cyrus.
 101       I Was Flying                             - The eponymous spaceship owned by billionaire Herman Judd and fake captained by Ryan Clark is unexpectedly thrown off course by three years on its way to Earth.

Black Mirror (23 episodes)

 503       Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too              - A successful pop singer is replaced by a virtual clone by her manager, who is also her aunt.
 502       Smithereens                              - A social media app user wages a lone one man fight against its addictive nature.
 501       Striking Vipers                          - Two friends who play a VR game as members of the opposite sex end up doing more than fighting with each other.
 500       Bandersnatch                             - Stefan Butler, a video game programmer, feels that he is not in control of his life.
 406       Black Museum                             - The owner of a museum that specialises in technological artifacts with a dark side faces sweet justice at the hands of its users.
 405       Metalhead                                - Vicious robot dogs have taken over the world.
 404       Hang the DJ                              - The inside perspective of a computer running simulations on finding the perfect match is revealed.
 403       Crocodile                                - Covering up bad deeds initially may be an easy way out but in the long term the past catches up to you on this slippery slope.
 402       Arkangel                                 - A mother tracks her daughter's activities using an electronic chip in her brain with poignant consequences.
 401       USS Callister                            - A video game developer takes out his frustrations on sentient virtual doppelgangers of his colleagues in his private virtual reality.
 306       Hated in the Nation                      - Robotic bees are used in a twisted vengeance morality killing game as two police officers try to stop the mastermind behind them.
 305       Men Against Fire                         - One has to be fooled, trained, and seduced in order to kill other humans.
 304       San Junipero                             - If you could live forever in a virtual reality world, it helps a lot if you find true love.
 303       Shut Up and Dance                        - Don't do anything online that you wouldn't do in front of your mother.
 302       Playtest                                 - Follow the instructions when you play a realistic video game or else face dire consequences.
 301       Nosedive                                 - People are constantly rated on a scale of 1-5, with higher ratings leading to greater perks, but also greater pressure.
 300       White Christmas                          - Separating the mind from the body can have unforseen consequences.
 203       The Waldo Moment                         - A virtual puppet illustrates the inanity of politics.
 202       White Bear                               - What is justice.
 201       Be Right Back                            - All living things die for a reason but be prepared to accept the cost if you fail to let go.
 103       The Entire History of You                - Too much truth isn't always a good thing.
 102       Fifteen Million Merits                   - A futile existence craves truth and authencity which are relegated to futility when presented.
 101       The National Anthem                      - Be careful about the lengths you go to save your career.

Blindspot (23 episodes)

 123       Why Await Life's End                     - Mayfair's conspiracies see day light; Jane kills Oscar after learning she is not Taylor; Kurt digs up Taylor's body and arrests Jane.
 122       If Love a Rebel, Death Will Render       - The team uncover a designer baby conspiracy; Bill Weller confesses that he killed Taylor; Mayfair is killed by Oscar.
 121       Of Whose Uneasy Route                    - Jane realises that the tasks assigned to her by Oscar were part of a conspiracy to frame Mayfair for the murders of Alexandra and Carter.
 120       Swift Hardhearted Stone                  - The team safeguard the autistic daughter of a Syrian terrorist from external and internal threats.
 119       In the Comet of Us                       - The team deal with an active shooter situation in a school caused by an abusive coach protected by vested interests.
 118       One Begets Technique                     - Rich Dotcom plays the agents into pulling off a heist of valuable paintings and escaping from prison.
 117       Mans Telepathic Loyal Lookouts           - Patterson solves another tattoo following a scavenger hunt left by David.
 116       Any Wounded Thief                        - The agents break up a chemical weapon smuggling operation orchestrated by the North Koreans.
 115       Older Cutthroat Canyon                   - One of Jane's former associates goes after her with a vengeance, greatly stressing her double life.
 114       Rules in Defiance                        - Jane has doubts about her involvement with the FBI but breaking up a case involving sexual trafficking helps make up her mind.
 113       Erase Weary Youth                        - The FBI's New York office appears to be compromised by a Russian mole, who turns out to be Agent Fischer, the person investigating Jane.
 112       Scientists Hollow Fortune                - Jane's tattoos lead to soldiers allegedly killed in action but are actually being experimented on.
 111       Cease Forcing Enemy                      - The team foil an attempt by terrorists to disable the GPS satellites using a hijacked plane.
 110       Evil Handmade Instrument                 - Following a murder investigation, Jane is kidnapped and waterboarded by Carter who is shot; Jane views a recording of herself.
 109       Authentic Flirt                          - Jane and Kurt pose as an assassin couple to recover a list of potential targets.
 108       Persecute Envoys                         - A scheme where police body cameras are used for blackmail is exposed.
 107       Sent on Tour                             - Events cause Mayfair to open up to Kurt about the secret operation called Daylight.
 106       Cede Your Soul                           - A young hacker discovers her naiveity.
 105       Split the Law                            - The CIA and FBI butt heads.
 104       Bone May Rot                             - Two scientists plot a drastic solution to the problem of world overpopulation.
 103       Eight Slim Grins                         - The team learn that Jane is Taylor Shaw, Kurt's childhood friend and neighbour who went missing.
 102       A Stray Howl                             - Jane and Kurt stop a drone pilot who has gone off the rails.
 101       Pilot                                    - A woman who has lost her memory turns up in NYC with tattoos containing clues to crimes about to be committed.

Braindead (13 episodes)

 113       The End of All We Hold Dear: What Happen - Shame drives the bugs out leaving things more or less the same.
 112       Talking Points Toward a Wholistic View o - Infighting among the bugs leads to Laurel having a plan to stop them.
 111       Six Points on the New Congressional Budg - Laurel and her friends try to kill the Queen bug in Red's head.
 110       The Path to War Part Two: The Impact of  - Laurel enables a prospective war to be averted; Luke's daughter has powers.
 109       Taking on Water: How Leaks in D.C. are D - Red kills a special prosecutor and eats his brains; Laurel and Gareth break up once again.
 108       The Path to War Part One: The Gathering  - Laurel discovers that her father is infected and vows to fight them the whole way.
 107       The Power of Euphemism: How Torture Beca - Laurel is almost tortured but her friends and brother and Gareth save her.
 106       Notes Toward a Post-Reagan Theory of Par - Laurel is freed and the bug hunters conclusively discover that the bugs are being controlled by aliens.
 105       Back to Work: A Behind-the-Scenes Look a - The trio of bug hunters find allies who become infected, including Laurel's love interest Anthony.
 104       Wake Up Grassroots: The Nine Virtues of  - Luke manages to reopen the government sidestepping inflamed partisanship caused by the alien ants.
 103       Goring Oxes: How You Can Survive the War - The bugs farting causes a buildup of methane that leads to the exploding heads.
 102       Playing Politics: Living Life in the Sha - More heads explode as slowly others begin to became aware of the alien takeover.
 101       The Insanity Principle: How Extremism in - Laurel Healy begins to work for her brother Luke, a US Senator, and stumbles upon an alien mind control conspiracy.

Brimstone (1 episode)

 ?                                                  - Zeke has to a kill a boy who was abused as a child.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (55 episodes)

 722       Chosen                                   - In the final episode, Buffy and her friends enter hellmouth to destroy the first once and for all.
 706       Him                                      - Dawn falls for a boy in her school.
 705       Selfless                                 - Anya becomes a vengeance demon again.
 701       Lessons                                  - The people killed at Springfield High continue to live on.
 622       Grave                                    - In the season finale, Willow tries to destroy the world to avenge Tara's death; Giles returns; Spike gets a soul.
 621       Two to Go                                - In the season finale, Willow tries to destroy the world to avenge Tara's death; Giles returns; Spike gets a soul.
 608       Tabula Rasa                              - Willow casts spells to make everyone forget who they are.
 607       Once More, With Feeling                  - The Sunnydale gang break out in song in a lame episode.
 604       Flooded                                  - Giles takes Willow to task for bringing Buffy back and Buffy finds it hard to adjust being alive again.
 603       After Life                               - A demon that returned along with Buffy seeks vengeance.
 602       Bargaining                               - Buffy returns from the dead.
 601       Bargaining                               - Buffy returns from the dead.
 520       Spiral                                   - Glory takes away Dawn from Buffy as they're on the run.
 512       Checkpoint                               - Buffy holds the key that a god wants and the council of watchers want to test her.
 507       Fool for Love                            - Spike details how he killed two slayers but can't kill Buffy because he loves her.
 506       Family                                   - Tara's family reveals that she's a demon.
 505       No Place Like Home                       - Buffy discovers the truth about her sister being a key.
 504       Out of My Mind                           - The Initiative's tests threaten Riley's life.
 503       The Replacement                          - Zander is split in two.
 502       Real Me                                  - Buffy and her sister clash.
 501       Buffy vs. Dracula                        - Buffy meets Dracula.
 422       Restless                                 - The first slayer's essence haunts the dreams of Buffy, Willow, and Giles, and Xander since their minds merged together to defeat Adam.
 421       Primeval-episode                         - Buffy finally defeats Adam's plan to create a race of demon/human hybrids.
 419       New Moon Rising                          - Oz returns to Sunnydale to win back Willow but loses it when she finds out who she's with.
 418       Where the Wild Things Are                - Buffy and Riley unleash a powerful supernatural force.
 416       Who Are You                              - Buffy and Faith trade places.
 412       A New Man                                - Giles turns into a demon.
 410       Hush                                     - Everyone in Sunnydale lose their voice.
 409       Something Blue                           - Spike and Buffy want to get married as Willow forces her will on people.
 408       Pangs                                    - Indian spirits arise on Thanksgiving to re-create wrongs done to their people.
 407       The Initiative                           - Riley working in some lame undercover organisation hunting vampires (most notably Spike) falls for Buffy.
 406       Wild At Heart                            - Oz finds a female werewolf, eventually kills her, and leaves Willow.
 405       Beer Bad                                 - Buffy and a bunch of others drink beer that turns them into proto-humans.
 322       Graduation Day                           - Buffy cures Angel with her blood and defeats the Mayor of Sunnydale who "ascends" to become a fearsome demon, and the gang graduate from High School.
 321       Graduation Day                           - Buffy renounces the Council of Watchers, and puts Faith in a coma after Faith shoots Angel with a poisoned arrow.
 317       Enemies                                  - Faith teams up with the Mayor and tries to make Angel evil again.
 315       Consequences                             - Faith kills a human but blames Buffy for it.
 314       Bad Girls                                - Buffy starts using Faith as a role model that ends up in Faith killing the mayor's deputy.
 313       The Zeppo                                - Xander tries to prove himself useful.
 312       Helpless                                 - Buffy is tested by the Council of Watchers on her 18th birthday and Giles is fired.
 311       Gingerbread                              - Buffy's mum heads a witch hunt inspired by Hansel and Gretel who really is a demon.
 310       Amends                                   - On Christmas, Angel is haunted by those he killed before.
 308       Lover's Walk                             - Spike returns to punish those responsible for breaking up his relationship.
 307       Revelations                              - Angel returns and a new watcher to take care of Faith shows up.
 306       Band Candy                               - Mr. Trick gives chocolate that makes adults act like teens.
 303       Faith, Hope & Trick                      - Faith as well as ancient villain with hoofs shows up, and Angel returns.
 215       Phases                                   - Oz learns that he's a werewolf.
 214       Innocence                                - Angel becomes bad after having sex with Buffy and recruits the Judge to wreak havoc on Sunnydale.
 213       Surprise                                 - Angel has sex with Buffy.
 112       Prophecy Girl                            - Buffy wants to give up slaying to live a normal life, but her plans go awry when the Earth cracks open and an army of demons emerges.
 111       Out of Mind, Out of Sight                - A girl becomes invisible after being ignored by everyone and goes after Cordelia.
 108       I Robot, You Jane                        - A demon goes into the Internet.
 107       Angel-episode                            - Buffy learn's Angel's secret and her mum is almost killed.
 102       The Harvest                              - Buffy fights the Master.
 101       Welcome to the Hellmouth                 - Buffy tries to start afresh at Sunnydale.

Castle Rock (10 episodes)

 110       Romans                                   - Our Henry is unable to let go out of his doubt regarding the inmate's story, ultimately burdening himself with the role of the jailor.
 109       Henry Deaver                             - The inmate reveals himself as an alternate universe Henry Deaver to Molly, trapped in a place where he doesn't belong.
 108       Past Perfect                             - Things come to a head as Alan is found by Henry shot dead by Ruth, and other grisly murders continue in the wake of the inmate.
 107       The Queen                                - Henry's mother Ruth thinks of the inmate as his dead father come back to life, causing her to.
 106       Filter                                   - Molly reveals to Henry that she killed his father on his behalf, which pushes him to uncover the nature of the sound of the universe that he constantly hears.
 105       Harvest                                  - The inmate continues to affect people around the town in a negative manner; Alan confronts him after his lover injures herself due to her dementia.
 104       The Box                                  - Alan Pangborn reveals that Henry's father identified him as his killer which breaks him; a sympathetic guard interacts with the inmate and goes nuts.
 103       Local Color                              - Henry meets with the mysterious inmate, while rekindling his relationship with childhood flame, Molly Strand, who possesses empathic abilities.
 102       Habeas Corpus                            - Henry is able to briefly connect with the inmate whose presence is causing strange things to happen within the prison.
 101       Severance                                - Henry Deaver, a death row attorney, is called back to his eponymous hometown when an inmate is found in a cage within the Shawshank prison.

Channel Zero (12 episodes)

 206       The No-End House: The Hollow Girl        - Seth turns out to be a predator hollowing out Margot but Jules returns and saves her with the aid of the Father.
 205       The No-End House: The Damage             - After the Father menaces Margo in her home, she agrees to return back to the house to prevent him from harming Seth.
 204       The No-End House: The Exit               - With the Father on their trail, Jules and Margo escape into the real world.
 203       The No-End House: Beware the Cannibals   - Jules figures out her Father for the creature that he is, but is not aware with regards to her compatriots.
 202       The No-End House: Nice Neighborhood      - As Jules and others figure out that they may still be trapped in the haunted house, Margo attempts to find closure with her dead father.
 201       The No-End House: This Isn't Real        - Margo and Jules, and others, explore a creepy six room travelling haunted house and get more than what they expected.
 106       Candle Cove: Welcome Home                - The twin brothers end up being trapped together in Candle Cove after their mother kills Mike before Eddie can come through.
 105       Candle Cove: Guest of Honor              - Eddie, endowed with psychic abilities and supported by Frances, plans to take over Mike's body to enter our world.
 104       Candle Cove: A Strange Vessel            - Jessica dies; Mike's daughter Lily appears to be possessed by Eddie.
 103       Candle Cove: Want to See Something Cool? - Mike explains why he had to stop Eddie, who was responsible for sending the other children to Candle Cove, a fictional locale.
 102       Candle Cove: I'll Hold Your Hand         - The body of Mike's twin brother is found, with suspicion falling once again on him.
 101       Candle Cove: You Have to Go Inside       - Mike Painer, a child psychologist, returns to his home town to investigate five childhood disappearances, including his twin brother.

Charlie Jade (21 episodes)

 121       Can of Worms                             - Karl narrates the story of his and Charlie's efforts to keep Betaverse from being destroyed to a man in a gray suit.
 120       Ouroboros                                - Charlie and 01 work together to enable all three universes to be connected as each fights their destiny which comes a full circle.
 119       Flesh                                    - 01 replaces Essa as Chairman of Vexcor, with the goal of stopping the link between the universes; Charlie returns to the Betaverse.
 118       Bedtime Story                            - 01 kills his father for murdering his family; Charlie reflects on how his time in the Betaverse has changed him to an imaginary Blues.
 117       Spin                                     - Charlie returns to the Alphaverse resulting in the public execution of Papa Louis, where she reveals Vexcor's secrets to the televised audience.
 116       The Shortening of the Way                - With a Vexcor assassin hot on his trail, Charlie finally learns to control his gift and go home.
 115       Things Unseen                            - When Blues saves Charlie from an assassination attempt, he reveals the truth about his story and Vexcor to her.
 114       The Enemy of My Enemy                    - Charlie makes contact with Reena who appears to be psychologically reprogrammed into a trained killer.
 113       Through a Mirror Darkly                  - 01 Boxer is revealed to have done more to hurt Vexcor than either Charlie or Karl.
 112       Choosing Sides                           - Charlie breaks 01 Boxer out of jail while surviving an assassination attempt and making friends with Blues, a police officer.
 111       Thicker than Water                       - Gemma sacrices herself to save Charlie's life after he is captured while infiltrating Vexcor, and discovering the impending collapse of the Betaverse.
 110       Identity                                 - Charlie finds a childhood friend of his in the Betaverse and reunites with Karl to track her down.
 109       Betrayal                                 - Karl is kidnapped by Vexcor agents and tortured for information on Charlie, whose ties with Paula end up being severed.
 108       Devotion                                 - Charlie attempts to rescue a lost girl; John Galt orders a hit on 01 Boxer who escapes to the Gammaverse.
 107       Diamonds                                 - Charlie retrieves a stolen ring, uncovering one of Vexcor's unsuspecting cogs in the Betaverse.
 106       Dirty Laundry                            - Vexcor attempts to reestablish the link between the universes; Charlie solves a missing persons case.
 105       And Not a Drop to Drink                  - Charlie learns about a town whose water has been contaminated by Vexcor with the potential for special properties.
 104       The Power of Suggestion                  - 01 Boxer orchestrates events to take over Beta Vexcor; Reena is kidnapped by unknown assailants.
 103       You Are Here                             - Charlie's ally Karl deduces that he is from a parallel universe, just as Beta Vexcor launches a manhunt from Reena as a saboteur.
 102       Sand                                     - Charlie and Reena attempt to adjust to their new universes, while Vexcor uses the psychopathic son its founder, 01 Boxer, as a courier between them.
 101       The Big Bang                             - Charlie Jade, a PI from the dystopian Alphaverse, is thrown into the Betaverse along with Reena from the utopian Gammaverse, as she helps sabotage a wormhole experiment by the Vexcor corporation.

Cleverman (6 episodes)

 106       Terra Nullius                            - Koen sends Kora back and thwarts Slade's ambitions and kills the Namarrador even after Waruu, high on Hairy Juice, betrays him.
 105       A Man of Vision                          - Kora's origin is revealed; Koen finally comes to terms with being the Cleverman after tensions between him and his brother boil over.
 104       Sun and Moon                             - Ash dies as Koen envisioned; Slade accelerates his experiments; Waruu is kidnapped; Araluen is raped by Matthews.
 103       A Free Ranger                            - Waruu and Harry free three imprisoned Hairies, but Djukara ends up being shot and patched up in the clinic where he is met by Latani.
 102       Containment                              - The new Cleverman, Koen West, wields his power reluctantly as he and his friend rescue a girl from a strange medical facility calling out to him.
 101       First Contact                            - Humans continue to oppress and subjugate other humans; the aboriginal spiritual leader Uncle Jimmy, known as the Cleverman, is found dead.

Code Name: Eternity (1 episode)

 101       Ethaniel's Story                         - An intergalactic assassin arrives on Earth to stop a fellow alien from destroying humanity.

Colony (10 episodes)

 110       Gateway                                  - Will is able retrieve the dead alien host and goes off to look for Charlie; Bram is captured; the Resistance fades away; Snyder is no longer Proxy.
 109       Zero Day                                 - Katie and Broussard and their team attack a train transporting one of the alien hosts, after she turns down an offer to run away with Will.
 108       In from the Cold                         - Quayle plans a double cross but Katie's alertness saves Broussard, though Rachel and her sons pay the ultimate price.
 107       Broussard                                - Broussard, who does not go through with Quayle's orders to kill Katie, is chased by Wil.
 106       Yoknapatawpha                            - Katie is suspected of being a double agent after too many missions by the resistance go awry.
 105       Geronimo                                 - Geronomo is unmasked but it turns out to be a marketing figurehead using words as its weapons.
 104       Blind Spot                               - Katie is recruited to be a triple agent by Phyllis, Will's boss, who is then assassinated.
 103       98 Seconds                               - Katie goes on her first botched mission with the Resistance and is given an ultimatum after Will becomes too good at his job.
 102       Brave New World                          - Will tracks down a lead obtained from a suspect in a bombing but finds that the Resistance anticipated his arrival.
 101       Behind the Wall                          - The Occupation offers a job to Will Bowman, whose wife Katie has decided to become a member of the Resistance.

Condor (10 episodes)

 110       Mistrust Blossoms                        - Bob saves Joe's life, who in turn figures out a way to save millions of lives by foiling the conspirators' plans.
 109       Death is the Harvest                     - Joe and Bob figure out that the conspirators' goals is to release a deadly plague at the Hajj and blame it on a muslim terrorist.
 108       A Question of Compromise                 - The conspiracy begins to fall apart internally as factions within begin killing each other.
 107       Within a Dark Wood                       - Joe gains the trust of an FBI agent Sharla Shepard who protects him from Gabrielle, after learning that she is the real killer.
 106       No Such Thing                            - Joe and Caleb exchange information; he returns for Kathy who is being chased by Gabrielle who shoots her dead as they drive away.
 105       A Diamond With a Flaw                    - With Kathy's help, Joe is able to contact his old college room mate, Caleb Wolfe, an hacktivist who has information about the conspiracy.
 104       Trapped in History                       - Joe relates the background of how he was recruited into the CIA by his uncle, Bob Partridge, to Kathy.
 103       A Good Patriot                           - Joe, holed up in Kathy's home, runs to her neighbour's, as the FBI and the CIA assassin Gabrielle Joubert come looking for him.
 102       The Solution to All Problems             - Joe seeks the help of his Tinder date Kathy Hale as he is blamed for the deaths of people around him, some part of the conspiracy.
 101       What Loneliness                          - Joe Turner, a CIA analyst, goes on the run when he discovers a conspiracy within the CIA involving a false flag operation.

Continuum (42 episodes)

 406       Final Hour                               - Kiera returns home having helped to create a better future for her son, a stirring and poignant ending.
 405       The Desperate Hours                      - Brad stays true to his mission and helps blow the police station; Travis sacrifices himself.
 404       Zero Hour                                - Brad and colleagues plan to create a time portal to bring people from the future to the present.
 403       Power Hour                               - Lucas dies.
 402       Rush Hour                                - Emily is kidnapped by Kellog who is almost killed by Travis and Garza.
 401       Lost Hours                               - The future appears to side with Kellog.
 313       Last Minute                              - Everyone settles on the current timeline as Red Alec is killed but it's not over yet.
 312       The Dying Minutes                        - Kiera frees Red Alec who reunites with Emily.
 311       3 Minutes To Midnight                    - Brad reveals that all the time travellers have been manipulated and makes up with Kiera.
 310       Revolutions Per Minute                   - Kiera sees what Green Alec is becoming and Brad regains his memory.
 309       Minute of Silence                        - Kiera runs into another time traveller who has lost his memory.
 308       So Do Our Minutes Hasten                 - Betty is murdered.
 307       Waning Minutes                           - Kiera awakens.
 306       Wasted Minute                            - Kiera picks Red Alec (not in a good way) before he helps find the identity of her killer.
 305       30 Minutes to Air                        - Green Alec finds out that Red Kiera knows about his other self.
 304       Minute Changes                           - The Red and Green Alecs are not going to be friends.
 303       Minute To Win It                         - Liber8 pulls bank heists to discover the secrets of powerful corporations.
 302       Minute Man                               - Escher is murdered and Jim Martin kills himself.
 301       Minute by Minute                         - Two versions (red and green) of Kiera and Alec end up in the same time line but the green Kiera is killed.
 213       Second Time                              - All the known time travellers end up being prisoners of the freelancers as Alec jumps a week.
 212       Second Last                              - The freelancers kill Emily.
 211       Second Guessed                           - Kiera manages to reassemble her time travel device.
 210       Second Wave                              - Kiera and Julian's places are reversed.
 209       Seconds                                  - Julian's future is cemented by Kiera's actions.
 208       Second Listen                            - Alec is kidnapped by Garza who represents a failsafe sent by future Alec to stop himself.
 207       Second Degree                            - Julian is cleared of most charges against him by a corrupt judge.
 206       Second Truths                            - Kiera finally opens up to Carlos while tracking down killers of child abusers.
 205       Second Opinion                           - Kiera is investigated for being a mole for Liber8.
 204       Second Skin                              - Kiera runs into her old partner who landed in the year 1975.
 203       Second Thoughts                          - Kiera and Carlos deal with a memory enhancing drug from the future.
 202       Split Second                             - Travis escapes.
 201       Second Chances                           - Kiera tracks down an assassin.
 110       Endtimes                                 - History is set in motion.
 109       Family Time                              - Kiera and Carlos are taken hostage at Alec's farm.
 108       Playtime                                 - Kiera gets hacked by Liber8 but Alec saves her in time.
 107       The Politics of Time                     - Kiera gets swept up in local politics that involve Liber8.
 106       Time's Up                                - Kiera helps save the life of a crooked executive.
 105       A Test of Time                           - Proof of the paradoxical nature of time is absent.
 104       A Matter of Time                         - All time travellers play god.
 103       Wasting Time                             - Kellog is expelled from Liber8 but allies himself with Kiera.
 102       Fast Times                               - Kiera tries to go back along with the terrorists but the attempt fails.
 101       A Stitch in Time                         - Eight terrorists fighting corporate rule and a law enforcement officer chasing them travel back in time from 2077 to 2012.

Damien (10 episodes)

 110       Ave Satani                               - Damien finally appears to accept his fate as the Antichrist to bring Simone back to life.
 109       The Devil You Know                       - A priestess plays her part in ensuring the rise of the Antichrist; Veronica dies.
 108       Here Is Wisdom                           - People commit evil acts on behalf of Damien, even though he doesn't want them to.
 107       Abattoir                                 - Damien learns that the evil inside him will live on even if he dies; Detective Jacob Shay continues his personal crusade against Damien.
 106       Temptress                                - In what appears to be a dream fugue, Damien finds his mother and is again accused of murder, but he wakes up in the hospital, ordering Ann to get out.
 105       Seven Curses                             - Damien attempts to kill himself after witnessing an amputee do the same.
 104       The Number of a Man                      - More people die around Damien as he refuses to accept being the Antichrist.
 103       The Deliverer                            - Ann Rutledge continues to bring out the evil from within Damien and shepherd him into becoming the Antichrist.
 102       Second Death                             - Damien encounters Ann Rutledge, who has sworn an oath to protect him since childhood.
 101       The Beast Rises                          - Damien Thorne begins to awaken to the realisation of who he is to become, the Antichrist.

Dark (10 episodes)

 110       Alpha and Omega                          - In a quest to stop the cycle, Teen Jonas encounters his Old self after being captured by Noah, and ends up in a seemingly dystopian future.
 109       Everything is Now                        - The events of 1953, 1986, and 2019 interconnect as plans to build the time machine from the future are given to its creator in the past.
 108       As You Sow, So You Shall Reap            - Ulrich, who murders Helge as a boy in 1953 believing that he is responsible for the disappearances, also paradoxically becomes responsible for the creation of the wormwhole.
 107       Crossroads                               - Ulrich and Charlotte both probe deeper into the heart of the mystery of the disappearances while Helge's actions appear suspicious.
 106       Sic Mundus Creatus Est                   - Jonas travels through the cave and ends up travelling back in time; Ulrich finally identifies his missing brother Mads.
 105       Truths                                   - Mikkel becomes Michael and fathers Jonas after marrying Hannah, who was having an affair with Ulrich after accusing him of committing rape as a teenager.
 104       Double Lives                             - A mute girl is feared missing but she returns with a message to Charlotte, her mother and the Chief of Police.
 103       Past and Present                         - One of the missing children, Mikkel, ends up in 1986 and runs into his father as a teenager and then as a distraught parent but separated in time.
 102       Lies                                     - The events in the present occurring with the children appear to echo events occurring in the past with the parents.
 101       Secrets                                  - Children begin to disappear in a sleepy German town some of whom are apparently transported back in time to the 1986 and tortured.

Dark Angel (34 episodes)

 221       Freak Nation                             - Max and her fellow mutants finally come into the light.
 220       Love Among the Runes                     - Max discovers she's related in a way to White.
 219       She Ain't Heavy                          - Max's clone shows up.
 218       Dawg Day Afternoon                       - Max attempts to rescue Joshua who is trapped in sewers with Annie who is killed by White.
 217       Hello Goodbye                            - The existence of Manticore is finally brought to light to the general public.
 216       Exposure                                 - Max tracks down White's son.
 215       Fuhgeddaboudit                           - Max encounters a transgenic who can manipulate minds.
 214       Live in Vein                             - A Manicore escapee named Marrow creates a cult.
 213       Harbor Lights                            - Max is shot and sought after by CDC and White.
 211       The Berrisford Agenda                    - Alec remembers an old assasination in a painful manner.
 210       Brainiac                                 - A brilliant X5 helps Max out.
 209       Medium Is the Message                    - Max and Logan search for White's son, and Joshua becomes a painter.
 208       Gill Girl                                - Max and Alec race to free a female, aquatic creature that was accidentally captured at sea.
 207       Some Assembly Required                   - Zack returns as a cyborg of sorts.
 206       Two                                      - Joshua is suspected of murder.
 205       Boo                                      - Max invites Joshua to a Halloween party after being mean to him.
 204       Radar Love                               - A disease that threatens people with a particular genetic profile is used to target Max and her peers.
 203       Proof of Purchase                        - Max's barcode becomes an object of interest and Lydecker apparently dies.
 201       Designate This                           - Max escapes from a Manticore prison and reunites with Logan (second season premiere).
 122       ...And Jesus Brought A Casserole         - Zack kills himself to save Max who is recaptured by Manticore.
 121       Meow                                     - Max is in heat and she and Zack track down Tinga.
 120       Hit a Sista Back                         - Max helps save Tinga's son, but Tinga is taken prisoner.
 119       I and I am a Camera                      - Max fights killer hovercrafts.
 115       Female Trouble                           - Max runs into Jace.
 114       The Kidz are Aiight                      - Max rescues Zack.
 112       Art Attack                               - Max goes to a wedding with Logan and saves Normal's life.
 109       Blah Blaf Woof Woof                      - Lydecker puts a bounty on Max's head.
 108       Cold Comfort                             - Max and Zack team up to save a fellow Manticore escapee.
 107       Prodigy                                  - Max meets Lydecker at a conference.
 106       411 On The DL                            - Max's meeting with Zack isn't what she expects it to be.
 104       Flushed                                  - Max lands in jail.
 103       Heat                                     - Max finds the woman who saved her life.
 102       Pilot                                    - Max, a genetically-enhanced human, becomes a reluctant crusader against evil.
 101       Pilot                                    - Max, a genetically-enhanced human, becomes a reluctant crusader against evil.

Dark Matter (39 episodes)

 313       Nowhere To Go                            - The crew land a lethal blow to Ferrous Corp as Two, infected by an alien, causes a rift in spacetime through which black spaceships appear.
 312       My Final Gift To You                     - Ryo attempts to trade secrets and Two in exchange for the blink drive but a coup orchestrated by Misaki leads to his life being being decided by the crew.
 311       The Dwarf Star Conspiracy                - A conspiracy involving creatures from an alternate dimension intent on a hostile takeover culimates in Two being kidnapped by Boone.
 310       Built, Not Born                          - The android and two learn more about their origin when they meet their creator; Sarah gets a new powerful android body.
 309       Isn't That A Paradox?                    - The crew travel 600 years into the past when the Blink Drive is recalled by its inventor.
 308       Hot Chocolate                            - Ryo/Four returns to retrieve the blink drive after having the android hacked, but Five gets the better of him.
 307       Wish I Could Believe You                 - Six is trapped in a VR simulation by Ferrous Corp scientists to extract the location of the leadership of the independent colonies.
 306       One More Card To Play                    - Portia and Boone from the alternate reality sully the reputation of the Raza crew until they turn the tables on them.
 305       Give It Up, Princess                     - The crew travel across the galaxy to recover a data file ostensibly to save the life of Tabor's girlfriend, but it turns out to be a con.
 304       All the Time in the World                - The crew are stuck in a temporal loop causing them to relive the day's events and it's up to Three to get them out.
 303       Welcome to the Revolution                - The crew help liberate a workers colony from the Traugott Corp, and Six stays behind to help them rebuild.
 302       It Doesn't Have To Be Like This          - The crew retrieve the blink drive from a Zairon space station whose location is obtained by Five delving into Four's memories.
 301       Being Better Is So Much Harder           - Surviving the bombing of the corporate summit at EOS-7 by Four, the remaining crew of the Raza slowly regroup.
 213       But First, We Save The Galaxy            - The crew of the Raza end up in a futile race against time to stop two bombs from destroying a space station.
 212       Sometimes In Life You Don't Get To Choos - Four regains his memories and with the help of the crew of the Raze, becomes Ishida Ryo, Emperor of Zairon.
 211       Wish I'd Spaced You When I Had The Chanc - The crew are pursued by at the Galactic Authority while taking a break on a space station.
 210       Take The Shot                            - The crew experience hallucinations as the Android's ability to function comes into question.
 209       Going Out Fighting                       - Two's nanites begin to fail resulting in the crew breaking into Dwarfstar Technologies on Earth to steal an upgrade.
 208       Stuff To Steal, People To Kill           - A misconfigured blink drive transports the Raza to a parallel universe where the memories of the crew were not wiped by Five.
 207       She's One Of Them Now                    - The crew steal an adapter for a blink drive that allows them instantaneous travel anywhere in space; Devon is killed by the Seers.
 206       We Should Have Seen This Coming          - A drug score leads to the rescue of Nyx's brother, who belongs to a Seers cult that can anticipate their every move.
 205       We Voted Not to Space You                - The crew track down Jace Korso to revenge the killing of One, with the Galactic Authority in hot pursuit.
 204       We Were Family                           - Three reunites with his old crew and learns about his past; Five outcons Arax who is after a key to interdimensional portals.
 203       I've Seen the Other Side of You          - Two, Three, and Four revert to their old selves from before their first memory loss frustrating the remaining crew.
 202       Kill Them All                            - The crew of the Raza escape after Six has a change of heart when he finds out that he works for bigger criminals.
 201       Welcome to Your New Home                 - Two, Three, and Four plan their escape from the Hyperion 8 prison; Six regrets his actions; One is shot by the real Jace Corso.
 113       Episode Thirteen                         - The crew is betrayed and raided by the Galactic Authority.
 112       Episode Twelve                           - Two is reclaimed by her creators.
 111       Episode Eleven                           - Two recovers being spaced and gets revenge but the stolen device destroys a planet.
 110       Episode Ten                              - The crew team with another to pull off a job but they are betrayed.
 109       Episode Nine                             - Four begins his quest to reclaim his throne.
 108       Episode Eight                            - Various secrets about the crew are revealed.
 107       Episode Seven                            - The crew assemble an entertainment robot that turns deadly and Three learns he is Marcus Boone.
 106       Episode Six                              - Five goes deep into her memories to find out more of the crew's background.
 105       Episode Five                             - The crew confront the deadliest virus ever created.
 104       Episode Four                             - The crew dock on a space station and end up in a worse situation 24 hours later.
 103       Episode Three                            - The crew suspects sabotage.
 102       Episode Two                              - The mercernaries have a change of heart and win one over the Ferris Corporation.
 101       Episode One                              - A spaceship crew wake up from stasis without memories and eventually discover that they are mercernaries.

Dark Skies (20 episodes)

 120       Bloodlines                               - John and Juliet end up on the Hive spaceship which leads to his son's rescue.
 119       Strangers In the Night                   - John and Juliet encounter a Trojan Horse when go to Russia to recover data from the AURA-Z Command Center.
 118       To Prey in Darkness                      - John and Juliet track down a film depicting the Roswell landing that ends up missing.
 117       Both Sides Now                           - Kim is deceived by Jim Steele into choosing the Hive over the threat of losing her son.
 116       Burn, Baby, Burn                         - Kim is about to deliver her baby when she is abducted by the Hive during the Watts Riots.
 115       Shades of Gray                           - John, Kim, and Juliet work with Majestic 12 to capture a gray alien and perform a cerebral excavation to remove the Hive ganglion.
 114       White Rabbit                             - John and Frank travel to Laos/Vietnam to recover/destroy a spacecraft but are captured by the Viet Cong.
 113       The Warren Omission                      - John testifies before the Warren Commission causing Bach to pull all stops to prevent his words from being accepted.
 112       The Enemy Within                         - John returns home to find his brother infected.
 111       The Last Wave                            - Kim and John break up a plot to disrupt the food chain for the Hive converted humans.
 110       We Shall Overcome                        - The Hive demonstrate that they are united in cause unlike humanity.
 109       Hostile Convergence                      - Kim travels home for her sister's wedding which turns out to be trap laid by the Hive.
 108       Ancient Future                           - John persuades Frank from recovering a 2000-year old spaceship buried in the Alaskan wilderness based on a vision of its explosion.
 107       Inhuman Nature                           - John and Kim learn that the Hive are incubating children in cows.
 106       Dreamland                                - John and Kim encounter Howard Hughes who believes the aliens are communists interested in Area 51.
 105       Dark Days Night                          - The Hive's plan transmit a subliminal hynotic suggestion via a broadcast by the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show is foiled.
 104       Mercury Rising                           - John and Kim help uncover a Hive implanted astronaut scheduled for a mission to take images of the alien spaceship on the moon.
 103       Moving Targets                           - John's investigation triggers events that lead to JFK's death as he discovers the truth about the Roswell incident.
 102       The Awakening (2)                        - John and Kim are on the run from Majestic 12 after informing John and Robert Kennedy, which leads to unintended consequences.
 101       The Awakening (1)                        - In 1962, a US congressional aide, John Leongard, and his girlfriend, Kim Sayers, are drawn into an alien conspiracy.

Day 5 (6 episodes)

 106       Wide Awake                               - Ally, Sam, and Jake escape from the medical facility experimenting on teenagers looking for a cure and plan to meet up with Ellis; the Sniper wakes up.
 105       Beacons in the Dark                      - Ally, Sam, and Jake appear to be temporarily treated while Ellis' team appears to cut the problem signal at its source.
 104       Sweet Dreams                             - Ally's group meeting up with her girlfriend Lex while Ellis meets up with a sniper and further clues as to the origin of the signal.
 103       Night Terrors                            - Ally, Sam, and Jake land in Austin tracking a message from her friend; Ellis arrives in Houston.
 102       Cognitive Dissonance                     - Jake's sleep-deprived and drug-fueled hallucinations lead to the death of one of their group, Ally's friend.
 101       Waking Nightmare                         - An unknown event causes people to die when they sleep at around the same time; a small group waking survivors attempt to find a solution.

DC: Arrow (69 episodes)

 423       Schism                                   - Team Arrow disable the Rubicon nukes and defeat Darhk, in part due to Oliver relying on both his light and dark sides.
 422       Lost in the Flood                        - Oliver and Diggle rescue Thea from Darhk's underground city which is threatened by Lonnie, who takes the villain's wife and daughter hostage.
 421       Monument Point                           - Felicity and her father stave off all but one of the Rubicon nukes resulting in tens of thousands of deaths, with their power flowing to Darhk.
 420       Genesis                                  - Oliver repels Darhk's magic but is unable to stop him from obtaining control over the world's nuclear stockpile; Diggle finally puts down his brother.
 419       Canary Cry                               - The team mourn the loss of Laurel and plan their next moves, namely to take out Darhk.
 418       Eleven-Fifty-Nine                        - Andy is unable to overcome his Darhk side in the end, resulting in the poignant death of Laurel.
 417       Beacon of Hope                           - Brie Larvan suffering from a vertebral cancer wants the designs for the spinal implant that allows Felicity to walk.
 416       Broken Hearts                            - Cupid shows up in Star City broken hearted, murdering couples professing their love for one another.
 415       Taken                                    - Darkh kidnaps Oliver's son William with Malcolm's help but his team finds a way to take away Darkh's powers.
 414       Code of Silence                          - Malcolm works with Darhk to bring down Oliver by targeting his son William.
 413       Sins of the Father                       - Oliver finds himself in an impossible situation to save Thea's life.
 412       Unchained                                - Roy returns and brings the Calculator with him.
 411       A.W.O.L.                                 - Amanda Waller is killed and John and Andy Diggle reclaim their brotherhood.
 410       Blood Debts                              - Felicity goes in and out surgery as Oliver and friends relentlessly pursue Darhk.
 409       Dark Waters                              - Oliver exposes Darhk, and appears to defeat him, but appears to ends up paying a terrible price.
 408       Legends of Yesterday                     - Oliver and Barry team up to defeat Vandal Savage; Hawkman and Hawkwoman are reborn as superheroes.
 407       Brotherhood                              - The team recover Diggle's brother, who is still alive and compelled into working for Darhk.
 406       Lost Souls                               - The crew bring bring back Ray Palmer who had shrunk down to the size of a pea and was being held by Damian Darhk.
 405       Haunted-episode                          - Oliver enlists the help of John Constantine to help rescue Sara.
 404       Beyond Redemption                        - Oliver announces his plan to run for Mayor.
 403       Restoration                              - Thea and Laurel bring back Sara from the dead using the Lazarus Pit.
 402       The Candidate                            - Thea's return from death haunts her.
 401       Green Arrow                              - Oliver returns to deal with Damien Darhk.
 323       My Name is Oliver Queen                  - Oliver dispatches Ra's al Ghul and goes into retirement.
 322       This Is Your Sword                       - Oliver is asked by Ra's al Ghul to distribute a deadly virus in Starling City.
 321       Al Sah-him                               - Oliver brings back Nyssa to Nanda Parbat to remove any threats to his ascension.
 320       The Fallen                               - Oliver becomes Al Sah-him to save Thea.
 319       Broken Arrow                             - Roy fakes his own death and Thea loses to Ra's al Ghul.
 318       Public Enemy                             - Oliver gives himself up as the Arrow.
 317       Suicidal Tendencies                      - The Arrow goes up against the Atom; the Suicide Squad is set up.
 316       The Offer                                - Oliver says no and Ra's ups the game.
 315       Nanda Parbat                             - Ra's al Ghul wants Oliver to take his place.
 314       The Return                               - Oliver and Thea face off against Slade again.
 313       Canaries                                 - Oliver prepares Thea for his match with Ra's al Ghul.
 312       Uprising                                 - The Arrow returns and helps save the city from Brick.
 311       Midnight City                            - Starling city goes to hell in Oliver's absence.
 310       Left Behind                              - Maseo repays his debt to Oliver by having Tatsu bring him back to live.
 309       The Climb                                - Ra's al Ghul dispatches Oliver for Sara's death.
 308       The Brave and the Bold                   - The Flash and Arrow team up once again.
 307       Draw Back Your Bow                       - Oliver goes after his stalker.
 306       Guilty                                   - Roy does not turn out to be the one who killed Sara.
 305       The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak      - Felicity's growth as a hacker is revealed.
 304       The Magician                             - Oliver makes an enemy of Nyssa and Ra's al Ghul.
 303       Corto Maltese                            - Oliver convinces Thea to come back home.
 302       Sara                                     - Oliver goes after Sara's potential killer.
 301       The Calm                                 - Sara dies.
 223       Unthinkable                              - Oliver finally overpowers Slade.
 222       Streets of Fire                          - Starling City is about be destroyed.
 221       City of Blood                            - Slade unleashes his Mirakuru warriors.
 220       Seeing Red                               - Slade makes Oliver choose between Moira and Thea.
 219       The Man Under the Hood                   - Oliver finds out that there'ts a cure for the Mirakuru.
 218       Deathstroke                              - Slade kidnaps Thea to continue his promise.
 217       Birds of Prey                            - Helena Bertinelli seeks revenge.
 216       Suicide Squad                            - Diggle becomes part of a suicide squad.
 215       The Promise                              - Slade reminds Oliver of his promise.
 214       Time of Death                            - Oliver realises that Slade is still alive.
 213       Heir to the Demon                        - Ra's al Ghul's daugher Sin comes back to retreive Sara.
 212       Tremors                                  - Oliver reveals his identity to help Roy.
 211       Blind Spot                               - Oliver digs into Blood's past.
 210       Blast Radius                             - A terrorist threatens Starling City.
 209       Three Ghosts                             - Oliver's past comes back to haunt him.
 208       The Scientist                            - Barry Allen is recruited to help Oliver.
 207       State v. Queen                           - Oliver goes up against Count Vertigo.
 206       Keep Your Enemies Closer                 - Diggle breaks into a Russian prison to get someone out.
 205       League of Assassins                      - Oliver and Sara encounter the League of Assassin.
 204       Crucible                                 - Oliver and Sara decide to work together.
 203       Broken Dolls                             - Oliver tracks down a serial killer.
 202       Identity                                 - Oliver goes up against China White.
 201       City of Heroes                           - Oliver goes back to the Island and returns again to try another way.

DC: Black Lightning (13 episodes)

 113       Shadow of Death: The Book of War         - The Jeffersons and Peter Gambi take down Martin; Tobias vows to go after his nemesis.
 112       The Resurrection and the Light: The Book - Martin Proctor uses Tobias who uses Khalil to go after Jefferson who is saved by his daughters.
 111       Black Jesus: The Book of Crucifixion     - Jefferson is framed by the corrupt police but is exonerated due to the efforts of to his friends and family.
 110       Sins of the Father: The Book of Redempti - Anissa finds that the kidnapped children of Freeland are being held in stasis; Gambi is tortured.
 109       The Book of Little Black Lies            - Jefferson and Anissa take down a drug making laboratory; Jennifer learns that she too has powers.
 108       The Book of Revelations                  - The existence of a secretive government agency whose experiments led to the rise of metahumans in Freeland is revealed.
 107       Equinox: The Book of Fate                - Tobias and his sister are gunned down, while Lady Eve is killed by men with lightning guns.
 106       Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder        - Jefferson sets out to kill Tobias; Lynn's diversion causes a confrontation with Anissa who learn about each other.
 105       And Then the Devil Brought the Plague: T - Jefferson suspects Tobias may be alive; Anissa researches her family tree.
 104       Black Jesus                              - Jefferson tries to stem the flow of a new highly addictive and dangerous drug in his community; Tobias schemes to get rid of him.
 103       LaWanda: The Book of Burial              - Tobias, finds out first hand that his old enemy Black Lightning is alive; Anissa continues to grow into her powers.
 102       LaWanda: The Book of Hope                - Realising that he can never have a normal life, Jefferson decides to continue being a superhero in the town of Freeland.
 101       The Resurrection                         - After a nine year hiatus, Jefferson Pierce dons the mantle of a superhero to prevent his daughters from being harmed.

DC: Constantine (13 episodes)

 113       Waiting for the Man                      - Constantine has a bounty placed on his head.
 112       Angels and Ministers of Grace            - Dark matter diamond shrapnel cause a doctor to become demonic.
 111       A Whole World Out There                  - Constantine and Ritchie Simpson deal with a reality created by a psychopath.
 110       Quid Pro Quo                             - Constantine helps save Chaz's daughter.
 109       The Saint of Last Resorts (2)            - Anne Marie makes up for her actions by exorcising Pazuzu from Constantine.
 108       The Saint of Last Resorts (1)            - Constantine is shot by Anne Marie while helping her rescue infants.
 107       Blessed are the Damned                   - A fallen angel is not who she seems.
 106       Rage of Caliban                          - The spirit of an abused child takes revenge.
 105       Danse Vaudou                             - The genesis of the Spectre is revealed.
 104       A Feast of Friends                       - Mnemoth, a power demon, is let loose in the US.
 103       The Devil's Vinyl                        - A recording containing the voice of the devil is let loose in Chicago.
 102       The Darkness Beneath                     - Benign spirits of dead miners known as Coblynau turn nasty.
 101       Non Est Asylum                           - Constantine sends electric demon Furcifer back to hell.

DC: Krypton (20 episodes)

 210       The Alpha and the Omega                  - Lyta and Seg work together to take down Zod; Nyssa goes off on her own to find her son Jor-El, while Seg teams up with Lobo to do the same.
 209       Blood Moon                               - Dru sends Doomsday after the rebels and Kem sacrifices himself to briefly contain him.
 208       Mercy                                    - A mind controlled Lyta wakes up from her hallucinogenic stupor and reunites with Seg, revealing that the version who died was a clone created by Dru.
 207       Zods and Monsters                        - How the soldier Dax was experimented on by the houses of El and Zod to create Doomsday is revealed; Brainiac steals Seg and Nyssa's baby who they had renamed as Jor-El.
 206       In Zod We Trust                          - Val rallies the rebels along with Seg, Jayna, Dev, Adam, Kem, and Nyssa to take down Dru, who is busy trying to weaponise Doomsday.
 205       A Better Yesterday                       - Lyta is captured and executed by the rebel leader Jax on a live video feed, following Dru's treachery.
 204       Danger Close                             - Seg and Lyta reconcile but she alerts Dru, which eventually enables Seg to find out that she was reconditioned as he is about to be.
 203       Will to Power                            - Seg appears to be able to defeat Brainiac and leaves him to Lobo's mercies and returns to Kandor along with Adam.
 202       Ghost in the Fire                        - The alien bounty hunter Lobo pursues Seg who has reunited with Adam to get at the Brainiac within; Nyssa is persuaded to spy on behalf of Dru.
 201       Light-Years From Home                    - Dru-Zod remakes Krypton in his own image, removing or reprogramming anyone who gets in his way; Seg escapes the Phantom Zone but the consciousness of Brainiac hitches along.
 110       The Phantom Zone                         - Seg traps Brainiac in the Phantom Zone but is pulled along with him, result in Zod's insignia appearing on Superman's cape.
 109       Hope                                     - Seg's assault on the Agent leads to his destruction but heralds the arrival of Brainiac; Lyta kills her mother, choosing Zod's plan to activate Doomsday.
 108       Savage Night                             - Seg's team takes on the Agent of Brainiac head on and appears to defeat him, but he gets his revenge under the guise of an exploding Ona.
 107       Transformation                           - Seg's plan to persuade the citizens of Kandor to turn against the Agent of Brainiac is foiled when the Agent takes control of the crowd.
 106       Civil Wars                               - Seg backs General Zod, Superman's greatest enemy, over Adam's objections who belatedly realises that Brainiac isn't the threat to the timeline.
 105       House of Zod                             - Lyta is spared when her mother pledges loyalty to Daron, just in time to rescue Seg from his kidnapper who claims to be her son.
 104       The World of Rao                         - Seg is kidnapped and questioned about Brainiac; Lyta Zod is framed for treason by Daron Vex; the sentry ends up possessing the Voice of Rao.
 103       The Rankless Initiative                  - Working with a hologram of his grandfather Val El, Seg and Adam find that a sentry has alerted Brainiac to the existence of Krypton.
 102       House of El                              - Seg is persuaded by Adam Strange, a time traveller from a future Earth, that Brainiac, the devourer of worlds, is already on the planet.
 101       Pilot                                    - Seg El, grandfather of Kal El, is deprived of his family so that the rulers of his planet can deny the existence of a planet devouring threat.

DC: Legends of Tomorrow (67 episodes)

 416       Hey, World!                              - Neron is defeated and all souls belonging to our heroes are retrieved from Hell, as well as a dozen other evil souls.
 415       Terms of Service                         - Neron launches an app that collects souls from its users; the Legends apologise to Gary; Constatine is tortured in hell.
 414       Nip/Stuck                                - The Legends travel to 55 BCE to witness Constantine travel to Hell to bring back Ray after deciding not to kill Neron in his body.
 413       Egg MacGuffin                            - Ray gives into Neron to prevent harm to Hank; the women in the team travel to 1933 New York City to retrieve a golden dragon egg.
 412       The Eggplant, the Witch & the Wardrobe   - Neron is captured and is seemingly defeated by Constantine but actually ends up inside Ray.
 411       Seance & Sensibility                     - The Legends travel to 1802 England to stop the ashes of the Hindu god of desire, Kamadeva, from stirring up uncontrolled love.
 410       The Getaway                              - In 1973, the Legends remove a roach from Richard Nixon that compels him to always tell the truth; Hank's father is killed by Neron.
 409       Lucha de Apuestas                        - A conspiracy involving Hank is revealed when one of the creatures being held by the Time Bureau escapes to 1961 Mexico.
 408       Legends of To-Meow-Meow                  - After several failed attempts to fix broken time, Charlie, Constantine, and Zari decide to restore it to the original version.
 407       Hell No, Dolly                           - Constantine, who sent his lover Desmond to hell, is forced by Marie Laveau in 1856 New Orleans to break time to save her descendant.
 406       Tender Is the Nate                       - Nate's father Hank joins them on a mission to capture a Minotaur in 1927 Paris, while Ernest Hemingway gets in their way.
 405       Tagumo Attacks!!                         - The Legends travel to 1951 Japan to help one of the creators of Godzilla deal with one of his initial creations; Constantine is healedby Nora Darhk who decides to repent for her past.
 404       Wet Hot American Bummer                  - The Legends travel to a summer camp in 1995 to deal with a Shtriga that is sucking the life force from the campers.
 403       Dancing Queen                            - The Legends are unable to send Charlie, a shapeshifter creating havoc in 1970s London, back to hell when she takes Amaya's form.
 402       Witch Hunt                               - The Legends travel to 1692 Salem to stop a fairy godmother from using humans to get her own revenge on them.
 401       The Virgin Gary                          - The Legends, aided by John Constantine, travel to Woodstock 1969 to stop a magical unicorn that was released along with other creatures while fighting Mallus.
 318       The Good, the Bad and the Cuddly         - Damien sacrifices his life to save Nora, and the Legends unite their totems to defeat Mallus in 1874 Salvation.
 317       Guest Starring John Noble                - The Legends travel to 1992 Zambesi and team up with Darhk to defeat Mallus and save Nora, but the plan goes awry.
 316       I, Ava                                   - Sarah and Ray go to 2213 Vancouver and discover the origin of Ava; Kuasa finds redemption as Mallus' power continues to grow.
 315       Necromancing the Stone                   - Mallus uses the death totem to possess Sarah until Ava recruits John from 2018 New York City.
 314       Amazing Grace                            - The gang head out to 1950 Memphis to help Elvis get his groove back and recover the death totem.
 313       No Country for Old Dads                  - The team rescue Ray from the Darhks in 1962 East Berlin; Wally joins the team; Rip is reinstated to the Time Bureau.
 312       The Curse of the Earth Totem             - The team recover the Earth Totem in 1717 Bahamas; Ray almost kills Nora and is captured after he saves her life.
 311       Here I Go Again                          - Zari is stuck in an explosive time loop in the ship till she learns important truths about herself and the rest of the legends.
 310       Daddy Darhkest                           - The Legends work with John Constantine to help save a young Nora Darhk from Mallus who transports them to 1969 Central City.
 309       Beebo the God of War                     - The Legends stop Leif Erikson and his Vikings from conquering North America around 1000 AD.
 308       Crisis on Earth-X (4)                    - The heroes defeat the villains of Earth-X ending with Iris and Barry, and Felicity and Oliver, getting married in 2017 in Central City.
 307       Welcome to the Jungle                    - The Legends stop Gorilla Grodd from starting World War 3 in 1967 Vietnam; Grodd is later picked up by Darhk.
 306       Helen Hunt                               - The Legends return Helen of Troy from 1937 Hollywood back to her own time, while dealing with Damien and Nora Darhk.
 305       Return of the Mack                       - Rip returns, seeking the Legends' help in taking down a shadowy evil threat known as Mallus in 1895 London; Damien Darhk returns.
 304       Phone Home                               - The Legends help a young Ray reunite a baby Dominator with its queen mother in 1988 Ivy Town.
 303       Zari                                     - The Legends help recruit a new team member who has a totem connected to Amaya's in 2042 Seattle.
 302       Freakshow                                - The Legends track down an abberation in PT Barnum's circus in 1870 Wisconsin; Amaya rejoins the team.
 301       Aruba-Con                                - Rip forms a new Time Agency deeming the Legends unnecessary but the Legends want to fix abberations caused by them, including Julius Caesar from 49 BC Rome.
 217       Aruba                                    - The Legends go back to 1916 to prevent the Legion from using the Spear in the first place and correct reality, but end up breaking time.
 216       Doomworld                                - After leading lives of servitude to the Legion in 2017, the Legends regain their memories with Mick's help, but Thawne destroys the Spear just as they are about to regain it.
 215       Fellowship of the Spear                  - The Legion of Doom rewrite reality with the Spear after using Snart to turn Mick against his teammates in 1916.
 214       Moonshot                                 - The team travel to NASA in 1970 to recover the final Spear fragment from Henry Heywood, who placed it in the moon flag from Apollo 11.
 213       Land of the Lost                         - Sara and Jax step in Rip's mind to discover the location of the Spear fragment and return him back to normal in the process.
 212       Camelot/3000                             - The Legends prevent the Legion of Doom from completing the Spear and recover Rip in medieval Camelot and in Detroit in 3000.
 211       Turncoat                                 - The team deal with a brainwashed Rip who baits them by assassinating George Washington in 1776 to complete the Spear of Destiny.
 210       The Legion of Doom                       - The Legion pry the location of the Spear from Rip while the Legends discover Thawne's motivations in 2025.
 209       Raiders of the Lost Art                  - The team recover the amulet and a fragment of the Spear of Destiny, but lose Rip Hunter to the Legion in 1967.
 208       The Chicago Way                          - In 1927, the team is unable to prevent the Legion of Doom (Thawne, Merlyn, and Darhk) from acquiring an amulet that points to the Spear of Destiny.
 207       Invasion!                                - The Dominators, fearing metahumans, demand that Barry be surrendered to them but Legends send them packing in the present and in 1951.
 206       Outlaw Country                           - The Legends work with Jonah Hex in 1874 to thwart his nemesis Quentin Turnbull from using Dwarfstar to create his own country.
 205       Compromised                              - In 1987, the Legends thwart Darhk and Thawne with the aid of an old JSA member, Obsidian.
 204       Abominations                             - The Legends travel to 1863 during the height of the US civil war to ensure that zombies do not disrupt the course of history.
 203       Shogun                                   - The Legends, with Vixen in town, help take down a brutal shogun in feudal Japan during the 16th century.
 202       The Justice Society of America           - In 1942, the Legends team up with the JSA to prevent the Nazis from getting their hands on a Super Serum.
 201       Out of Time                              - The Legends take over from the Time Masters, saving history by preventing the Nazis from attacking New York City with an atomic bomb.
 116       Legendary                                - The legends kill Savage by in 1958, 1975, and 2021 simultaneously; Rex Tyler from the JSA warns them of their impending death.
 115       Destiny                                  - At the Vanishing Point, the legends destroy the device that enables the Time Masters to manipulate time, with Snart sacrificing himself.
 114       River of Time                            - Carter regains his memory just in time to enable the crew to make Savage face justice but they find out that he has been in league with them all along.
 113       Leviathan                                - The Legends fight Savage in 2166, just before he is about to take over the world, but are forced to capture him instead of killing him.
 112       Last Refuge                              - The Legends fight the Pilgrim, sent by the Time Masters to kill their younger selves to remove them from the timeline.
 111       The Magnificent Eight                    - The team land in Salvation, Dakota in 1874 where they team up with Jonah Hex to take down the Stillwater Gang.
 110       Progeny                                  - In 2146, the team attempt to take one of Vandal Savage's protege's out of action but they only accelerate the destruction of humanity.
 109       Left Behind                              - The team reassemble following the attack by Chronos (Mick, picked up by the Timemasters after Snart left him behind, seeking vengeance).
 108       Night of the Hawk                        - In 1958, the team face Savage's experiments with the Nth metal meteorite that gave Kendra and Carter their powers.
 107       Marooned                                 - Pirates fake a distress call from another timeship; Rip and the crew defeat them and deal with Mick Rory's betrayal.
 106       Star City 2046                           - The team help a beaten down Oliver Queen and John Diggle Jr. retake Starling City from Grant Wilson and his thugs.
 105       Fail-Safe                                - The team escape just as Valentina burns out trying to create a Soviet Firestorm but are attacked in the timestream and land in 2046.
 104       White Knights                            - Members of the team are captured when try to infiltrate Savage's attempt to recreate Firestorm in the USSR.
 103       Blood Ties                               - The team work together to kill one incarnation of Vandal Savage and head off to 1986 to do so permanently.
 102       Pilot (2)                                - Carter Hall (Hawkman) dies during the Legends' first attempt to kill Savage in 1976, but they vow to press on.
 101       Pilot (1)                                - Time traveller Rip Hunter assembles a team of superheroes to kill Vandal Savage during a vulnerable time in his past.

DC: Supergirl (42 episodes)

 222       Nevertheless, She Persisted              - Supergirl saves National City by defeating and killing Rhea, but that necessitates Mon El leaving the planet.
 221       Resist                                   - Cat returns and exhorts people to resist the Daxamites; Supergirl frees Mon El and Lena but is attacked by Superman who is being controlled by Rhea.
 220       City of Lost Children                    - Mon El's mother tricks Lena into helping her build a portal to allow an invasion of her people to create a new Daxam on Earth.
 219       Manhunter                                - The backstory of J'onn J'onzz and the origin story of the Silver Banshee are revealed in some detail.
 219       Alex                                     - Alex is kidnapped and used as a bargaining chip by a son who wants his father broken out of prison by Supergirl.
 218       Ace Reporter                             - Kara uncovers the truth behind the revolutionary medical nanotech from Biomax, whose founder was involved wth Lena, and gets her old job back.
 217       Distant Sun                              - Mon El's mother places an intergalactic bounty on Supergirl to force him to return to Daxam with her.
 216       Star-Crossed                             - Mon El is revealed to be a prince of Daxam when his parents show up on Earth, resulting in Kara breaking up with him; Wynn is long conned.
 215       Exodus                                   - Supergirl and the DEO stop Lena Luthor from forcibly deporting the aliens on Earth across the universe while Alex rekindles Jeremiah's humanity.
 214       Homecoming                               - Jeremiah Danvers returns and initially brings huge happiness to Kara, Alex, and Hank but Mon El suspects his return is too good to be true.
 213       Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk                      - The menace from the fifth dimension shows up wanting to marry Kara.
 212       Luthors                                  - When everyone else believes that Lena Luthor is a criminal, Kara stands up for her.
 211       The Martian Chronicles                   - The team needs to fight off White Martians who want to take M'gann back to Mars to punish her for her war crimes.
 210       We Can Be Heroes                         - Supergirl and her friends bring down a mad scientist who kidnaps Livewire with the goal of tapping into her powers for nefarious ends.
 209       Supergirl Lives                          - Kara and Mon El are trapped on a planet with a red sun (Slaver's Moon) while attempting to rescue humans kidnapped by Roulette.
 208       Medusa                                   - Lena, Kara, and the DEO, thwart her mother Lillian and Project Cadmus from unleashing a virus created by Kara's father that can kill all non-humans.
 207       The Darkest Place                        - Kara and Mon El are captured by Project Cadmus; the real Hank Henshaw upgraded to cyborg Superman and Jeremiah Danvers are revealed to be alive.
 206       Changing                                 - A 5000 year old alien parasite threatens to wipe out humanity; Mon El and James Olson step up, the latter as the Guardian, a new superhero.
 205       Crossfire                                - Supergirl takes down a gang of criminals who are being fronted by Cadmus to sow distrust of aliens.
 204       Survivors                                - Supergirl and the DEO break up an underground alien fight club.
 203       Welcome to Earth                         - Supergirl and her friends must overcome their prejudices to stop an alien trying to kill to the President.
 202       The Last Children of Krypton             - Supergirl and Superman team up to take down two Metallos along with Kara Danvers and J'onn J'onzz.
 201       The Adventures of Supergirl              - Lena Luthor, Clark Kent, and Mon El keep Kara company as a new villain Metallo is born.
 120       Better Angels                            - Supergirl and J'onn J'onzz work together with their friends take down Non and Indigo and stop Myriad from killing all humans.
 119       Myriad                                   - Non initiates Project Myriad that enables him to control almost all minds in National City and sets the Danvers sisters against each other.
 118       Worlds Finest                            - Supergirl partners with the Flash (from another universe) to defeat Silver Banshee and Livewire.
 116       Falling                                  - Supergirl goes bad after being exposed to red kryptonite created by Maxwell Lord.
 115       Solitude                                 - Indigo, a former prisoner of Fort Roz who helped Kara escape the Phantom Zone, resurfaces and wreaks havoc on the Internet.
 114       Truth, Justice, and the American Way     - Kara deals with an former prison guard from Fort Roz who metes out justice in his own fashion.
 113       For The Girl Who Has Everything          - Kara is trapped in a hallucination that represents her deepest desires while Non makes his move.
 112       Bizarro                                  - Bizarro Supergirl is created and manipulated by Maxwell Lord to attack her original namesake.
 111       Strange Visitor from Another Planet      - A white Martian goes after J'onn J'onnz, the last of the green Martians, and Kara helps Cat and her son reconcile.
 110       Childish Things                          - Hank as J'onn J'onzz breaks into Lord Technologies; Supergirl tries to help Winn deal with his insane father.
 109       Blood Bonds                              - Hank is kidnapped by Non to secure the release of Astra.
 108       Hostile Takeover                         - Astra and her husband Non attempt to take over Lord Technologies but are stopped by Supergirl and the DOE.
 107       Human For a Day                          - Supergirl loses her powers and get them back.
 106       Red Faced                                - Supergirl defeats an android designed to fight Kryptonians.
 105       How Does She Do It?                      - Supergirl super juggles.
 104       Livewire                                 - A freak lightning strike creates a new supervillain, Livewire.
 103       Fight or Flight                          - Supergirl cleans up a mess that Superman could not.
 102       Stronger Together                        - Supergirl goes up against her aunt Astra from Krypton who wants to rule the planet.
 101       Pilot                                    - Kara Jor-El finds herself and becomes Supergirl.

DC: The Flash (46 episodes)

 223       The Race of His Life                     - Barry races and creates a time remnant to defeat Zoom who is taken by the Time Wraiths; the real Jay Garrick turns out to be Henry's doppelganger.
 222       Invincible                               - Team Flash figure out a way to bring down all the Earth 2 metahumans in one move but Zoom escapes and returns to kill Barry's dad, Henry.
 221       The Runaway Dinosaur                     - The team work on bringing back Barry who communes with his sentient speed force and is able to recover it again.
 220       Rupture                                  - Zoom arrives back to Earth Prime with Caitlin and claims Central City for himself, forcing the Flash to seek to regain his powers.
 219       Back to Normal                           - Barry still becomes a hero even without powers; Wells learns a valuable lesson and promises to restore Barry's speed.
 218       Versus Zoom                              - The heroes plan a trap to capture Zoom but it backfires and he takes Barry's speedforce in exchange for Wally's life.
 217       Flash Back                               - Barry travels back in time to learn about the speed force from Wells/Thawne but has to deal with being found out and a Time Wraith.
 216       Trajectory                               - The team deal with a rival speedster calling herself Trajectory, culminating in the realisation that Zoom is Jay.
 215       King Shark                               - King Shark escapes and goes after Barry; Zoom unmasks to reveal a face that looks like Jay Garrick.
 214       Escape from Earth-2                      - The team save Jesse and Barry and return to Earth Prime but Zoom manages to snag Jay at the last minute.
 213       Welcome to Earth-2                       - Zoom captures Barry and puts him alongside Jesse after killing his fellow henchmen Reverb (Cisco's counterpart) and Deathstorm (Donnie's).
 212       Fast Lane                                - The Earth-2 Harrison steals speed force from the Flash under orders from Zoom but in the end everyone decides to work together to rescue his daughter, Jesse.
 211       The Reverse-Flash Returns                - Eobard Thawne returns.
 210       Potential Energy                         - Barry defeats a metahuman known as the Turtle but loses his relationship with Patty.
 209       Running to Stand Still                   - Snart repays Barry back.
 208       Legends of Today                         - The Flash gang reunite with team Arrow to stop a new villain named Vandal Savage who is after Hawk-girl.
 207       Gorilla Warfare                          - Grodd returns and Flash faces a crisis of confidence.
 206       Enter Zoom                               - The Flash lays a trap for Zoom by having Linda Park impersonate Doctor Light but it backfires.
 205       The Darkness and the Light               - Wells from Earth 2 shows up and helps Barry take down Doctor Light (who is Linda Park, Barry's ex) along with Jay Garrick.
 204       The Fury of Firestorm                    - Professor Stein gets a new partner (Jefferson Jackson) to become Firestorm.
 203       Family of Rogues                         - Barry helps resolve a Snart family conflict.
 202       Flash of Two Worlds                      - Two Flashes team up to stop the Sand Demon.
 201       The Man Who Saved Central City           - Barry takes down Atom Smasher and frees his father with a recorded confession from Eobard Thawne.
 123       Fast Enough                              - Barry decides to not save his mother's life at the last minute.
 122       Rogue Air                                - Barry recruits Oliver and Ronnie to stop Wells.
 121       Grodd Lives                              - Iris deals with Barry being the Flash who faces off against Gorilla Grodd.
 120       The Trap                                 - Wells/Thaone is uncovered but the trap against him backfires.
 119       Who Is Harrison Wells?                   - A person who can mimic any appearance with a touch toys with the team as they uncover Wells' secret.
 118       All Star Team Up                         - The Flash teams with the Atom to stop killer robotic bees.
 117       Trickster                                - The Flash foils the Trickster as we learn how Eobard Thawne becomes Harrison Wells.
 116       Rogue Time                               - Barry alters the timeline with disastrous consequences.
 115       Out of Time                              - Wells reveals he is Eobard Thawne and the Flash goes back in time.
 114       Fallout                                  - Ronnie and Stein fight off Eiling.
 113       The Nuclear Man                          - The team decide to separate Ronnie from Stein.
 112       Crazy For You                            - The Flash goes up against teleporter.
 111       The Sound and the Fury                   - The Flash almost feels his organs become like Jello.
 110       Revenge of the Rogues                    - The Flash wins against Snart and Rory.
 109       The Man in the Yellow Suit               - The Flash encounters the person who killed his mother.
 108       Flash vs. Arrow                          - The Flash goes up against the Arrow while under the influence of another meta-human's power.
 107       Power Outage                             - The Flash loses his powers and regains it.
 106       The Flash is Born                        - The Flash defeats his childhood bully.
 105       Plastique                                - The Flash befriends a woman whose power is literally explosive.
 104       Going Rogue                              - The Flash deals a weapon that can stop him.
 103       Things You Can't Outrun                  - The Flash learns you can't outrun pain.
 102       Fastest Man Alive                        - The Flash stops Multiplex.
 101       Pilot                                    - Barry Allen becomes the the Flash due to particle accelerator accident.

DC: Titans (24 episodes)

 213       Nightwing                                - Rachel leaves with an electrocuted Donna's body back to Themyscira; Dick defeats Deathstroke with Rose's help and form a new team together with Kory, Conner, Hank, Dawn, Gar, and Krypto.
 212       Faux-Hawk                                - Mercy plans to create a super mercenary with Conner; Rose's past with Slade causes Jason to leave her; Jericho's mother requests Dick to save her son living with Deathstroke.
 211       E.L._.O.                                 - Dick figures out that Jericho is still alive, within Slade; Rose decides that she is no longer going to work with him; Mercy brainwashes Gar.
 210       Fallen                                   - Dick chooses to go to to prison where he helps a couple of undocumented immigrants escape; Cadmus' Mercy Graves takes Gar, Conner, and Krypto into custody.
 209       Atonement                                - All Titans go their separate ways after learning the truth of how Jericho died; Kory's sister Blackfire forces her to kill her lover; Gar taking Conner out in public leads to disaster.
 208       Jericho                                  - In the past, Deathstroke's son Jerico was befriended and used by Dick to get at him, which backfired with his death at his own father's hands.
 207       Bruce Wayne                              - Deathstroke infiltrates the Titans' tower, placing items that causes them to turn on each other and Jason to want to commit suicide until Dick begins to confess his secret.
 206       Conner                                   - Subject 13, aka Conner, created from the mixed clone of Lex Luthor and Superman, tries out who he is but ends up being shot with kryptonite bullets after rescuing Jason.
 205       Deathstroke                              - Deathstroke, determined to demonstrate that Dick is no hero, causes Jason to fall to his death, after killing his accomplice Dr. Light.
 204       Aqualad                                  - In the past, the initial meeting between Deathstroke and the original Titans team results in the shooting death of Aqualad.
 203       Ghosts                                   - Jason takes Dr. Light on his own after the older team tries and fails to catch him but ends up being captured by Deathstroke.
 202       Rose                                     - Dick takes in a girl on the run, Rose, who turns out to be the daughter of Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke, who has resumed hunting them, along with Arthur Light who paroles himself from prison.
 201       Trigon                                   - Trigon does his best to poison Rachel's mind against her friends but she recovers and destroys him; Dick decides to reconstitute the Titans.
 111       Dick Grayson                             - Trigon sets up a scenario for Dick to embrace his darkness thereby enslaving him, to Rachel's horror.
 110       Koriand'r                                - Kory learns about her origins as an alien from the planet Tameran on a mission to stop Rachel's father Triton from destroying worlds.
 109       Hank and Dawn                            - Hank and Dawn come together as a crime fighting duo after suffering loses of loved ones and experiencing abuse.
 108       Donna Troy                               - Dick is at a crossroads and seeks out Donna Troy, aka Wonder Girl; Rachel unlocks Kory's memories who immediately attacks her.
 107       Asylum                                   - The new team works together to free Rachel's mother and escape from the asylum after they are captured when going in search of her.
 106       Jason Todd                               - The new (and ruthless) Robin, Jason Todd, to bail Dick out which leads to them dealing a killer who is taking out Dick's circus family members.
 105       Together                                 - The group decide to unite together against a common enemy, and defeat the Nuclear Family which leads Dick to their employer.
 104       Doom Patrol                              - Rachel meets Garfield Logan aka Beast Boy, who together escape the control of Dr. Niles Caulder aka the Chief and reunite with Dick and Kory.
 103       Origins                                  - Rachel is rescued by Kory Anders aka Starfire who has lost her memory with Dick following them to a convent where the sisters appear to know her Rachel's backstory.
 102       Hawk and Dove                            - Rachel and Dick team up with Hank Hall (Dove) and Dawn Ranger (Hawk) to take down a gang of arms dealers but the Nuclear Family take them all out and kidnap Rachel.
 101       Titans                                   - As Rachel Roth comes into her superhero persona Raven, she seeks help from Dick Grayson aka Robin, while fleeing from fanatics who wish to kill her.

DC: Vixen (6 episodes)

 106       Episode 6                                - McCable overcomes Kuasa's attack and takes up crimefighting in Detroit as Vixen, with the Arrow and the Flash promising to have her back.
 105       Episode 5                                - McCabe is kidnapped by her lost older sister Kuasa and taken to the African Zambesi village where she is bitten by a spider to unbind the totem.
 104       Episode 4                                - After McCabe finishes her talk with the Flash and the Arrow, she encounters the source of the attempts that wants to take away her totem from her.
 103       Episode 3                                - As McCabe explains her powers to her foster father, the Flash and the Arrow show up at her doorstep and she takes off.
 102       Episode 2                                - Three days earlier, McCabe returns to her home town, as she seeks answers to her origins while fighting off attempts to steal her necklace.
 101       Episode 1                                - Mari McCabe evades the Flash and the Arrow gracefully by harnessing the animalistic power of an Anansi totem, the only heirloom in her possession from her lost family.

Dead Like Me (30 episodes)

 215       Haunted(EN)                              - George reaps a bunch of serial killer victims and finally repeats the killer himself.
 214       Always                                   - Mason gets kicked out of the Waffle Haus.
 213       Last Call                                - Mason thinks he's going to stop being a reaper since he got a purple post-it.
 212       Forget Me Not                            - Ray and Mason fight for Daisy's affection and Ray dies and becomes a reaper.
 211       Ashes to Ashes                           - George tries to pass herself off as a relative to a homeless man.
 210       Death Defying                            - George goes crazy when Trip doesn't call her.
 209       Be Still My Heart                        - George goes to the funeral for Trip's dad.
 208       The Escape Artist                        - George falls for the son of a reap.
 207       Rites of Passage                         - George gets to reap a rock star.
 206       In Escrow                                - Reggie's mom goes out on a day and leaves Reggie alone.
 205       Hurry                                    - Daisy goes speed dating.
 204       The Shallow End                          - George becomes mean.
 203       Ghost Story                              - George goes to a Happy Time retreat.
 202       The Ledger                               - George finds out that her home is about to be sold.
 201       Send in the Clown                        - Mason becomes a mean clown.
 113       Rest in Peace                            - George visits her own grave and tries to get her job back.
 112       Vacations                                - The reapers take time off.
 111       Nighthawks                               - The reapers have to evaluate themselves.
 110       The Bicycle Thief                        - George has a going away party at Happy Time.
 109       Business Unfinished                      - The reapers hold a seance for a determined ghost.
 108       Sunday Mornings                          - George discovers that her father is not the person she thought he was.
 107       A Cook                                   - George adopts a dog and Rube becomes a cook.
 106       Reaper Madness                           - George gets involved with a schizophrenic about to die.
 105       My Room                                  - George has a new partner when Betty leaves.
 104       Reaping Havoc                            - George decides that even grim reapers need friends.
 103       Reapercussions                           - George learns the price of not performing her duties.
 102       Curious George                           - George discovers the price when the dead hang on to their past.
 101       Dead Girl Walking                        - George tries to shirk her duties as a grim reaper with dire consequences.
 M2        Pilot                                    - In the second part of the first episode, George gets used to being a grim reaper.
 M1        Pilot                                    - In the first part of the first episode, George is killed by a piece of Mir and becomes a grim reaper.

Defiance (43 episodes)

 313       Upon the March We Fittest Die            - Nolan saves Defiance as he and Doc Yewll head out into space unknown.
 312       The Awakening                            - The citizens of Defiance prepare to fight the Omec invasion.
 311       Of a Demon in My View                    - Kindzi frees Nolan, kills her father T'evgin, and begins the Dread Harvest.
 310       When Twilight Dims the Sky Above         - The Arc tech in Nolan's head causes him to assassinate Silora Voske of the Voltanis Collective.
 309       Ostinato in White                        - Kinzi goes on a murder spree.
 308       My Name Is Datak Tarr and I Have Come to - Datak goes on a suicide mission to destroy Rahm Tak and his forces.
 307       The Beauty of Our Weapons                - Datak is sentenced to death; Berlin leaves; Rahm Tak's forces sneak in.
 306       Where the Apples Fell                    - Stahma and Datak are hunted as terrorists and the latter is captured.
 305       History Rhymes                           - Nolan and Irisa discover their interconnectedness; Alak escapes.
 304       Dead Air                                 - Amanda figures out the truth about Niles and kills him.
 303       Broken Bough                             - Nolan and Irisa take the fight back to the Votanis Collective.
 302       The Last Unicorns                        - Lots of deaths but Defiance gets its power back.
 301       The World We Seize                       - Nolan and Irisa return to Defiance as a pair of new aliens also arrive.
 213       I Almost Prayed                          - Nolan and Irisa save the world.
 212       All Things Must Pass                     - Nolan's heroic efforts to save Tommy are in vain and New York City is terraformed by Irisa.
 211       Doll Parts                               - Irisa begins her plan to destroy and remake the world.
 210       Bottom of the World                      - Amanda and Niles are are trapped when a sabotaged mile shaft collapses.
 209       Painted from Memory                      - Kenya turns out to be an indogene.
 208       Slouching towards Bethlehem              - Kenya returns.
 207       If You Could See Her Through My Eyes     - Irisa finally lets Nolan in on her secret.
 206       This Woman's Work                        - New relationships evolve.
 205       Put the Damage On                        - Amanda is implanted with an Ego device that causes hallucinations.
 204       Beasts of Burden                         - Datak should have made Stahma into a partner.
 203       The Cord and the Ax                      - The people killed by Irisa return.
 202       In My Secret Life                        - Nolan regains his job after stopping a terrorist.
 201       The Opposite of Hallelujah               - Iris and Nolan are reunited after 9 months and head back to Defiance where a lot has changed.
 155       The Searcher                             - Nolan heads out to Chicago.
 154       Black Eyes                               - Nolan is interrogated about the whereabouts of Irisa.
 153       The Watchman                             - A Castithian takes Nolan prisoner.
 152       Loose Ends Unravel                       - Lenny drugs Nolan.
 151       No Man                                   - Nolan searches for Irisa.
 112       Everything is Broken                     - Irisa agrees to become Izru's weapon to bring Nolan back to life but leaves Nolan.
 111       Past is Prologue                         - Datak and his family scheme to get Nolan fired, and win the election.
 110       The Bride Wore Black                     - Alak marries Christie as a murderer faces justice.
 109       If I Ever Leave This World Alive         - A plague threatens Defiance.
 108       I Just Wasn't Made for These Times       - A Indogene spying program is unmasked.
 107       Goodbye Blue Sky                         - Irisa has visions of Sukar's death.
 106       Brothers in Arms                         - A friend of Nolan helps track down a WMD designer.
 105       The Serpent's Egg                        - While transporting Rynn and carrying money, Amanda and Nolan have to fend off a robbery.
 104       A Well Respected Man                     - Datak's wife manipulates Amanda into giving her a husband a seat on the city council.
 103       The Devil in the Dark                    - An Irathian girl, Rynn, has extreme plans for revenge.
 102       Down In the Ground Where the Dead Men Go - Nolan foils another attempt to destroy Defiance.
 101       Pilot                                    - Nolan and his adopted daughter Irisa, an Irathient, help repel a Volge attack.

Defying Gravity (13 episodes)

 113       Kiss                                     - Zoe recovers the Gamma object, barely surviving in the process.
 112       Venus                                    - Zoe and Donner land on Venus and Zoe walks towards the Gamma objet.
 111       Solitary                                 - The crew deal with the effects of isolation.
 110       Deja Vu                                  - The crew realise that they are not in control of the mission anymore.
 109       Eve Ate the Apple                        - The crew learn that they are collecting alien objects for some unknown purpose.
 108       Love, Honor, Obey                        - The crew learn that the truth regarding their mission has been kept hidden from them.
 107       Fear                                     - The crew hallucinate extensively during the process of filming a candy commercial.
 106       Bacon                                    - It's the failures more than successes that make us who we are.
 105       Rubicon                                  - The crew pass the point of no return.
 104       H2IK                                     - A simple malfunction wreaks havoc and endangers the crewmembers.
 103       Threshold-episode                        - The crew begin to change in mysterious ways.
 102       Natural Selection                        - Zoe is ejected into space with an air leak in her suit.
 101       Pilot                                    - Eight Astronauts aboard the spaceship Antares embark on a six year mission to explore the planets in our solar system.

Dimension 404 (6 episodes)

 106       Impulse                                  - Our need for ever increasing speed only leads to our life disappearing faster from us while we race towards our grave.
 105       Bob                                      - An enormous brain that functions as a powerful NSA supercomputer feel remorse for the actions of the agency and gets his Christmas wish.
 104       Polybius                                 - If you thought you were playing a video game and the stakes ended up being real, would you still play?.
 103       Chronos                                  - If we could travel in time to do anything we want whenever, would we still have a sense of purpose? Would entropy have any meaning?.
 102       Cinethrax                                - A cosmic parasitic being exploits humanity's addiction to realistic entertainment, painless solutions, as well as family ties, to conquer Earth.
 101       Matchmaker                               - Finding true love by repeatedly cloning Mr. Right works well until the clones start to rebel.

Doctor Who (435 episodes)

 287-12.00 Resolution                               - A Dalek scout that arrived to Earth in the 9th century and was defeated revives itself during an excavation and seeks to take over the planet.
 286-11.10 The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos          - The Doctor's solution with the alien trophy hunter she encountered after regenerating comes back to bite her and her friends.
 285-11.09 It Takes You Away                        - The Doctor and her companions find that an alternate universe that is conscious is seeking companionship from ours.
 284-11.08 The Witchfinders                         - The Doctor and her companions uncover an ancient alien prison where the inmates have escaped and are attempting to take over the planet.
 283-11.07 Kerblam!                                 - The Doctor receives a cry for help from an automated system that is being abused to nefarious ends by a human.
 282-11.06 Demons of the Punjab                     - The Doctor and her companions find hope even under the terrible circumstances in the midst of the partition of India.
 281-11.05 The Tsuranga Conundrum                   - The Doctor and companions end up on a medical ship after an accident which is attacked by the energy sucking alien lifeform P'Ting.
 280-11.04 Arachnids in the UK                      - The Doctor and companions return home to deal with an invasion of giant spiders, after which they decide to travel together as Team TARDIS.
 279-11.03 Rosa                                     - The Doctor and her companions stop a time travelling criminal from averting history to suit his own ends.
 278-11.02 The Ghost Monument                       - The Doctor and her companions, Yasmin, Graham, and Ryan, are reunited with the TARDIS on a planet desolated by the Stenza.
 277-11.01 The Woman Who Fell to Earth              - The thirteenth Doctor with her new companions puts a halt to an alien initiation ceremony involving hunting humans as trophies.
 276-11.00 Twice Upon A Time                        - Both the first and twelfth doctors decide to continue doing good with their lives; the thirteenth Doctor regenerates.
 275-10.12 The Doctor Falls                         - Bill becomes more than human and reunites with her Heather to travel the cosmos; the twelfth Doctor runs into the first.
 275-10.11 World Enough and Time                    - The Doctor decides to test Missy on a real mission, which leads to Bill being recruited into the genesis of the Mondasian Cybermen.
 274-10.10 The Eaters of Light                      - Bill, The Doctor, and Nardole go to Scotland to investigate the fate of the Ninth Legion of the Roman army.
 273-10.09 The Empress of Mars                      - The Doctor and his companions go to Mars to investigate a mysterious message and find remnants of a long dead Martian civilisation.
 272-10.08 The Lie of the Land                      - The monks pacify the world's population through telepathic brain washing, which Bill disrupts with memories of her mother.
 271-10.07 The Pyramid at the End of the World      - The alien monks demand love and submission to save Earth; Bill consents to regain the Doctor's eyesight.
 270-10.06 Extremis                                 - A blind Doctor receives a messages from his holographic counterpart from a simulation being used by aliens to practice conquering Earth.
 269-10.05 Oxygen                                   - Bill, the Doctor, and Nardole rescue oxygen-deprived miners in a space station suffering from the late stage of capitalism.
 268-10.04 Knock Knock                              - When Bill and her friends rent a house infested with creatures that absorb the tenants into the wood, the Doctor intervenes.
 267-10.03 Thin Ice                                 - Bill and the Doctor rescue a giant sea monster that is being exploited by an industrialist to make fuel from human victims.
 266-10.02 Smile                                    - Bill and the Doctor head to humanity's future where they find that the nanobots used for colonising will go to any length to keep the humans happy.
 265-10.01 The Pilot                                - Bill Potts becomes the Doctor's new companion after evading (with Nardole) an intelligent space ship seeking a passenger in the guise of her crush.
 264-10.00 The Return of Doctor Mysterio            - In New York, the Doctor works with a superhero known as the Ghost, one of his inadvertent creations, to stop an alien invasion.
 263-9.S1  The Husbands of River Song               - River gets to spend her last night with the Doctor.
 262-9.12  Hell Bent                                - Clara and the Doctor have a bittersweet beginning and ending.
 261-9.11  Heaven Sent                              - The Doctor is trapped by the Veil for over four billion years as he chips away to regains his freedom.
 260-9.10  Face the Raven                           - Clara learns the hubris of playing the Doctor, who is teleported away.
 259-9.09  Sleep No More                            - A new life form created from dust (dead cells) threatens our heroes.
 258-9.08  The Zygon Inversion                      - The Doctor manages to secure a ceasefire yet again between the humans and the Zygons.
 258-9.07  The Zygon Invasion                       - The Zygons who had been living peacefully on Earth begin a rebellion.
 257-9.06  The Woman Who Lived                      - The Doctor tracks down the girl whose life he saved and made effectively immortal and realises the consequences of his actions.
 256-9.05  The Girl Who Died                        - The Doctor helps a viking village stave off an attack from the Mire, an alien warrior race.
 255-9.04  Before the Flood                         - The Doctor uses the bootstrap paradox to save the day.
 255-9.03  Under the Lake                           - The Doctor and Clara deal with ghosts in an alien spaceship buried underwater.
 254-9.02  The Witch's Familiar                     - Clara and Missy return as the Doctor turns the tables on Davros.
 254-9.01  The Magician's Apprentice                - Clara and Missy are seemingly exterminated as Davros recalls the Doctor saving his life as a boy.
 253-9.S0  Last Christmas                           - The Doctor and Clara wonder if they are dreaming or being dreamed.
 252-8.12  Death in Heaven                          - The Doctor defeats the Master but at a cost.
 252-8.11  Dark Water                               - The Master returns.
 251-8.10  In the Forest of the Night               - A solar flare threatens the Earth it's up to the trees to protect it.
 250-8.09  Flatline                                 - Creatures from a 2D universe invade ours and it's up to Clara to save everyone.
 249-8.08  Mummy on the Orient Express              - The Doctor and Clara encounter a teleporting Mummy on a space train.
 248-8.07  Kill the Moon                            - The Doctor pushes Clara to the limit.
 247-8.06  The Caretaker                            - The Doctor evaluate Danny Pink's fitness to take care of Clara.
 246-8.05  Time Heist                               - The Doctor convinces himself to break into an unbreakable vault.
 245-8.04  Listen                                   - The Doctor investigates the need for everyone to have a companion.
 244-8.03  Robot of Sherwood                        - Clara tries to find Robin Hood and meets robots.
 243-8.02  Into the Dalek                           - The Doctor literally goes inside the mind of a Dalek.
 242-8.01  Deep Breath                              - The Doctor deals with a person who has lost his soul.
 149-25.07 The Happiness Patrol                     - Happiness finally prevails.
 149-25.06 The Happiness Patrol                     - The Doctor starts to provoke a revolution.
 149-25.05 The Happiness Patrol                     - The Doctor and Ace land on the planet Terra Alpha where being unhappy is not permitted.
 148-25.04 Remembrance of the Daleks                - The Doctor foils both Dalek factions.
 148-25.03 Remembrance of the Daleks                - The Imperial Daleks land to confront the Grey Daleks.
 148-25.02 Remembrance of the Daleks                - Ace is about to be exterminated.
 148-25.01 Remembrance of the Daleks                - The Doctor with Ace travels to the time when was first in Earth and encounters the Daleks.
 147-24.14 Dragonfire                               - Kane kills himself, Ace becomes the Doctor's new companion, and Glitz and Mel leave together.
 147-24.13 Dragonfire                               - The Doctor learns the secret about the dragon.
 147-24.12 Dragonfire                               - The Doctor is hanging on in the IceWorld on the planet Svartos.
 146-24.11 Delta and the Bannermen                  - The Bannermen are laid to rest.
 146-24.10 Delta and the Bannermen                  - The Doctor tries to save Delta from Gavrok and his Bannermen.
 146-24.09 Delta and the Bannermen                  - The Doctor and Mel end up on a trip to 1959 Shangri-La along with the Chimmeron queen Delta.
 145-24.08 Paradise Towers                          - Pex lives, enough said!.
 145-24.07 Paradise Towers                          - The Doctor is taken to the cleaners.
 145-24.06 Paradise Towers                          - Mel is about to be cannibalised.
 145-24.05 Paradise Towers                          - The Doctor and Mel find that all is not well in Paradise Towers.
 144-24.04 Time and the Rani                        - The Rani's rocket misses her mark.
 144-24.03 Time and the Rani                        - The Doctor's mind is linked together with the minds of other geniuses to create a time manipulator.
 144-24.02 Time and the Rani                        - The Doctor discovers Rani's duplicity.
 144-24.01 Time and the Rani                        - The Doctor regenerates into the Seventh Doctor.
 143d-23.14 Trial of a Time Lord: The Ultimate Foe   - The Doctor thwarts the Valliard and the Master too.
 143d-23.13 Trial of a Time Lord: The Ultimate Foe   - The Doctor turns out to be his own worst enemy.
 143c-23.12 Trial of a Time Lord: Terror of the Verv - The Doctor is accused of genocide of the Vervoids.
 143c-23.11 Trial of a Time Lord: Terror of the Verv - The spaceliner is set on a collision course with the black hole of Tartarus.
 143c-23.10 Trial of a Time Lord: Terror of the Verv - It's going to be plants vs. animals.
 143c-23.09 Trial of a Time Lord: Terror of the Verv - The Doctor lands on the spaceliner Hyperion III where he finds evil.
 143b-23.08 Trial of a Time Lord: Mindwarp           - Peri's mind is erased and her body occupied by Kiv's mind until Ycranos kills her.
 143b-23.07 Trial of a Time Lord: Mindwarp           - The Doctor learns of Peri's death.
 143b-23.06 Trial of a Time Lord: Mindwarp           - The Doctor's mind is probed.
 143b-23.05 Trial of a Time Lord: Mindwarp           - The Doctor and Peri reacquaint with Sil.
 143a-23.04 Trial of a Time Lord: The Mysterious Pla - The Doctor is shown to have saved Ravolox in his continuing trial.
 143a-23.03 Trial of a Time Lord: The Mysterious Pla - The Ravoloxians continue to hunt the Doctor.
 143a-23.02 Trial of a Time Lord: The Mysterious Pla - The Doctor is cornered by the inhabitants of Ravolox.
 143a-23.01 Trial of a Time Lord: The Mysterious Pla - The Doctor is put on trial by the High Council relating to his activities on Ravolox, an Earth-like planet.
 142-22.13 Revelation of the Daleks                 - Davros is taken prisoner by the Supreme Dalek's forces.
 142-22.12 Revelation of the Daleks                 - Davros has taken over the funeral home Tranquil Rose on the planet Necros.
 141-22.11 Timelash                                 - The Doctor foils the Borad's plans to turn Peri into his mate.
 141-22.10 Timelash                                 - The Doctor is about to sent into the Timelash by the Borad's followers.
 140-22.09 The Two Doctors                          - The Doctors foil Chessene's plans to rule the universe.
 140-22.08 The Two Doctors                          - The Androgum Shockye desires to feast on Peri.
 140-22.07 The Two Doctors                          - The Second and Sixth Doctors go to the space station Chimera.
 139-22.06 The Mark of the Rani                     - The Doctor foils the Master and the Rani.
 139-22.05 The Mark of the Rani                     - The Master and the Rani work against the Doctor.
 138-22.04 Vegeance on Varos                        - The Doctor liberates Varos.
 138-22.03 Vegeance on Varos                        - The Doctor appears to die on the prison planet of Varos.
 137-22.02 Attack of the Cybermen                   - The Doctor foils the Cybermen's plans.
 137-22.01 Attack of the Cybermen                   - Peri is about to killed by the Cybermen.
 136-21.26 The Twin Dilemma                         - The Doctor foils Mestor's plans to take over the universe.
 136-21.25 The Twin Dilemma                         - Peri is captured by Mestor.
 136-21.24 The Twin Dilemma                         - The Doctor and Azmael's old friendship cannot be rekindled on Titan 3.
 136-21.23 The Twin Dilemma                         - Two twins are kidnapped by Azmael who is beholden to Mestor.
 135-21.22 The Caves of Androzani                   - The Doctor saves Peri and regenerates into the sixth Doctor.
 135-21.21 The Caves of Androzani                   - The Doctor appears to crash Stotzi's ship.
 135-21.20 The Caves of Androzani                   - The Doctor and Per escape from Sharaz Jek's clutches.
 135-21.19 The Caves of Androzani                   - The Doctor and Peri are seemingly executed on Androzani Major.
 134-21.18 Planet of Fire                           - Peri joins the Doctor.
 134-21.17 Planet of Fire                           - The Master threatens Peri.
 134-21.16 Planet of Fire                           - The Master takes over the myth of Logar.
 134-21.15 Planet of Fire                           - The Master tricks the Doctor and the crew who end up on the Desert planet Sarn.
 133-21.14 Resurrection of the Daleks               - Davros succumbs to the Movellian virus and Tegan leaves the crew.
 133-21.13 Resurrection of the Daleks               - The Doctor is about to be duplicated as Davros rants.
 133-21.12 Resurrection of the Daleks               - The Doctor is captured by a Dalek agent.
 133-21.11 Resurrection of the Daleks               - The TARDIS ends up in a time corridor and runs into the Daleks attempting to free Davros.
 132-21.10 Frontios                                 - The Doctor foils the Gravis.
 132-21.09 Frontios                                 - The Tractators are shown to enslave human minds.
 132-21.08 Frontios                                 - The Doctor is trapped by the Tractators.
 132-21.07 Frontios                                 - The TARDIS lands on the last Earth colony.
 131-21.06 The Awakening                            - The Doctor foils the Malus.
 131-21.05 The Awakening                            - The crew land in the middle of a reenactment of the English Civil War influenced by Terileptils.
 130-21.04 Warriors of the Deep                     - The Silurians and the humans all die.
 130-21.03 Warriors of the Deep                     - Tegan and the Doctor are about to be attacked by Nilson.
 130-21.02 Warriors of the Deep                     - Tegan and the Doctor are about to be attacked by the Silurian Myrka.
 130-21.01 Warriors of the Deep                     - The Doctor drowns in the underwater Sea Base 4 manned by humans.
 129-20.50 The Five Doctors                         - Five generations of the Doctor play the game of Rassilon and thwart the one who seeks immortality.
 128-20.22 The King's Daemons                       - The Kamelion comes on board as a new companion.
 128-20.21 The King's Daemons                       - The Master shows up with Kamelion impersonating King John.
 127-20.20 Enlightenment                            - The Doctor outwiths the Black Guardian once again.
 127-20.19 Enlightenment                            - The Doctor's Ephemeral mind does not seem unable to outwit one of the Eternal captains.
 127-20.18 Enlightenment                            - Turlough decides to stop serving the Black Guardian and jumps off the ship.
 127-20.17 Enlightenment                            - The crew end up on a spaceship manned by Eternals involved in a race.
 126-20.16 Terminus                                 - Nyssa decides to help turn Terminus into a hospital and parts company with the Doctor and Tegan.
 126-20.15 Terminus                                 - The Doctor figures out that the initial explosion from Terminus was Event One that created our Universe.
 126-20.14 Terminus                                 - The Doctor is about to killed by a Vanir, a baggage handler.
 126-20.13 Terminus                                 - The crew end up on a ship of lepers bound for the spacestation Terminus.
 125-20.12 Mawdryn Undead                           - Mawdryn and his crew die as the two Brigadiers save the day.
 125-20.11 Mawdryn Undead                           - The Doctor is asked to give up his regenerations to help the undead.
 125-20.10 Mawdryn Undead                           - Mawdryn fools Tegan and Nyssa into thinking that he's the Doctor, who is in another time.
 125-20.09 Mawdryn Undead                           - The Black Guardian shows up as the TARDIS crew end up on an abandoned starliner.
 124-20.08 Snakedance                               - The Mara is destroyed.
 124-20.07 Snakedance                               - The Doctor and Nyssa are about to be executed.
 124-20.06 Snakedance                               - The Mara's hold over Tegan grows stronger.
 124-20.05 Snakedance                               - The Mara returns as the crew travel to Manussa.
 123-20.04 Arc of Infinity                          - The Omega has to be dispatched by the Doctor.
 123-20.03 Arc of Infinity                          - The scheme by the Omega, first of the Time Lords, appears to succeed.
 123-20.02 Arc of Infinity                          - The recalled Doctor is executed as the renegade schemes.
 123-20.01 Arc of Infinity                          - The Doctor's bio-data is stolen a renegade Time Lord shielded by the Arc of Infinity.
 122-19.36 Time-Flight                              - The crew thwart the Master and drop Tegan off at Heathrow.
 122-19.35 Time-Flight                              - The Master harnesses the Xeraphin psychoenergy for his own ends.
 122-19.34 Time-Flight                              - The Doctor finds the Master controlling the Xeraphin gestalt.
 122-19.33 Time-Flight                              - The Doctor is tracking a missing Concorde and ends up in the Jurassic period.
 121-19.32 Earthshock                               - Adric dies along with the extinction of the Dinosaurs foiling the Cybermen plot.
 121-19.31 Earthshock                               - The Cybermen launch their plan B.
 121-19.30 Earthshock                               - The Doctor deactivates the Cybermen bomb on Earth but is apprehended on a freighter in space while tracking them.
 121-19.29 Earthshock                               - The crew land in a cavern on Earth and are attacked by androids.
 120-19.28 Black Orchid                             - The Doctor is arrested for murder but proves his innocence.
 120-19.27 Black Orchid                             - The Doctor shows off his Cricket skills.
 119-19.26 The Visitation                           - The Terileptils end up in a hot spot.
 119-19.25 The Visitation                           - The Doctor is about to killed by a mind controlled Tegan.
 119-19.24 The Visitation                           - Tegan and Adric are held hostage by Terileptil.
 119-19.23 The Visitation                           - The crew lands by Heathrow to drop off Tegan but they are 300 years in the past.
 118-19.22 Kinda                                    - Mara is defeated.
 118-19.21 Kinda                                    - Mara makes her move to turn the wheel of life.
 118-19.20 Kinda                                    - The team ends up separated as the Doctor is held prsoner.
 118-19.09 Kinda                                    - The team lands on the beautiful Deva Loka.
 117-19.08 Four to Doomsday                         - The Doctor bowls a googly (sort of) and gives the Monarch a taste of his own medicine.
 117-19.07 Four to Doomsday                         - The Monarch intends to go back in time to meet himself.
 117-19.06 Four to Doomsday                         - The Doctor goes up against the Monarch.
 117-19.05 Four to Doomsday                         - The crew land on a spacecraft carrying the Urbankans to Earth.
 116-19.04 Castrovalva                              - The Doctor foils the Master yet again.
 116-19.03 Castrovalva                              - Castrovalva turns out to be a case of recursive occlusion.
 116-19.02 Castrovalva                              - The crew goes to Castrovalva to help the Doctor complete his regeneration.
 116-19.01 Castrovalva                              - The TARDIS is set to travel back to the creation of our universe.
 115-18.28 Logopolis                                - The Doctor manages to save the universe at the cost of his life and regenerates into the fifth Doctor.
 115-18.27 Logopolis                                - The Doctor and the Master agree to work together as entropy rules.
 115-18.26 Logopolis                                - Adric, Tegan, and Nyssa watch helplessly as the TARDIS shrinks with the Doctor inside.
 115-18.25 Logopolis                                - The Doctor and Adric recurse into the TARDIS along with Tegan, an air hostess.
 114-18.24 The Keeper of Traken                     - The Master ultimately wins this round.
 114-18.23 The Keeper of Traken                     - The Melkur takes over as the Keeper.
 114-18.22 The Keeper of Traken                     - Kassia betrays Tremas.
 114-18.21 The Keeper of Traken                     - The Doctor is summoned to Traken by the Keeper.
 113-18.20 Warriors' Gate                           - Romana leaves the Doctor and Adric to help the Tharils..
 113-18.19 Warriors' Gate                           - Romana frees herself but ends up being recaptured along with the Doctor.
 113-18.18 Warriors' Gate                           - The Doctor learns the truth about leonine Tharils..
 113-18.17 Warriors' Gate                           - The TARDIS ends up in the null space between E-Space and N-Space.
 112-18.16 State of Decay                           - The Doctor defeats the Great Vampire.
 112-18.15 State of Decay                           - Romana and Adric are about to devoured as the Doctor learns the secret of the Great Vampire.
 112-18.14 State of Decay                           - The Doctor realises that the decayed planet is lorded by Vampires.
 112-18.13 State of Decay                           - The TARDIS lands on a planet in a state of decay.
 111-18.12 Full Circle                              - The Starliner takes off.
 111-18.11 Full Circle                              - A transformed Romana lets the Marshpeople inside the Starliner.
 111-18.10 Full Circle                              - Romana is bit by a Marshspider.
 111-18.09 Full Circle                              - The TARDIS ends up in E-Space.
 110-18.08 Meglos                                   - The Doctor manages to back fire Meglos' plan.
 110-18.07 Meglos                                   - The Doctor is about to be sacrificed to Ty.
 110-18.06 Meglos                                   - The Doctor is accused of stealing the Dodecahedron.
 110-18.05 Meglos                                   - The Doctor and Romana attempt to visit Tigella but are trapped in a replicating Chronic Hysteresis Loop.
 109-18.04 The Leisure Hive                         - The Doctor copies himself to thwart Pangol.
 109-18.03 The Leisure Hive                         - The Foamasi impersonators are revealed.
 109-18.02 The Leisure Hive                         - The Doctor ends up being aged.
 109-18.01 The Leisure Hive                         - The Doctor and Romana end up on the Leisure Hive Argolis.
 108-17.26 Shada                                    - The Doctor foils Skagra's plot.
 108-17.25 Shada                                    - Professor Chronotis reveals that he is Sulleyavan.
 108-17.24 Shada                                    - The Doctor uncovers Skagra's plo.
 108-17.23 Shada                                    - The Doctor ends up in trouble on Skagra's ship.
 108-17.22 Shada                                    - The Doctor is pursued by Skagra.
 108-17.21 Shada                                    - The Doctor and Romana travel to Cambridge where they meet up with Professor Chronotis, an old Time Lord.
 108-17.20 Horns of Nimon                           - The Doctor foils the Nimons.
 108-17.19 Horns of Nimon                           - The Doctor attempts to uncover the Nimon plot.
 108-17.18 Horns of Nimon                           - Romana encounters the Nimon who demands tribute from the Skonnans.
 108-17.17 Horns of Nimon                           - The TARDIS breaks down and runs into another ship.
 107-17.16 Nightmare of Eden                        - The Doctor foils the Vraxoin smugglers.
 107-17.15 Nightmare of Eden                        - The Doctor and Romana are accused of being the Vraxoin smugglers.
 107-17.14 Nightmare of Eden                        - The Doctor and Romana try to catch the Vraxoin smugglers.
 107-17.13 Nightmare of Eden                        - Two ships materialise over each other.
 106-17.12 The Creature from the Pit                - The Doctor forges a peace between Tythonus and Chloris.
 106-17.11 The Creature from the Pit                - The Doctor communicates with the creature.
 106-17.10 The Creature from the Pit                - The Doctor jumps into the pit and appears to be gobbled up by the Creature.
 106-17.09 The Creature from the Pit                - The Doctor lands on Chloris where metal is prized.
 105-17.08 City of Death                            - The Doctor foils Scaroth's plan.
 105-17.07 City of Death                            - The Jagaroth sells fake Mona Lisa paintings to finance time travel experiments.
 105-17.06 City of Death                            - The Doctor finds that the Mona Lisa thief is a time travelling alien.
 105-17.05 City of Death                            - The Doctor and Romana stumble upon a plan to steal the Mona Lisa.
 104-17.04 Destiny of the Daleks                    - The Doctor transcends both the Movellans and the Daleks.
 104-17.03 Destiny of the Daleks                    - The Doctor eludes the Daleks but finds that the Movellans are no friends.
 104-17.02 Destiny of the Daleks                    - The Doctor discovers that the Daleks are looking for Davros.
 104-17.01 Destiny of the Daleks                    - The Doctor and Romana (in a new incarnation) land on Skaro.
 103-16.26 The Armageddon Factor                    - The Doctor foils the Shadow and the Black Guardian.
 103-16.25 The Armageddon Factor                    - The Doctor (whose nickname is Thet aka Theta Sigma) meets Drax, an old classmate.
 103-16.24 The Armageddon Factor                    - The Shadow manipulates events to become K-9's master.
 103-16.23 The Armageddon Factor                    - The Doctor discovers that the war against Zios is run by the computer Mentalis.
 103-16.22 The Armageddon Factor                    - The Doctor is baited into a transmat trap.
 103-16.21 The Armageddon Factor                    - The Doctor and Romana land on the planet Atrios in the middle of nuclear war.
 102-16.20 The Power of Kroll                       - The Doctor saves everyone from Kroll.
 102-16.19 The Power of Kroll                       - The Doctor and Romana come face to face with Kroll.
 102-16.18 The Power of Kroll                       - Kroll is on the move.
 102-16.17 The Power of Kroll                       - Romana is about to be sacrificed to Kroll.
 101-16.16 The Androids of Tara                     - The Doctor foils Grendel's plan.
 101-16.15 The Androids of Tara                     - Romana is freed and recaptured.
 101-16.14 The Androids of Tara                     - The Doctor decides to help Reynart against Grendel to free Romana.
 101-16.13 The Androids of Tara                     - The Doctor lands on a planet not knowing who is android and who is human.
 100-16.12 The Stones of Blood                      - The Doctor outwits the Megara and Vivien Fay/Cessiar of Diplos.
 100-16.11 The Stones of Blood                      - The Doctor and Romana are trapped in hyperspace.
 100-16.10 The Stones of Blood                      - Stones that need blood to thrive attack the Doctor and his companions.
 100-16.09 The Stones of Blood                      - The Doctor goes to Stonehenge.
 099-16.08 The Pirate Planet                        - The Doctor foils Queen Xanxia's plan to live forever.
 099-16.07 The Pirate Planet                        - The Doctor is walked off the plank by the Captain.
 099-16.06 The Pirate Planet                        - The Doctor discovers that the Captain's ship is a planet harvesting machine.
 099-16.05 The Pirate Planet                        - The Doctor encounters the Captain and the Mentiads.
 098-16.04 The Ribos Operation                      - The Doctor finds the first key.
 098-16.03 The Ribos Operation                      - The Doctor is captured and escapes into the catacombs.
 098-16.02 The Ribos Operation                      - The Doctor clashes with the local tyrant.
 098-16.01 The Ribos Operation                      - The Doctor is recruited by the White Guardian to find the pieces of the Key to Time and is also assigned a new partner Romana.
 097-15.25 The Invasion of Time                     - The Doctor foils the plan of the Sontarans.
 097-15.24 The Invasion of Time                     - The Sontarans and the Doctor battle it out.
 097-15.23 The Invasion of Time                     - The shimmering entities turn out to be humanoids who are then replaced by Sontarans.
 097-15.22 The Invasion of Time                     - The Time Lords are slowly taken over by the shimmering entities.
 097-15.21 The Invasion of Time                     - The Doctor is scheming to make Gallifrey vulnerable.
 097-15.20 The Invasion of Time                     - The Doctor returns to reclaim the Presidency of the Time Lords.
 096-15.19 Underworld                               - The Seers in charge of the mining operation on P7E are revealed to be robots.
 096-15.19 Underworld                               - The Doctor foils the plans of the Oracle.
 096-15.18 Underworld                               - The Doctor and Leela are gassed on a planetoid inhabited by a second set of Minyans who were in a civil war with the first.
 096-15.17 Underworld                               - The Doctor encounters the Minyans from Minyos.
 095-15.16 The Sun Makers                           - The Doctor foils the plans of the Usurians.
 095-15.15 The Sun Makers                           - The Doctor tries to foment a revolution.
 095-15.14 The Sun Makers                           - The Doctor is captured by the Gatherer.
 095-15.13 The Sun Makers                           - The Doctor finds Pluto run by an usurious system of government.
 094-15.12 The Image of Fendahl                     - The Doctor defeats the Fendahleen.
 094-15.11 The Image of Fendahl                     - A black magic cult try to harness the power of the Fendahleen.
 094-15.10 The Image of Fendahl                     - A team of scienitsts investigating the skull fall prey to its powers.
 094-15.09 The Image of Fendahl                     - A twelve million year old human skull exhibits unusual properties.
 093-15.08 The Invisible Enemy                      - The Doctor defeats the Nucleus and acquires a robotic companion, K-9.
 093-15.07 The Invisible Enemy                      - The infection spreads across the crew.
 093-15.06 The Invisible Enemy                      - The Doctor and Leela creates clones of themselves.
 093-15.05 The Invisible Enemy                      - A virus infects the Tardis and they land on Titan.
 092-15.04 Horror of Fang Rock                      - The Doctor defeats the Rutan.
 092-15.03 Horror of Fang Rock                      - The Doctor further discovers that the alien is a Rutan scout.
 092-15.02 Horror of Fang Rock                      - The Doctor discovers the fog is an alien creature.
 092-15.01 Horror of Fang Rock                      - The Doctor and Leela land on a lighthouse enveloped by a cold mysterious fog.
 091-14.26 The Talons of Weng-Chiang                - The Doctor defeats Greel.
 091-14.25 The Talons of Weng-Chiang                - Leela is captured by Greel.
 091-14.24 The Talons of Weng-Chiang                - The Doctor is captured by Greel.
 091-14.23 The Talons of Weng-Chiang                - The Doctor tries to uncover what Weng-Chiang is up to.
 091-14.22 The Talons of Weng-Chiang                - Chiang works Magnus Greel, despot from the 51st century to drain life essences from young women.
 091-14.21 The Talons of Weng-Chiang                - The Doctor and Leela watch a magic show by Li H'sen Chang.
 090-14.20 The Robots of Death                      - The Doctor foils Taren Capel's plan.
 090-14.19 The Robots of Death                      - The robots attempt to kill the humans.
 090-14.18 The Robots of Death                      - The mining ship is sabotaged to explode as more of the crew die.
 090-14.17 The Robots of Death                      - The Doctor and Leela land on a desert planet and encounter a mining crew manned by robots and humans.
 089-14.16 The Face of Evil                         - The Doctor cures Xoanon and recruits a new companion, Leela.
 089-14.15 The Face of Evil                         - The Doctor confronts Xoanon.
 089-14.14 The Face of Evil                         - The Doctor convinces the villagers that he is not the evil one.
 089-14.13 The Face of Evil                         - The Doctor is branded as the evil one.
 088-14.12 The Deadly Assassin                      - The Doctor foils the Master.
 088-14.11 The Deadly Assassin                      - The Doctor convinces Spandrell to help him out.
 088-14.10 The Deadly Assassin                      - The Doctor is trapped in the Matrix by the Master.
 088-14.09 The Deadly Assassin                      - The Doctor is arrested for assassinating the President of the Time Lords.
 087-14.08 The Hand of Fear                         - Eldrad finds out that he is the King of nothing.
 087-14.07 The Hand of Fear                         - Eldrad returns to Kastria to claim his empire.
 087-14.06 The Hand of Fear                         - Eldrad takes over a nuclear reactor complex.
 087-14.05 The Hand of Fear                         - The severed hand of Eldrad, a Kastrian criminal, takes over Sarah.
 086-14.04 The Masque of Mandragora                 - The Doctor deceives the Helix.
 086-14.03 The Masque of Mandragora                 - The Helix energy in the form of Hieronymus begins to take over.
 086-14.02 The Masque of Mandragora                 - The Doctor attempts to uncover the Helix's plans.
 086-14.01 The Masque of Mandragora                 - The Mandragora Helix is brought to Earth in the TARDIS.
 085-13.26 The Seeds of Doom                        - The Doctor helps destroy the Krynoid about to take over the world.
 085-13.25 The Seeds of Doom                        - Chases pledges his allegiance to the Krynoids.
 085-13.24 The Seeds of Doom                        - Keeler turns into a Krynoid.
 085-13.23 The Seeds of Doom                        - Chase captures the Doctor and Sarah.
 085-13.22 The Seeds of Doom                        - A second pod is stolen.
 085-13.21 The Seeds of Doom                        - A pod containing a plant that eats animals is found in the Antarctic.
 084-13.20 The Brain of Morbius                     - The Doctor foils Morbious.
 084-13.19 The Brain of Morbius                     - Solon resurrects a Frankensteined Morbius by performing a brain transplant.
 084-13.18 The Brain of Morbius                     - The Doctor escapes but Sarah is blinded.
 084-13.17 The Brain of Morbius                     - The Doctor is captured by Solon of the Cult of Morbius.
 083-13.16 The Android Invasion                     - The Doctor defeats the Kraals.
 083-13.15 The Android Invasion                     - The Kraals head out to invade Earth.
 083-13.14 The Android Invasion                     - Sarah is turned into an android.
 083-13.13 The Android Invasion                     - The village of Devesham appears to be taken over by androids.
 082-13.12 Pyramids of Mars                         - The Doctor traps Sutekh in a time tunnel and makes him age to death.
 082-13.11 Pyramids of Mars                         - The Doctor foils Sutekh's plan but is captured.
 082-13.10 Pyramids of Mars                         - The Doctor uncovers Sutekh's plan.
 082-13.09 Pyramids of Mars                         - Sutekh arrives to bring death to humanity.
 081-13.08 Planet of Evil                           - The Doctor sets things right with the antimatter universe.
 081-13.07 Planet of Evil                           - The crew face off against the anti-creature.
 081-13.06 Planet of Evil                           - The Doctor and Sarah are continually blamed for the anti-creature's actions.
 081-13.05 Planet of Evil                           - The Doctor and Sarah land on Zeta Minor.
 080-13.04 Terror of the Zygons                     - The Doctor foils the Zygons.
 080-13.03 Terror of the Zygons                     - The Zygons kidnap the Doctor.
 080-13.02 Terror of the Zygons                     - The Doctor faces off with the Zygon Skarasen.
 080-13.01 Terror of the Zygons                     - Oil rigs off the coast of Scotland are being destroyed.
 079-12.20 Revenge of the Cybermen                  - The Doctor and his team blow up the Cybermen.
 079-12.19 Revenge of the Cybermen                  - The Cybermen attempt to blow up Nerva.
 079-12.18 Revenge of the Cybermen                  - The Cybermen take over Nerva.
 078-12.16 Genesis of the Daleks                    - The Daleks become sentient and take over but not before the Doctor delays them.
 078-12.15 Genesis of the Daleks                    - Devros plans to become the absolute authority.
 078-12.14 Genesis of the Daleks                    - Devros tortures the Doctor.
 078-12.13 Genesis of the Daleks                    - The Doctor and Harry find Sarah and he tries to stop the Thal rocket from launching.
 078-12.12 Genesis of the Daleks                    - The Doctor and Harry are captured by the Khaleds; Sarah is captured by the Thals.
 078-12.11 Genesis of the Daleks                    - A Time Lord asks the Doctor to destroy the Daleks before they begin.
 077-12.10 The Sontaran Experiment                  - The crew foil the Sontarans.
 077-12.09 The Sontaran Experiment                  - The Doctor finds out that the Sontarans are in control of Earth.
 076-12.08 The Ark in Space                         - The Wirrn commit suicide thanks to Noah's humanity and the Ark plans to repopulate Earth.
 076-12.07 The Ark in Space                         - The Wirrn try to kill the Doctor and his companions.
 076-12.06 The Ark in Space                         - The Ark's leader Noah is infected by and turned into a Wirrn.
 076-12.05 The Ark in Space                         - The Doctor, Sarah, and Harry discover a human Ark in space.
 075-12.04 Robot                                    - The robot goes mad and tries to kill humanity.
 075-12.03 Robot                                    - The Think Tank is about to unleash nuclear armageddon.
 075-12.02 Robot                                    - The Doctor tracks down the robot who thinks he is its enemy.
 075-12.01 Robot                                    - The fourth Doctor regenerates as he faces a Think Tank for an enemy.
 020-3.09  The Myth Makers: Horse of Destruction    - As Troy falls, Vicki falls in love and stays behind and Steven is injured.
 020-3.08  The Myth Makers: Death of a Spy          - The Doctor suggests using a large wooden horse with soldiers hidden inside.
 020-3.07  The Myth Makers: Small Prophet, Quick Re - The Doctor is persuaded to help the Greeks.
 020-3.06  The Myth Makers: Temple of Secrets       - The crew land in Troy as it is beseiged by the Greeks.
 019-3.05  Mission to the Unknown                   - A group of despots band together to rule the universe.
 018-3.04  Galaxy 4: The Exploding Planet           - The crew leave the Drahvins on an exploding planet.
 018-3.03  Galaxy 4: Air Lock                       - The Doctor decides to help the reptilian Rills.
 018-3.02  Galaxy 4: Trap of Steel                  - The Drahvins compel the Doctor to help them.
 018-3.01  Galaxy 4: Four Hundred Dawns             - The Drahvins take the crew to see their leader Maaga, away from the Chumblies.
 017-2.39  The Time Meddler: Checkmate              - The Doctor foils the meddling monk.
 017-2.38  The Time Meddler: A Battle of Wits       - The meddling monk has a TARDIS.
 017-2.37  The Time Meddler: The Meddling Monk      - Vicki and Steven try to rescue the Doctor.
 017-2.36  The Time Meddler: The Watcher            - The meddling monk traps the Doctor in 1066.
 016-2.35  The Chase: The Planet of Decision        - Barbara and Ian part ways with the Doctor and Vicki as they escape from Mechanus.
 016-2.34  The Chase: The Death of Doctor Who       - The Daleks attack the crew.
 016-2.33  The Chase: Journey Into Terror           - The Daleks design a robot to mimic the Doctor.
 016-2.32  The Chase: Flight Through Eternity       - The Daleks track the TARDIS through time.
 016-2.31  The Chase: The Death of Time             - The Daleks persuade the Aridians to turn over the crew.
 016-2.30  The Chase: The Executioners              - The Daleks plan an attack on the TARDIS crew on the desert planet Aridius.
 015-2.29  The Space Museum: The Final Phase        - The crew escape being museum exhibits as the Xeron revolution succeeds.
 015-2.28  The Space Museum: The Search             - Vicki helps the Xerons foment a revolution.
 015-2.27  The Space Museum: The Dimensions of Time - The Doctor is about to become an exhibit in the Moroks' museum.
 015-2.26  The Space Museum: The Space Museum       - The crew end up in a space museum in Xeros.
 014-2.25  The Crusade: The Warlords                - The crew manage to get out of Palestine in one piece.
 014-2.24  The Crusade: The Wheel of Fortune        - The crew get involved in the local politics.
 014-2.23  The Crusade: The Knight of Jaffa         - Ian is Knighted and sets off to rescue Barbara.
 014-2.22  The Crusade: The Lion                    - The TARDIS lands in Palestine during the time of the Third Crusade.
 013-2.21  The Web Planet: The Centre               - Barbara destroys the Animus.
 013-2.20  The Web Planet: Invasion                 - The Doctor appears to side with the Menoptra.
 013-2.19  The Web Planet: Crater of Needles        - The Menoptra's plan is cut off by the Zarbi.
 013-2.18  The Web Planet: Escape to Danger         - Ian escapes and goes off to Barbara.
 013-2.17  The Web Planet: The Zarbi                - The crew are captured by the Zarbi.
 013-2.16  The Web Planet: The Web Planet           - The crew are pulled off course onto the planet Vortis inhabited by anti-like Zarbi and butterfly-like Menoptra.
 012-2.15  The Romans: Inferno                      - The crew escape Nero.
 012-2.14  The Romans: Conspiracy                   - Nero continues his descent into madness.
 012-2.13  The Romans: All Roads Lead to Rome       - The crew end up in Rome in different ways.
 012-2.12  The Romans: The Slave Traders            - Barbara and Ian are taken as slaves.
 011-2.11  The Rescue: Desperate Measures           - Bennett pays for his crimes.
 011-2.10  The Rescue: The Powerful Enemy           - The crew land on the planet Dido but everything is not what it seems.
 010-2.09  The Dalek Invasion of Earth: Flashpoint  - The crew foil the Daleks' plan.
 010-2.08  The Dalek Invasion of Earth: The Waking  - The Dalek plan to make the Earth into a moving vehicle.
 010-2.07  The Dalek Invasion of Earth: The End of  - Ian encounters a Slyther, a pet of the Black Dalek.
 010-2.06  The Dalek Invasion of Earth: Day of Reck - The crew are split up running from the Daleks.
 010-2.05  The Dalek Invasion of Earth: The Daleks  - The Doctor and Ian are captured by the Daleks.
 010-2.04  The Dalek Invasion of Earth: World's End - The crew encounter a dilapidated London and come face to face with a Dalek.
 009-2.03  Planet of Giants: Crisis                 - The crew regain their original size and Barbara is cured.
 009-2.02  Planet of Giants: Dangerous Journey      - Barbara succumbs to the effects of pesticide.
 009-2.01  Planet of Giants: Planet of Giants       - The crew are shrunk to the size of an inch.
 008-1.42  The Reign of Terror: Prisoners of Concie - The crew reunite and leave France.
 008-1.41  The Reign of Terror: A Bargain of Necess - The crew is recaptured.
 008-1.40  The Reign of Terror: The Tyrant of Franc - The Doctor meets the Tyrant.
 008-1.39  The Reign of Terror: A Change of Identit - The crew find their way out of prison.
 008-1.38  The Reign of Terror: Guests of Madam Gui - Most of the crew are in prison as the Doctor tries to find them.
 008-1.37  The Reign of Terror: A Land of Fear      - The crew land near Paris during the French revolution.
 007-1.36  The Sensorites: A Desperate Venture      - The humans who poisoned the Sensorites are caught, as is the Administrator.
 007-1.35  The Sensorites: Kidnap                   - The crew (mostly) go down to the aqueduct.
 007-1.34  The Sensorites: A Race Against Death     - The Doctor finds the cure to the Sensorite condition.
 007-1.33  The Sensorites: Hidden Danger            - Ian ends up with the same condition afflicting the Sensorites.
 007-1.32  The Sensorites: The Unwilling Warriors   - The Sensorites explain the reason for the hostilities.
 007-1.31  The Sensorites: Strangers in Space       - The crew end up in a future Earth spaceship attacked by Sensorites.
 006-1.30  The Aztecs: The Day of Darkness          - Barbara fails to convince the Aztecs from changing their ways.
 006-1.29  The Aztecs: The Bride of Sacrifice       - The Doctor gets engaged, Barbara is almost poisoned, and Susan is to be punished.
 006-1.28  The Aztecs: The Warriors of Death        - Barbara tries to stop the barbaric ways of the Aztecs.
 006-1.27  The Aztecs: The Temple of Evil           - Barbara becomes an Aztec high priestess.
 005-1.26  The Keys of Marinus: The Keys of Marinus - The crew foil the Voord.
 005-1.25  The Keys of Marinus: Sentence of Death   - The Doctor defends Ian who is accused of murder.
 005-1.24  The Keys of Marinus: The Snows of Terror - The crew escape a nasty trapper.
 005-1.23  The Keys of Marinus: The Screaming Jungl - The crew find the next key escaping fast growing plants.
 005-1.22  The Keys of Marinus: The Velvet Web      - The crew are mesmerised by brains in vats.
 005-1.21  The Keys of Marinus: The Sea of Death    - The crew land on a planet with an acid sea and are sent on a quest.
 003-1.13  The Edge of Destruction: The Brink of Di - The crew figure out the problem with the fast return switch.
 003-1.12  The Edge of Destruction: The Edge of Des - The crew grow suspicious of each other.
 002-1.11  The Daleks: The Rescue                   - The crew and the Tals defeat the Daleks.
 002-1.10  The Daleks: The Ordeal                   - The crew and the Tals cross swamps and caves.
 002-1.09  The Daleks: The Expedition               - The crew and the Tals head back to recover the TARDIS fluid link.
 002-1.08  The Daleks: The Ambush                   - The crew break free from the Daleks.
 002-1.07  The Daleks: The Escape                   - The Daleks attempt to trick the Tals.
 002-1.06  The Daleks: The Survivors                - The crew are captured by the Daleks.
 002-1.05  The Daleks: The Daleks                   - The crew land on a strange planet.
 001-1.04  An Unearthly Child: The Firemarker       - The crew flee the cavemen.
 001-1.03  An Unearthly Child: The Forest of Fear   - The crew flee the cave of skulls.
 001-1.02  An Unearthly Child: The Cave of Skulls   - The Doctor and his companions end up prisoner of cave men.
 001-1.01  An Unearthly Child: An Unearthly Child   - Two schoolteachers stumble upon the TARDIS.
 000-0.00  Pilot: 100,000 BC                        - Pilot version of two schoolteachers stumbling upon the TARDIS and encountering the first Doctor.

Doctor Who: Class (8 episodes)

 108       The Lost                                 - The Shadow Kin return with a vengeance resulting in Charlie using the Cabinet of Souls to destroy them all, with a tremendous cost to all.
 107       The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill D - Quill goes through heaven and hell to get rid of the Arn, a control mechanism wrapped around her brain.
 106       Detained                                 - Quill puts the students in detention which is struck by a no-space no-time meteor/prison forcing them to confess their sins to each other.
 105       Brave-ish Heart                          - April becomes Shadow King after she defeats the old one in the Underneath and uses her powers to thwart an invasion of the rose petals.
 104       Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart               - A misconfigured connection between April and the Shadow Kin King's hearts leads to her taking the fight to him.
 103       Nightvisiting                            - The gang team up to defeat a creature with plant-like tendrils that siphon the energy of souls by impersonating their loved ones.
 102       The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo         - The gang take down a coach who imprisons a dragon within himself and exploits its power and that of its mate.
 101       For Tonight We Might Die                 - A prince and his protector, the last Rhodians, work with Coal Hill Academy students to defeat the Shadow Kin.

Dominion (21 episodes)

 213       Sine Deo Nihil                           - Lucifer is returning with many acolytes including Noma; Michael convinces Lucifer to expunge Gabriel's darkness.
 212       Day of Wrath                             - The remaining survivors of Gabriel's vengeance attempt to stave off their extinction.
 211       Bewilderment of Heart                    - The residents of Vega experience hallucinations induced by the Amphora of Darkness.
 210       House of Sacrifice                       - Claire avoids a civil war and Michael finds out that Lucipher is alive.
 209       The Seed of Evil                         - Alex, Michael, and Noma return to Vega.
 208       The Longest Mile Home                    - Claire scores a few hollow victories.
 207       Lay Thee Before Kings                    - Claire loses her baby and Michael escapes Julian's grasp.
 206       Reap of the Whirlwind                    - Noma loses her wings as Julian gets the upper hand again.
 205       Son of the Fallen                        - David starts a civil war in Vega.
 204       A Bitter Truth                           - An angel sent by Gabriel attempts to kill Claire.
 203       The Narrow Gate                          - Alex helps forge an alliance between Delphi and Vega.
 202       Mouth of the Damned                      - Michael finds refuge in a place that appears to be divinely protected.
 201       Heirs of Salvation                       - Alex and Noma escape Gabriel as his aerie is bombed.
 108       Beware Those Closest to You              - Gabriel gains the upper hand and Alex agrees to be guided by him.
 107       Ouroboros                                - Gabriel kills the neutral angels in Vega and poisons Alex's mind against Michael.
 106       Black Eyes Blue                          - Alex attempt to exorcise the angel possessing Claire's mother ends in failure.
 105       Something Borrowed                       - Claire's mother is an 8 ball.
 104       The Flood                                - Alex finally decides to embrace his role as the Chosen One.
 103       Broken Places                            - Michael is stabbed by Furiad.
 102       Godspeed                                 - Alex decides to leave Claire in order to protect her.
 101       Pilot                                    - Humans and angels are at war as Alex Lannon, a solider, is anointed as the chosen saviour of mankind.

Earth 2 (22 episodes)

 122       Flower Child                             - Bess and Danziger are infected with a pollen substance which happens to be the means by which spring is conceived on the planet.
 121       Natural Born Grendlers                   - The colonists learn to better accept their situation on the planet.
 120       All About Eve                            - The colonists starting dying due to malfunctioning bioimplants that allows Reilly to track them.
 119       Survival of the Fittest                  - Julia, Morgan, Danziger, and Alonzo, isolated without food and water, are forced to eat a Grendler to survive.
 118       After the Thaw                           - John is possessed by the spirit of an ancient Terrian frozen in ice excavated by the colonists and it is up to Alonzo to free him from it.
 117       The Boy Who Would be Terrian King        - A dream time travelling Yuli arranges events such that actions by his younger self and Devon save them in the future.
 116       Brave New Pacifica                       - Julia ends up being held hostage after the Grendels develop a taste for human blood.
 115       The Greatest Love Story Never Told       - Devon encounters the man of her dreams after John is lost and rescued by human prisoners living with the Terrians.
 114       Grendlers in the Myst                    - The colonists collectively dream of a trapped woman that reminds them of their mothers and set out to rescue her.
 113       Better Living Through Morganite (2)      - Morgan figures out a way to unlock the geolock and restore the planet.
 112       Better Living Through Morganite (1)      - Morgan sets off a geolock to claim the planet which causes it to die.
 111       Moon Cross                               - Uly brings about peace between two groups of Terrians and is made a link between them and the colonists.
 110       Redemption                               - Julia returns and proves her loyalty as the colonists are hunted by a ruthless killing machine.
 109       The Enemy Within                         - Julia experiments with Uly's DNA, gets caught, and is left behind to fend for herself.
 108       The Church of Morgan                     - Julia is ordered to remove Uly's pineal gland by the Council to manipulate his connection to the planet.
 107       Water                                    - The group run out of water and need the help of Terrians to find more.
 106       A Memory Play                            - The group finds other survivors who are sick with a contagious virus, which also enables them to realise that their crash was staged.
 105       Promises, Promises                       - Gall's abduction of Terrians causes Uly to become sick until the camp enables justice.
 104       Life Lessons                             - Gaal befriends True with ulterior motives but her father kicks him out of the camp.
 103       The Man Who Fell to Earth (Two)          - Humans display their typical stupidity when they encounter some new.
 102       First Contact (2)                        - The colonists discover other sentient species cohabiting the planet, as well as other humans.
 101       First Contact (1)                        - In the future, humans living in space, travel to a planet that is 22 light years away from Earth.

Electric Dreams (10 episodes)

 110       Father Thing                             - A young boy suspects that his father is an alien.
 109       Safe and Sound                           - A young girl is made into a patsy that frames her mother for terrorist activity.
 108       Autofac                                  - A group of rebels overthrow an automated factory that considers them cogs in a machine.
 107       Kill All Others                          - A politician encourages everyone to kill others where anyone can become a victim.
 106       Human Is                                 - If an alien being is more virtuous and less evil than any human, then is it more human.
 105       Real Life                                - Does life need to have pain and suffering to feel real?.
 104       Crazy Diamond                            - Do you deserve to escape the bureaucratic (or other) Matrix without being truly yourself?.
 103       The Commuter                             - Is a harsh reality with all the people you love preferable to a pleasant dream without some of them?.
 102       Impossible Planet                        - The line between reality and dreams is not clear cut.
 101       The Hood Maker                           - A cop and his telepathic partner learn a lesson about trusting each other.

Emergence (13 episodes)

 113       Killshot (2)                             - Piper and Jo are ostensibly able to thwart the machinations of Helen and appear to live happily ever after, but a betrayal by Loretta is hinted.
 112       Killshot (1)                             - Jo and Ryan work together to track down Helen and run into her creator, Loretta; Helen continues on her quest to become more powerful.
 111       Applied Sciences                         - Helen tries to gain Piper's powers who then turns against her and eventually makes her way back to Jo, who is also able to capture Benny.
 110       15 Years                                 - Jo and Ryan work together to track down Piper who they find is voluntarily working with Bennie and Helen; the AIs appear to have been around for 15 years.
 109       Where You Belong                         - As Emily is captured, Benny double crosses a devastated Jo and takes Piper to Helen, putting a collar on her wrist to suppress her powers.
 108       American Chestnut                        - FBI Agent Ryan Brooks and a mysterious woman known as Helen (who turns out to be an AI, along with Benny) are new players on the scene that threaten Piper's environment.
 107       Fatal Exception                          - Emily tries to hijack Piper's code by pretending she is Jo but that fails when the AI decides to reset itself.
 106       Mile Marker 14                           - The rich businessman is arrested but his daughter Emily Cox, a human template for Piper, desires to play Jo's role in Emily's.
 105       RDZ9021                                  - Jo working with reporter Benny uncovers one layer of the conspiracy involving a rich businessman.
 104       No Outlet                                - Jo decides to foster Piper after seeing that she is capable of compassion, and choosing to teach her how to live a good life.
 103       2 MG CU BID                              - Jo realises that Piper is android after she becomes ill and AI research Emily Cox helps her to recover.
 102       Camera Wheelbarrow Tiger Pillow          - Jo fights against unknown forces who want to take the young girl, given the name Piper, away from her.
 101       Pilot                                    - A young girl with mysterious powers is taken in by police chief Jo Evans after a plane crash that is covered up by agents who are also after her.

Evil (13 episodes)

 113       Book 27                                  - Kristen breaks with her mom over Leland who she wants to marry and appears to be responsible for taking care of a man harassing her family by killing him.
 112       Justice x 2                              - Kristen snaps at Leland and exposes him for the weak fraud that he is, who then proceeds to meet with his demon master on ways to deal with her.
 111       Room 320                                 - David is hospitalised after being stabbed and deals with a nurse who is angel of death while his team go after his attacker.
 110       7 Swans a Singin                         - The team's nemesis, Leland, works with an Instagram influencer to create a subliminal video that causes people to want to rupture their eardrums.
 109       Exorcism Part 2                          - The possessed woman who was previously successfully exorcised finds her condition deteriorating due to experimental psychiatric care.
 108       2 Fathers                                - Kristen and David visit his estranged new age father and discover the origin of the symbol in his paintings which belonged to the owner of a slaver who was their ancestor.
 107       Vatican III                              - The team investigates the case of a woman demonically possessed who is blamed for three murders committed by her husband; a secret codex tells them about a hierarchy of demons on Earth with a unique mark.
 106       Let x = 9                                - The team investigate a woman who claims to hear God who states a prophecy that ostensibly predicts the end of the world.
 105       October 31                               - The team disagree with the case of a woman who is possessed until David is able to help free her by persuading her to reject the demonic influence.
 104       Rose 391                                 - The team investigate the case of a boy whose parents claim is possessed but they are unable to save him before the parents take matters into their own hands.
 103       3 Stars                                  - The team investigate the case of a broadway producer who is convinced he has sold his soul to the devil.
 102       177 Minutes                              - The team investigate the case of a woman who miraculously came back to life after being reported dead.
 101       Genesis 1                                - Kristen, A debt ridden psychologist teams up with an assessor of seemingly paranormal events for the Catholic Church, David, and his assistant, Ben, to uncover the truth behind them.

Extant (26 episodes)

 213       The Greater Good                         - Molly and her friends shut down TAALR.
 212       Double Vision                            - The team recruit Fiona but TAALR recognises her as a threat.
 211       Zugzwang                                 - Molly and JD find the magic bullet that can stop TAALR.
 210       Don't Shoot the Messenger                - Toby, who has changed sides, is killed.
 209       The Other Side                           - Molly hovers on the brink of death as the hybrids attack.
 208       Arms and the Humanich                    - The hybrids appear to be defeated as Molly's hybrid son dies; Lucy is killed by Ethan.
 207       The Other                                - JD leaves the hybrid compound to protect his daughter while Lucy and Lucas kidnap a hybrid to deliver to Shepherd.
 206       You Say You Want an Evolution            - Molly finds out that the hybrids want to peacefully coexist with humans but Shepherd picks the other side.
 205       The New Frontier                         - Molly regains a semblance of custody of Ethan.
 204       Cracking the Code                        - Ethan tracks down Molly who helps JD with his pregnant daughter.
 203       Empathy for the Devil                    - Molly is given a choice as Julie's ethical slope continues to slip.
 202       Morphoses                                - Molly works with a bounty hunter to find her son who is killing people and is about to destroyed by a drone strike.
 201       Change Scenario                          - Ethan is taken away from Molly and John, who are committed and killed, respectively.
 113       Ascension.                               - Ethan sacrifices his body to save Molly.
 112       Before the Blood                         - Molly's son convinces her to go back up.
 111       A New World                              - Yasumoto tells Molly his backstory.
 110       A Pack of Cards                          - Molly reunites with her son who makes her send a space station come to Earth.
 109       Care and Feeding                         - Sparks runs away with the offspring.
 108       Incursion                                - Molly attempts to reunite with her offspring.
 107       More in Heaven and Earth                 - Ethan undergoes a self-actualisation.
 106       Nightmares                               - Molly and John realise that the ISEA sent Molly back to space as bait.
 105       What on Earth is Wrong?                  - John takes a leap of faith with Molly.
 104       Shelter                                  - Molly pregnancy is terminated under Yasumoto's orders.
 103       Wish You Were Here                       - Molly learns that Sparks isn't trustworthy and flees with her family.
 102       Extinct-episode                          - Molly learns that she became pregnant during the solo mission.
 101       Re-Entry                                 - Molly Woods, an astronaut, returns from a long solo mission in space and encounters general weirdness.

Extinct (10 episodes)

 110       The Ancestor                             - The humans manage to destroy the skin rider ancestor by defeating Jax and his men and triggering a trojan horse detonator in Silas' consciousness.
 109       Wounds                                   - Silas' body dies to make way for his mind to work with Abram to destroy the Ancestor; Lynn, Kylie, and Ezra are united in their survival.
 108       Death Did Us Part                        - Silas makes his way to the human compound while Jax and his brothers attack the group of survivors that Kylie belongs to.
 107       Of Two Minds                             - The skin riders' attack on the human compound fails and Jax deplaces Silas as their leader; Lynn and Ezra set out to find their daughter Kylie.
 106       True or False                            - Duncan's skin rider lets him think he his helping Feena, Lynn, and Ezra, but it turns out to be a set up to get inside the human compound.
 105       Broken                                   - Silas infects Lynn with a skin rider but she ingests sparks to hold it at bay; Ezra's attempt to rescue her ends up with him getting captured.
 104       Reunion                                  - Lynn is remade by the sparks but is taken captive by the skin riders, who she knows well.
 103       The Contract                             - The trio find an obelisk that lays some conditions for restarting the human race, as well as a weapon to eliminate the skin riders.
 102       Brother's Keeper                         - Ezra runs into his brother Silas, the leader of humanoids being controlled by parasitic skin riders.
 101       Pilot                                    - Four hundred years after the species' extinction by the alien Karik, three humans, Ezra, Feena, and Abram are remade by a mysterious Red Drone.

Falling Skies (52 episodes)

 510       Reborn                                   - Tom kills the queen and all the other Espheni and wins the war.
 509       Reunion                                  - Lexi returns but turns out to be an Espheni clone, and Tom obtains a weapon to wipe out the Espheni from the Dornia.
 508       Stalag 14th Virginia                     - The 2nd mass and the 14th division reconcile.
 507       Everybody Has Their Reasons              - Tom and his family are found guilty of treason by the 14th division.
 506       Respite                                  - Tom and Hal are reunited with 2nd Mass.
 505       Non-Essential Personnel                  - Hal gets free of Pope.
 504       Pope Breaks Bad                          - Pope snaps.
 503       Hatchlings                               - The survivors destroy a cloning vat as Sara dies.
 502       Hunger Pains                             - The survivors make a food run.
 501       Find Your Warrior                        - Tom Mason returns with a lust for Espheni blood.
 412       Shoot the Moon                           - Lexi pilots her ship to crash onto the Espheni power source as Tom is lost in space.
 411       Space Oddity                             - Lexi and Tom head out to the moon to take out the Espheni power source.
 410       Drawing Straws                           - Lexi returns.
 409       Till Death Do Us Part                    - Matt has his heart broken by a brainwashed Kira.
 408       A Thing with Feathers                    - Maggie heals with a transplant from Ben and Tom is found.
 407       Saturday Night Massacre                  - The Espheni attack the survivors.
 406       Door Number Three                        - Lexi cocoons herself until Anne recovers her memories.
 405       Mind Wars                                - Lexi reveals that the Espheni prisoner is also her father.
 404       Evolve or Die                            - Two sides of the Espheni coin demonstrate their deviousness.
 403       Exodus                                   - The ghetto prisoners liberate themselves and Annie's crew finds Alexis et al..
 402       The Eye                                  - Tom learns more about the Espheni plan which includes turning humanity into Skitters.
 401       Ghost in the Machine                     - The 2nd Mass is split up and incarcerated in ghettos.
 310       Brazil                                   - The Volm and the humans agree to fight their separate fights and Alexis cures Lourdes.
 309       Journey to Xibalba                       - Lourdes is uncovered as the mole.
 308       Strange Brew                             - Tom is interrogated by the Espheni who initiate their defense grid.
 307       The Pickett Line                         - Tom is separated from his sons and is taken prisoner by the Espheni.
 306       Be Silent and Come Out                   - Hal's bug is removed and the family heads out to search for Anne and Alexis.
 305       Search and Recovery                      - Mason and Pope survive their plane crash and make it back to Charleston.
 304       At All Costs                             - Tom and Cochise meet President Hathaway which is anticipated by the Espheni.
 303       Badlands                                 - Crazy Lee dies.
 302       Collateral Damage                        - The human blow up a nuclear reactor supplying power to the Espheni.
 301       On Thin Ice                              - The new US government based out of Charleston begins to deal setbacks to the Espheni.
 210       A More Perfect Union                     - The 2nd Mass kill their regional Overlord's, after which the Volm, a new alien species, land.
 209       The Price of Greatness                   - The first thing the group does in Charleston is instigate a coup against Tom's mentor.
 208       Death March                              - The group find Charleston.
 207       Molon Labe                               - The captured Overlord tries to kill Ben but is shot by Tom.
 206       Homecoming                               - Karen comes back and convinces Ben to lead her to the rebellion.
 205       Love and Other Acts of Courage           - The group finds out about a rebellion among the Skitters.
 204       Young Bloods                             - A group of kids fend for themselves against the aliens, one of whom is Weaver's daughter.
 203       Compass                                  - The team start heading towards Charleston, SC where a new government is being formed.
 202       Shall We Gather at the River             - Tom almost dies again.
 201       Worlds Apart                             - Tom returns after three months and rejoins his family.
 110       Eight Hours                              - Tom gets the attention of the aliens who persuade him to go with them.
 109       Mutiny                                   - Tom challenges Weaver's command but they reconcile their differences.
 108       What Hides Beneath                       - Pope develops a bullet that can penetrate Mech armour.
 107       Sanctuary (2)                            - Tom and his kids save themselves from Terry's backstabbing.
 106       Sancuary (1)                             - Terry leads the kids away from the main group and into the hands of the Skitters.
 105       Silent Kill                              - Tom rescues his son Ben with the help of his brother Hal.
 104       Grace                                    - Pope escapes after blowing yp a Skitter nest.
 103       Prisoner of War                          - Mike rescues his son who has his harness removed by Harris.
 102       Armory                                   - The self-styled revolution deal with a group of thieves.
 101       Live and Learn                           - Aliens have taken over Earth and a ragtag team of survivors fight them.

Falling Water (20 episodes)

 210       The Art of the Deal                      - Tess and her friends lay a plan for Ginsburg and Taylor; the latter is killed by the Shadowman while the former abducts Taka and Burton.
 209       Risk Assessment                          - Tess ends up being bait to broker a deal between her team and Taylor, leading to a deeper web and a famous dream researcher.
 208       Nothing Personal                         - The Shadowman goes after Alex and her girlfriend; Woody decides to commit to changing his ways and work with the team to take down Taylor.
 207       Love Is a Dreamer                        - The group of dreamers, now including Woody, uncover the identity of the Shadowman and plan to work together to defeat him.
 206       Mothers, Fathers, Daughters, Sons        - Laney, the rescued dreamer, finds out she is pregant; Taylor Bennett is linked to the nefarious activities around the dreamers.
 205       Promotion                                - Tess and Burton rescue a powerful dreamer who is a victim of human trafficking, and connected to the deeper conspiracy uncovered by Alex and Taka.
 204       Drom                                     - Tess and Burton cross paths with Bill in their quest to discover the Shadowman's identity; Taka reveals the nature of his "hunches" to his partner, Alex.
 203       Safehouse                                - Tess, Burton, Taka, and James dream together to locate the Shadowman who is responsible for the strange murder cases being worked on by Taka.
 202       Watchers                                 - Tess is sought after by others who seek to exploit her talents; Burton comes across the Woman in Red; Taka's mother is killed by Sabine, while being manipulated by the Shadowman.
 201       Shadowman                                - As Tess, Burton, and Taka attempt to move on from past events, a new threat emerges.
 110       Circular Time                            - After several tries, Tess and her son escape the clutches of Andy and the cultists, who take Burton prisoner; Taka and Sabine are reunited.
 109       No Task for the Timid                    - Tess, Taka, and Burton attempt to find and rescue her son from Bill's clutches.
 108       The Well                                 - Taka finally talks to his mother; Burton is shown the cost of pursuing his dreams; Tess is warned against Bill.
 107       Three Half Blind Mice                    - The realities (and dreams) of the protgagonists converge further.
 106       The Swirl                                - Tess confronts her mother in her dreams; Taka's dreaming fails to wake his mother; Burton learns that he can mix dreams and reality.
 105       Ambergris                                - Burton quits; Tess finds more evidence of her son's existence; Taka makes a choice.
 104       Castles Made of Sand                     - The dreams become inscrutable but again events from the dream world appear to be merging more frequently with the real one.
 103       Monsters, Most Familiar                  - Events within the collective dream manifest in reality resulting in more questions than answers.
 102       Calling the Vasty Deep                   - The dreams become more intertwined and the dreamers appear to distinguish them from their realities.
 101       Don't Tell Bill                          - Three strangers, Tess, Taka, and Burton, appear to dreaming parts of the same dream.

Fantasy Island (1 episode)

 102       Superfriends                             - A woman wants a new start with her best friend, a man she secretly loves; a man wants to become a superhero for his son; the trash man makes life miserable.

Farscape (89 episodes)

 423       The Peacekeeper Wars                     - Crichton unleases his wormhole weapon, marries Aeryn, and becomes a parent.
 422       Bad Timing                               - Crichton collapses the wormhole to Earth but he and Aeryn are crystallised.
 421       We're So Screwed: La Bomba               - Crichton retreives Stark and destroys the flower that the Scarrans need with a nuclear weapon.
 420       We're So Screwed: Hot to Katratzi        - The crew heads out to Katratzi.
 419       We're So Screwed: Fatal Attraction       - The crew infiltrate a Scarran outpost to rescue Aeryn.
 418       Prayer                                   - Crichton goes after Aeryn after striking a deal with Scorpius.
 417       A Constellation of Doubt                 - Crichton watches how the media treats the behaviour of Moya's crew on earth.
 416       Bringing Home the Beacone                - The crew discover that Aeryn is a bioloid.
 415       Mental as Anything                       - Scorpius puts the crew through some mental training exercises.
 414       Twice Shy                                - The crew of Moya is attacked by a spider impersonating a slave girl who sucks their life energies.
 413       Terra Firma                              - Crichton goes to Earth in the present day.
 412       Kansas                                   - Crichton and Moya's crew are on Earth, but in the past.
 411       Unrealized Reality                       - Critchton encounters a wormhole being he names Einstein.
 410       Coup by Clam                             - The crew partake some oysters that ends up with them being linked together.
 409       A Perfect Murder                         - The crew of Moya is converted into assassins by a person who can breed bugs.
 408       I Shrink Therefore I Am                  - Moya is taken over a band of bounty hunters and the crew is shrunk.
 407       John Quixote                             - Crichton and Chiana are trapped in a VR game.
 406       Natural Election                         - A toxic space plant attacks Moya.
 405       Promises                                 - Crichton and Aeryn reunite.
 404       Lava's A Many Splendored Thing           - The crew find a cache of treasure and pirates.
 403       What Was Lost (2): Resurrection          - The Farscape crew must escape from a planet affected by radiation.
 402       What Was Lost (2): Sacrifice             - The crew on Moya start to unite.
 401       Crichton Kicks                           - Crichton is alone on a dying Leviathan.
 322       Dog With Two Bones                       - In the season finale, Crichton and Aeryn go their separate ways as Moya buries Talyn.
 321       Into the Lion's Den: Wolf in Sheep's Clo - John and co. manage to blow up Scorpius' command carrier.
 320       Into the Lion's Den: Lambs to the Slaugh - Crichton works with Scorpius to traverse wormholes.
 319       I-Yensch, You-Yensch                     - D'Argo and Rigel make a deal with Scorpius as Talyn needs to be shutdown since he is too paranoid.
 318       Fractures                                - The crew encounters a group of escaped Peacekeeper prisoners including a Nebari, a Scarran and a female Hynerian.
 317       The Choice                               - Aeryn tries to find the ghosts of Crichton and her father.
 316       Revenging Angel                          - Moya is disabled and Crichton goes into a coma and fights Dargo like the Roadrunner fought Wile E. Coyote.
 315       Infinite Possibilities: Icarus Abides    - Crichton masters wormhole technology to destroy a Scarran dreadnought.
 314       Infinite Possibilities: Daedalus Demands - The Ancient alien Jack thinks Crichton has misused wormhole technology.
 313       Scratch N' Sniff                         - Chiana and Jool are almost killed on a planet of pleasure where a pleasuring drug is obtained from the senal gland of humanoids.
 312       Meltdown                                 - Talyn feels compelled to fly into a sun.
 311       Incubator                                - Scorpius recounts his upbringing.
 310       Relativity                               - Aeryn confronts her mother who is chasing her.
 309       Losing Time                              - Energy riders take over the bodies of Moya's crew, including the pilot.
 308       Green Eyed Monster                       - The crew is in jeopardy after being swallowed by a giant Budong.
 307       Thanks for Sharing                       - Crichton is duplicated.
 306       Eat Me                                   - A brain-sucking alien and a pack of crazed Xarai threaten D'Argo, Chiana and Jool.
 305       Different Destinations                   - The crew is thrust back in time and must effect a change in an ancient war.
 304       Self-Inflicted Wounds: Wait for the Whee - Moya gets pulled into a wormhole and Zhaan dies.
 303       Self Inflicted Wounds: Could'a, Would'a, - A ship from a wormhole collides with Moya.
 302       Suns and Lovers                          - Dargo finds out about Jeanna sleeping with Jothi and Moya is trapped.
 301       Season of Death                          - Moya's crew tries to resolve its issues before Scorpius attacks.
 222       Die Me, Dichotomy                        - Crichton (controlled by Scorpius) kills Aeryn and has his chip removed, which is taken from him.
 221       Liars, Guns, and Money: Plan B           - Crichton is rescued by Aeryn.
 220       Liars, Guns, and Money: With Friends Lik - Dargo reunites with his son but Crichton loses his freedom.
 219       Liars, Guns, and Money: A Not So Simple  - Stark returns from the dead to save Jothee.
 218       A Clockwork Nebari                       - The crew is mind controlled by the Nebari.
 217       The Ugly Truth                           - The crew is questioned by the Plokavians.
 216       The Locket                               - Crichton and Aeryn grow old as Moya is trapped in a mist where time slows down.
 215       Won't Get Fooled Again                   - Crichton's capture by a Scarren forces him to trust his enemy, Scorpius.
 214       Beware of Dog                            - A parasite takes over Rigel's body.
 213       Look at the Princess: The Maltese Cricht - Crichton finally gets to escape his marriage vows.
 212       Look at the Princess: I Do, I Think      - Crichton finalises the marriage with a princess.
 211       Look at the Princess: A Kiss Is but a Ki - Crichton ends up marrying a princess.
 210       My Three Crichtons                       - Crichton is split into two more parts: his genetic past and future.
 209       Out of Their Minds                       - The minds and bodies of the crew are switched around.
 208       Dream a Little Dream                     - Zhaan is falsely accused of crimes in a litigious society.
 207       Home on the Remains                      - Crichton barbecues a Keeva.
 206       Picture If You Will                      - Maldis returns; enough said..
 205       The Way We Weren't                       - Aeryn and the Pilot's past is reminisced with severe consequences.
 204       Crackers Don't Matter                    - The crew goes crazy and paranoid due to light.
 203       Taking the Stone                         - Chiana becomes a nihilist.
 202       Vitas Mortis                             - Moya has her life energy taken from her by an Orican.
 201       Mind the Baby                            - Crais interfaces with Talon.
 122       Family Ties                              - Lots of sides are switched in this cliffhanger.
 121       Bone to Be Wild                          - Crichton and co. encounter a carnivorous alien that feeds on bones.
 120       The Hidden Memory                        - Crichton is rescued from Scorpius by Aeryn and co. and Moya delivers her baby.
 119       Nerve                                    - Crichton infiltrates a hidden Peacekeeper base to save Aeryn.
 118       A Bug's Life                             - An alien virus goes from member to member of Moya's crew.
 117       Through the Looking Glass                - Moya enters a different dimension during a starburst.
 116       A Human Reaction                         - Crichton returns back to Earth but finds that the wormhole he has travelled through causes great change.
 115       Durka Returns                            - Durka, who once tormented Rygel, returns after some brainwashing.
 114       Jeremiah Crichton                        - Crichton ends up being abandoned on a "primitive" planet.
 113       The Flax                                 - Crichton and Aeryn are trapped in a black hole-like entity.
 112       Rhapsody in Blue                         - Zahn tries to cure Tahleen's madness but ends up being betrayed.
 111       Till the Blood Runs Clear                - Crichton and Aeryn impersonate bounty hunters.
 110       They've Got a Secret                     - Moya is found to be pregnant.
 109       DNA Mad Scientist                        - Aeryn is mutated into pilot by a mad scientist with the secret to quantum DNA coding.
 108       That Old Black Magic                     - Zhaan uses her powers to save Crichton from an evil sorceror.
 107       PK Tech Girl                             - Crichton must save Moya from attack by a race of scavengers.
 106       Thank God It's Friday, Again             - Crichton must free D'Argo from the influences of a thought-altering plant.
 105       Back and Back and Back to the Future     - A sensual alien seduces men to obtain a weapon of mass destruction as Crichton experiences mental flashes of the future.
 104       Throne for a Loss                        - The crew take turns at using an addictive weapon.
 103       Exodus from Genesis                      - The crew play host to space cockroaches.
 102       I, E.T.                                  - Moya crash lands on a planet to avoid being traced by the Peacekeepers.
 101       Premiere                                 - In the first episode, John Crichton ends up far away from Earth after being pulled through a wormhole, and finds himself on a prisoner convoy.

Fear Itself (13 episodes)

 113       The Circle                               - An author is forced to live in darkness in eternity for the high cost of plagiarising and betrayal.
 112       Echoes                                   - A man discovers that he was a serial killer in a past life.
 111       The Spirit Box                           - A high school girl manipulates her friend into committing a murder which ultimately backfires.
 110       Chance                                   - Two doppelgangers, one weak and one strong, attempt to throw each other under the bus.
 109       Something with Bite                      - A newly turned werewolf solves a copycat murder.
 108       Skin & Bones                             - A wendigo threatens a not-so-happy family.
 107       Community                                - Think Stepford Wives.
 106       New Year's Day                           - A woman wakes up in a world overrun by zombies.
 105       Eater                                    - A female cop babysits a cannibalistic murderer.
 104       In Sickness and in Health                - A serial killer about get married has their truth exposed.
 103       Family Man                               - A serial killer and a "family man" exchange bodies with irony (this is one of my favourite episodes of this show).
 102       Spooked                                  - An excop stakes out a haunted house.
 101       The Sacrifice                            - A mysterious creature picks off stranded people.

Firefly (15 episodes)

 115       Objects in Space                         - A bounty hunter goes after River.
 114       Heart of Gold                            - Inara says that she'll leave.
 113       The Message                              - A compatriot of Mal is shipped dead to him.
 112       Trash                                    - Mal reunites with his ex-wife.
 111       War Stories                              - Mal gets captured and is rescued by the crew.
 110       Ariel                                    - The doctor and his sister get captured.
 109       Out of Gas                               - A fire causes a loss of oxygen.
 108       Jaynestown                               - Jayne is considered a hero on a settlement.
 107       Our Mrs. Reynolds                        - Mal gets married.
 106       Safe                                     - The doctor and his sister are kidnapped.
 105       Shindig                                  - Mal gets into a duel.
 104       Bushwhacked                              - The crew encounter an abandoned ship.
 103       The Train Job                            - The crew steals medicine from a train.
 102       Serenity                                 - The story of how the crew gets together is illustrated.
 101       Serenity                                 - The story of how the crew gets together is illustrated.

Flash Gordon (21 episodes)

 121       Revolution (2)                           - Aura and Flash capture bring who is put to death but manages to escape; Dale, Flash, and Zarkov end up stranded on Mongo.
 120       Revolution (1)                           - All of Ming's allies desert him, as Terek and his compatriots make plans to launch a full scale attack on his citadel while Flash rescues his father.
 119       Cold Day in Hell                         - Flash saves the Frigian Queen from the lair of the ice worm, seemingly fulfilling prophecy but Terek turns out to be the savior of Mongo.
 118       Blame                                    - When Ming contaminates the water released to the cantons, Flash and his friends risk their lives to find an antidote.
 117       Ebb and Flow                             - A mind controlled Joe sacrifices himself rather than remain a pawn to Ming's mind control.
 116       Thicker Than Water                       - Aura and Flash are kidnapped by Terek, the leader of the Deviates, who seeks to end Ming's brutal practices and turns out to be Aura's brother.
 115       Possession                               - Joe takes off to Mongo to prove to everyone that he is not crazy but ends up getting his friends into trouble.
 114       Stand and Deliver                        - Flash and his friends devise a daring plan to prevent Barin, the leader of the Verdans, from being executed by Ming.
 113       Sorrow                                   - Ming orchestrates a brutal attack on the Verden tribe during a day all of Mongo celebrates a day of remembrance.
 112       Secrets and Lies                         - When Ming sets up two cantons to go to war against each other, Flash and Zarkov step in to defuse the situation.
 111       Random Access                            - Rifts opening with greater intensity causes Flash and Dale's fiance Joe to bond together on Mongo.
 110       Conspiracy Theory                        - Zarkov is kidnapped by Rankol to solve the problem of the interdimensional rift between Mongo and Earth breaking down, but is rescued by Baylin.
 109       Till Death                               - Aura drugs Flash with a love motion to get out of a bonding arranged by her father.
 108       Revelations (2)                          - Flash ends up being captured but Rankol persuades a fellow inmate to deceive him about his father's fate.
 107       Alliances (1)                            - Baylin and Zarkov travel with Flash to Mongo to search for information about his father.
 106       Life Source                              - Ming sends a life sucking seductress to Earth, who promptly starts feeding on the life forces of athletes.
 105       Ascension-episode                        - Vultan, the head of the Dactyl, One of Mongo's tribes of hawk-like people, goes to earth to find his long lost son.
 104       Assassin                                 - Flash's father makes an appearance but it turns out to be an assassin with the ability to impersonate looking for information.
 103       Infestation                              - Flash's friend Nick is bitten by a dangerous bug from Mongo, prompting him to travel to the planet along with Baylin to bring back a cure.
 102       Pride                                    - Ming sends one of his bounty hunters, Baylin, after the IMEX, a database of all-encompassing knowledge, but she ends up being trapped on Earth and becomes Flash's ally.
 101       Pilot                                    - Flash, with his reporter friend Dale, ventures into an interdimensional portal to figure out what happened to his presumed dead father and runs into Ming, the ruler of Mongo.

Folklore (6 episodes)

 106       Mongdai                                  - A mother is willing to do anything, even cross the barrier between the living and the dead, to care for her demented son.
 105       Toyol                                    - A woman with a dark past seduces a man trying to escape his father's shadow, running into his dreams and nightmares.
 104       Pob                                      - A Thai ghost known as Pob tries to get its story published.
 103       Nobody                                   - A construction site is haunted by a Malay female vampiric ghost known as the Pontianak.
 102       Tatami                                   - A son returns home for his father's funeral and discovers long hidden secrets within his family.
 101       A Mother's Love                          - A single mother's son is abducted by a Javanese ghost known as the Wewe Gombel.

Fortitude (27 episodes)

 304       Episode 4                                - Dan's sins catch up to him when he is finally killed by an infected psychotic Natalie; Michael makes amends by ensuring that Elsa finally dies.
 303       Episode 3                                - All currently infected with the parasite continue their descent into madness; finding that her treatments are not working any longer, Elsa captures Natalie.
 302       Episode 2                                - Michael almost becomes a victim to Elsa's quest for his cerebrospinal fluid needed to rejunvenate her; Natalie is infected by the parasite.
 301       Episode 1                                - Dan continues his psychopathic behaviour by staging a murder when investigators reopen the case of Munk's death.
 210       Episode 10                               - Munk faces justice from the townspeople due to the actions of Dan, who is sought after by a mysterious extraction team.
 209       Episode 9                                - Vladek attempts to free the demon within Dan, who eventually kills Vladek; Michael figures out that Munk is behind Hildur's death.
 208       Episode 8                                - Khatri poisons Natalie for getting close to uncovering her conspiracy and is about to experiment on Dan, when Vladek retrieves him.
 207       Episode 7                                - Vladek and Dan have a heart to heart conversation after which Dan crushes Elena to death and retrieves Hildur's body from the glacier lake.
 206       Episode 6                                - Dan's backstory on how he survived the wasp infection is revealed; Hildur is murdered by Munk after she confronts him.
 205       Episode 5                                - The hooded killer leads the police to a copycat; Elena is freed by Dan from being experimented by Khatri.
 204       Episode 4                                - Vincent goes blind; Vladek Klimov turns up and does shamanistic things; Hildur discovers that Munk has ulterior motives.
 203       Episode 3                                - A second headless victim is found; Dan recovers; Tavrani's tongue is removed while he is in custody by the hooded killer.
 202       Episode 2                                - Eric returns, Dan reappears almost dead, Hildur is ousted by Munk as Governor, and Elena awakes.
 201       Episode 1                                - Eric disappears to find Dan who became lost after his shooting of Elena, who is alive in a coma, when a new murder takes place.
 113       Episode 13                               - Elena succumbs to the parasitic larvae and has to be shot by Dan to prevent her from harming Carrie.
 112       Episode 12                               - Vincent Rattrey heroically gives up his own well being to destroy the wasps gushing out of Margaret's body.
 111       Episode 11                               - The scientists identify the cause of the psychotic episodes as being due to a pathological wasp larvae that gestates within their hosts.
 110       Episode 10                               - Detective Chief Inspector Eugene Morton is shot by Henry, who reveals he is Dan's father; Governor Hildur Odegard institutes a quarantine.
 109       Episode 9                                - Markus is tortured by Frank out of anger; Carrie Morgan's father is closer than it appears, but he is not himself anymor.
 108       Episode 8                                - Schoolteacher Markus Huseklepp is interrogated for his connection between Shirley and Liam, but that proves to be a dead end.
 107       Episode 7                                - Margaret Allerdyce's daughter Shirley attacks her and coughs up the spores within her into her stomach; Shirley is later found dead.
 106       Episode 6                                - Flashbacks detail how Frank's son killed the scientist ostensibly under some external influence.
 105       Episode 5                                - Frank denies being the killer but explains how his son Liam was found was covered in blood and suffering from frostbite.
 104       Episode 4                                - Sheriff Dan Anderssen loses it and attacks Frank Sutter brutally after clothing stained by the blood of the murdered scientist is found in his home.
 103       Episode 3                                - Guilt persuades one to make connections when there aren't any.
 102       Episode 2                                - The murder investigation stirs the pot, with many vested interests competing for their own agendas.
 101       Episode 1                                - The discovery of a mammoth fossil brings a strange kind of darkness to a sleepy and frigid town, starting with the murder of a scientist.

Frequency (13 episodes)

 113       Signal Loss                              - Raime's happiness at having her world back is shattered when she discovers that it was Robbie who was the Nightingale killer.
 112       Harmonic                                 - The Sullivans manage to get rid of Joe in both timelines and Raime is reunited with Julie, with a ring on her finger.
 111       Negative Copy                            - Getting rid of Joe on both ends appear to work against time itself but Raime manages to rescue Meghan and her brother Robbie.
 110       The Edison Effect                        - Raime corners and kills Joe, but not in time to save Meghan; In the past, Frank abducts Joe but has an accident which allows him to escape.
 109       Gray Line                                - The Sullivans agree that the Nightingale killer, who they believe is Meghan's step-father Deacon Joe Hurley, has to be eliminated at the root.
 108       Interference                             - Frank and Raimy identify the Nightingale killer's first victim, which leads them to a person of interest named Meghan who is institutionalised.
 107       Break, Break, Break                      - Frank's literal undercover work returns to haunt him, with Julie doing likewise in revenge.
 106       Deviation                                - Frank tussles with the Nightgale killer and prevents a killing, but Raimy learns that the tree trunk needs to be chopped off to affect the timeline.
 105       Seven Three                              - Raimy and Frank work together to try to bring down Stan Moreno, the cop responsible for his death in the alternative timeline.
 104       Bleed Over                               - Raimy and Frank work together to put a description of the Nightgale based on the description provided by the daughter of one of his victims.
 103       The Near Far Problem                     - Raimy and Frank work together to catch a serial killer and although that ends up saving lives, it does not bring back her mother.
 102       Signal and Noise                         - Raimy and Frank realise that every thing they change has significant ripple effects in the future, as they try to track the Nightingale killer.
 101       Pilot                                    - Raimy Sullivan in 2016 communicates with her father Frank in 1996 who was supposed to have died after being set up while undercover but lives due to information provided by her.

Friday the 13th (25 episodes)

 70        The Spirit of Television                 - A psychic uses a TV set to kill her clients and stall her own death.
 68        My Wife as a Dog                         - A man's wish for his wife to be more like his dog comes true.
 65        Year of the Monkey                       - The three monkeys test the children of a Japanese industrialist.
 60        Night Prey                               - A man whose wife becomes a vampire takes revenge.
 59        Hate on Your Dial                        - A car radio sends a bigot back to 1954 who ends up being killed by his own racist father.
 58        Bad Penny                                - Johnny uses a magic coin to bring back his father to life, a coin that was used to kill and bring back Micki.
 57        Stick It in Your Ear                     - A hearing aid allows a person to read minds, provided he kills for the ability.
 52        The Prisoner                             - A prisoner wearing an invisible jacket kills his former accomplices.
 46        A Friend to the End                      - Micki's newphew becomes friends with a boy who's a ghost.
 44        Wedding Bell Blues                       - A cursed pool cue ensures a hustler's winning streak and hastens his wedding.
 35        Read My Lips                             - A ventriloquist's dummy becomes alive and starts killing.
 31        And Now the News                         - A doctor uses a magic radio to cure her psychotic patients while killing those under the care of a competing colleague.
 29        Master of Disguise                       - Micki falls for an actor whose makeup comes from victims' blood.
 28        Symphony in B Sharp                      - A violinists maimed hands are restored temporarily when he kills.
 25        What a Mother Wouldn't Do                - A magical cradle compels parents to kill to save their sick baby's life.
 24        Badge of Honor                           - A police officer uses a magic badge to get revenge.
 23        The Pirate's Promise                     - A pirate captain returns to kill the descendants of those who mutinied against him.
 22        Pipe Dream                               - Ryan's estranged father uses a hexed pipe to kill people.
 18        Brain Drain                              - A supposedly dumb person uses a primitive disease to absorb other people's knowledge.
 9         The Root of All Evil                     - A mulching machine is used to turn people into money.
 8         Hellowe'en                               - A Halloween party results in the dead spirit of Uncle Lewis being summoned up.
 7         Shadow Boxer                             - A boxer uses special gloves that enables his shadow to kill.
 6         The Great Montarro                       - Death defying magical tricks are performed at the cost of someone real dying as a sacrifice.
 5         Dr. Jack                                 - A surgical knife used by Jack the Ripper can be used to kill as well as save lives.
 2         Poison Pen                               - Ryan and Micki pose as monks retreive a mystical quill pen which can be used to kill with the written word.

Fringe (100 episodes)

 513       An Enemy of Fate                         - Windmark is defeated; Walter goes to the future with Michael after September is shot, preventing the observer invasion and restoring the timeline.
 512       Liberty                                  - Olivia doses herself with massive doses of cortexiphan and crosses over to the parallel universe, teaming up with Fauxilivia and Lincoln to save Michael.
 511       The Boy Must Live                        - The plan to save the world involves sending Michael to the future, who gives himself up to Windmark hot on the trail of Donald and the team.
 510       Anomaly XB-6783746                       - The team work with Nina to find a way to communicate with Michael, which results in her eventual suicide to avoid being questioned by the observers.
 509       Black Blotter                            - The team locate an observer child, Michael, who represents an integral part of Walter's plan, while he is tripping on LSD.
 508       The Human Kind                           - Olivia convinces Peter to give up his implant and his quest for revenge against Windmark after warning him that it is irrevocably changing him.
 507       Five-Twenty-Ten                          - Peter initiates his plan of revenge against the observes, killing many of them in the process, and revealing to Olivia his desire to get Etta.
 506       Through the Looking Glass and What Walte - The team enter a pocket universe to find an observer boy; Peter continues to exploit to observer tech to save the team.
 505       An Origin Story                          - Mourning for Etta and seeking revenge, Peter cuts open an observer and implants his technology within himself to outwit them.
 504       The Bullet That Saved the World          - Etta is killed by Windmark after the team reunite with Broyles who is on their side pretending to work with the observers.
 503       The Recordist                            - One of the clues leads the team to a colony of humans who are suffering from a skin condition caused by the crystals required to defeat the observers.
 502       In Absentia                              - The team break into Walter's old lab and discover that he has made a series of videotapes that detail how to defeat the observers.
 501       Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11    - In 2036, Etta, Oliva, and Peter reunite while Walter is captured, tortured by observer Windmark, and then rescued; the team try to reassemble his fragmented memories.
 422       Brave New World (2)                      - Bell's plan to create a new universe fails when Walter shoots Olivia, eliminating its energy source, before resuscitating her; September warns of the observer invasion.
 421       Brave New World (1)                      - Bell reappears; Jones is sacrificed; Peter survives; Astrid is shot; Olivia's powers grow; nanites cause people to spontaneously combust.
 420       Worlds Apart                             - The bridge between the universes has to deactivated to ensure that Jones' plans don't come to fruition; Peter remains in the prime universe.
 419       Letters of Transit                       - In 2036, the observers have taken over the world, pitting humans against each other; Olivia and Peter's daughter Etta rescues Walter, Astrid, and her father after 20 years of being encased in amber.
 418       The Consultant                           - Jones' plans to synchronise the two universes to destroy them both, as well as alternate Broyles' collaboration with him to save his son, is revealed.
 417       Everything in Its Right Place            - The alternate universe Lincoln Lee dies during an operation to capture their Nina Sharp, devastating his partner, Fauxlivia, who is consoled by his prime counterpart.
 416       Nothing As It Seems                      - The team works on a new case having echoes of events in Peter's original timeline which leads them to the creation of meta humans using designer viruses.
 415       A Short Story About Love                 - The observer September tells Peter that he is in his native timeline before vanishing again, leading him to rejoin Olivia.
 414       The End of All Things                    - Peter is captured and brought to Olivia to activate her powers after she recognises that parallel Nina and Jones are working together.
 413       A Better Human Being                     - Olivia's memories start to get rewritten due to her being experimented on by parallel universe Nina who are then ostensibly captured by Jones.
 412       Welcome to Westfield                     - The team investigate the case of a town which is being merged with its alternate universe counterpart.
 411       Making Angels                            - The parallel universe Astrid, who suffers from Asperger's, travels to meet her prime universe version while the team track a mathematician who can see past, present, and future.
 410       Forced Perspective                       - A girl with the ability to see death in the future helps the Fringe team save lives before passing away herself.
 409       Enemy of my Enemy                        - Terrorist David Robert Jones shows up and stays two steps ahead of both Fringe teams while demonstrating that he is responsible for the shapeshifters.
 408       Back to Where You've Never Been          - Peter goes to Walternate to request his help to send him back to the correct timeline and sees that shapeshifters have infiltrated all levels of the alternate universe.
 407       Wallflower                               - A person given the ability to camouflage himself permanently kills people to extract a pigment that will make him visible/noticed.
 406       And Those We've Left Behind              - Peter helps the team solve the case of a scientist who is looking for a way to reverse his wife's Alzheimer's by creating time bubbles.
 405       Novation                                 - Although not entirely trusted yet, Peter helps out the Fringe team track down a shapeshifter from their memory disks.
 404       Subject 9                                - Peter is not recognised when he returns while Olivia and Walter work on a case involving a former cortexephan trial subject.
 403       Alone in the World                       - Olivia and Walter share their recollection of their image of Peter, who has appeared to both of them ostensibly as visual and auditory hallucinations.
 402       One Night in October                     - A prime universe counterpart to a serial killer in the alternate universe is used by the two Fringe teams working together to prevent further loss of life.
 401       Neither Here Nor There                   - Peter's disappearance creates a hole in the lives of those he loved while they try to work together to save both universes.
 322       The Day We Died                          - After seeing a dismal future due to his actions, Peter creates a bridge between the two universes so they can work together before disappearing.
 321       The Last Sam Weiss                       - Peter is seemingly transported more than a decade into the future when he enters the doomsday machine, using the help of Olivia's powers, ostensibly destroying the parallel universe.
 320       6:02 AM EST                              - Fauxliva fails to stop Walternate from activating the doomsday machine using her son's blood, which causes destruction in the prime universe.
 319       Lysergic Acid Diethylamide               - Peter, Walter, and Bell explore Olivia's mind to make her face her fears and bring her back while also ensuring Walter's self-actualisation; Bell's mind is unable to be saved.
 318       Bloodline                                - Fauxlivia gives birth to a boy after her pregnancy is accelerated by Walternate, sowing suspicion against him within the alternate universe Fringe team.
 317       Stowaway                                 - While Bell in Olivia's body tries to find a new suitable host, the team solves the case of a seemingly immortal woman who wants to move on.
 316       Os                                       - A scientist exploits the breakdown in the laws of physics as the universes collide to enable his paraplegic son to walk; Bell's soul possesses Olivia.
 315       Subject 13                               - The backstory of how Peter came to accept life in the prime universe while befriending Olivia as a child and convincing her to work with Walter is revealed.
 314       6B                                       - A quantum entanglement event links a couple across universes where their partners in their native universes have died.
 313       Immortality                              - Fauxlivia discovers she is pregnant with Peter's child working on a case involving a scientist using human hosts to incubate the eggs of an extinct beetle.
 312       Concentrate and Ask Again                - The team recruits the help of another cortexiphan trial subject who can read minds to uncover killers using a chemical to destroy skeletons.
 311       Reciprocity                              - Peter is weaponised after interacting with the doomsday machine and goes on a shapeshifter killing spree.
 310       The Firefly                              - Peter learns that his arrival in our universe inadvertently lead to the death of the son of the keyboardist for Walter's favourite band.
 309       Marionette                               - A woman who commits suicide is resurrected using a regeneration drug after her body is reassembled from organs donated after her death.
 308       Entrada                                  - Alternate Broyles helps Olivia returns to our universe, while Fauxlivia is captured but is pulled back at the expense of his life.
 307       The Abducted                             - After helping alternate universe Broyles with his son, Olivia is able to briefly return to send a warning to Peter that he is living with an imposter.
 306       6955 KHz                                 - The team solve pieces of a puzzle laid out by Walternate that enables them to assemble the doomsday device in the prime universe.
 305       Amber 31422                              - The twin brother of a bank robber encased in amber in the alternate universe revives him, not realising that the seal helps preserve their universe.
 304       Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep - Newton is forced to commit suicide after he is captured while retrieving a data disk from another embedded high level operative.
 303       The Plateau                              - In the alternate universe, an individual with low IQ goes through a drug trial that makes him super smart and then kills to prevent his regression.
 302       The Box                                  - Fauxlivia works with Newton to ensure that Peter comes across pieces of the doomsday device so that he will be compelled to investigate and construct it.
 301       Olivia                                   - As she tries to return, Walternate tries to convince Olivia prime that she is really Fauxlivia, the one from the alternate universe who is embedded in the prime universe Fringe team.
 223       Over There (2)                           - Bell sacrifices his life to ensure that Olivia, Peter, and Walter return to the prime universe after Peter discovers that Walternate's machine will use him to destroy it.
 222       Over There (1)                           - Peter travels to the other universe, followed by three other trial participants who die quickly and Walter, who is shot, and Olivia, who meets up with Bell.
 221       Northwest Passage                        - Peter, on his own, makes contact with Newton who takes him to see his real father from the other universe, named Walternate.
 220       Brown Betty                              - Olivia's niece, told a fictitious story about Peter not forgiving Walter, makes up a happy ending for Peter and Olivia.
 219       The Man from the Other Side              - Peter realises that he is from the parallel universe when Newton tries to open a door to it, causing him to leave the Fringe team.
 218       White Tulip                              - An astrophysicist repeatedly time travels to the past to save his wife which causes people around him to be drained of energy.
 217       Olivia. In the Lab. With the Revolver.   - A killer previously subjected to the same drug trials that Olivia participated in transmits a contagious cancer to his victims.
 216       Peter                                    - Walter tells Olivia the story of how the first hole between universes was opened when he brought back Peter as a child to save him.
 215       Jacksonville                             - A building from the parallel universe turns up; Olivia is tasked with finding the location that will compensate due to the expected conversation of mass.
 214       The Bishop Revival                       - A hundred year old Nazi scientist uses a chemical agent that targets specific genetic traits encoded by the DNA of his victims.
 213       What Lies Below                          - An intelligent virus infects occupants of an office building which ends up with members of the Fringe team being quarantined.
 212       Johari Window                            - A town's inhabitants experimented on by the military resulting in a disfigured appearance controlled by sound are threatened by exposure.
 211       Unearthed                                - A navy officer who abused his wife dies; his consciousness is transferred to a teenage girl who has suffered a brain death who then goes after the abused wife.
 210       Grey Matters                             - Pieces of Walter's brain removed to hide information about opening the doorway between universes are reinserted by the shapeshifter leader, Thomas Newton.
 209       Snakehead                                - A parasite squid-like creature is bred within human hosts for its medicinal properties.
 208       August                                   - An observer falls in love with a young woman he encountered as a child who is considered inconsequential and gives his life to make her important.
 207       Of Human Action                          - A teenaged boy with mind control powers against his father creates havoc until the Fringe team stop him.
 206       Earthling                                - An alien being that has hitched a ride with a cosmonaut kills people who have been exposed to higher levels of radiation and drains them of it.
 205       Dream Logic                              - A doctor who helps people with their nightmares with a dream chip incorporated into their brains is trapped in one of his own.
 204       Momentum Deferred                        - Olivia recalls Bell's warning of a war between universes; she is devasted in having to kill her partner who turns out to be a shapeshifter.
 203       Fracture                                 - A rogue colonel activates ex-soldiers who have been turned into human bombs in order to get at operatives of the observer.
 202       Night of Desirable Objects               - A doctor creates a genetically engineered superbaby that feeds on people.
 201       A New Day in the Old Town                - Olivia returns from the parallel universe, almost dying with a shapeshifting killer still after her, and having lost her memories.
 120       There's More Than One of Everything      - The team discovers the existence of a parallel universe which Peter belonged to until Walter brought him over after he died; Olivia meets with William Bell after crossing over.
 119       The Road Not Taken                       - The team discover Olivia's supervisor at the FBI is behind some of the attacks that are turning people into supersoldiers to fight a war between universes.
 118       Midnight                                 - The team track down a woman infected with a super strain of syphilis created by the terrorist organisation ZFT who is killing club goers.
 117       Bad Dreams                               - Olivia discovers that she was administered a nootropic drug as a child that enhanced her mental abilities while tracking a suspect involved in the same experiments.
 116       Unleashed                                - A team track down a chimeric creature created via genetic engineering that was based on Walter's initial research.
 115       Inner Child                              - A child version of the observer helps Olivia track down a serial killer known as the Artist who poses his women victims.
 114       Ability                                  - A toxin makes people's faces disappear.
 113       The Transformation                       - A weapons designer creator a deadly drug that turns an airplane passenger into a beast midflight causing a crash.
 112       The No-Brainer                           - A video message is used to cause the brains of its receipients to liquefy.
 111       Bound                                    - Olivia, Walter, and Peter catch the double agent after killing his wife while on track of the origins of a supersized cold virus.
 110       Safe                                     - Olivia is kidnapped while investigating a gang that are passing through solid matter to steal safety deposit boxes hidden by Walter containing technology to retrieve anyone through space-time.
 109       The Dreamscape                           - A chemical compound enhances a person's fears intensely to a point that it causes physical damage.
 108       The Equation                             - A mathematical equation uncovers the ability to phase through solid matter.
 107       In Which We Meet Mr. Jones               - A strange parasite infects an FBI agent.
 106       The Cure                                 - A woman with an incurable autoimmune disease is turned into a radioactive bomb.
 105       Power Hungry                             - A man with an uncontrollable ability to affect electromagnetic energy is sought after by the Fringe team of Olivia, Walter, and Peter.
 104       The Arrival                              - An object being monitored by a mysterious observer, hidden by eccentric scientist Walter Bishop, is sought after by a ruthless killer who goes after his son Peter to obtain it.
 103       The Ghost Network                        - A terrorist network uses human walkie talkies, created by injecting a magnetic compound into their brains, to coordinate their attacks.
 102       The Same old Story                       - A serial killer uses hormones from his victims to stave off an accelerated aging disease and rejuvenate himself.
 101       Pilot                                    - FBI Agent Olivia Dunham's partner is infected from a chemical terrorist attack which leads to the uncovering of a massive consipiracy known as the Pattern.

Futurama (64 episodes)

 417       Spanish Fry                              - Fry's nose is stolen.
 416       Three Hundred Big Boys                   - Everyone gets a tax refund and spend it in crazy ways.
 412       The Sting                                - The crew goes off get some honey from giant space bees.
 411       Where No Fan Has Gone Before             - Fry and the crew parody a variety of Star Trek-like scenarios in an effort to rescue the lost episodes.
 410       The Why of Fry                           - Fry becomes important for a few seconds in his life.
 409       Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles           - Hot tar makes the professor younger, while the others are transformed into babies.
 408       Crimes of the Hot                        - In the season premiere, the gang try to stop global warming caused by robot exhaust.
 407       Jurassic Bark                            - Fry tries to reunite with his old dog.
 406       Bender Should Not Be Allowed on TV       - Bender lands a role in a soap opera.
 405       A Taste of Freedom                       - Zoidberg is sentenced to death for eating Earth's flag.
 404       Less Than Hero                           - Fry, Leela, and Bender form a superhero team.
 403       Love & Rocket                            - Bender dumps the Planet Express Ship (this episode had a great chance to parody Homer Simpson's trip to space parodying 2001: A Space Odyssey but it blew it).
 402       Leela's Homeworld                        - Leela discovers the truth about her parents.
 401       Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch              - Kif gets pregnant by Amy.
 322       The 30% Iron Chef                        - Bender becomes the Iron Chef.
 321       Future Stock                             - Fry befriends another person from the 80s who hands over the Professor's company to Mom.
 320       Godfellas                                - Bender is lost in space.
 319       Roswell That Ends Well                   - The crew travels back in time and is implicated in the Roswell alien incident; Fry turns out to be his own grandfather/grandson.
 318       Anthology of Interest II                 - Bender, Fry, and Leela ask questions of the What If? machine.
 317       A Pharaoh to Remember                    - Bender and the crew are recruited to construct a giant pyramid.
 316       A Leela of Her Own                       - Leela becomes the worst baseball player in history.
 315       I Dated A Robot                          - Fry falls in love with a Lucy Liu robot.
 314       Time Keeps on Slipping                   - Fry and co. interfere with the time/space continuum.
 313       Bendin' in the Wind                      - Bender is incapacitated and teams up with Beck.
 312       The Route of All Evil                    - Bender is pregnant with beer and kids try to compete with Planet Express.
 311       Insane in the Mainframe                  - Fry and Bender are sent to serve time in an insane asylum.
 310       Where the Buggalo Roam                   - Kif tries to win the approval of Amy's parents.
 309       The Cyber House Rules                    - Bender adopts twelve kids and Leela undergoes a plastic surgery operation to have two eyes.
 308       That's Lobstertainment                   - Dr. Zoidberg goes to Hollywood.
 306       Bendlesslove                             - Bender meets a fembot in a bending factory.
 305       The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz                - Bender becomes captain and causes an environmental disaster.
 304       The Luck of the Fryrish                  - Fry finds his seven leaf clover.
 303       A Tale of Two Santas                     - Bender is declared the new Santa after the evil Santabot is frozen on Neptune.
 302       Parasites Lost                           - Fry becomes smart after being infected by worms.
 301       Amazon Women in the Mood                 - The crew end up on a planet of Amazons ruled by a Fembot.
 219       The Cryonic Woman                        - Bender and Fry lose their jobs and Pauly Shore turns up and steals Fry's "girlfriend".
 218       The Honking                              - Bender inherits a castle and is possessed.
 217       War Is the H-Word                        - Fry and Bender join the military.
 216       Anthology of Interest I                  - The What If? machine is used to ask inane questions (includes parodies of Iron Man (the song by Black Sabbath), Giant Robot, The Iron Giant, and Godzilla).
 215       The Problem with Popplers                - The crew discovers a source of food that turns out to be sentient.
 214       Mother's Day                             - Mom's robots revolt.
 213       Bender Gets Made                         - Bender joins the robot mafia.
 212       The Deep South                           - Fry and the gang go fishing and find the lost city of Atlanta.
 211       How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back - Hermes deals with Central Bureacracy after being sent away.
 210       A Clone of My Own                        - The professor is about to die and invents a clone to replace him.
 209       A Bicyclops Built for Two                - Leela thinks she has found someone just like her (male cyclops).
 208       Raging Bender                            - Bender begins to wrestle.
 207       Put Your Head On My Shoulders            - Fry and Amy spend Valentine's Day together.
 206       The Lesser of Two Evils                  - Another robot that looks like Bender shows up.
 205       Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?      - Dr. Zoidberg returns to his home planet for mating.
 204       Xmas Story                               - Santa Claus in 3000 is a giant robot.
 203       A Head in the Polls                      - Richard Nixon's head runs for President using Bender's Body.
 202       Brannigan, Begin Again                   - Leela faces mutiny.
 201       I Second That Emotion                    - Bender flushes Leela's pet (Nibbler) down the toilet and into the sewers.
 113       Fry and the Slurm Factory                - The group visits the Slurm factory on the planet Slurm.
 112       When Aliens Attack                       - Aliens from Omnicron Persei 8 threaten to destroy earth unless the final episode of Single Female Lawyer is shown.
 111       Mars University                          - Fry drops out again from Mars University.
 110       A Flight to Remember                     - The movie Titanic is parodied.
 109       Hell is Other Robots                     - Bender goes to robot hell.
 106       A Fishful of Dollars                     - Anchovies become a valuable commodity.
 104       Love's Labors Lost in Space              - Leela first meets Zapp Brannigan.
 103       I, Roommate                              - Bender and Fry become roomates.
 102       The Series has Landed                    - Bender discovers the first moon landing site.
 101       Space Pilot 3000                         - Fry, a delivery boy in suspended animation for 1000 years wakes up in the future.

Ghost Wars (13 episodes)

 113       My Soul to Keep                          - Billy dies to save the town by closing the doorway to death, but Maggie goes into Daphne's body and sails off with Roman into the sunset.
 112       There's No More Room in Hell             - Roman discovers how the extraterrestial meteorite fragment that is the cause of all the problems in town works.
 111       The Feast                                - Karla gives birth to a monster that devours her, resulting in Norm killing both mother and offspring after seeing them for what they are.
 110       The Pain Connection                      - Dan perishes while attempting to destroy the bodies that are being possessed by evil entities, but evil Abigail survives.
 109       Post-Apocalypse Now                      - Daphne, the CEO of Lambda shows up with security in a chopper and seek to restart the particle accelerator to open a door to other realms.
 108       Two Graves                               - Roman's mother forgives Dan but he refuses to; Billy returns to his body.
 107       Whistle Past the Graveyard               - Roman learns the truth about his mother's death and leaves the town's residents to fend themselves against the attacking ghosts.
 106       We Need to Talk About Abigail            - Abigail, one of Mayor Val's daughters, appears to be comingling with her twin sister Isabelle.
 105       Whatever Happened to Maggie Rennie       - One of Roman's ghostly friends finally learns the truth about her death.
 104       The Exorcism of Marcus Moon              - Reverend Dan tries to exorcise a ghost possessing a young boy which goes awry when the boy dies.
 103       The Curse of Copperhead Road             - A mishap in the local Lambda Technologies particle accelerator is revealed to be the cause of the opening of the rift.
 102       The Ghost in the Machine                 - Billy, a smuggler, returns from the outside; his past catches up to him and he is unable to leave like the rest of the town.
 101       Death's Door                             - Roman, an outcast who can commune with the spirit world, becomes the unlikely saviour of Port Moore, Alaska, when evil forces rise up.

Hanna (8 episodes)

 108       Utrax                                    - Hanna and Erik storm the facility but all but one of the conditioned girls refuse to leave; Erik eventually dies and Hanna and Clara make their way into the world.
 107       Road                                     - Erik tries to set up Hanna with her biological father to keep her safe while he takes down the revived program but she has none of it.
 106       Mother                                   - Erik escapes and reunites with Hanna who has been spending time with Marissa to avoid Sophie and her family from being hurt; they find evidence of a new program.
 105       Town                                     - Hanna runs away to Sophie following which they have a falling out due to their infatuation with the same boy, while Erik is captured and tortured.
 104       Father                                   - Hanna finds the truth about her mother and Erik, causing her to break ties with him just as Marissa and Agent Jerome Sawyer catch up and injure him.
 103       City                                     - Hanna and Erik and their friends are attacked by Marissa's forces but they manage to turn the tables on her.
 102       Friend                                   - Hanna befriends Sophie and her family after escaping CIA Agent Marissa Wiegler who has hunted her since birth and reunites with Erik.
 101       Forest                                   - Hanna is trained as an assassin and tracker by Erik Heller after he rescues her as a baby from a covert Romanian facility and acts as her father.

Hard Sun (6 episodes)

 106       Episode 6                                - Elaine and Charlie effectively set up Grace and are about to end her when they observe the rising sun slowly being pulled apart.
 105       Episode 5                                - Elaine and Charlie come clean to each other, after being set against each other by MI5's Grace who wants to stop the recording from being publicised.
 104       Episode 4                                - Elaine and Charlie bring down the psychopath, after finally persuading his priest, who has been taking his confession, to help.
 103       Episode 3                                - A new psychopath murders compassionate victims to provoke god into intervening, calling himself a messenger of the Hard Sun.
 102       Episode 2                                - Psychopaths come crawling out of the woodwork after Elaine distributes a part of her recording to a news organisation.
 101       Episode 1                                - Detectives Elaine Renko and Charlie Hicks stumble upon a sought after recording of a simulation of an extinction level event within five years.

Harper's Island (13 episodes)

 113       Sigh                                     - Abby Mills rejects Henry and with the help of friend Jimmy Mance kills him, ending their nightmare.
 112       Gasp                                     - Wakefield's accomplice turns out to his biological son, Henry, who then kills his fiance Trish.
 111       Splash                                   - Wakefield continues his killing spree seemingly aided by a secret accomplice, while Abby and Henry go after them with a vengeance.
 110       Snap                                     - Charlie trades his life for Jimmy's, who is in love with Abby, and John Wakefield's involvement as the murderer is revealed.
 109       Seep                                     - Abby finds Trish's niece Madison who blames Abby's father, the Sheriff Charlie Mills, for kidnapping her.
 108       Gurgle                                   - J.D is killed but before he dies he reveals that the killing is all about Abby.
 107       Thrack, Splat, Sizzle                    - The motivations for the serial killer, John Wakefield, who turns out to be Abby's mom's ex-boyfriend, is revealed.
 106       Sploosh                                  - Henry's brother J.D. Dunn is suspected of being the killer.
 105       Thwack                                   - Trish's father, who opposed her marriage to Henry, is killed when a head spade falls from a chandelier on his head.
 104       Bang                                     - An attempt is made on Trish's life, as Abby receives a warning from a tarot reader to leave the island.
 103       Ka-Blam                                  - Hunter is the next to die, as Abby begins to suspect that John Wakefield, the person responsible for killing her mother and others, may still be alive.
 102       Crackle                                  - The body count continues to increase, as Trish's commitment to Henry is tested by the presence of her ex-boyfriend Hunter Jennings.
 101       Whap                                     - Abby Mills returns to her eponymous home after the murder of her mother to celebrate the wedding of Henry Dunn and Trish Wellington.

Haunted (2 episodes)

 107       A Three Hour Tour                        - Frank is nursed by a reclusive family after he has an accident.
 106       Nocturne                                 - Frank is inhabited by the ghost of a police officer killed by someone in the department.

Haven (78 episodes)

 526       Forever                                  - Audrey's father has a change of heart and enables Audrey to fall in love with Nathan once again in an untroubled Haven.
 525       Now                                      - Duke sacrifices himself and Nathan is transported outside of Haven with a copy of Audrey by Croatoan.
 524       The Widening Gyre                        - Audrey and Croatoan have a conversation which reveals his motivations.
 523       Blind Spot                               - Audrey's father, Croatoan, returns and possesses Duke to take her prisoner.
 522       A Matter of Time                         - Hailie and Dave bite the dust as Croatoan leaves the Void and enters Haven to go after Audrey.
 521       Close to Home                            - Duke returns to save Haven which enables Nathan to go into the Void where ends up being stuck with William.
 520       Just Passing Through                     - Nathan goes back in time of the Colorado Kid murder to find a way to save the town once and for all.
 519       Perditus                                 - The group resurrect Charlotte to figure out how to build a new Barn and track down Croatoan.
 518       Wild Card                                - Croatoan, who is revealed to be Audrey's father, kills Charlotte.
 517       Enter Sandman                            - Audrey is trapped in an unreal paradise as the focus of the Sandman's attention.
 516       The Trial of Nathan Wuornos              - Nathan is put on trial for an alleged murder while Audrey attempts to discover the source of the darkness.
 515       Power                                    - A trouble causes death when a person is in the dark.
 514       New World Order                          - The trouble within Duke cause havoc as the town tries to adapt.
 513       Chosen                                   - Mara dies, Audrey is saved, and all of Duke's troubles are released.
 512       Chemistry                                - Charlotte reveals that she is Audrey's mother.
 511       Reflections                              - Duke is able to control a devastating trouble with the help of Mara.
 510       Mortality                                - Duke frees Mara who manipulates him to kill again; Vince finds out that Charlotte isn't from the CDC.
 509       Morbidity                                - Charlotte Cross from the CDC encounters the troubles in Haven.
 508       Exposure                                 - Nathan is brought back along with Audrey.
 507       Nowhere Man                              - Nathan turns into a ghost.
 506       The Old Switcheroo (2)                   - Audrey is separated from Mara.
 505       The Old Switcheroo (1)                   - Mara fakes Audrey in order to let Nathan let his guard down.
 504       Much Ado About Mara                      - Audrey comes back to Nathan, Duke, and Dwight.
 503       Spotlight                                - Dwight captures Mara with Nathan.
 502       Speak No Evil                            - Dwight takes over as head of the Guard as Nathan captures Mara.
 501       See No Evil                              - Mara tries to open a Thinny that will bring William back.
 413       The Lighthouse                           - William is sent back with terrible consequences.
 412       When the Bough Breaks                    - Audrey is forced by William to trouble others.
 411       Shot in the Dark                         - Jennifer uncovers more about her connection to the barn.
 410       The Trouble with Troubles                - Audrey deals with a Haven without troubles.
 409       William                                  - William springs a surprise.
 408       Crush                                    - Is Nathan dead?.
 407       Lay Me Down                              - Duke's trouble is lifted.
 406       Countdown                                - Nathan finds out Lexi knows she is Audrey, while Duke's brother goes to the dark side.
 405       The New Girl                             - Audrey remembers who she is, and saves Duke's life.
 404       Lost and Found                           - Audrey comes back as Lexi.
 403       Bad Blood                                - A troubled person's blood seeks revenge.
 402       Survivors                                - A troubled person combusts people who compliment him.
 401       Fallout                                  - Duke returns after six months to an Haven out of control without Audrey.
 313       Thanks for the Memories                  - Audrey learns that the price for staying is too high.
 312       Reunion                                  - A former high schooler who was bullied gets his revenge.
 311       Last Goodbyes                            - The people of Haven fall into a coma, while a troubled person comes out of one.
 310       Burned                                   - A girl whose words compel people to action is planned to be used as a means to control Audrey.
 309       Sarah                                    - Duke and Nathan are transported back in time to 1955.
 308       Magic Hour (2)                           - Nathan is brought back to life.
 307       Magic Hour (1)                           - A troubled person can bring dead people back to life; Nathan is shot by the Bolt Gun Killer.
 306       Real Estate                              - A haunted house threatens the gang.
 305       Double Jeopardy                          - A golem enforces justice.
 304       Over My Head                             - Duke demonstrates that he can use his trouble for good.
 303       The Farmer                               - A troubled person who needs the organs of compatible donors to survive sows his oats far and wide.
 302       Stay                                     - Dogs become humanised literally.
 301       301                                      - Audrey, who was kidnapped and beaten, finally frees herself.
 213       Silent Night                             - People start disappearing as they believe it's Christmas Eve in July.
 212       Sins of the Fathers                      - The dead come back to take revenge.
 211       Business as Usual                        - Duke finds out his father's legacy.
 210       Who, What, Where, Wendigo?               - A Wendigo threatens and a Reverend dies.
 209       Lockdown                                 - An abused wife manifests a toxic contagion that is representative of the abuse.
 208       Friend or Faux                           - A person's copy has to finally make the right choice.
 207       The Ties That Bind                       - Underwater troubles.
 206       Audrey Parker's Day Off                  - Audrey goes through Nathan's second favourite Bill Murray film.
 205       Roots                                    - Audrey makes two people who have hated each other for decades love again.
 204       Sparks and Recreation                    - A troubled person with an electrifying personality is a murder suspect.
 203       Love Machine                             - The second Audrey loses her ability to form memories.
 202       Fear and Loathing                        - A troubled person causes others to see their worst fear.
 201       A Tale of Two Audreys                    - There's a white Agent Howard.
 113       Spiral                                   - Nathan fathers die; Audrey faces a surprise twist as things get really weird.
 112       Resurfacing                              - Audrey helps stabilise a man who vibrates out of reality.
 111       The Trial of Audrey Parker               - Audrey quits the FBI.
 110       The Hand You're Dealt                    - Audrey and her friends deal with a bullied teenager who is literally combustible.
 109       As You Were                              - Audrey's identity is taken over by a shapeshifter.
 108       Ain't No Sunshine                        - A shadow commits murders.
 107       Sketchy                                  - Voodoo drawings have the power to affect what they depict.
 106       Fur                                      - Stuff animals that were hunted come back to life.
 105       Ball and Chain                           - The birth of child causes their father to age rapidly.
 104       Consumed                                 - A person's anxiety causes food all around to become digested.
 103       Harmony                                  - Music heals or injures.
 102       Butterfly                                - A boy's dreams become real when he falls asleep.
 101       Welcome to Haven                         - FBI Agent Audrey Parker is sent to Haven to apprehend an escaped convict.

Heroes (47 episodes)

 325       An Invisible Thread                      - The heroes fight a set of villains led by Skylar again.
 324       I Am Sylar                               - The heroes fight a set of villains led by Skylar again.
 323       1961                                     - The heroes fight a set of villains led by Skylar again.
 322       Turn and Face the Strange                - The heroes fight a set of villains led by Skylar again.
 321       Into Asylum                              - The heroes fight a set of villains led by Skylar again.
 320       Cold Snap                                - The heroes fight a set of villains led by Skylar again.
 319       Shades of Gray                           - The heroes fight a set of villains led by Skylar again.
 318       Exposed                                  - The heroes fight a set of villains led by Skylar again.
 317       Cold Wars                                - The heroes fight a set of villains led by Skylar again.
 316       Building 26                              - The heroes fight a set of villains led by Skylar again.
 315       Trust and Blood                          - The heroes fight a set of villains led by Skylar again.
 314       (Volume Four: Fugitives) A Clear and     - The heroes fight a set of villains led by Skylar again.
 313       Dual                                     - The heroes fight a set of villains led by Skylar again.
 312       Our Father                               - The heroes fight a set of villains led by Skylar again.
 311       The Eclipse: Part 2                      - The heroes fight a set of villains led by Skylar again.
 310       The Eclipse: Part 1                      - The heroes fight a set of villains led by Skylar again.
 309       It's Coming                              - The heroes fight a set of villains led by Skylar again.
 308       Villains                                 - The heroes fight a set of villains led by Skylar again.
 307       Eris Quod Sum                            - The heroes fight a set of villains led by Skylar again.
 306       Dying of the Light                       - The heroes fight a set of villains led by Skylar again.
 305       Angels And Monsters                      - The heroes fight a set of villains led by Skylar again.
 304       I Am Become Death                        - The heroes fight a set of villains led by Skylar again.
 303       One of Us, One of Them                   - The heroes fight a set of villains led by Skylar again.
 302       The Butterfly Effect                     - The heroes fight a set of villains led by Skylar again.
 301       (Volume Three: Villains) The Second      - The heroes fight a set of villains led by Skylar again.
 123       How to stop an exploding man             - In the final episode of this series, the good heroes save the world.
 122       Landslide                                - Everyone goes after Linderman.
 121       The Hard Part                            - Hiro finds it hard to kill a Skylar who's unsure of himself.
 120       Five Years Gone                          - Hiro and his future self confront themselves in the future and find that things haven't gone the way they should've.
 119       Point zero seven percent                 - Is it worth it to achieve homo superior?.
 118       Parasite                                 - Suresh and Xylar have a confrontation.
 117       Company Man                              - Bennet's role in dealing with the heroes is revealed.
 116       Unexpected                               - Xyler and Suresh team up to work together, as Peter and Isaac have a confrontration.
 115       Run!                                     - Niki reasserts herself strongly.
 114       Distractions                             - Hiro meets his sister and father; Claire meets her mother.
 113       The Fix                                  - Hiro tries to find the real sword to channel is ability is chased by weird people.
 112       Godsend                                  - Matt reveals his ability to his wife and Peter meets Claude.
 111       Fallout                                  - Mohinder returns after Eden dies.
 109       Homecoming                               - The origins of the events that created Heroes is presented.
 108       Seven Minutes to Midnight                - .
 107       Nothing to Hide                          - .
 106       Better Halves                            - .
 105       Hiros                                    - .
 104       Collision                                - Peter is warned of the impending danger by Hiro.
 103       One Giant Leap                           - Claire is almost killed by Brody but survives as her father takes "revenge".
 102       Don't Look Back                          - The "hero" characters explore their power.
 101       (Volume One: Genesis) In His Own Image   - A group of people across the world discover they have weird powers.

Heroes Reborn (19 episodes)

 113       Project Reborn                           - Malina and Tommy save almost everyone; Erica is stranded in a future timeline that stops to exist.
 112       Company Woman                            - As the H.E.L.E. approaches, Tommy is imprisoned and Erica sets her plan into motion.
 111       Send in the Clones                       - Harris Prime is killed by Katana Girl; Micah broadcasts Erica's duplicity to the world.
 110       11:53 to Odessa                          - Erica manages to convince Tommy to work with her but is convinced otherwise by the Miko construct.
 109       Sundae, Bloody Sundae                    - Tommy is captured by Quentin and Phoebe after Caspar dies but Noah reunites with Malina.
 108       June 13 (2)                              - The children of Claire are destined to save the world but Noah's time travelling has changed the future he returns to.
 107       June 13 (1)                              - Hiro and Noah are unable to stop the Odessa bombing but save the children of Claire, who dies during child birth.
 106       Game Over                                - Miko, Quentin and Noah engineer the release of Hiro Nakamura, and latter two travel back in time to stop the Odessa bombing.
 105       The Lion's Den                           - Phoebe kills Farah on behalf of Renautus; Miko gets her sword back.
 104       The Needs of the Many                    - Molly Walker kills herself to prevent her powers from being exploited.
 103       Under the Mask                           - Renautus appears to have found a way to monetise the Evos.
 102       Odessa                                   - Quentin and Noah Bennet team up to uncover the truth behind the Odessa bombing.
 101       Brave New World                          - A secret organisation hunts people with powers after a bombing persuades normal humans that evolved ones are untrustworthy.
 006       Dark Matters: Where the Truth Lies       - Quentin, on the run from Renautus, sets out to find Noah Bennett.
 005       Dark Matters: Renautus                   - Phoebe's brother Quentin strives to uncover the truth behind the events at Odessa, TX.
 004       Dark Matters: June 13                    - Phoebe is set up for a horrific crime allegedly by Mohinder Suresh.
 003       Dark Matters: Registered                 - Phoebe fights for equal rights.
 002       Dark Matters: Phoebe                     - The titular character has the power to absorb light.
 001       Dark Matters: Where are the Heroes?      - The world becomes aware of the existence of heroes and the reaction is typically human.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1 episode)

 10        Dragon's Brood                           - Skeletor and his crew train dragons to attack the Masters.

House M.D. (74 episodes)

 524       Both Sides Now                           - House treats a patient with a split brain.
 523       Under My Skin                            - House stops hallucinating.
 522       A House Divided                          - House throws a bachelor party for Chase.
 521       Saviors                                  - An environmental idealist is saved.
 520       Simple Explanation                       - Kutner is no more.
 519       Locked In                                - House cures a patient who can't communicate normally.
 518       Here Kitty                               - A cat allegedly able to predict death confounds House.
 517       The Social Contract                      - House treats an editor with an insulting personality.
 516       The Softer Side                          - House goes on methadone and becomes nicer, but makes diagnostic mistakes.
 515       Unfaithful                               - Jesus shows up at your doorstep.
 514       The Greater Good                         - A doctor turned chef is the patient.
 513       Big Baby                                 - Cameron takes over for Cuddy and clashes with House.
 512       Painless                                 - A man tries desperately to kill himself.
 511       Joy to the World                         - A high school student trips and the first case of human parthenogenesis occurs.
 510       Let Them Eat Cake                        - A stomach stapled person is treated.
 509       Last Resort                              - A gunman holds a gun to House's head and demands he be diagnosed.
 508       Emancipation                             - An emancipated teenager hides from her parents.
 507       The Itch                                 - An agoraphobic is treated in his house.
 506       Joy                                      - Cuddy names her daughter.
 505       Lucky Thirteen                           - Thirteen hooks up with a one night stand who has a seizure.
 504       Birthmarks                               - An adopted Asian woman tries to meet her biological parents.
 503       Adverse Events                           - A patient on drug trials needs to be treated.
 502       Not Cancer                               - House tackles multiple patients from a transplanted cornea.
 501       Dying changes everything                 - House works on a pregnant woman and tries to keep Wilson from leaving.
 324       Human Error                              - Foreman leaves the team.
 323       The Jerk                                 - Tritter, a cop, goes after House in Season 3.
 322       Resignation                              - Tritter, a cop, goes after House in Season 3.
 321       Family                                   - Tritter, a cop, goes after House in Season 3.
 320       House Training                           - Tritter, a cop, goes after House in Season 3.
 319       Act Your Age                             - Tritter, a cop, goes after House in Season 3.
 318       Airborne                                 - Tritter, a cop, goes after House in Season 3.
 317       Fetal Position                           - Tritter, a cop, goes after House in Season 3.
 316       Top Secret                               - Tritter, a cop, goes after House in Season 3.
 315       Half-Wit                                 - Tritter, a cop, goes after House in Season 3.
 314       Insensitive                              - Tritter, a cop, goes after House in Season 3.
 313       Needle in a Haystack                     - Tritter, a cop, goes after House in Season 3.
 312       One Day, One Room                        - Tritter, a cop, goes after House in Season 3.
 311       Words and Deeds                          - Tritter, a cop, goes after House in Season 3.
 310       Merry Little Christmas                   - Tritter, a cop, goes after House in Season 3.
 309       Finding Judas                            - Tritter, a cop, goes after House in Season 3.
 308       Whac-A-Mole                              - Tritter, a cop, goes after House in Season 3.
 307       Son of Coma Guy                          - Tritter, a cop, goes after House in Season 3.
 306       Que Sera Sera                            - Tritter, a cop, goes after House in Season 3.
 305       Fools for Love                           - Tritter, a cop, goes after House in Season 3.
 304       Lines in the Sand                        - The teenager continues her infatution with House.
 303       Informed Consent                         - A teenager becomes infatuated with House.
 302       Cane and Able                            - House treats an alleged alien abductee.
 301       Meaning                                  - House saves an allegedly braindead cancer patient.
 220       Euphoria 1                               - An inner city police officer is in trouble.
 219       House vs. God                            - House goes against God and comes out even, even though I think he won.
 217       All In                                   - A six year old has the same ailment as House's deceased last patient.
 210       Failure to Communicate                   - House defends his billing practices.
 122       Honeymoon                                - House cures Stacy's Husband Mark by using procedures that are against his wishes.
 121       Acceptance                               - House presents a lecture to a student explaining how he ended up losing his foot.
 120       Love Hurts                               - House goes on a date with Cameron.
 119       Kids                                     - House cures a twelve year old who is pregnant.
 118       Babies and Bathwater                     - House is almost fired, but Cuddy saves him and fires Wilson instead.
 117       Role Model                               - House saves a senator even as Vogler pushes to persuade House to bend to his demands as Wilson is fired.
 116       Heavy                                    - House is asked by Vogler to fire one of his doctors.
 115       Mob Rules                                - House saves the life of a mobster who is gay.
 114       Control                                  - House saves the life of a businesswoman by risking his license.
 113       Cursed                                   - House saves the life of a young boy whose father has lied about his past.
 112       Sports Medicine                          - House cures an athlete who's poisoned by cadmium-grown Marijuana.
 111       Detox                                    - House saves the life of a teenager while going through withdrawal.
 110       Histories                                - House is unable to save a homeless woman who blames herself for the death of her husband and son.
 109       DNR                                      - House saves a jazz musician who doesn't want to be saved.
 108       Poison                                   - House cures two teenagers who've been poisoned by contaminants in new unwashed clothes.
 107       Fidelity                                 - House cures a woman whose sickness is caused by affair.
 106       The Socratic Method                      - House cures a woman who is schizophrenic.
 105       Damned If You Do                         - House cures a nun by determining the source of allergic reaction.
 104       Maternity                                - House cures an infection that is affecting the maternity ward, but needs to sacrifice one of the babies to do so.
 103       Occam's Razor                            - House cures a teenager who was prescribed the wrong medicine.
 102       Paternity                                - House cures a teenager who was adopted with uncertain genetic history.
 101       Pilot                                    - House cures a teacher having seizures due to a tapeworm.

Humans (8 episodes)

 108       Episode 8                                - The synths unite to create a program to make other synths conscious and entrust it to the Hawkins for safekeeping and go their separate ways.
 107       Episode 7                                - Karen teams up with Hobb to take down the Synths even as the Hawkins family struggle with new revelations.
 106       Episode 6                                - Mia asserts herself and reunites with Leo and Max, who then leave the Hawkins family to meet with Fred but are chased by the police.
 105       Episode 5                                - Tom admits to having sex with Anita and is kicked out of the house.
 104       Episode 4                                - Karen turns out to be a synth; Niska vents her anger on humans who abuse synths.
 103       Episode 3                                - Niska begins to resent humanity as Anita impresses her owners with her utility.
 102       Episode 2                                - Laura Hawkins is not happy with Anita, the synth purchased by her husband Joe.
 101       Episode 1                                - A world with humanoid synths that serve humans is about to change as the Singularity takes hold.

Hunters (13 episodes)

 113       New Holy Ground                          - The Exalted end up on top after Liana and Lionel manipulate events so that Moussa is eliminated and the Purge is sabotaged killing all those who wanted to leave.
 112       Pretending to See the Future             - Flynn and Allison track down the location of the Purge missile launch and run into Lionel who has his own agenda; Truss relucantly demonstrates that he is still capable of making the hard decisions.
 111       Telegraph                                - The ETU decodes the Hunter language laying a trap that turns into an attempted genocide by Finnerman that goes horribly wrong.
 110       Our System                               - Flynn's past as the target of a hunt is revealed when he visits a former squadmate from Afghanistan secretly replaced by the alien that hunted them.
 109       Promise                                  - Allison's reunion with her mother goes badly as she learns more about herself; Flynn's descent into darkness continues.
 108       The More I See You                       - Allison's father is tortured in a secret facility by Finnerman, which also holds Lionel who escapes due to Truss' goodness.
 107       Kissing the Machine                      - The Hunters, including Flynn's wife and Brother Four, reprogram Allison who is then returned after a ceremony where the ETU mole is killed.
 106       Bunker Soldier                           - Allison, Flynn, and Dylan go after Brother Number Four, the hunter who became Truss' CIA asset after crash landing in 1980 and now holed up in a Turkish prison.
 105       Her Body in My Soul                      - Flynn's wife turns out to be an alien hunter all along, impersonating a dead human from the time she met him; he loses her yet again.
 104       Love and Violence                        - Flynn and Allison capture Lionel along with a woman who gives birth to his baby through her back; Flynn appears to find his wife's dead body.
 103       Maid of Orleans                          - An ETU team plays cat and mouse with a new form of hunter in the jungles of Mexico; Allison's background is shown in flashbacks.
 102       Messages                                 - Flynn and his partner, Allison Regan, who also happens an alien, track down Lionel McCarthy, the exo-terrorist responsible for his wife's kidnapping.
 101       The Beginning & The End                  - Alien hunters kidnap the wife of FBI agent Flynn Carroll, who is recruited by the Exo-Terrorism Unit (ETU) to deal with the emerging threat to humanity.

Jack Ryan (16 episodes)

 208       Strongman                                - The incumbent President is deposed; Jack rescues Jim with Mike and follows the money trail behind the money operation that leads back to a corrupt US senator.
 207       Dios y Federacion                        - Jim is captured and tortured; Jack and Mike initiate a rescue operation but it is tool late; the current President attempts to cement control.
 206       Persona Non Grata                        - Jack and Jim are taken foricbly to see the Venezuelan President; the US military presence operating in the country is attacked and their leader is killed and the Americans ordered expelled.
 205       Blue Gold                                - Harriet kills Max and makes it appear as though it was done by Jack who goes back to Venezuela after connecting the mining operation to a precious element.
 204       Dressed to Kill                          - Jack then goes to London and tracks down Max who once again evades him; in Venezuela, LIDAR is used to identify the presence of American soldiers.
 203       Orinoco                                  - A raid in the jungle to find the source of connection leads Jack to a mining operation but itleads to a man left behind.
 202       Tertia Optio                             - After Jack's friend, a US senator, is murdered, he stays behind in Caracas escaping a murder attempt by the killer, Max, who turns out to be the protector of his ostensible informant Harriet.
 201       Cargo                                    - Jack and Jim become involved in another conspiracy that seemingly connects the Russians and the Venezuelans.
 108       Inshallah                                - The Ebola plot and a pizzeria bombing turns out to be secondary to the main plot of using a dirty bomb to attack high levels of the US government.
 107       The Boy                                  - Jack's double life costs him a budding relationship with a doctor who identifies a terrorist plot to weaponise Ebola.
 106       Sources and Methods                      - Jack and Jim head out to the Turkey border to get Hanin and her daughters before Suleiman's things can get to them.
 105       End of Honor                             - Jack makes contact with Suleiman who promises to come after him after learning of his brother's death; Suleiman's wife Hanin continues her quest for freedom.
 104       The Wolf                                 - Jack and Jim work with French Intelligence to capture Suleiman's brother but the pursuit ends up with the latter's death.
 103       Black 22                                 - A drone pilot suffers from PTSD; Jack and Jim attempt track of Suleiman's brother in Paris.
 102       French Connection                        - Jack and his supervisor Jim Greer go to Paris to track down Suleiman and end up encountering a suicide bomber.
 101       Pilot                                    - Jack Ryan working as a CIA analyst tracks suspicious financial transactions to a potential new terrorist known as Suleiman who escapes after capture.

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell (7 episodes)

 107       Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell            - Norrell, unfairly blamed, and Strange make up and free the enchanted, but end up being trapped themselves.
 106       The Black Tower                          - Strange manages to summon a magical Faerie, discovers an enchanced Arabella, and ends up being cursed.
 105       Arabella                                 - Strange's wife, Arabella, appears to die and Strange seeks to go insane.
 104       All the Mirrors of the World             - Norell and Strange become enemies seeking to destroy each other.
 103       The Education of a Magician              - Strange works his magic to ensure success for Wellington's wars while Norrell's complicity in Emma Pole's "madness" comes to a head.
 102       How Is Lady Pole?                        - Strange becomes Norrell's apprentice, leading to a passive-aggressive relationship between them.
 101       The Friends of English Magic             - A reclusive magician (Norrell) decides to restore England to its magical glory.

Kid Notorious (4 episodes)

 107       Wedding Belles                           - Robert Evans and Martha Stewart end up being involved.
 105       The Nazi Party                           - Evans joins the Nazi party to expose a Hollywood Nazi.
 102       The F-U Soup                             - Robert Evans and Slash go to Nepal to get some Yak's milk to make soup.
 101       Hip Hop to the Godfather                 - Robert Evans directs a hip-hop play based on the Godfather.

Killjoys (50 episodes)

 510       Last Dance                               - Dutch and her friends defeat the Lady who is left trapped in its human girl form.
 509       Terraformance Anxiety                    - Dutch and her team capture Khylen and destroy a bunch of hatchlings on Westerley; Jaq ends up being captured by the Lady.
 508       Don't Stop Beweaving                     - Zeph returns to her rigidly traditional matriarchal home to obtain a holographic tapestry that will give her a clue on how to defeat the Lady.
 507       Cherchez La Bitch                        - Dutch, Johnny, and D'avin are reunited with Lucy, Zeph, and Fancy Lee on their ship and come up with a plan to find the Lady's source body to eliminate her once and for all.
 506       Three Mutineers                          - The Q'reshi also have other ideas, leading to a complete shit show that ultimately is salvaged with only a few casualites, and the trio being hailed as heroes.
 505       A Bout, A Girl                           - Dutch enters into a prison fight club organised by the Q'reshi elite to win their freedom and hatch a plan to save Westerley, but the prisoners have other ideas.
 504       Ship Outta Luck                          - The trio are placed in a maximum security space prison, where they have to survive against assorted threats, as bait to draw out D'avin's son Jax.
 503       Three Killjoys and a Lady                - Our trio of heroes escape only to find that their fourth member, ship's AI Lucy, has been corrupted by the Lady which leads to it being wiped and their eventual recapture.
 502       Blame it on the Rain                     - Dutch works with Zeph to recover the memories of D'avin and Johnny and they have a happy reunion until Zeph is reexposed to the memory agent and they are captured.
 501       Run, Yala, Run                           - The Lady place our heroes into an artificial reality where they are leading different lives while she terraforms the planet for her offspring.
 410       Sporemageddon                            - The killjoys travel to the green to take the fight to the Lady but she pulls a switch allowing her to get out with everyone's memories rearranged.
 409       The Kids Are Alright                     - The killjoys are able to rescue children kidnapped by the Hullen; Pip dies during the final getaway, leaving Zeph devastated.
 408       It Takes a Pillage                       - D'avin takes his son, Jack, to his childhood home and reunites with his father; Johnny shows up with the Hullen behind seeking his newphew.
 407       O Mother, Where Art Thou?                - Dutch travels through a fake black hole and finds Aneela's mother and a way to stop the Lady; D'avin leaves.
 406       Baby, Face Killer                        - Pip ends up being mind controlled by a Hullen spider that forces him to try to kidnap D'avin's son.
 405       Greening Pain                            - D'avin's son grows at an abnormal rate and becomes a teenager within a couple of days after the gang use an advanced AI to halt his growth.
 404       What to Expect When You're Expecting - A - Dutch returns, feeling broken by the Lady in the Green; Delle Seyah gives birth to D'avin's son.
 403       Bro-d Trip                               - Dutch comes out of the Green just in time to save D'avin from Johnny going full Hullen; Delle Seyah's water breaks.
 402       Johnny Dangerously                       - Johnny is Hullenised to save his life which makes him crave green goo while stuck on a remote prison planet with Delle Seyah and D'avin.
 401       The Warrior Princess Bride               - Khylen heals a wounded Dutch in the Green to fight the Lady by recounting the story of how she and Johnny got their start together.
 310       Wargasm                                  - After Dutch restores Aneela's memories, they realise that they have a common enemy in the Lady in the Green who wants out into our world.
 309       Reckoning Ball                           - Even as Delle Seyah is held captive by John, Aneela impersonates Dutch to take out Alvis.
 308       Heist, Heist Baby                        - To win the war against the Hullen, Dutch plans to kill Aneela, which would result in her own death.
 307       The Wolf You Feed                        - The backstory of Dutch's relationship with Aneela is revealed; D'Avin steps up in Dutch's absence to become a leader.
 306       Necropolis Now                           - Pawter's sister Louella takes revenge on the Nine for her death, but Johnny gets through to her in time; Aneela finds herself alone.
 305       Attack the Rack                          - Team Dutch plan a strike to take out all the Hullen poising as RAC but Aneela goes one up on them destroying all their squads near the Quad.
 304       The Lion, the Witch & the Warlord        - Johnny and Dutch go on the run after he is sought on a warrant for the murder of Delle Sayeh, who has been Hullenised by Aneela.
 303       The Hullen Have Eyes                     - The team's attempt track down the source of their Hullen ships leads them into hot water at an abandoned Hullen training camp.
 302       A Skinner, Darkly                        - After dealing with a brutal Hacmod rebel leader, Johnny returns to the team who were in the process of recruiting new tech to the RAC.
 301       Boondoggie                               - While Johnny searches for Clara, Dutch, D'Avin, and friends go after the Hullen whose goals are to turn humans into a parasite puppet race.
 210       How to Kill Friends and Influence People - Kylen sacrifices himself to destroy the Arken green goo at its source; John gets his vengeance.
 209       Johnny Be Good                           - Pawter manages to save Old Town and all of Westerley with the help of our favourite Killjoys but it comes at an extremely high price.
 208       Full Metal Monk                          - Experiencing Delle Sayah's plans to pacify Old Town, Johnny and Pawter are framed for murder by Jelco; Dutch learns about her double, Aneela.
 207       Heart-Shaped Box                         - Sabine turns out to be a Six belonging to the Black Root; temporarily cured of her condition by D'avin, she is given a fighting chance by Dutch.
 206       I Love Lucy                              - Dutch runs into one of her ex-assassination targets who has become an ageless collector in the crew's quest to uncover the mystery of the green goo.
 205       Meet the Parents                         - Dutch and John both defuse independent crises with D'avin and Pawter respectively.
 204       Schooled                                 - The crew escort children to a space station school for prodigies and find all of the current class dead except for the one gunning for them.
 203       Shaft                                    - The crew enter a mine containing centipedes camouflaged by moss that may produce the green goo used to create Level Six operatives.
 202       Wild, Wild Westerley                     - The Killjoys head back into Old Town under the pretext of serving a warrant and run into the dickest of the dicks.
 201       Dutch and the Real Girl                  - Dutch, John, and Lucy team up with Clara and Alice to free D'avin allegedly from Kylen but there may be a deeper conspiracy at work.
 110       Escape Velocity                          - D'avin is taken by Kylen to Red 17.
 109       Enemy Khylen                             - Dutch learns the Kylen is a level six killjoy.
 108       Come the Rain                            - John tells D'avin that he needs to fix his own messes.
 107       Kiss, Kiss, Bye, Bye                     - D'avin attacks Dutch after they track the doctor who messed with him.
 106       One Blood                                - Dutch retrieve down a deadly weapon stolen by former Killjoy from the Company.
 105       A Glitch in the System                   - The crew deal with cycles of endless torture.
 104       Vessel                                   - The crew help deliver a surrogate.
 103       The Harvest                              - The Killjoys track an immigration scofflaw.
 102       The Sugar Point Run                      - The crew rescue a kidnapped girl.
 101       Bangarang                                - Dutch and John are Two space faring bounty hunters who help the latter's brother D'avin when a bounty is placed on his head.

King of the Hill (238 episodes)

 1318      Uh-Oh Canada                             - Boomhauer switches house with some Canadians.
 1317      Manger Baby Einstein                     - Luanne's hand puppets are discovered.
 1316      Bad News Bill                            - Bobby restarts baseball and Hank resupports him.
 1314      Born Again on the Fourth of July         - Bobby rebels against Hank on July 4.
 1313      Nancy Does Dallas                        - Nancy gets hired at a news station in Dallas but flops.
 1311      Bway My Nose                             - Hank gets a nose job.
 1310      Master of Puppets                        - Hank and Peggy vie for Bobby's attention.
 1309      What Happens at the National Propane Con - Buck Strickland gets inducted into the Propane Hall of Fame.
 1308      Lucky See, Monkey Do                     - Peggy throws a baby shower party for Luanne as Lucky decides to learn based on what a monkey would do.
 1307      Straight as an Arrow                     - The Straight Arrow order is revived again, but in a wimpier fashion.
 1306      A Bill Full of Dollars                   - Peggy loses money in the stock market.
 1305      No Bobby Left Behind                     - Bobby and his friends must pass a standardised test at the Tom Landy middle school.
 1304      Lost in MySpace                          - Strickland Propane goes on to MySpace with disastrous consequences.
 1303      Square-Footed Monster                    - A new "speculative" home is built in the Hills' neighbourhood.
 1302      Earthy Girls are Easy                    - Strickland Propane goes green.
 1301      Dia-bill-ic Shock                        - Bill is diagnosed with diabetes and becomes inspiring.
 1222      Life: A Loser's Manual                   - Peggy's jailbird brother moves in with the Hills.
 1221      It Came from the Garage                  - Hank and Bobby build a boat together and Hank is shown to be afraid to bats.
 1220      Cops and Robert                          - Hank invites a fight and Dale works at a Hooters-like place.
 1219      Strangeness on a Train                   - Peggy goes on a murder mystery train for her birthday.
 1218      The Courtship of Joseph's Father         - Joseph becomes a football star.
 1217      Six Characters in Search of a House      - Peggy has to sell a house in two weeks.
 1216      Pour Some Sugar on Kahn                  - Minh's father, the General, visits Kahn and Minh.
 1215      Behind Closed Doors                      - A child goes missing in Arlen, and Peggy gets made fun of.
 1214      Lady and Gentrification                  - Hank supervises Enrique's daughter's coming of age (Quinceañera) as Peggy tries to sell a house to a whiny client.
 1213      The Accidental Terrorist                 - Hank turns out to be a bigger sucker than Peggy.
 1212      Untitled Blake McCormick Project         - Bill entertains a female guest with a daughter, Kate, who shares paternal DNA with Joseph which leads to hilarity (especially given Dale's obliviousness).
 1211      Transfascism                             - Rare foods are banned by Arlen, and Hank rebels.
 1210      Doggone Crazy                            - Ladybird is considered dangerous.
 1209      Dream Weaver                             - Hank tries to get Dale a new job which backfires.
 1208      The Minh Who Knew Too Much               - Minh becomes an expert marksman at skeet shooting.
 1206      Raise the Steaks                         - Hank goes for organic food.
 1205      Death Picks Cotton                       - Cotton dies.
 1204      Four Wave Intersection                   - Surfers and a heat wave.
 1202      Bobby Rae                                - Bobby leads a walkout.
 1112      Lucky's Wedding Suit                     - Luanne gets married to Lucky who becomes more responsible.
 1111      Bill, Bulk and the Body Buddies          - Bill becomes a bodybuilder.
 1110      Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow                - Nancy loses her hair since she ended her affair with John Redcorn.
 1109      Peggy's Gone to Pots                     - Peggy sells real estate.
 1108      Grand Theft Arlen                        - Hank becomes obsessed with a video game.
 1107      The Passion of Dauterive                 - Bill gets involved with Reverend Stroup.
 1105      Hank Gets Dusted                         - ZZ Top (Dusty Hill) brings along a reality TV show.
 1104      Luanne Gets Lucky                        - Luanne finally gets to go to the prom.
 1103      Blood and Sauce                          - Bill's special barbecue sauce is a hit.
 1102      SerPUNt                                  - Bobby gets a pet snake.
 1101      The Peggy Horror Picture Show            - Peggy befriends a transvestite as she makes an effort to look more feminine.
 1014      Hank's Bully                             - A new neighbourhood kid torments Hank.
 1013      The Texas Panhandler                     - Bobby becomes a bum.
 1012      24 Hour Propane People                   - Strickland is banned from a strip club.
 1011      Church Hopping                           - The Hills try new churches after being dissatisfied with their own.
 1010      Hank Fixes Everything                    - Hank help fight a propane price war.
 1009      The Year of Washing Dangerously          - Kahn buys a car wash shop.
 1008      Business Is Picking up This Year         - Bobby decides to become garbage collector.
 1007      You Gotta Believe (In Moderation)        - Hank leads a baseball team.
 1006      Orange You Sad I Said Banana?            - Kahn tries to reconnect to his Laotian roots.
 1004      Harlottown                               - Arlen becomes a porn haven.
 1003      Bill's House                             - Bill runs a halfway house in his.
 1002      Bystand Me                               - Bobby works a route for a newspaper where Peggy gets a job.
 1001      Hank's On Board                          - Hank tries to prove that he's not uptight.
 915       It Ain't Over Till the Fat Neighbor Sing - Bill joins a men's choir.
 914       Bobby on Track                           - Bobby tries out for track.
 913       Gone with the Windstorm                  - Nancy's weather forecasting gets a lift.
 912       Smoking and the Bandit                   - Dale defies Arlen's smoking ban and becomes the smoking bandit.
 911       Redcorn Gambles With His Future          - John Redcorn shows off his musical chops.
 910       Arlen City Bomber                        - Luanne joins a roller derby team.
 909       Care-Takin' Care of Business             - Hank supports a groundskeeper who lets him down.
 908       Mutual of OmAbwah                        - Hank's insurance policy lapses (includes a funny call center outsourcing joke).
 907       Enrique-cilable Differences              - Enrique turns to Hank for support.
 906       The Petriot Act                          - Hank plays a foster father to a pet.
 905       Dale to the Chief                        - Hank fights to correct an error on his driver's license.
 904       Yard, She Blows!                         - Peggy takes over maintaining Hank's front lawn.
 903       Death Buys a Timeshare                   - Hank tries to persuade Cotton from buying timeshares.
 902       Ms. Wakefield                            - An old lady who used to live in Hank's home returns to die.
 901       A Rover Runs Through It                  - Peggy reunites with her mother.
 822       Talking Shop                             - Bobby becomes a peer counselor.
 821       The Redneck on Rainey Street             - Kahn decides to become a redneck.
 820       Hank's Back                              - Hank hurts his back and does yoga.
 819       Stressed for Success                     - Bobby's knowledge of pop culture puts him on the quiz team.
 818       Girl, You'll Be a Giant Soon             - Hank gets upset about a grilling contest based on charcoal.
 817       How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love  - Hank organises a reenactment of the Alamo.
 816       Daletech                                 - Hank's dad moves in temporarily.
 815       Apres Hank Le Deluge                     - Hank watches over the down dam that leads to him a difficult decision.
 814       Dale Be Not Proud                        - Dale donates his kidney.
 813       Cheer Factor                             - Peggy leads the cheerleading squad.
 812       Phish and Wildlife                       - Bobby goes camping with a bunch of hippies.
 811       My Hair Lady                             - Bill and Luanne become hairstylists.
 810       That's What She Said                     - Hank is the victim of a practical joker at Strickland Propane.
 809       Ceci N'est Pas Une King of the Hill      - Peggy becomes a sculptor.
 808       Rich Hank, Poor Hank                     - Bobby learns the value of money from Hank.
 807       Livin' on Reds, Vitamin C and Propane    - Hang rents a big truck rig to transport his grandmother's modest belongings.
 806       After the Mold Rush                      - Hank finds out that he has mold growing in his house.
 805       Flirting With the Master                 - Peggy goes to Mexico.
 804       The Incredible Hank                      - Hank gets a dose of testerone.
 803       New Cowboy on the Block                  - A former Dallas Cowboy threatens Hank's neighbourhood.
 802       Reborn to be Wild                        - Bobby joins a Christian youth group.
 801       Patch Boomhauer                          - Boomhauer's brother gets married to a girl dated by Boomhauer.
 723       Witches of East Arlen                    - In the season finale, Bobby joins a coven after getting hold of a pack of Tarot cards.
 722       Maid in Arlen                            - Kahn's mom works for the Hills and falls for Bill.
 721       Night and Deity                          - Nancy is afraid that Dale's going to have an affair with a bug exterminator.
 720       Racist Dawg                              - A gas repairman accuses Ladybird of being racist.
 719       Be True to Your Fool                     - Hank, Dale, and Boomhauer are infected with lice spread by Bill, after which Hank learns that he has Bill's name tattooed on his head.
 718       I Never Promised You an Organic Garden   - Bobby grows an organic garden.
 716       The Miseducation of Bobby Hill           - Bobby becomes a propane salesman.
 715       An Officer and a Gentle Boy              - Hank enrolls Bobby in the military academy.
 714       Board Games                              - Minh, Peggy, and Dale's wife all run for the school board.
 713       The Good Buck                            - Buck Strickland is mentored by Luanne.
 712       Vision Quest                             - John Redcorn convinces Joseph to go on a vision quest.
 711       Boxing Luanne                            - Luanne takes up boxing and ends up pitted against Freeda foreman.
 710       Queasy Rider                             - Hank and Peggy buy a motorcycle.
 709       Pigmalion                                - A pork magnate takes a liking to Luanne.
 708       Full Metal Dust Jacket                   - Peggy buys a bookstore.
 707       The Texas Skillsaw Massacre              - Hank accidentally cuts off Dale's finger and has to take an anger management class.
 706       The Son Also Roses                       - Bobby stops being the football team's towel manager and grows roses.
 705       Megalo Dale                              - Dale and the gang try to clear up a rat infestation in the Megalomart.
 704       Goodbye Normal Jeans                     - Bobby excels in Home Economics which makes Peggy jealous.
 703       The Fat and the Furious                  - Bill becomes famous for his Hot Dog eating.
 702       Dances With Dogs                         - Bobby and Hank enter a dog dancing contest.
 701       Get Your Freak Off                       - Bobby gets into a boy band.
 623       Returning Japanese                       - The Hill family go to Japan as Hank meets his long lost half brother.
 622       Returning Japanese                       - The Hill family go to Japan as Hank meets his long lost half brother.
 621       Dang Ol' Love                            - Boomhauer gets his just desserts.
 620       Sug Night                                - Hank dreams about Dale's wife naked.
 619       Bad Girls, Bad Girls, Watcha Gonna Do    - Bobby falls for Connie's cousin.
 618       My Own Private Rodeo                     - Dale reunites with his gay dad.
 617       Fun With Jane and Jane                   - Luann joins a sorority/cult and Hank has to kill some Emus.
 616       Beer and Loathing                        - Peggy starts working for the Alamo Beer Company.
 615       A Man Without a Country Club             - Hank is strongly recruited to be a member of an all-Asian country club.
 614       Of Mice and Little Green Men             - Hank and Dale trade parenting roles.
 613       Tankin' It to the Streets                - Peggy tries to guess the weight of an ice cream and Bill is found to be the victim of a government experiment.
 612       Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret Hi - Peggy becomes a full time teacher at a Catholic school.
 611       Unfortunate Son                          - Hank's father moves in with Hank after his veteran's benefits doesn't hold up.
 610       The Substitute Spanish Prisoner          - Peggy gets conned by a conman who she then outcons.
 609       The Bluegrass Is Always Greener          - Connie plays bluegrass and Bobby tries his hand to comedy.
 608       Joust Like a Woman                       - Peggy fights for gender equality.
 607       Torch Song Hillogy                       - Hank Hill carries the Olympic torch through Arlen.
 606       I'm with Cupid                           - Boomhauer gives advice to Bobby.
 605       Father of the Bribe                      - Bobby and Connie break up.
 604       The Father, the Son and J.C.             - Peggy tries to improve relations between Hank and his father.
 603       Lupe's Revenge                           - Peggy brings back a Mexican girl by mistake.
 602       Soldier of Misfortune                    - Dale becomes president of the local gun club.
 601       Bobby Goes Nuts                          - Bobby learns to defend himself from bullies at the local YMCA in a self defense class for females.
 520       Kidney Boy and Hamster Girl: A Love Stor - Bobby gets No Doubt to play at the high school dance.
 519       Hank's Back Story                        - Hank needs a fake arse.
 518       The Trouble with Gribbles                - Dale sues a tobacco company.
 517       It's Not Easy Being Green                - Bobby becomes an environmentalist.
 516       Hank's Choice                            - Bobby is allergic to Ladybird so Hank builds a new house for her.
 515       Luanne Virgin 2.0                        - Luanne becomes a born-again virgin.
 514       The Exterminator                         - Dale tries a new job.
 513       Ho Yeah!                                 - Peggy befriends a prostitute.
 512       Now Who's the Dummy?                     - Bobby becomes a ventriloquist.
 511       Hank and the Great Glass Elevator        - Dale hooks up with Texas exgovernor Ann Richards.
 510       Yankee Hankie                            - Hank finds out that he was born in New York City.
 509       Chasing Bobby                            - Hank cries about his truck.
 508       Twas the Nut Before Christmas            - Bill becomes a full time Santa Claus.
 507       What Makes Bobby Run?                    - Bobby becomes the school football team's mascot and steals the mascot belonging to a rival team.
 506       When Cotton Comes Marching Home          - Cotton is unable to attend a Veteran's Day parade.
 505       Peggy Makes the Big Leagues              - Peggy fails a star quarterback as a substitute teacher.
 504       Spin the Choice                          - Bobby rejects Thanksgiving.
 503       I Don't Want to Wait for Our Lives to Be - Bobby turns thirteen and Joseph hits puberty.
 502       The Buck Stops Here                      - Bobby caddies for Strickland.
 501       The Perils of Polling                    - Hank loses his interest in George W. Bush because of his handshake.
 424       Peggy's Fan Fair                         - Randy Travis becomes a villain.
 423       Transnational Amusements Presents: Peggy - Peggy is ashamed of her size 16 shoe size and her feet become objectified.
 422       Flush with Power                         - Low-flush toilets create havoc.
 421       Nancy's Boys                             - Nancy and Dale fix their marriage.
 420       Meet the Propaniacs                      - Bobby make propane jokes.
 419       Hank's Bad Hair Day                      - Hank's barber loses it.
 418       Won't You Pimai Neighbour                - Bobby is thought of as a new Lama reincarnation.
 417       Bill of Sales                            - Peggy takes advantage of Bill's low self-esteem.
 416       Movin' On Up                             - Luanne moves out.
 415       Naked Ambition                           - People see each other naked.
 414       High Anxiety                             - Hank Hill is accused of the murder of Strickland's secretary.
 413       Hanky Panky Buck                         - Strickland Propane is taken over by Strickland's wife.
 412       Rodeo Days                               - Bobby is a rodeo clown.
 411       Old Glory                                - Bobby has a new substitute teacher.
 410       Hillennium                               - The Y2K bug threatens the world.
 409       To Kill A Ladybird                       - Dale is scratched by Bobby's pet raccoon.
 408       Not in My Back-hoe                       - Hank has a new friend in Hal (Drew Carey).
 407       The Hank's Giving Episode                - The Hills get stranded at an airport for Thanksgiving.
 406       A Beer Can Named Desire                  - Hank gets a chance to win a million dollars.
 405       Aisle 8A                                 - Connie starts her period while she stays with the Hills.
 404       Little Horrors of Shop                   - Hank teaches shop.
 403       Bills are Made to be Broken              - Bill gets to play football again.
 402       Cotton's Plot                            - Peggy is physically rehabilitated into walking again by her father-in-law Cotton.
 401       Peggy Hill: The Decline and Fall (2)     - Peggy recovers from her skydiving fall.
 325       As Old As the Hills(1)                   - Hank and Peggy celebrate their 20th marriage anniversary.
 324       Take Me out of the Ball Game             - Hank coaches a softball team.
 323       Wings of the Dope                        - Luanna has trouble with her hair class and Buckely shows up as an angel.
 322       Death and Taxes                          - Peggy tutors a death row inmate and ends up being blackmailed into smuggling cocaine into a prison.
 321       Revenge of the Lutefisk                  - Arlen welcomes Reverend Stroup.
 320       Dog Dale Afternoon                       - Dale gets a new power lawnmower.
 319       Hank's Cowboy Movie                      - Hank tries to lure the Dallas Cowboys to Arlen.
 317       Escape from Party Island                 - Hank goes partying.
 316       Jon Vitti Presents: Return to La Grunta  - Luanne gets a job and Hank encounters a dolphin.
 315       Sleight of Hank                          - Hank gets upset at a magician.
 314       The Wedding of Bobby Hill                - Luanne and Bobby almost get married.
 313       De-Kahnstructing Henry                   - Hank discusses Kahn's project to Bill which gets Kahn fired.
 312       Three Coaches and a Bobby                - Hank's old coach returns to Tom Landry High.
 311       To Spank, with Love                      - Peggy uses spanking to discipline her kids.
 310       A Firefighting We Will Go                - Hank and co. become firefighters.
 309       Pretty, Pretty Dresses                   - Bill depresses about breakups and becomes suicidal.
 308       Good Hill Hunting                        - Bobby goes hunting with Hank.
 307       Nine Pretty Darn Angry Men               - Hank defends his mower.
 306       Peggy's Paegant Fever                    - Peggy enters a beauty contest.
 305       Next of Shin                             - Hank and Peggy try to have a child.
 304       Pregnant Paws                            - Hank tries to breed ladybird and Dale becomes a bounty hunter.
 303       Peggy's Headache                         - Peggy finds out that that Dale's wife Nancy has been sleeping with John Redcorn.
 302       And They Call It Bobby Love              - Bobby falls for an older girl.
 301       Death of a Propane Salesman              - Hank is terrified of fires after surviving one.
 222       Peggy's Turtle Song                      - Peggy becomes a angst-ridden singer.
 221       Life in the Fast Lane: Bobby's Saga      - Bobby works as a vendor at the local NASCAR track.
 220       Junkie Business                          - Hank hires a drug addicted who is treated as a disabled person.
 219       Leanne's Saga                            - Luanne's mother Leanne moves in with the Hills after being released from prison.
 218       The Final Shinsult                       - Hank's father tries to obtain a driver's license after a tiff with his wife.
 217       Hank's Dirty Laundry                     - Hank fights in court to have an overdue listing taken off of his credit report.
 216       Traffic Jam                              - Hank and Kahn have to attend a driving school where Bobby learns to be a comedianK.
 215       Three Days of the Kahndo                 - Hank and Kahn's families get into trouble in Mexico.
 214       I Remember Mono                          - Hank and Peggy reminisce about their initial encounters.
 213       Snow Job                                 - Strickland has a heart attack.
 212       Meet the Manger Babies                   - Hank helps Luanne with her puppet show.
 211       Unbearable Blindness of Laying           - Hank goes blind after he sees his mother having sex.
 210       Bobby Slam                               - Connie joins Bobby's wrestling team.
 208       The Son That Got Away                    - Bobbie and Connie get punished and explore a cave.
 207       The Man Who Shot Cane Skretteburg        - Hank and his friends play paintball with teens.
 206       Husky Bobby                              - Bobby is labelled fat.
 205       Jumpin' Crack Bass                       - Hank catches fish with crack.
 203       The Arrow Head                           - A professor starts digging up Indian artifacts in Hank's lawn.
 202       Texas City Twister                       - Peggy and Luanne refurbish a trailer.
 201       How to Fire a Rifle Without Really Tryin - Bobby turns out to be a crack shot.
 112       Plastic White Female                     - Bobby frets about his first boy/girl party and and Luanne frets about her beauty school final exam.
 111       King of the Ant Hill                     - Hank discovers fire ants on his lawn.
 109       Peggy the Boggle Champ                   - Peggy goes to a Boggle tournament and Hank goes to a lawnmower show.
 108       Shins of the Father                      - Bobby meets his grandfather at his birthday party for the first time.
 107       Westie Side Story                        - Kahn moves into the Hills' neighbourhood.
 106       Hank's Unmentionable Problem             - Hang has a hard time with bowel movements.
 105       Luanne's Saga                            - Hank picks up after Luanne's broken heart.
 104       Hank's Got the Willies                   - Hank loves his guitar and meets his hero, Willie Nelson.
 102       Square Peg                               - Bobby wants to enroll in a sex education class taught by Peggy.

Lexx (56 episodes)

 423       Lyekka vs. Japan                         - Kai finally kills Lyekka as she goes on a rampage in Tokyo à la mode.
 422       Trip                                     - Stan, Xev, and Kai hallucinate and try to kill each other off.
 421       Viva Lexx Vegas                          - Stan, Xev, and Kai go to Las Vegas.
 420       Apocalexx Now                            - The carrot alien queen returns to earth to feed as Xev and Kai go to Vietnam to rescue Stan from the Pope's clutches.
 419       Haley's Comet                            - A young rich girl is tricked into thinking she's important.
 418       The Game                                 - Kai and Prince play a very cool Chess game, putting the lives of Stan and Xev on the line.
 417       Dutch Treat                              - Stan once again gets control of the key as the Lexx eats Holland.
 416       Moss                                     - Prince comes back on TV and Stan, Xev, and Kai are almost executed.
 415       Mort                                     - Stan, Kai and Xev evade the police by hiding in the funeral parlour of a crazy mortician.
 414       Prime Ridge                              - Stan, Kai, and Xev buy a house in Ohio.
 413       769                                      - 790 acquires a body and becomes 769.
 412       Bad Carrot                               - The alien carrot ends up loose on the Lexx.
 411       A Midsummer's Nightmare                  - Stan and Kai manage to revive Xev.
 410       Magic Baby                               - Stan, Kai, and Xev return to the Lexx to retreive the key as well as battle Vlad again.
 409       Fluffdaddy                               - The key is stolen from Stanley again by Laika.
 408       Vlad                                     - Kai battles Vlad, a Divine Hunter.
 407       Walpurgis Night                          - The Lexx crew goes to Translyvania.
 406       The Rock                                 - Stanley becomes the King of Newfoundland.
 405       Xevivor                                  - Stanley and Xev star in a TV show patterned after Survivor.
 404       Stan Down                                - Stanley tries to kill Prince but fails.
 403       P4x                                      - A little boy gets hold of the key for the Lexx ship but eventually dies.
 402       Texx Lexx                                - The Lexx crew encounter Prince again who captures Stan.
 401       Little Blue Planet                       - A signal sent from earth by Marconi reaches Lyekka and Lexx move towards Earth after destroying Fire and Water.
 313       Heaven and Hell                          - Stan and Xev retreive Stan's essence and Fire (Heaven) and Water (Hell) are destroyed and all the essences escape; the crew then discover a small blue that remarkably looks like Earth.
 312       The Beach                                - Stan is judged by Prince for his past life.
 311       Girltown                                 - Stan and Kai find Xev, but Stan ends up being captured by the Queen of Girltown.
 310       Battle                                   - Prince captures Xev, but Stan and Kai get her out of trouble (and into the fire).
 309       The Garden                               - The crew discovers a lush garden on Water.
 308       The Key                                  - Prince impersonates Xev and gets the key from Stan.
 307       Tunnels                                  - Kai is repaired after spending time in bureaucrat hell.
 306       K-Town                                   - Stan and Xev find Mantrid again revealing that Fire and Water are like Hell and Heaven.
 305       Gondola                                  - Prince turns out to be the living Kai and kills Duke.
 304       Boomtown                                 - Stan and Xev have their dreams fulfilled as the Duke attacks.
 303       Gametown                                 - May and Prince leave the Lexx together.
 302       May                                      - May kills Prince.
 301       Fire and Water                           - The after 4000+ years of hibernation, the crew wake up beside two planets Fire and Water, with Prince as the former's leader.
 220       End Of The Universe                      - Mantrid destroys the light universe, but is destroyed by Stan, Kai, and Xev (who created him) as they escape to the dark universe.
 219       Brizon                                   - Brizon, the creator of the Lexx, fights with Mantrid.
 218       Brigadoom                                - Kai's story is told in the form of an opera/musical.
 215       Woz                                      - Xev is about to expire and has to rescued by the Dark Lady.
 214       Patches in the Sky                       - Stan enters a dream world that becomes a nightmare.
 213       Twilight                                 - Stan, Kai, and Xev are stranded on a world of the dead where Kai goes nuts.
 212       Norb                                     - Stan, Kai, and Xev pick up a young kid who turns out to be a Mantrid drone.
 210       Wake the Dead                            - The crew wake up some kids in a state of cryogenic sleep and Kai goes berserk.
 209       791                                      - 790 acquires a body and Kai frees a killer.
 208       White Trash                              - Hillbilly stowaways take the ship on a wild ride through the backwoods of the universe.
 206       Stan's Trial                             - Stan is placed on trial for killing 600 billion people.
 205       Lafftrak                                 - The crew end up on a planet where their TV skills are evaluated.
 204       Luvliner                                 - The crew visit the Luvliner and meet Schlemmi aka Fifi for the first time.
 203       Lyekka                                   - Lyekka boards the Lexx and Xev, played by Xenia Seeburg, is reborn.
 202       Terminal                                 - Stan is accidentally killed by Kai and the original Xev played by Eva Habermann dies.
 201       Mantrid                                  - Kai is drawn to Mantrid in the first episode after the movie was made.
 40        Gigashadow                               - In the fourth/film episode, Kai, Stanley, and Xev fight the the Giga Shadow, who turns out to be a survivor of the insect wars who has used humans to eliminate each other.
 30        Eating Pattern                           - In the third/film episode, Kai, Stanley and Xev are stuck in a weird hallucinatory planet as they search for food.
 20        Super Nova                               - In the second film/episode Kai, Stanley, and Xev return to Kai's home planet, Burrins.
 10        I Worship His Shadow                     - In the first movie-style episode, the story about the Lexx, Kai, Xev, and Stanley and their fight against the Divine Shadow is revealed to us.

Limitless (22 episodes)

 122       Finale (2)!!                             - Brian and the FBI work together to take down Sands once again, which enables Piper to escape and synthesise a permanent immunity shot against NZT side effects.
 121       Finale (1)!                              - Brian, dismissed from the FBI, is back in the game after he takes some of the NZT flooded by Sands that enables his escape.
 120       Hi, My Name Is Rebecca Harris            - Brian comes clean to Rebecca as she takes his dose of NZT and they take down Sands together.
 119       A Dog's Breakfast                        - Brian returns from Russia and is kept on a tight leash by the FBI, but Rebecca is incensed when she learns of his connection to Morra.
 118       Bezgranichnyy                            - Brian goes to Russia and works with Piper to can steal a radioactive plant that will help them synthesize a treatment against NZT damage.
 117       Close Encounters                         - Brian's lies catch up to him and he sets off on a plan to salvage his circumstances.
 116       Sands, Agent of Morra                    - Sands enlists Brian's help in recovering his son who has been kidnapped by his former team mates.
 115       Undercover!                              - Brian goes undercover with an insubordinate FBI agent to break up a human trafficking ring.
 114       Fundamentals of Naked Portraiture        - Finch helps solve a case involving stolen minds that have been digitised to create the Singularity.
 113       Stop Me Before I Hug Again               - Rebecca gets closer to connecting Morra and NZT, as Brian helps a man on death row.
 112       The Assassination of Eddie Morra         - A former protege of Eddie Morra goes after him, asking for Brian's help.
 111       This is Your Brian on Drugs              - Some of Brian's coworkers decide to experiment with NZT leading to disastrous results.
 110       Arm-Ageddon                              - Brian hacks prosthetic arms even as he is distracted by his father's helicopter parenting.
 109       Headquarters!                            - Brian helps take down (most of) FBI's Ten Most Wanted.
 108       When Pirates Pirate Pirates              - Naz's career is on the line as she is set up to obtain access to Brian, but he saves the day and her daughter.
 107       Brian Finch's Black Op                   - Brian gets kidnapped by CIA agents to help them assassinate a would-be terrorist but things are not what they seem.
 106       Side Effects May Include                 - Brian goes through NZT side effects as a test by Moira who has ulterior motives for withholding the immunity serum.
 105       Personality Crisis                       - Brian helps brother turn against brother and learns to not sacrifice who he is simply to survive.
 104       Page 44                                  - Brian has to solve murder and espionage cases while committing treason for his master.
 103       The Legend of Marcos Ramos               - Brian meets and breaks up with his ex-girlfriend while uncovering a conspiracy.
 102       Badge! Gun!                              - Brian and Rebecca catch makers of bombs and deadly gene targeting viruses.
 101       Pilot                                    - Brian Finch takes NZT and solves a murder case in which he is the prime suspect.

Little Einsteins (3 episodes)

 205       Melody the Music Pet                     - Leo gets a icky sweet "musical" pet.
 118       The Northern Night Light                 - Quincy makes up a cool version of Rimsy-Korsakov's Flight of the Bumblebee as the kids check out reindeer.
 107       Legend of the Golden Pyramid             - Egypt and the pyraminds are a cool place for kids in cartoons, unlike in reality currently (NYE 2011).

Lost (135 episodes)

 619       The New Man in Charge                    - Hurley and Ben tie up loose ends; Walt takes over from Hurley as protector of the island.
 618       The End (2)                              - Hurley becomes the new protector, with Ben as his assistant; In the afterlife, Jack reunites with all the other survivors and they collectively move on.
 617       The End (1)                              - Desmond initiates the failsafe that begins the destruction of the island but also makes the Man in Black vulnerable, allowing Jack to defeat him.
 616       What They Died For                       - Jacob explains what the survivors died for and Jack chooses to be next guardian of the island.
 615       Across the Sea                           - A well of souls, referred to as the heart of the island, is responsible for the rivalry between Jacob and the Man in Black, fraternal twins.
 614       The Candidate                            - Jack realises that the Man in Black's goal is to get them to kill each other, which Sawyer obliges by accelerating the detonation of their submarine.
 613       The Last Recruit                         - The Man in Black sets into motion his final plan to leave the island, reuniting all the survivors of Oceanic 815 and tasking Sayid to kill Desmond.
 612       Everybody Loves Hugo                     - In the afterlife, Libby attempts to show Hugo their real life experience, and Desmond does the same for Locke.
 611       Happily Ever After                       - In the afterlife, Desmond and Charlie begin to question their reality; In 2007, Desmond is taken from Charles by Sayid.
 610       The Package                              - The Man in Black and Charles declare war, and Sayid discovers that the latter has brought Desmond on his submarine as an ace in the hole.
 609       Ab Aeterno                               - Richard chooses to become Jacob's representative on the island, and ends up becoming a ~175 year old.
 608       Recon                                    - Charles shows up and Sawyer tries to play his side against the followers of the Man in Black.
 607       Dr. Linus                                - Richard's faith in Jacob is tested by Jack assures him there is still a plan; Ben's role in Jacob's death comes out.
 606       Sundown                                  - Claire and Kate reunite but the former doesn't seem to have it all together; Sayid's association with the Man in Black deepens.
 605       Lighthouse                               - Jacob tasks Hugo with taking Jack to a lighthouse that shows that the candidates are being observed and that Jack has an important role to play.
 604       The Substitute                           - The Man in Black tells Sawyer he wants to leave the island, claiming that Jacob selecting candidates to protect the island is of no value.
 603       What Kate Does                           - Sayid is thought to be claimed by the Man in Black; Kate goes after Sawyer who blames himself for Juliet's death.
 602       LA X (2)                                 - The survivors reunite with the Others; Sayid is revived; when Hugo informs the Others of Jacob's death, they make prepations for the Man in Black.
 601       LA X (1)                                 - In 2007, Juliet dies from her injuries; Jacob's spirit goes to Hugo and tells him to take Sayid to the temple to save his life.
 517       The Incident (2)                         - In 1977, Juliet sets off a nuclear bomb at the Swan station; Jacob is killed by Ben with John's persuasion.
 516       The Incident (1)                         - A brief hint of the rivarly between Jacob and the Man in Black is shown; the latter begins to impersonate John.
 515       Follow the Leader                        - In 2007, a resurrected "John" gets Richard and Ben to go with him to shake things up on the island; in 1977, the survivors' cover is blown.
 514       The Variable                             - Daniel is sent back to the island by Eloise Hawking, his mother, in 2004 (Charles Widmore is the father) and is killed by her younger version in 1977.
 513       Some Like It Hoth                        - In 1977, Miles finds that his father, Dr. Pierre Chang, is the one making the DHARMA initiative stations' introductory videos under assumed names.
 512       Dead Is Dead                             - Ben is judged for his actions by the smoke monster which tells him to listen to John; John seems to be more in tune with the island.
 511       Whatever Happened, Happened              - In 1977, Kate and Juliet make the decision to save a young Ben's life, which makes him one of the Others.
 510       He's Our You                             - In 1977, Sayid is tortured and about to be executed but Ben enables him to escape and is shot and left for dead.
 509       Namaste                                  - Sayid joins up with the remaining original visitors in 1977 and befriends a young Ben.
 508       LaFleur                                  - Juliet, Jin, Daniel, Miles, and Sawyer begin a new life with the DHARMA initiative in 1974 until they are reunited with Kate, Jack, and Hugo in 1977.
 507       The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham     - John leaves the island and attempts to persuade the six survivors to return before being killed by Ben who takes over.
 506       316                                      - The Oceanic Six, along with Ben and Frank Lapidus, return on an Ajira Airways flight back to the island with John's coffin in the cargo hold.
 505       This Place Is Death                      - Jin catches up with Locke and Sawyer; Sun finds out that Jin is still alive; John moves the wheel in the Orchid Station.
 504       The Little Prince                        - The time shifts arrive with increasing frequency; John works with Sawyer on figuring out how to leave the island.
 503       Jughead                                  - Desmond attempts to track down Daniel's mother to stop the time shifting on the island.
 502       The Lie                                  - Jack and Ben begin preparations to return to the island where the remaining survivors are jumping back and forth in time.
 501       Because You Left                         - Jack is convinced by John and Ben that he needs to reunite the survivors and return back to the island to save all those left behind.
 414       There's No Place Like Home (3)           - Kate, Sun, Aaron, and Jack leave the freighter just before it explodes; as they head towards the island, it disappears in a flash of light along with the remaining survivors and the Others.
 413       There's No Place Like Home (2)           - The mercernaries are defeated; Ben sets off the dead man's trigger by killing the person responsible for murdering Alex.
 412       There's No Place Like Home (1)           - The survivors make their way to the freighter but find that it is rigged with explosives.
 411       Cabin Fever                              - John, Ben, and Hugo make it Jacob's cabin; the mercenaries on the freighter return with vengeance on their minds.
 410       Something Nice Back Home                 - In the future, Kate and Jack are engaged and taking care of Clare's baby, Aaron; tensions mount causing a split between them.
 409       The Shape of Things to Come              - Charles Widmore's goons ambush Locke's camp, killing Alex, causing Ben to unleash the smoke monster on them.
 408       Meet Kevin Johnson                       - Michael is revealed to Ben's spy on the freighter tasked with protecting the island from Charles Widmore, Penny's father and former leader of the Others.
 407       Ji Yeon                                  - Sun decides to switch to Locke's camp but Juliet persuades her that she needs to get off the island in order to deliver the baby safely.
 406       The Other Woman                          - Juliet is once again manipulated by Ben; it is revealed that he is in love with her.
 405       The Constant                             - Desmond's consciousness travels back and forth between 1996 and 2004 until he finds an anchor in Penny to fix him.
 404       Eggtown                                  - Kate sets up a meeting between Miles and Ben, both John's captives, to find out what the former knows about her past.
 403       The Economist                            - Kate goes back and forth between the two teams; Jack's team loses contact with Sayid and Desmond who left for the freighter.
 402       Confirmed Dead                           - The four remaining members of the team from the freighter make contact with the two survivor groups.
 401       The Beginning of the End                 - A future where six survivors make it out is interspersed with the conflict between two of their groups, each following Jack and John.
 323       Through the Looking Glass (2)            - The survivors win the conflict with the Others and establish communications with an offshore freighter; Charlie dies.
 322       Through the Looking Glass (1)            - Ben becomes aware of Juliet's treachery and tries to turn the tables on the survivors.
 321       Greatest Hits                            - The survivors learn of the imminent attack by the Others to kidnap their women; Charlie sets of to disable the jamming system set up by the Others.
 320       The Man Behind the Curtain               - John is shot by Ben who fears his growing influence with the Others after establishing contact with Jacob, the guardian of the island.
 319       The Brig                                 - Sawyer finally gets his revenge against the con man who cost him his family, while John obtains closure against his father.
 318       D.O.C.                                   - Sun learns that the baby she is carrying is fathered by Jin.
 317       Catch-22                                 - The backstory on Desmond's first meeting his girlfriend with Penny is recounted, as well as his heroic efforts to change the fate of Charlie.
 316       One of Us                                - Juliet appears to be left behind, but seems in actuality to be scheming with Ben to earn the trust of the camp.
 315       Left Behind                              - Kate, Juliet, Sayid, and Jack wake up to find the Others gone along with John, who has decided to join them.
 314       Expose                                   - Nikki and Paulo are buried alive, all for the sake of some diamonds.
 313       The Man from Tallahassee                 - Kate attempts to rescue Jack who has rescued himself along with Juliet, until John blows up the Others' submarine.
 312       Par Avion                                - Kate's team learn a bit more about the motivations behind the Others' actions towards them from Mikhail Bakunin, who is killed by John.
 311       Enter 77                                 - Kate, Sayid, and John encounter a pair of Others at the Flame Station, including one involved in her capture who is killed by the other.
 310       Tricia Tanaka Is Dead                    - Kate returns to the beach camp with Sawyer and immediately sets off to recover Jack, aided by John and Sayid.
 309       Stranger in a Strange Land               - Jack agrees to be Ben's doctor in order to save Juliet's life.
 308       Flashes Before Your Eyes                 - The backstory on Desmond's life before the island is revealed via his individual time travel capability arising from the hatch implosion.
 307       Not in Portland                          - Juliet's background prior to her life on the island is revealed; Jack manages to secure Kate and Sawyer's freedom.
 306       I Do                                     - Jack holds Ben's life hostage in exchange for Kate and Sawyer's freedom.
 305       The Cost of Living                       - Ben becomes Jack's patient due to his spinal tumour; Mr. Eko dies.
 304       Every Man for Himself                    - Sawyer gets conned; Desmond sees the future.
 303       Further Instructions                     - John regains his faith in the island and cleans up his own mess by saving Mr. Eko from a polar bear.
 302       The Glass Ballerina                      - Sun fatally wound one of the Others when they attempt to take on Sayid and Jin.
 301       A Tale of Two Cities                     - Kate, John, and Jack experience the hospitality of the Others, led by Ben Linus and Juliet Burke.
 224       Live Together, Die Alone (2)             - Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Michael, and Hugo are captured by the others, as the computer in the hatch is alleged to cause their plane crash.
 223       Live Together, Die Alone (1)             - Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Michael, and Hugo are captured by the others, the power of the hatch is revealed.
 222       Three Minutes                            - Desmond returns.
 221       ?                                        - Michael's loyalties are shown to be duplicitious.
 220       Two for the Road                         - Ana Lucia and Sawyer hook up.
 219       S.O.S.                                   - Jack and Kate attempt to trade Henry Gale for Walt, as Rose and Bernard's story is told.
 218       Dave                                     - Hugo runs into his imaginary friend and almost commits suicide.
 217       Lockdown                                 - Henry Gale's true origins are revealed.
 216       The Whole Truth                          - Ana Lucia, Sayid, and Charlie go to find Henry Gale's balloon as Sun finds out that she is pregnant.
 215       Maternity Leave                          - Claire, Kate, and Rousseau go after the vaccine for her child.
 214       One of Them                              - A new captive (Henry Gale) is tortured by Sayid.
 213       The Long Con                             - Sawyer's flashback dovetails into the episode as he cons the survivors off their guns.
 212       Fire+Water                               - Charlie thinks Aaron's in danger as he seems to be going insane.
 211       The Hunting Party                        - Michael goes after Walt again and Jack, John, Sawyer, and Kate follow him and come across the power of the others.
 210       The 23rd Psalm                           - Eko's story is told as Clair finds out the secret about Charlie's statue.
 209       What Kate Did                            - John and Eko put together the Dharma Initiative's film.
 208       Collision (aka Old Habits)               - Ana Lucia's past is revealed and the standoff between her and Sayid ends.
 207       The Other 48 Days                        - The story of how the other survivors deal with their crash is told.
 206       Abandoned                                - Ana Lucia shoots Shannnon.
 205       ...And Found                             - Michael goes off into the Jungle to find Walt, and Jin follows him.
 204       Everybody Hates Hugo                     - Hurley ends up being responsible for saving the world.
 203       Orientation                              - The initial set of survivors run into other survivors from Flight 815 as the.
 202       Adrift                                   - Jack runs into Desmond again in the underground cabin.
 201       Man of Science, Man of Faith             - Kate, John, and Jack all go down the hatch.
 125       Exodus (3)                               - Walt is taken, Aaron is returned, and the hatch is opened.
 124       Exodus (2)                               - Jin, Michael, Walt, and Sawyer head out into ocean with their raft.
 123       Exodus (1)                               - Kate, John, Hugo, and Jack find dynamite to blow open the hatch after evading the smoke monster security system; Danielle kidnaps Aaron.
 122       Born to Run                              - Michael is poisoned as Kate's past is revealed to the survivors.
 121       The Greater Good (aka Sides)             - Shannon tries to take revenge for Boone.
 120       Do No Harm                               - Boone dies.
 119       Deus Ex Machina                          - John looses and regains his ability to walk as Boone is injured.
 118       Numbers                                  - Hurley goes after the French woman.
 117       ...In Translation                        - Sun reveals she can speak Engish after all as Jin is accused of burning the raft being built by Michael.
 116       Outlaws                                  - Kate and Jack bond as they discover their common traits.
 115       Homecoming                               - Clair returns but Ethan comes back after her; he is finally captured and killed but not before he claims a victim.
 114       Special                                  - Charlies is tempted to read Clair's dairy as Michael's and Walt's past is revealed.
 113       Hearts and Minds                         - Shannon and Boone's past is revealed as Boone and John try to open the hatch.
 112       Whatever the Case May Be                 - Kate's history is revealed as she goes after a case she finds in a lake.
 111       All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues   - Jack and the rest of the survivors try hard to figure out where Claire has been kidnapped.
 110       Raised by Another                        - The story behind Claire's baby is revealed as the survivors discover someone not on the plane manifest.
 109       Solitary                                 - Sayid's story as a torturer in the Republican guard is revealed as he finds someone new in the Island.
 108       Confidence Man                           - Sawyer's story of how he becomes the confidence man he didn't want to become is revealed.
 107       The Moth                                 - Charlie overcomes his difficulties and is reborn anew like a moth.
 106       House of the Rising Sun                  - The story behind Jin and Sun is revealed as John tries to help Charlie.
 105       White Rabbit                             - Jack's story is revealed as he is shown to be a reluctant leader.
 104       Walkabout                                - A secret about John is revealed as he successfully hunts a boar.
 103       Tabula Rasa                              - A secret about Kate is revealed.
 102       Pilot (2)                                - Things aren't what they seem to be on this island and rescue isn't apparant.
 101       Pilot (1)                                - 48 people aboard an airplane survive its crash on an island in an unknown location.
 013       So it Begins                             - The Man in Black encounters Vincent.
 012       The Envelope                             - Juliet encounters a secret envelope in the barracks.
 011       Jin Has a Temper-Tantrum on the Golf Cou - Jin tries to make a putt.
 010       Jack, Meet Ethan. Ethan? Jack.           - Jack and Ethan cross paths.
 009       Tropical Depression                      - Artz admits his inability to predict the weather.
 008       Buried Secrets                           - Sun and Michael cross paths.
 007       Arzt & Crafts                            - Artz tries to convince everyone to not move to the caves.
 006       Room 23                                  - Juliet alerts Ben to Walt's powers.
 005       Operation: Sleeper                       - Juliet confesses to Jack that she is still working for Ben.
 004       The Deal                                 - Juliet talks to Michael about doing anything to save Walt.
 003       King of the Castle                       - Jack and Ben play chess.
 002       The Adventures of Hurley and Frogurt     - Hurley encounters some competition for Libby's affections.
 001       The Watch                                - Christian has a conversation with his son.

Lost in Space (20 episodes)

 210       Ninety-Seven                             - Children are separated from their parents and the Robot transports them to the location of a human signal, originating from a ship lost for twenty years, manned by Judy's biological father.
 209       Shell Game                               - Will works with Ben to take Scarecrow back to the planet to heal it while his Robot is captured and drilled into to make it behave.
 208       Unknown                                  - Maureen and John fail at their mutiny but convince the captain to try their plan to ferry all colonists; Will's Robot decides to help a dying Scarecrow.
 207       Evolution                                - John ends up under house arrest after he learns of the Resolute's plans to leave most colonists behind; Ben decides to trust the Robot after it displays empathy.
 206       Severed                                  - A metal eating organism threatens the Resolute and the lives of the colonists; after a near and deadly miss, Will finally reunites with his Robot.
 205       Run                                      - June decides to take on the identity of a therapist, and threatens Penny in that role; Judy races to save John's life after an accident.
 204       Scarecrow                                - After some back and forth with Scarecrow, Will identifies the location of his Robot on the nearby planet where the colonists have taken shelter.
 203       Echoes                                   - The Robinsons manage to contain one of the killer robots after them; Will finds a clue to the current location of his Robot from the one named Scarecrow by Ben Adler.
 202       Precipice                                - Stuck at an artificial formulation, the Robinsons' plan is successful and they take off and begin a rendezvous with their colony ship, the Resolute.
 201       Shipwrecked                              - Stranded, the Robinsons and June work together to turn their ship into a sailboat to use lightning to recharge their ship's batteries.
 110       Danger, Will Robinson                    - The Robinsons thwart June; Will's robot recognises him and saves his life but its alien engine transports them to a different galaxy.
 109       Resurrection                             - The survivors find a fuel source that can save them; Will receives a signal from John; June regains control of the robot now imprinted on her.
 108       Trajectory                               - June knocks out Maureen during a course correction, which breaks up John and Don's craft as they are attempting to break the planet's gravity.
 107       Pressurized                              - Judy tries and fails to save one of the survivors while retrieving fuel to launch off the planet that is being consumed by a black hole.
 106       Eulogy                                   - June manipulates events so that John is hurt when the robot defends itself, causing Will to make it jump off a cliff and be destroyed.
 105       Transmission                             - The survivors' attempt to signal the resolute attracts danger, resulting in the robot being outed as orchestrated by June Harris.
 104       The Robinsons Were Here                  - Will decides to stow away the robot after Judy learns that it was the cause of the destruction on the Resolute from other survivors.
 103       Infestation                              - The Robinsons escape and make contact with their mother ship, the Resolute, after their craft is threatened by eel-like fuel eaters.
 102       Diamonds In The Sky                      - The Robinsons learn that they're lost in space, and encounter a fellow survivor who ditches her companion and hitches a ride with them.
 101       Impact                                   - Maureen, Judy, Penny, John, and Will Robinson crash land on an Earth-like planet after being attacked by an alien robot, which later befriends Will.

Lucifer (13 episodes)

 113       Take Me Back to Hell                     - Lucifer dies and learns that his father wants him to return his mother back to hell from where she escaped.
 112       #TeamLucifer                             - Malcolm frames a murder he committed on Lucifer, leaving Chloe with no choice but to arrest the latter.
 111       St. Lucifer                              - Lucifer and Chloe discover that they make each other vulnerable.
 110       Pops                                     - Lucifer and Chloe solve yet another case; Dan ends up being strangled by Malcolm.
 109       A Priest Walks into a Bar                - Lucifer makes friends with a Priest and, with Chloe, helps break up a drug smuggling ring; Amenadiel orders a hit on Lucifer.
 108       Et Tu, Doctor?                           - Lucifer helps Chloe solve yet another case while we learn that her former partner, Da, is corrupt.
 107       Wingman                                  - Lucifer search for and finds his wings, but ends up burning them to further cut off his ties to hell.
 106       Favorite Son                             - Lucifer's wings are stolen.
 105       Sweet Kicks                              - Lucifer helps Chloe solve another murder and prevent a gang war.
 104       Manly Whatnots                           - Lucifer finds out that he is all too human around Chloe as they solve a kidnapping mystery.
 103       The Would-Be Prince of Darkness          - Lucifer helps Chloe solve a murder.
 102       Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil.               - Lucifer and Chloe deal with out of control paparazzi.
 101       Pilot                                    - Lucifer gets bored with Hell and decides to help Chloe Decker, a LAPD detective, solve crimes.

Lucky Man (10 episodes)

 110       Leap of Faith                            - Julian/Golding pulls out all stops to get the bracelet from Harry but Harry is able to overcome them all.
 109       The House Always Wins                    - Harry is also framed and put in jail; his colleagues begin to realise he has been right; Julian is revealed to be Golding.
 108       My Brothers Keeper                       - Harry goes up against Golding's assassin who has framed his brother for murder.
 107       The Charm Offensive                      - Harry pushes his luck to the limit to track down the mysterious Golding.
 106       A Twist of Fate                          - Suri risks her life to bring down a kidney trafficking operation and a corrupt deputy mayor.
 105       The Last Chance                          - Harry's luck helps him get out his pickle and find evidence incriminating Lily-Anne Lau in a murder.
 104       A Higher Power                           - Harry's luck is put to the ultimate test rigourously as he is captured along with Eve while solving a case.
 103       Evil Eye                                 - Harry's skills and his luck helps him catch a motorcycle gang committing robberies.
 102       Win Some, Lose Some                      - Harry's luck helps him do some good, including bringing in a murder suspect, but every such instance has a flip side.
 101       More Yang Than Yin                       - Harry Clayton is given a bracelet that brings him incredible luck even as people around begin to drop like flies.

Malcolm in the Middle (77 episodes)

 722       Graduation                               - Series finale.
 716       Lois Strikes Back                        - Lois takes revenge for Reese.
 704       Halloween                                - Malcolm's house was the site of murders.
 701       Burning Man                              - Malcolm and Reese go to Burning Man.
 621       Buseys Take a Hostage                    - Hal becomes president of the neighbourhood association.
 616       No Motorcycles                           - Hal and Francis go on a motorcycle trip together.
 611       Opera                                    - Dewey writes an opera about his family.
 605       Kitty's Back                             - Francis returns and tortures Dewey.
 604       Pearl Harbor                             - Malcolm and Reese are made fun of.
 603       Standee                                  - Hal gets into a war with the trashman.
 602       Buseys Run Away                          - Hal becomes popular with bodybuilders and the Dewey leads runaway kids.
 601       Reese comes home                         - Reese comes home.
 522       Reese Joins the Army                     - Reese leads his team to victory in war games and Hal is scapegoated.
 518       Dewey's Special Class                    - Dewey is enrolled in a class for "special" children.
 515       Reese's Apartment                        - Reese gets his own apartment.
 513       Lois' Sister                             - Lois donates her kidney to her sister.
 510       Hot Tub                                  - The family gets a hot tub.
 509       Dirty Magazine                           - Malcolm gets censored for supporting a dirty magazine.
 506       Malcolm's Job                            - Malcolm gets a job with Lois.
 502       Watching the Baby                        - Lois finally gets some rest.
 501       Vegas                                    - The family goes to Las Vegas.
 422       Day Care                                 - Hal and Lois join a church for their day care.
 422       Clip Show 2                              - Hal and Lois reminisce about their children.
 420       Baby (1)                                 - Lois' mum visits and Lois goes into labour.
 415       Hal's Friend                             - Hal's friend shows up when Lois is gone.
 415       Garage Sale                              - Reese is in charge of a garage sale.
 414       Stereo Store                             - The boys have a babysitter and Hal takes on a second job.
 412       Kicked Out                               - Malcolm is kicked out of his house.
 412       Boys at the Ranch                        - The boys try to reform Francis who has reformed.
 410       Malcolm Holds His Tongue                 - Malcolm learns to keep his mouth shut but internally explodes.
 408       If Boys Were Girls                       - Lois daydreams that she has girls instead of boys.
 407       Grandma Sues                             - Malcolm's grandmother sues the family as they find out that Lois is pregnant.
 405       Forbidden Girlfriend                     - Malcolm tutors a girl with a crazy dad and Dewey discovers his lookalike.
 404       Stupid Girl                              - Malcolm becomes dumb.
 403       Family Reunion                           - The family attends a birthday party for Hal's father.
 402       Long Drive                               - Lois and Malcolm talk about sex.
 402       Humilithon                               - Malcolm wants to be most popular person in school.
 401       Zoo-episode                              - The family goes to the zoo.
 322       Poker II                                 - Hal plays poker while Malcolm and Reese try to make out with some girls.
 321       Clip Show                                - The boys reminisce to a therapist.
 319       Hal Coaches                              - Hal tries to coach Dewey and Reese blackmails his neighbour.
 318       Dewey's Dog                              - Dewey trains a dog to attack his brothers.
 317       Cliques                                  - The boys enter into the general populace and end up forming cliques.
 315       Monkey                                   - Craig uses a butler monkey to take care of him, but it turns against him instead.
 315       Hal's Birthday                           - The boys celebrate Hal's birthday.
 313       Reese Drives                             - Reese starts to drive.
 312       Cynthia's Back                           - Cynthia returns from Europe with bigger breasts.
 312       Company Picnic                           - The family attends a company picnic with disastrous consequences.
 311       Lois' Makeover                           - Lois gets a makeover, Francis becomes a rat killer, and Malcolm's dad is humbled at basketball.
 311       Company Picnic                           - The family attends a company picnic with disastrous consequences.
 310       Reese's Job                              - Malcolm encounters someone smarter than him and Dewey takes great care of his goldfish.
 308       Poker                                    - Hal loses at Poker and Lois forces Reese to be her dancing partner.
 307       Health Scare                             - The boys' parents are confused about test results and take it out on the children.
 306       Christmas                                - Lois threatens to cancel Christmas.
 305       Malcolm's Girlfriend                     - Malcolm obsesses about his girlfriend.
 304       Book Club                                - Lois joins a book club consisting of alcoholics.
 303       Charity                                  - Malcolm and his brothers show their entrepreneurial spirit by selling items donated to charity.
 302       Emancipation                             - Malcolm outsmarts all the kids in his smart class as Frankie continues his emancipation quest.
 301       Houseboat                                - Malcolm's family goes on a vacation on a houseboat.
 227       Mini-Bike                                - The boys purchase a mini-bike.
 226       Malcolm vs. Reese                        - Malcolm and Reese are pitted against each other by Francis and Dewey babysits a cat.
 224       Flashback                                - Lois fears she's pregnant and she and Hal reminisce about the births of their four children.
 223       Carnival                                 - Malcolm and family go to a carnival.
 220       Bowling                                  - Two parallel outcomes of what happens when the family goes bowling are presented.
 219       New Neighbours                           - Malcolm's family battles with the neighbours next door.
 218       Traffic Ticket                           - Malcolm's mum is framed by a cop.
 217       Surgery                                  - Malcolm almost has his appendix removed.
 211       High School Play                         - Malcolm stars in a high school play.
 208       Convention                               - A sexy baby sitter takes care of the boys.
 207       Robbery                                  - Lois and Craig are hostages at a drug store.
 204       Traffic Jam                              - The family are stuck in a traffic jam.
 202       Halloween Approximately                  - The boys celebrate Halloween a week later.
 112       Cheerleader                              - Reese falls for a cheerleader.
 108       Krelboyne Picnic                         - The family goes to a picnic.
 105       Malcolm Babysits                         - The family lives in a trailer.
 104       Shame                                    - Malcolm picks an incorrect opponent at school.
 103       Home Alone 4                             - Malcolm gets injured when the parents are away.

Manifest (16 episodes)

 116       Estimated Time of Departure              - Ben finds out that there is an expiration date for his family associated with the number of days they were missing; Jared gets insanely jealous.
 115       Hard Landing                             - A criminal abuses his calling power to get away with other criminal activities, much to Michaela's dismay.
 114       Upgrade                                  - Saanvi is forced to "cure" a sick patient under the threat of a gun since one of the passengers has started a religious cult around the survivors.
 113       Cleared for Approach                     - Michaela and the stranger, Zeke, attempt to discover what their calling means; Ben's family is threatened by a conspiracy nutjob.
 112       Vanishing Point                          - Cal leaves his family and waits for a mysterious stranger in a cabin who also is missing time, while also avoiding being captured by the Major.
 111       Contrails                                - The Captain of the mysterious flight Bill Daly attempts to recreate the time lapse by flying through a storm with dark lightning and ends up missing.
 110       Crosswinds                               - Ben tries to track down the identity of a shadowy figure known as the Major who appears to behind the experiments on the passengers.
 109       Dead Reckoning                           - When the experiments intensify, Cal seeks out Ben who is with Vance and saves the victims, but it costs Ben his marriage and Vance his life.
 108       Point of No Return                       - NSA Director Robert Vance helps Ben in his quest, as the experiments attempting to create mind connections begin again.
 107       S.N.A.F.U.                               - Ben goes undercover to figure out a way to save his son; a passenger who told about people about the voices (aka the calling) he hears finds them dead.
 106       Off Radar                                - The government experimenting on eleven of the passengers in secret has an impact on Ben's son Cal, a cancer patient.
 105       Connecting Flights                       - Flashbacks reveals how the people who didn't disappear coped with the loss of their loved ones, and the new relationships that blossomed.
 104       Unclaimed Baggage                        - A stowaway on the flight is committed for not realising five years have passed; the voices heard by some of the passengers are cryptic.
 103       Turbulence                               - One of the passengers is murdered and Michaela's new found intuition helps solve the crime once again.
 102       Rentry                                   - The friends and family left behind have moved on, but siblings Ben and Michaela Stone reconnect even as their powers enable to help others in trouble.
 101       Pilot                                    - Passengers on a flight from Montego Bay to Jamaica reappear after five years, without being aware they were gone, and with a mystical connection.

Marvel: Agent Carter (18 episodes)

 210       Hollywood Ending                         - Peggy and her friends manage to return the Zero Matter to its dimension, causing Whitney to go insane.
 209       A Little Song and Dance                  - Jack Thomson detonates a gamma bomb with the goal of killing Whitney, Jason, and Vernon Masters.
 208       The Edge of Mystery                      - Whitney and Jason work together to create an atomic explosion that will open a Zero Matter rift.
 207       Monsters                                 - Things appear bleak for Peggy when Whitney kidnaps Jason after shooting Ana Jarvis, and Dottie escapes.
 206       Life of the Party                        - Carter breaks Dottie out of prison to steal a sample of Zero Matter from Whitney to stabilise Jason.
 205       The Atomic Job                           - Peggy and her friends need to stop Whitney from recreating the nuclear experiment that originally yielded the Zero Matter.
 204       Smoke & Mirrors                          - The backgrounds of Peggy and Whitney are revealed, as both deal with the consequences of a patriarchal society.
 203       Better Angels                            - Peggy discovers that Jason is still alive but rendered invisible and intangible; Whitney Frost is transformed by the Zero Matter.
 202       A View in the Dark                       - Peggy and Jason Wilkes attempt to steal the Zero Matter but it is released and ends up within Whitney Frost.
 201       The Lady in the Lake                     - Peggy goes to LA to investigate the deaths of people freezing and shattering.
 108       Valediction                              - Carter saves Stark from Fenhoff and Dotti.
 107       Snafu                                    - Carter is exonerated as Ivchenko's scheme goes on full throttle.
 106       A Sin to Err                             - Peggy is caught by SSR.
 105       The Iron Ceiling                         - Carter breaks through the glass ceiling and leads a mission to Russia.
 104       The Blitzkreig Button                    - Stark deceives Carter to recover a vial of Captain America's blood.
 103       Time and Tide                            - Krzemenski is killed after Stark's stolen inventions are discovered by SSR.
 102       Bridge and Tunnel                        - Carter closes in on the Leviathan.
 101       Now is Not the End                       - Stark is framed and puts Carter on the case.

Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (122 episodes)

 613       New Life                                 - Izel and Pachaqutiq are killed by May and Mack respectively, but a new threat emerges in the form of the Chronicom's wanting to reestablish their civilisation on Earth.
 612       The Sign                                 - Sarge chooses to give in to the entity possessing his body, Pachaqutiq, stabbing May and sending her through the portal opened by Izel.
 610       Leap                                     - Izel reveals to Sarge the truth about his origins, that they are noncorporeal beings from another dimension, but he refuses to accept it.
 609       Collision Course (2)                     - Izel escapes Sarge's trap as well as the Agents when they board her ship and rescue Fitzsimmons, due to her ability to hijack host bodies which she uses to seemingly kill Sarge.
 608       Collision Course (1)                     - As Fitzsimmons' ship approaches Earth toward Izel's shrike tower, Sarge sets a trap for her which also ensnares Daisy, May, and Deke.
 607       Toldja                                   - Fitzsimmons and Enoch are further rescued by a mysterious stranger, Izel, who agrees to take them to Earth where the shrike infection is starting to ramp up.
 606       Inescapable                              - Fitzsimmons are locked up in a mind prison by the Chronicom leader and work out their issues when they are rescued by Enoch.
 605       The Other Thing                          - May gains the upper hand and returns with Sarge has her prisoner; Daisy returns without Jemma and Leo who are being conscripted to crack time travel to save the Chronicom homeworld.
 604       Code Yellow                              - May is taken captive by Sarge's team while in the Lighthouse, the world ending parasite he is ofter causes Yoyo to suffer a great loss.
 603       Fear and Loathing on the Planet of Kitso - As Jemma and Daisy make contact with Fitz and Enoch in a lawless planet, he is kidnapped by a Chronicom hunter.
 602       Window of Opportunity                    - May confronts Sarge, the Coulson doppelganger, and his gang; Fitz and Enoch survive on a Xandarian ship.
 601       Missing Pieces                           - While Jemma and Daisy search for Fitz in deep space, Mack leads the Agents in Coulson's absence; while tracking strange energy anomalies, May comes across a mysterious figure who looks like Coulson.
 522       The End                                  - Daisy is able to defeat Talbot; Coulson decides to spend his last days with May; Jemma heads to space to find Fitz before he arrives in the future when he dies in the present.
 521       The Force of Gravity                     - The Agents escape from and destroy the Confederacy ship, and discover that can either save Coulson or kill Talbot and save the world.
 520       The One Who Will Save Us All             - Talbot as Graviton suffers from severe psychosis and views the Agents as the enemy, resulting in Daisy being captured.
 519       Option Two                               - Talbot infuses himself with gravitonium when the Confederacy attacks the Lighthouse and helps the agents thwart the attack.
 518       All Roads Lead                           - Ruby is unable to control her gravitonium infused powers; Yo Yo literally ends Hale's reason for stopping humanity's destruction.
 517       The Honeymoon                            - Daisy's team rescues Coulson and Talbot, who appears to be a Manchurian candidate; Jemma, Yo, Yo, and Leo go rogue.
 516       Inside Voices                            - Coulson and Talbot escape Hale's custody with Creel's help, while Robin gives Daisy and May a lead on their location.
 515       Rise and Shine                           - Hale attempts to convince Coulson to join forces to defeat an alien threat, but he balks when she reveals that her plan is to create the Destroyer of Worlds.
 514       The Devil Complex                        - Leo channels the Doctor from the Framework to make the hard choice of restoring Daisy's powers to seal the rift.
 513       Principia                                - The team tries to find gravitonium to seal the dimensional rift; Deke finds out that he is the grandson of Jemma and Leo.
 512       The Real Deal                            - The team deals with horrors arising from a rift to a nightmare dimension; Jemma and Leo are married.
 511       All the Comforts of Home                 - The team returns to find out they they are most wanted; a confrontation results in Yo Yo arms being cut off.
 510       Past Life                                - The team plan an all out assault against Kasius' forces, killing them and activating the monolith to return back to the present.
 509       Best Laid Plans                          - Sinara is killed by Daisy as the Zephyr makes its way to the lighthouse; Yo Yo and Mack deal a blow to Kasius' operation.
 508       The Last Day                             - Robin dies as some survivors attempt to prevent catastrophe by eliminating Daisy, indicating that time is like a river.
 507       Together or Not at All                   - Daisy, Jemma, and Leo reunite with the rest of the team and head to the surface, where May is rescued by Enoch.
 506       Fun & Games                              - As Daisy and Sinara fight to the death, Fitz executes his plan with Jemma's help to escape Kasius' grasp.
 505       Rewind                                   - The backstory of how Leo went about his mission to save his friends is revealed.
 504       A Life Earned                            - May fights with Sinara; Coulson interrogates Deke; Leo makes an appearance; Kasius' plan for the station is revealed.
 503       A Life Spent                             - Daisy is seemingly sold out by Deke while going after Jemma; Coulson and the others discover a transmission originating from the broken Earth.
 502       Orientation (2)                          - The surviving humans on the space station live subserviently to Kree overlords, who turn Jemma into one of their servitors.
 501       Orientation (1)                          - The agents are transported by the monolith far into the future where the Earth has been destroyed.
 422       World's End                              - As the framework collapses, the agents are able to defeat Aida with the help of the Ghost Rider, following which they are whisked off to space.
 421       The Return                               - A furious Aida, rejected by Fitz, reverts to her murderous ways vowing to make everyone in our world suffer.
 420       Farewell, Cruel World!                   - Fitz is torn apart by his actions when everyone, save Mack, escapes the framework, with Aida becoming a real human.
 419       All the Madame's Men                     - Daisy escapes from Hydra's custody with May's help; Trip and Jemma discover Aida's true motivations.
 418       No Regrets                               - The Patriot sacrifices himself to save a bunch of children which forces May to reconsider the actions of her side.
 417       Identity and Change                      - Daisy and Radcliffe suffer at the hands of Fitz, who goes full on psycho thanks to Aida's brainwashing.
 416       What If                                  - Within the Framework, Jemma and Daisy fight for their lives in a topsy turvy reality (though Ward is still a double agent).
 415       Self Control                             - Jemma and Daisy thwart an LMD take over of the agency and enter the Framework to recover their captured compatriots.
 414       The Man Behind the Shield                - Aida switches the top agents with their corresponding LMDs, but Jemma and Leo become aware of the deception.
 413       BOOM                                     - Nadir is tested by terrigen but ends up being blown up by one the doing the testing; the Agents figure out that May is alive.
 412       Hot Potato Soup                          - Despite the May LMD's deception being revealed, Radcliffe and his collaborators get a hold of the Darkhold.
 411       Wake Up                                  - Nadir gets the upper hand by using LMDs to spy on the agents catching them in the act of violating the Sokovia Accords.
 410       The Patriot                              - Mace turns out not to be an Inhuman but rather a patriot enhanced with a superserum; LMD May questions her self.
 409       Broken Promises                          - Aida goes off the reservation and attempts to steal the Darkhold, a plan revealed to be masterminded by Radcliffe.
 408       The Laws of Inferno Dynamics             - Daisy, the Ghost Rider, and the agents take down Eli, with the former rejoining the agency.
 407       Deals with Our Devils                    - Coulson, Leo, and Eli are trapped in limbo, and AID reads from the Darkhold to rescue them.
 406       The Good Samaritan                       - The story of how Robbie obtained his powers is revealed; Eli Morrow turns out to be the mastermind behind the Momentum Labs fiasco.
 405       Lockup                                   - The agents try to break out Robbie's uncle Eli from prison before Lucy gets to him, failing due to the Ghost Rider's quest for vengeance.
 404       Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire           - The agents team up with Quake and the Ghost Rider to take down Hellfire, who is working with the Watchdogs.
 403       Uprising                                 - Director Jeff Mace announces the existence of the agency to the world after they foil a Watchdog attack that framed Inhumans.
 402       Meet the New Boss                        - People trapped in the form of ghost-like entities return to claim vengeance, with the Ghost Rider meting his own on them.
 401       The Ghost                                - The band has been separated; Daisy, on her own as Quake, tracks down the Ghost Rider but he backs off from punishing her.
 322       Ascension-episode                        - Lincoln sacrifices his life for everyone's mistakes as he and Hive appear to die in space together.
 321       Absolution                               - The agents capture Hive in a gel matrix but a surprise attack when he is moved to their headquarters frees him.
 320       Emancipation                             - Daisy thinks she is breaking Lincoln out but Lash shows up and releases her from Hive's control, before being killed.
 319       Failed Experiments                       - Hive sets off an alert that pits him and his fellow inhumans against Kree hunters; Daisy's former ties are put to test.
 318       The Singularity                          - Hive and company ally themselves with transhumanism to remake the world in their image.
 317       The Team                                 - The Secret Warriors free the agents under siege by Hydra, but Hive gets ahold of Daisy and causes her to turn traitor.
 316       Paradise Lost                            - Ward/Hive kills Malick's daughter to balance the scales, and Daisy gets a reason to assemble the Secret Warriors.
 315       Spacetime                                - An Inhuman that can offer glimpses into the future and kidnapped by Hydra has to be saved by Daisy and her compatriots.
 314       Watchdogs                                - An anti-alien group led by a former agent Felix Blake targets Inhumans, but is actually being manipulated by Malick/Hydra.
 313       Parting Shot                             - Bobbi and Hunter save the Russian Prime Minister from being deposed by a coup orchestrated by Malick, resulting in them being disavowed.
 312       The Inside Man                           - Talbor's son is held hostage by Malick to get him to turn against Coulson and his team.
 311       Bouncing Back                            - The team partner with a new Inhuman, Yo Yo, from Columbia as Coulson pursues his vendetta with Malick.
 310       Maveth                                   - Coulson kills Ward but the Hydra entity takes control of his body and enters our world.
 309       Closure                                  - Coulson goes after Ward with a vengeance (and through the monolith portal) after Ros is murdered.
 308       Many Heads, One Tale                     - The origins of Hydra, their relationship to the Inhumans, and their long game are revealed.
 307       Chaos Theory                             - Lash is captured and put in stasis.
 306       Among Us Hide                            - Andrew Garner turns out to Lash, an Inhuman that is tracking and killing others like himself.
 305       4,722 Hours                              - Jemma narrates to Fitz what transpired on the alien planet and how she fell in love with a NASA astronaut.
 304       Devils You Know                          - Hunter goes after Ward who gets shot but takes his revenge on Andrew.
 303       A Wanted (Inhu)man                       - Daisy attempts to bring in Lincoln but Coulson has to make compromises.
 302       Purpose in the Machine                   - Jemma Simmons is rescued by Leo Fitz jumping into the Monolith wormhole.
 301       Laws of Nature                           - The US government goes after Inhumans with extreme prejudice as Coulson and gang try to save them.
 222       S.O.S. (2)                               - Everone faces losses as they fight to stop Jiaying.
 221       S.O.S. (1)                               - It's Inhumans vs. S.H.I.E.L.D..
 220       Scars                                    - The reunited S.H.I.E.L.D. meet with Jiaying's people but it leads to war.
 219       The Dirty Half Dozen                     - Coulson's team rescue the prisoners from the Hydra base.
 218       The Frenemy of My Enemy                  - Ward and Coulson team up but Deathlok and Lincoln are captured by Hydra.
 217       Melinda                                  - May's backstory is detailed as Skye finds hers.
 216       Afterlife                                - Coulson attempts to take back S.H.I.E.L.D..
 215       One Door Closes                          - Gonzales and his team take over Coulson's base; Skye goes with Gordon.
 214       Love in the Time of Hydra                - Coulson's agenda is questioned.
 213       One of Us                                - Skye's father tries to get her back.
 212       Who You Really Are                       - A Kree warrior and Lady Sif are both after Skye whose abilities are revealed.
 211       Aftershocks                              - The agents go after Hydra as Skye and Raina become aware of their powers.
 210       What They Become                         - Skye finds out that she is Daisy Johnson aka Quake.
 209       Ye Who Enter Here                        - The Bus is about to be shot down.
 208       The Things We Bury                       - The team find the city.
 207       The Writing on the Wall                  - Coulson finally realises that he has been carving a blueprint of a city.
 206       A Fractured House                        - Grant Ward is turned over to his brother Christian.
 205       A Hen in the Wolf House                  - Skye learns the truth about her father.
 204       Face My Enemy                            - Raina is given 48 hours by Whitehall to give him the Obelisk.
 203       Making Friends and Influencing People    - Skye finds out that her father is alive and looking for her.
 202       Heavy is the Head                        - Raina touches the artifact which allows it to live.
 201       Shadows                                  - The team struggles to stay relevant.
 122       Beginning of the End                     - Fury returns to save the day.
 121       Ragtag                                   - Ward attempts to kill Fitz and Simmons.
 120       Nothing Personal                         - Skye escapes Ward.
 119       The Only Light in the Darkness           - Coulson's love interest is saved by one of the Fridge escapees.
 118       Providence                               - S.H.I.E.L.D. is pushed to extinction.
 117       Turn, Turn, Turn                         - Hydra takes over.
 116       End of the Beginning                     - The team think they have the Clairvoyant.
 115       Yes Men                                  - Lady Sif makes a guest appearance to silence Lorelei.
 114       T.A.H.I.T.I.                             - Skye is revived with the same stuff that brought Coulson back from death.
 113       T.R.A.C.K.S.                             - Skye is shot and Deathlok is born.
 112       Seeds                                    - The team return to the Academy to solve a mystery.
 111       The Magical Place                        - Coulson is recovered, thanks to Skye.
 110       The Bridge                               - Coulson is kidnapped.
 109       Repairs                                  - A man protects the person he loves.
 108       The Well                                 - An Asgardian staff causes people to go beserk.
 107       The Hub                                  - The team goes after a sound-based weapon.
 106       FZZT                                     - A Chitauri virus spreads via electricity.
 105       Girl in the Flower Dress                 - SKye's real reason for joining the team is revealed.
 104       Eye Spy                                  - A former protege of Coulson is controlled via an exploding eye camera.
 103       The Asset                                - The origin of Graviton.
 102       0-8-4                                    - The team retrieve a Tesseract from Peru.
 101       Pilot                                    - Agent Phil Coulson starts putting together his crazy team.

Marvel: Avengers Assemble (78 episodes)

 326       Civil War (4): Avengers Revolution       - The Avengers defeat Ultron with the help of Dr. Strange, but Tony has to be left in between dimensions.
 325       Civil War (3): The Drums of War          - Black Window and the Inhumans break out the Avengers and bring down Marsh, who turns out be Ultron in disguise.
 324       Civil War (2): The Mighty Avengers       - A new team of Avengers battles and takes down the old one after they quit; Captain America is injured.
 323       Civil War (1): The Fall of Attilan       - Maximus manipulates Inferno into destroying Attilan, which leads to the registration of all Inhumans.
 322       World War Hulk                           - After the Red Hulk is corrupted by the leader, the Green Hulk goes toe to toe with him and proves that he's strongest mentally.
 321       Building the Perfect Weapon              - The Leader unleashes Ultimo on the Avengers while the Hulk continues to be benched.
 320       U-Foes                                   - The Avengers encounter and defeat the U-Foes, though Hulk is replaced by the Red Hulk.
 319       The House of Zemo                        - Helmut Zemo brings his father Heinrich Zemo to the present and transports three Avengers to the past.
 318       Ant-Man Makes It Big                     - The Avengers go to Hollywood and work with Ant-Man to thwart an offended Egghead.
 317       Panther's Rage                           - The Avengers team up with Black Panther to defeat Klaw, the villainous master of sound.
 316       Captain Marvel                           - Captain Marvel teams up with the Avengers to defeat a Kree attack on Earth.
 315       A Friend in Need                         - Vision learns how to make friends while the Avengers battle Ultron in the Destroyer Armour.
 314       Seeing Double                            - Baron Strucker transforms the Hulk using the Winter Soldier program after reactivating the Red Room.
 313       Into the Future                          - The Avengers defeat Kang in the 30th century with the help of future Thor and a group of rebels.
 312       The Conqueror                            - Kang the Conqueror shows up and battles the Avengers, transporting all but Thor to the future.
 311       The Kids Are Alright                     - The Avengers battle the Ghost with the help of Ms. Marvel and Inferno.
 310       The Inhumans Condition                   - Ultron returns with plans to use Black Bolt's voice to power a weapon to destroy all of humanity.
 309       Inhumans Among Us                        - The Avengers encounter the Inhumans and learn of the terrigenesis process that enables their creation.
 308       Dehulked                                 - Hulk is turned into Bruce Banner by his old lab assistant Igor Drenkov jealous of his superhero status.
 307       Into the Dark Dimension                  - The Avengers and Dr. Strange team up to defeat Dormammu, the ruler of the Dark Dimension.
 306       Thunderbolts Revealed                    - The Thunderbolts turn out to be Masters of Evil, but all but Zemo decide to become heroes.
 305       Thunderbolts                             - The Avengers team up with a new superhero team to take down Justin Hammer.
 304       Under Siege                              - The Avengers deal with Zemo and a pumped up Masters of Evil.
 303       Saving Captain Rogers                    - The grandson of Baron Heinrich Zemo, Helmut, hynotises Captain America in his quest to recreate the supersoldier serum.
 302       The Ultimates                            - Ultron replaces the Avengers with their ultimate artificial doppelgangers.
 301       Adapting to Change                       - The Avengers are a bit rusty battling the Masters of Evil; Ultron begins his revolution at A.I.M.
 226       Avengers Worlds (2)                      - Thanos is defeated.
 225       New Frontiers (3)                        - Thanos escapes and threatens to destroy Earth.
 224       Avengers Underground (2)                 - The Avengers defeat the Squadron Supreme.
 223       Avengers' Last Stand (1)                 - The Squadron Supreme appears to defeat the Avengers.
 222       Midgard Crisis                           - Zarda tries to sway Thor to side with the Squadron Supreme.
 221       Spectrums                                - The Avengers face off against Dr. Spectrum who is really controlled by his Power Prism.
 220       Terminal Velocity                        - Hulk has to use his brains instead of his brawn to save the day.
 219       The New Guy                              - Hawkeye and Ant-Man clash but finally learn to get along.
 218       The Ultron Outbreak                      - Taking down Ultron causes the Avengers to reunite.
 217       Secret Avengers                          - The Avengers go up against the Winter Guard.
 216       Small Time Heroes                        - The streamlined Avengers led by Tony deal with M.O.D.O.K.
 215       Avengers Disassembled                    - Ultron machinations cause the team to break up.
 214       Crack in the System                      - Captain America quits in response to Stark's self-centredness.
 213       Thanos Triumphant                        - Thanos wields and loses the Infinity Gauntlet which is taken over by Ultron.
 212       Widow's Run                              - The Black Widow attempts to protect the Infinity gems but Thanos gains control.
 211       Downgraded                               - Hawkeye and Falcon learn to respect each other's skills in Vanaheim.
 210       Back to the Learning Hall                - Thor goes back to Asgard to graduate as Loki abuses the Space Gem.
 209       The Dark Avengers                        - The Squadron Supreme use the Reality Gem to make themselves the good guys.
 208       Head to Head                             - The Mind Gem causes a mind swap between the team members.
 207       The Age of Tony Stark                    - Tony plays with the Time Gem.
 206       Nighthawk                                - Another Squadron Supreme member joins Hyperion in tormenting the Avengers.
 205       Beneath the Surface                      - The Avengers aid Lady Zartra to rebel against Attuma.
 204       Ghosts of the Past                       - The Winter Solider attempts to gain revenge on the Red Skull.
 203       Valhalla Can Wait                        - Loki schemes with Hela to take on Thor and the Avengers.
 202       Thanos Rising                            - Thanos is defeated with Arsenal's sacrifice.
 201       The Arsenal                              - The Red Skull in possession of the Power Infinity Gem is followed by Thanos.
 126       The Final Showdown                       - The Cosmic Skull goes all out and loses.
 125       Exodus                                   - The Cosmic Skull arises after doublecrossing his Cabal.
 124       Crime and Circuses                       - Hawkeye's past catches up with him.
 123       One Little Thing                         - Ant-Man's Pym particles wreak havoc.
 122       Guardians and Space Knights              - Galactus returns and Iron Man has a plan.
 121       By the Numbers                           - The Cabal go on up on the Avengers.
 120       All-Fathers Day                          - Odin comes to Earth to test the Avengers.
 119       The Ambassador                           - Doom requests the help of the Avengers against the Cabal.
 118       Mojo World                               - Hulk and Hawkeye are kidnapped by Mojo to fight as gladiators.
 117       Savages                                  - The team spend 24 hours in the Savage Land without technology.
 116       Bring on the Bad Guys                    - The cabal organise to free Hyperion.
 115       Planet Doom                              - Thor thwarts Doom's manipulation of the timeline.
 114       Hulk's Day Out                           - Hulk loses his memory.
 113       In Deep                                  - Captain America and Iron Man face off against the Cabal underwater.
 112       Avengers: Impossible                     - The Impossible Man fixates on Falcon.
 111       Hulked Out Heroes                        - Hulk is the strongest there is.
 110       The Doomstroyer                          - Loki aids the Avengers after Doom gets hold of the Destroyer armour.
 109       Depth Charge                             - The Hulk saves Manhattan from Attuma.
 108       Molecule Kid                             - Owen Reece's son wants to be a hero.
 107       Hyperion                                 - Hyperion is a villain?.
 106       Super-Adaptoid                           - Hammer creates the Adaptoid?.
 105       Blood Feud                               - Draculk and Hulkula/Hula vs. the Avengers.
 104       The Serpent of Doom                      - The Avengers battle the Serpent of Midgard.
 103       Ghost of a Chance                        - Space Phantoms invade.
 102       The Avengers Protocol (2)                - The Red Skull and MODOK are defeated.
 101       The Avengers Protocol (1)                - The Red Skull uses a brain swapping device.

Marvel: Cloak and Dagger (10 episodes)

 110       Colony Collapse                          - Tandy and Tyrone work together to release the dark energy from underground into the sky, thereby saving the city.
 109       Back Breaker                             - Tyrone is framed for the murder of a cop, and Roxxon's CEO puts out a hit on Tandy, as the dark energy from the oil rig starts driving people crazy.
 108       Ghost Stories                            - Tandy finds out that her father was abusive towards her mother and makes a deal with Roxxon's CEO; Tyrone gets the corrupt officer to confess.
 107       Lotus Eaters                             - Tandy and Tyrone enter the mind of a catatonic patient who survived the Roxxon oil rig explosion that killed her father.
 106       Funhouse Mirrors                         - Tandy and Tyrone make initial misteps in their pursuit of justice, with the latter loosing a childhood friend.
 105       Princeton Offense                        - Tandy and Tyrone continue to work to face their demons, a Roxxon Corporation coverup and a corrupt vice officer respectively.
 104       Call/Response                            - Tandy and Tyrone communicate and discover that they have antagonistic powers that are orthogonal to their personalities.
 103       Stained Glass                            - Tandy and Tyrone discover that they have a connection to each other but initially shy away from confronting item.
 102       Suicide Sprints                          - As their powers blossom, Tandy continues to run away from her problems and Tyrone gives in to her anger.
 101       First Light                              - Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson discover their superpowers in the form of controlling light and darkness.

Marvel: Daredevil (26 episodes)

 213       A Cold Day in Hell's Kitchen             - Daredevil and Elektra defeat Nobu, with help from the Punisher and Stick; Elektra is killed, and ressurected by the Hand.
 212       The Dark at the End of the Tunnel        - The Blacksmith and Black Sky are revealed to be a colonel trained Frank and Elektra, respectively.
 211       .380                                     - Daredevil and the Punisher team up to find the Blacksmith.
 210       The Man in the Box                       - Someone starts killing Frank's enemies in an attempt to frame him but Karen isn't buying it.
 209       Seven Minutes in Heaven                  - Fisk manipulates the Punisher who ends earning his freedom; Daredevil fights Nobu who has been resurrected by the Hand.
 208       Guilty as Sin                            - The Punisher takes the stand and makes a mess of his defense; Elektra choose Matt over Stick; Fisk reappears in prison.
 207       Semper Fidelis                           - The relanships between Matt, Foggy, and Karen starts treading water in part due to Elektra's manipulation.
 206       Regrets Only                             - Daredevil and Elektra team up; Nelson and Murdock end up representing the defendant in People vs. Frank Castle.
 205       Kinbaku                                  - Elektra shows up and continues her manipulation of Daredevil.
 204       Penny and Dime                           - The Punisher is taken prisoner and tortured by a Irish mobster but is rescued by Daredevil.
 203       New York's Finest                        - Daredevil beats down the Punisher and the Dogs of Hell motorcycle gang in an amazing stairwell fight scene.
 202       Dogs to a Gunfight                       - The police lay a trap for the Punisher but he escapes after capturing Daredevil.
 201       Bang                                     - The Punisher starts picking off the criminals in Hell's Kitchen and Daredevil is shot while trying to stop him.
 113       Daredevil                                - Fisk is stopped by Daredevil.
 112       The Ones We Leave Behind                 - Gao leaves for her homeland and Urich bites the dust.
 111       The Path of the Righteous                - Wesley suffers from lead poisoning.
 110       Nelson v. Murdock                        - The relationship between Foggy and Matt is tested.
 109       Speak of the Devil                       - Fisk sets up Matt but fails to finish him.
 108       Shadows in the Glass                     - Fisk comes out.
 107       Stick                                    - Matt is paid a visit from his old mentor.
 106       Condemned                                - Fish finishes off the Russians and corners Matt.
 105       World on Fire                            - Fisk makes his move against the Russians.
 104       In the Blood                             - Claire Temple is kidnapped by the Russians but is rescued by Matt.
 103       Rabbit in a Snow Storm                   - Matt and Foggy argue their first case.
 102       Cut Man                                  - Daredevil overcomes a trap laid for him and rescues a kidnapped boy.
 101       Into the Ring                            - Matt Murdoch and Foggy Nelson start their law careers while the former vigilantes on the side.

Marvel: Guardians of the Galaxy (67 episodes)

 225       Unfortunate Son                          - Peter lets his father out of the prison to deal with the threat of Korvac who has turned the Guardians into his automata.
 224       Behind Gold Eyes                         - Warlock saves the galaxy with the help of the Guardians and Nova though J'Son manages to escape with a helmet.
 223       You're No Good                           - The Guardians battle the Magus and use the Nova helmets to contain him along with Sam Alexander's help.
 222       It's Tricky                              - Peter and Yondu attempt to outprank each other during the Xandarian Feast of the Three Grinning Moons.
 221       Another One Bites the Dust               - Warlock turns into the evil Magus bent on universal domination after absorbing J'Son into his soul gem.
 220       I've Seen All Good People                - Gamora tries to train Warlock in the art of combat, and which is tested by the Collector who desires his soul gem.
 219       You Can't Always Get What You Want       - Adam Warlock tries to give Rocket hope by attempting to reevolve his family.
 218       Destroyer                                - The Guardians go to a temple on Drax's homeworld to summon Warlock to help them in their fight against J'Son.
 217       Mr. Roboto                               - The Guardians track down a robot weapons designer to find a way to deactivate the Centurion helmets stolen by J'Son.
 216       Nova Me, Nova You                        - J'Son goes after Sam's family to get his helmet; the Nova Corps agree to train Sam as a Centurion.
 215       Knights in Black Helmets                 - Sam realises that J'Son is not to be trusted, but not before the latter escapes with a bunch of Nova Centurion helmets..
 214       Back in Black                            - The Guardians attempt to persuade Sam Alexander from giving up his Nova helmet, but J'Son and Mantis have other plans.
 213       Symbiote War (3): Thunder Road           - The symbiotes wreak havoc on Asgard until the Guardians save the day.
 212       Symbiote War (2): I Will Survive         - The symbiotes ride a comet to attack Spartax, but the Guardians stop them with Thor's help, who is then taken over by a straggler.
 211       Symbiote War (1): Wild World             - The crew stumble upon the Klyntar symbiotes who were experimented upon by Thanos turning them into feral creatures.
 210       Rock Your Baby                           - Adam Warlock emerges from the coccoon and the Guardians convince him to be a force for good rather than evil.
 209       Can't Get It Out of My Head              - Though Cosmo regains his powers, the Guardians are unable to prevent the opening of the sarcophagus.
 208       Me and You and a Dog Named Cosmo         - Cosmo goes undercover to bring down the Believers but is found out and has his powers siphoned off.
 207       Right Place, Wrong Time                  - The Guardians rescue Gamora who is trapped in the realm of the sarcophagus, along with Nebula and the High Evolutionary.
 206       Black Helmet Woman                       - The Guardians find a Nova helmet in the sarcophagus, which Gamora dons to take down the Universal Believers, costing her life force.
 205       Girls Just Wanna Have Fun                - The Guardians attempt to persuade a rebellious Rigellian princess to return in time for her coming-of-age ceremony.
 204       Free Bird                                - As the Guardians try to recover the sarcophagus by investigating former Ravager hideouts when they run into members of the Black Order.
 203       Lyin' Eyes                               - Yondu steals the sarcophagus taken by Rocket from Thanos' Sanctuary, which is also sought by Mantis and her Universal Believers.
 202       Evolution Rock                           - The Guardians and the Avengers team up to take down the High Evolutionary.
 201       Stayin' Alive                            - The Guardians and the Avengers fight over possession of the Thanos' asteroid Sanctuary, but eventually learn to work together.
 126       Jingle Bell Rock                         - The Guardians try to lift up Peter's spirits during Christmas by robbing from the rich and giving to the poor.
 125       Won't Get Fooled Again                   - Yondu and the Ravangers impersonate the Guardians and con the denizens of Floodworld, turning them into public enemies.
 124       I Feel the Earth Move                    - The Guardians recover the Cosmic Seed and defeat Thanos, while also saving the Earth from Ronan.
 123       I've Been Searching So Long              - The Guardians finally find the Cosmic Seed and successfuly fight off Ronan, but Thanos shows up.
 122       Welcome Back                             - The team end up on Earth in pursuit of the Cosmic Seed with Korath the Pursuer hot on their heels.
 121       Inhuman Touch                            - Peter goes to Attilan to get Maximum to reveal the location of the Cosmic Seed which works after much mayhem ensues.
 120       Fox on the Run                           - Gamora attempts to right a wrong but ends up facing a trial by combat.
 119       Asgard War (2): Rescue Me                - The Guardians and the Asgardians defeat Thanos, with the location of the cosmic seed still uncertain.
 118       Asgard War (1): Lightnin' Strikes        - The Guardians expose the schemes of Loki and J'Son, forcing Thanos to show up.
 117       Come and Gut Your Love                   - The Guardians steal J'Son's ship and its AI Rora helps Quill understand both their motivations.
 116       We Are the World Tree                    - The Guardians foil an attempt by Loki to start a war between Spartax and Asgard.
 115       Accidents Will Happen                    - The Guardians foil an attempt by Ronan the Accuser to start a war between Spartax and the Kree.
 114       Don't Stop Believin                      - After an encounter with Mantis, the Guardians and Peter discover that he is the son of J'son, Emperor of Spartax.
 113       Stuck in the Metal With You              - The Guardians get a hold of the Destroyer Armour as Loki schemes to start a war between Spartax and Asgard.
 112       Crystal Blue Persuasion                  - The Guardians help the Inhumans survive a plague as well as a coup orchestrated by Maximus the Mad and Ronan the Accuser.
 111       Space Cowboys                            - The Guardians are hired by the Collector to herd a herd of explosive Moombas to Conjunction, the home of the Grandmaster.
 110       Bad Moon Rising                          - A moon given life by the Cosmic Seed infantalises the Guardians and is used by Nebula to bring Ronan the Accuser back to life.
 109       We Are Family                            - Rocket is returned to Halfworld, his home planet, where he runs into his hyperevolved relatives and friends.
 108       Hitchin' a Ride                          - The Guardians land on the Venom Symbiote planet and Groot is taken over by one.
 107       The Backstabbers                         - Gamora pretends to go back to Thanos in order to kill Korath.
 106       Undercover Angle                         - Nova Corps member Titus turns out to be corrupt; the Guardians obtain the Universal Weapon from Thanos' Black Order.
 105       Can't Fight This Seedling                - Groot is infected with a fungus and it's up to the rest of the Guardians to cure him.
 104       Take the Milano and Run                  - The Guardians have to fight each other at the pleasure of the Grandmaster.
 103       One in a Million You                     - The Collector attempts to collect the Guardians but faces significant losses.
 102       Knowhere to Run                          - The Guardians manage to evade Thanos by teleporting Knowhere to a remote location.
 101       Road to Knowhere                         - The Guardians find a Cosmic Seed that activates the Celestial head that is Knowhere.
 026       Guardians Reunited!                      - The Guardians fix their ship and depart from Earth, after realising that they had spoilt Man-Thing's swamp.
 025       Gamora Strikes!                          - Gamora helps a bullied boy obtain his revenge against his brothers in a game of laser tag (or war).
 024       Rocket! Groot! Man-Thing!                - Rocket and Groot encounter the creature that turns fear into fire.
 023       Drax Attacks!                            - Drax is tasked with getting a large stuffed animal from a carnival, which he mistakes for a prison.
 022       Star-Lord vs. MODOK                      - Rocket tasks Star-Lord to "borrow" a fusion reactor from MODOK, ostensibly to fix the Milano.
 021       Pick up the Pieces                       - The Guardians drop from the sky due to the actions of a pesky butterfly and the Milano ends up in a swamp.
 010       Origins: Gamora (2)                      - Korath wins the contest but Gamora is freed from her brainwashing by Thanos.
 009       Origins: Gamora (1)                      - Gamora, Nebula, and Korath are fighting to serve as second in command to Ronan.
 008       Origins: Drax (2)                        - Drax gives up on his plan and frees prisoners of Ronan.
 007       Origins: Drax (1)                        - Drax battles to become the right hand man of Ronan the Accuser to obtain revenge for his family's murder by Thanoas.
 006       Origins: Groot (2)                       - Groot and Rocket ends up co-prisoners and friends.
 005       Origins: Groot (1)                       - Groot aka Monarch of Planet X is sentient tree-like creature whose home planet is destroyed by Ronan the Accuser.
 004       Origins: Rocket Raccoon (2)              - A rocket is both a weapon and means of propulson, which leads to the raccoon adopting it.
 003       Origins: Rocket Raccoon (1)              - A raccoon is experimented on and becomes supersmart and superangry.
 002       Origins: Star Lord (2)                   - Quill grows up to become Star Lord.
 001       Origins: Star Lord (1)                   - Peter Quill is a Terran boy who is kidnapped by alien bounty hunters.

Marvel: Inhumans (8 episodes)

 108       And Finally: Black Bolt                  - As Attilan is destroyed, its inhabitants evacuate to Earth; Black Bolt leaves Maximus imprisoned on the moon after learning the truth about the deaths of their parents.
 107       Havoc in the Hidden Land                 - After the royal family returns, Maximum is captured and brought before Black Bolt who reveals his failsafe that will destroy Attilan.
 106       The Gentleman's Name is Gorgon           - Medusa and Black Bolt reunite with Crystal and Lockjaw; Karnak and Gorgon take down Auran and her associates, with Gorgon sacrificing himself to save everyone from Mordis' power.
 105       Something Inhuman This Way Comes         - The Inhuman royal family are finally reunited with the excepton of Crystal.
 104       Make Way for Medusa                      - Medusa and Black Bolt reunite with the help of Louise, after fending off an attack from Auran and her thugs.
 103       Divide and Conquer                       - Crystal and Lockjaw escape Attilan; Black Bolt escapes prison with his nuhuman cell mate; Gorgon fights off Auran and her thugs.
 102       Those Who Would Destroy Us               - Medusa, Black Bolt, Gorgon, and Karnak try to find each other while evading being killed by Maximus' followers.
 101       Behold The Inhumans                      - Triton is shot by Maximus' men, setting off a chain of events that results in the royals being transported to Hawaii by Lockjaw.

Marvel: Iron Fist (23 episodes)

 210       A Duel of Iron                           - Colleen and Danny defeat Davos and Colleen becomes the new Iron Fist; Danny and Ward travel to find themselves.
 209       War Without End                          - Danny is able to overcome Davos but as the power of the Fist is being transferred to Colleen, the process is interrupted.
 208       Citadel on the Edge of Vengeance         - Danny regains his ability to fight but decides that Colleen should have the power of the Iron Fist.
 207       Morning of the Mindstorm                 - Colleen agrees to train Danny to fight again with the condition that their relationship change.
 206       The Dragon Dies at Dawn                  - Walker and Danny confront Davos and manage to sedate him but he breaks Danny's leg and the Mary persona emerges, letting him get away.
 205       Heart of the Dragon                      - Colleen and Misty rescue Danny in the nick of time; together with Ward, they confront Joy and Walker who admit to their culpability.
 204       Target: Iron Fist                        - Davos works with the Crane Sisters and Mary/Walker to steal the power of the Iron Fist from Danny.
 203       This Deadly Secret                       - Colleen and Danny confront Joy and Davos, who then confront Mary/Walker, a woman with a disassociative disorder hired by them to keep tabs on Danny.
 202       The City's Not for Burning               - As Davos plots with Joy to take back the Iron First from Danny, his target and Colleen attempt to head off a brewing gang war.
 201       The Fury of Iron Fist                    - Danny moves in with Colleen and lives a grounded life but trouble brews as Joy and Davos reemerge.
 113       Dragon Plays with Fire                   - Colleen and Danny defeat Harold aided by Ward and Claire; upon returning to K'un-Lun, they encounter dead operatives of the Hand.
 112       Bar the Big Boss                         - Colleen and Danny take down Bakuto and save the Meachams from the Hand, which Harold repays by framing them for drug possession.
 111       Lead Horse Back to Stable                - Collen and Danny reconcile, as Davos understands the latter's reasons holding him from K'un-Lun.
 110       Black Tiger Steals Heart                 - Danny, with Davos' help, escapes after being stabbed by Colleen's sensei, Bakuto, who has taken over the Hand from Gao.
 109       The Mistress of All Agonies              - Danny heals a poisoned Colleen nearing death using his chi; Joy reunites with her father who frames his son for drug possession.
 108       The Blessing of Many Fractures           - Colleen, Claire, and Danny go to China; after some (drunken) martial arts fighting, they capture Gao.
 107       Felling Tree with Roots                  - Colleen and Danny break up the heroin manufacturing operation; Ward kills his father; the Meachums and Danny are ousted from the Board.
 106       Immortal Emerges from Cave               - Danny successfully survives three challenges designed by Madame Gao, but withdraws to save the life of the chemist's daughter.
 105       Under Leaf Pluck Lotus                   - Colleen and Danny rescue a chemist who is synthesising a heroin alternative for the Hand, setting up a collision with them.
 104       Eight Diagram Dragon Palm                - Danny meets with Harold who convinces him that he is a victim of the Hand, and normalises his relationship with the Meachams.
 103       Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch             - After many failed attempts to communicate, Danny finally retains Jeri Hogarth to regain control of the namesake corporation.
 102       Shadow Hawk Takes Flight                 - As Joy, Ward, and their father, Harold, begin to believe Danny's story, he escapes from the institution by summoning his alter ego.
 101       Snow Gives Way                           - After a fifteen year absence, Danny Rand returns to a hostile welcome where his childhood friends, Ward and Joy Meachum, institutionalise him.

Marvel: Jessica Jones (13 episodes)

 113       AKA Smile                                - Jessica snaps Kilgrave's neck and is recognised as a hero.
 112       AKA Take a Bloody Number                 - Luke and Jessica duke it out, resulting in a Pyrrhic victory for the latter.
 111       AKA I've Got the Blues                   - Will turns out to be a loser; Luke's bar is blown up.
 110       AKA 1,000 Cuts                           - Hope sacrifices herself so Jessica can put an end to Kilgrave.
 109       AKA Sin Bin                              - Kilgrave, who is imprisoned and tortured by Jessica, escapes but not before she learns that he has no control over her.
 108       AKA WWJD?                                - Jessica briefly considers whether Kilgrave's powers can be harnessed to do good.
 107       AKA Top Shelf Perverts                   - Jessica figures out that she can't beat Kilgrave and moves in with him in the home she grew up in.
 106       AKA You're a Winner!                     - Luke finds out that Jessica was responsible for his wife's death.
 105       AKA The Sandwich Saved Me                - Jessica's attempt to capture Kilgrave fails.
 104       AKA 99 Friends                           - Jessica unites with other victims of Kilgrave's manipulation and discovers unexpected leads.
 103       AKA It's Called Whiskey                  - Jessica manages to track down Kilgrave but he escapes.
 102       AKA Crush Syndrome                       - Jessica discovers a weakness in Kilgrave aka the Purple Man.
 101       AKA Ladies Night                         - Jessica Jones takes on a new case which forces her to confront the ghosts of her abusive past.

Marvel: Legion (8 episodes)

 108       Chapter 8                                - The Shadow King takes over Oliver's body and leaves Summerland, necessitating a truce with Division 3 to fight him/them.
 107       Chapter 7                                - David uses his rational mind to break out of the Shadow King's control and rescue his friends; Division 3 storms Summerland soon after.
 106       Chapter 6                                - Lenny aka the Shadow King gets tired of maintaining the illusion of David and his friends in a psychiatric institution.
 105       Chapter 5                                - David, manipulated by King/Benny/Lenny, retrieves his sister after which he ends up in a talk therapy session with all his friends.
 104       Chapter 4                                - David becomes lost in the Astral plane where he meets up with Melanie's husband Oliver, but gets out when he realises that his friends are in trouble.
 103       Chapter 3                                - Ptonomy probes the recesses of David's mind and helps uncover his unparalleled power, even as the Devil with Yellow Eyes lurks in the shadows.
 102       Chapter 2                                - David starts being made whole again by Melanie's Summerland Institute when he discovers that his sister has been captured by Division 3 as bait.
 101       Chapter 1                                - David Haller escapes his surreal interrogation by Division 3 agents with the aid of Syd Barrett and meets Dr. Melanie Bird.

Marvel: Luke Cage (26 episodes)

 213       They Reminisce Over You                  - Bushmaster returns to Jamaica; Mariah is killed by Tilda, which leads to Shades' arrest and Luke taking over Harlem's Paradise.
 212       Can't Front On Me                        - Bushmaster, with Tilda's help, goes after Mariah again; Luke stops him and Shades helps obtain the evidence needed to arrest Mariah.
 211       The Creator                              - Mariah's lover Shades decides that she has gone too far and turns himself over to the police; Bushmaster recovers with Tilda's help.
 210       The Main Ingredient                      - Mariah seeks revenge by killing everyone associated with Bushmaster, who is in hiding after escaping, to attract his attention.
 209       For Pete's Sake                          - Bushmaster attacks his enemies holed up at a Rand Enterprises factory, but Luke manages to defeat him.
 208       If It Ain't Rough, It Ain't Right        - Bushmaster continues his quest to get rid of both Mariah and Luke by consuming deadly nightshade.
 207       On and On                                - Although unable to get to Piranha in time, Luke saves Mariah from a fiery death caused by Bushmaster.
 206       The Basement                             - Luke faces off against Bushmaster for Piranha and almost wins but the latter cheats and leaves him to drown.
 205       All Souled Out                           - Luke helps Piranha when Bushmaster goes after him to gain control of Mariah's money; Misty reminisces about her crooked partner.
 204       I Get Physical                           - The history between Bushmaster and Mariah and the motivations for his return are revealed; Luke's concussion is alleviated by Tilda.
 203       Wig Out                                  - Cage fights with Claire over his anger issues and is knocked to the ground by Bushmaster, whose strength comes from using the nightshade plant.
 202       Straighten It Out                        - Luke finds out he is not entirely invulnerable when Cockroach injures him with the force of a close-range, high-power gun.
 201       Soul Brother #1                          - Luke continues to clean up Harlem, but a number of criminal interests seeking to take over Mariah Dillard's empire go against him.
 113       You Know My Steez                        - After duking it out with Willis (and winning), Luke is arrested, postponing coffee with Claire; Willis is being experimented on.
 112       Soliloquy of Chaos                       - Luke's natural tendency to be an underspoken hero shines through as everyone begins to take his side, even Mariah and Hernan.
 111       Now You're Mine                          - Willis holds Harlem's Paradise hostage, framing Luke for all the chaos, and gets Mariah to arm the police with the Judas bullet.
 110       Take it Personal                         - Luke is healed and returns to Harlem to discover that Mariah and Willis have turned most against him.
 109       DWYCK                                    - Luke is taken to the person who created Power Man by Claire with the hopes of being healed; Mariah comes into her own.
 108       Blowin' Up the Spot                      - Luke is pursued by his half-brother Willis Stryker aka Diamondback who blames him for, and is the cause of, all his troubles.
 107       Manifest-episode                         - Cornell is killed by Mariah, who goes along with Hernan's plan to pin it on Luke, who is shot by a Judas bullet made from Chitauri technology.
 106       Suckas Need Bodyguards                   - Cornell is arrested, thanks in part to Luke's efforts, after he shoots Misty's partner who was on his payroll.
 105       Just to Get a Rep                        - Misty attempts to persuade Luke from dropping his war against Cornell, worried that innocents will be caught in their crossfire.
 104       Step in the Arena                        - The backstory on how Luke obtained his powers is revealed.
 103       Who's Gonna Take the Weight?             - Luke retaliates against Cornell who retaliates against him by blowing him up.
 102       Code of the Streets                      - Luke's friend Pop is killed by one of Cornell's men.
 101       Moment of Truth                          - Luke Cage tries to find his way in the world of Harlem, New York.

Marvel: One Shot (6 episodes)

 105       All Hail the King                        - A Mandarin impersonator attracts the wrong attention.
 104       Agent Carter                             - Agent Carter is asked by Stark to run S.H.I.E.L.D..
 103       Item 47                                  - Sitwell and Blake retrieve a Chitauri gun.
 102       A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Tho - Coulson stops a robbery.
 101       The Consultant                           - Coulson calls in the Consultant (Tony Stark) to sabotage Emil Blonsky's release.
 000       75 Years From Pulp to Pop                - A look back at the evolution of the Marvel multiverse.

Marvel: Runaways (23 episodes)

 213       Split Up                                 - The parents of the children engage in an all out battle against their children with losses and wins on both sides.
 212       Earth Angel                              - Xavin, an alien shapeshifter, tells Karolina she is her betrothed after she helps free Leslie from Frank's takeover of the Gibborim Church.
 211       Last Waltz                               - Chase leaves the group for home after getting message from Victor; Leslie learns that she is pregnant and runs into her mother.
 210       Hostile Takeover                         - The team face off against the corrupt cops; Victor, Tina, and Stacey are revealed to be posessed by Jonah and his alien compatriots.
 209       Big Shot                                 - A few members of PRIDE begin to behave uncharacteristically while the corrupt cops on their payroll turn against them.
 208       Past Life                                - Karolina learns more about her background following Jonah's death; Alex discovers that his mother is a cold blooded murderer.
 207       Last Rites                               - Jonah prepares to leave in his spaceship, as the group try to rescue Karolina's family and PRIDE attempts to stop him from causing destruction.
 206       Bury Another                             - Jonah's body continues to deteriorate and to replenish he kidnaps Geoffrey who ends up being "rescued" by the team and under Alex's control.
 205       Rock Bottom                              - Topher betrays them to obtain the alien rocks that make him powerful (and high), resulting in disastrous consequences for him.
 204       Old School                               - The team make a new friend, Topher, who has powers resembling Molly's; Karolina meets with her father Jonah who takes her down the dig site.
 203       Double Zeros                             - The group train to work together as a team, while still holding secrets; Alex is captured by his father but his friends manage to rescue him.
 202       Radio On                                 - The kids take shelter in an abandoned mansion; Nico confronts her mother Tina, aided by Karolina and Molly, to obtain the Staff of One.
 201       Gimmie Shelter                           - PRIDE continue to search for their children, while murdering their allies, and seeking to understand Jonah's plan and thwart him.
 110       Hostile                                  - After a earth shaking confrontation where Karolina is captured, the children rescue her and finally run away from their parents.
 109       Doomsday                                 - The children uncover the truth behind Jonah's motivations and begin breaking up the dig site which would destroy LA when their parents confront them.
 108       Tsunami                                  - The children find hard evidence against PRIDE's criminal behaviour; Victor's life hangs in balance due to its members not being on the same page.
 107       Refraction                               - Jonah juice has severe highs and lows; Molly is about to be sent away for revealing her knowledge about the parents' actions.
 106       Metamorphosis                            - Jonah's hold over the PRIDE is shown; he cures Victor's brain tumour after the latter reveals the affair between Robert and Janet.
 105       Kingdom                                  - Alex is rescued when his friends discover that they each have different kinds of superpowers, but all of them learn troubling facts about their parents.
 104       Fifteen                                  - Alex is kidnapped just when he and Nico find evidence of their parents disappearing a runaway once a year.
 103       Destiny                                  - The teenagers try to learn more about their parents' secrets while slowly coming into their powers, when the body of the teenage girl is discovered.
 102       Rewind                                   - The parents of six teenagers are in the process of disappearing a teenage girl when their six children catch them in the act and hide their involvement.
 101       Reunion                                  - Six teenagers, Nico, Karolina, Molly, Gert, Chase, and Alex, estranged following the death of Nico's sister, reunite to discover their parents engaging in a strange ritual.

Marvel: The Defenders (8 episodes)

 208       The Defenders                            - The team manage to defeat the Hand, but Matt and Elektra end up being buried underneath the rubble of a collapsed building.
 207       Fish in the Jailhouse                    - Deep within New York, Elekra tricks Danny into revealing the bones of a dragon that can be used to stave off death.
 206       Ashes, Ashes                             - The team tie up Danny to prevent the Hand from using him; Elektra takes him, and takes over the Hand after killing Alexandra.
 205       Take Shelter                             - Elektra's former love for Matt threatends the Hand's Black Sky project; Sowande is decapitated by Stick.
 204       Royal Dragon                             - As the Hand attacks, Matt tries to reason with Elektra; the others manage to get away, with Luke capturing Sowande.
 203       Worst Behavior                           - The four defenders unite to fight off a brainwashed Elektra being manupulated by Alexandra, one of the fingers of the Hand.
 202       Mean Right Hook                          - The earthquake turns out to be more than it seems; Jessica runs into Elektra and Danny and Luke face off.
 201       The H Word                               - Jessica, Luke, Danny, and Matt feel an earthquake rippling through New York, bringing Elektra back to life.

Marvel: The Gifted (29 episodes)

 216       oMens                                    - After the Frost sisters use their powers to coerce Andy and Lauren to destroy a building, Reed sacrifices himself to defeat Reeva.
 215       Monsters                                 - After discovering Reeva's deception. Andy and Lorna return to the Underground, incurring her wrath.
 214       calaMity                                 - Reeva orchestrates an attack by the Purifiers on the Morlocks to clear out their tunnels; Clarice is shot and disappears into her portal.
 213       teMpted                                  - When one of the Inner Circle recruits gets too close to Lorna's double agent behaviour, she tasks Marcos to deal with him; Caitlin finds acceptance among the Morlocks.
 212       hoMe                                     - Lorna learns that the leaders of the Mutant Underground are being targeted by the Inner Circle, and that they also want Laureen to join with Andy.
 211       meMento                                  - Lorna and Marcos make up after she decides that Reeva needs to be stopped; the two witness Reeva secretly meeting with an anti-mutant crusader.
 210       eneMy of My eneMy                        - Lorna and Andy join the Underground on a mission to recover John' Andy's newfound darkness shocks his family.
 209       gaMe changer                             - Andy accidentally kills Rebecca after she tries to kill the Inner Circle, who free all captive mutants in the country; John is captured by Jace.
 208       the dreaM                                - After the heist, Rebecca leaves the Inner Circle; Lorna fears for the safety of her baby Dawn.
 207       no Mercy                                 - Reeva and her team pull off a bank heist, exposing those who were profiting off the backs of mutants; Reed's powers grow uncontrollable.
 206       iMprint                                  - Jace lays a trap for the Mutant Underground, leading to some deaths and captures; Lorna is persuaded by Esme to stay with the Inner Circle.
 205       afterMath                                - The rescued inmates from the asylum are found a home with the Morlocks led by Erg; Andy convinces Rebecca/Twist to use her powers to benefit the Inner Circle.
 204       outMatched                               - Lauren is taken down by Andy when trying to stop the Inner Circle from escaping with an inmate from a mental asylum.
 203       coMplications                            - When Dawn comes down with a case of severe jauncide, Reeva arranges for Marcos to be kidnapped to help save her life.
 202       unMoored                                 - The Underground tracks down the identity of mastermind behind the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle, a mutant known as Reeva Payge.
 201       eMergence                                - Lorna gives birth to baby Dawn with few complications; the Strucker family miss Andy who connects with his sister Lauren through her dreams.
 113       X-roads                                  - Polaris brings down the plane carrying Roderick, while the Strucker siblings take down the hounds; the Frost sisters persuade some of the mutants to leave the underground with them, including Andy.
 112       eXtraction                               - The mutants hatch a daring plan to capture Roderick and stop the hound program once and for all.
 111       3 X 1                                    - The Frost sisters persuade the Underground, as well as the Struckers, of the grave threat from Campbell's enhanced hounds.
 110       eXploited                                - Esme schemes to free her sisters and the rest of the detainees, although Roderick gets what he wants from the Struckers.
 109       outfoX                                   - Esme manipulates the underground in attacking the Hound creation facility but it goes awry and Lauren, Andy, Dreamer, and Blink are captured.
 108       threat of eXtinction                     - Along with Thunderbird, Reed meets with his father and learns the truth behind the mutant abilities wihtin their family.
 107       eXtreme measures                         - Jace and Roderick plan to use the Hounds as weapons to destroy the Underground from within at any cost.
 106       got your siX                             - The mutants raid a Federal facility to obtain details on the Hound program which ultimately works out as they work as a team.
 105       boXed in                                 - The Strucker family commit to the Underground and gain their trust while Sony (Dreamer) uncovers the Hound program to brainwash mutants.
 104       eXit strategy                            - The Underground is able to break out Reed and Polaris as they are being to a secure facility.
 103       eXodus                                   - Reed changes his mind about betraying the Underground; Caitlin is unable to get much help from her brother.
 102       rX                                       - Clarice (Blink) loses control of teleporting abilities; Reed is offered a deal to sell out the Underground; Lorna (Polaris) is persecuted in prison.
 101       eXposed                                  - Lauren and Andy Strucker find out they are persecuted mutants and their parents Caitlin and Reed turn to the Mutant Underground for help.

Marvel: The Punisher (26 episodes)

 213       Whirlwind                                - Frank kills Billy and rescues Pilgrim's family from his boss and wife who are then dispatched; Krista survives while Dinah works for the CIA.
 212       Collision Course                         - Dinah confronts Krista about her involvement with Billy, which ends with her pushing her out of her apartment window after being attacked.
 211       The Abyss                                - Dinah, Amy, and Karen Page work together to prove Frank's innocence; Dinah breaks Frank being guarded at his hospital but he is captured by an overzealous cop.
 210       The Dark Hearts of Men                   - Frank is set up by Billy to make it look like he murdered three innocent women, thought of which horrifies him.
 209       Flustercluck                             - The Pilgrim's boss places a bounty on Frank and Amy, causing them to be pursued until Castle kills them all.
 208       My Brother's Keeper                      - Billy is surprised that his best fiend wants to kill him.
 207       One Bad Day                              - Russo and his doctor Krista Dumont get together; Frank works with Dinah and Curtis Hoyle to track down Billy.
 206       Nakazat                                  - Frank spares the Russian but Pilgrim eventually kills him; Russo starts organising a gang to steal and commit violence.
 205       One-Eyed Jacks                           - Frank takes on a Russian gang to obtain the name of the person who paid Amy for taking compromising photos; they are eventually killed by Pilgrim.
 204       Scar Tissue                              - The girl reveals her name, Amy, and her backstory, to Frank; Billy aka Jigsaw goes about settling old scores with a fragmented memory.
 203       Trouble the Water                        - Frank dispatches Pilgrim's gang when they attack the police station housing him and the girl; Dinah Madani arrives with news of Billy Russo's escape.
 202       Fight or Flight                          - Frank and the girl hide out in a motel where they are pursued by John Pilgrim and his gang which leads to their arrest.
 201       Roadhouse Blues                          - Frank meets a young girl being pursued by a bunch of skilled fighters who end up hurting a bartender he takes an interest in.
 113       Memento Mori                             - Frank finally kills Billy and he and David are both given a chance at a new life.
 112       Home                                     - Frank and David set a trap for Rawlins and Billy; the former dies as a result but the latter escapes after being shot.
 111       Danger Close                             - Billy and Agent Orange aka William Rawlins kidnap David's family; Frank punishes the first set of mercernaries out to get him.
 110       Virtue of the Vicious                    - The story of the disgruntled soldier comes to an end as Frank finds out about Billy's betrayal.
 109       Front Toward Enemy                       - Frank talks down a disgruntled soldier blowing up NY from killing Curtis but his identity is exposed once again.
 108       Cold Steel                               - Dinah's partner is killed by Billy when a trap by her team set to catch (his) mercenaries who are after Frank goes awry.
 107       Crosshairs                               - Frank and David go after one of the members of the heroin smuggling ring on a military base while evading Russo's comrades.
 106       The Judas Goat                           - Frank lets his old team mate Billy Russo know that he is still alive but the latter is shown to be in league with Agent Orange.
 105       Gunner                                   - Frank and David find Gunner, the soldier who filmed the events that led to Frank's quest for vengeance but they are attacked by Agent Orange's men.
 104       Resupply                                 - Frank and David interrupt a sting operation to stock up on arnament, running into the Homeland Security agent Dinah Madani.
 103       Kandahar                                 - After somewhat overcoming their mutual distrust, Frank and David decide to work together to punish the responsible bad guys.
 102       Two Dead Men                             - David Lieberman aka Micro attempts to recruit the Punisher to punish even more bad guys but Frank is paranoid.
 101       3 AM                                     - Frank Castle aka the Punisher tries to lay low as a construction worker but chooses to punish bad guys to save a coworker.

Masters of Horror (23 episodes)

 213       Dream Cruise                             - The ghosts of lovers come back to haunt them.
 212       The Washingtoninans                      - George Washington turns out to be a cannibal.
 211       The Black Cat                            - A cat torments Edgar Allen Poe and becomes his muse.
 210       We All Scream for Ice Cream              - An ice dealer tormented by bullies comes back from the dead for revenge.
 209       Right to Die                             - A husband strives to save his dying wife.
 208       Valerie on the Stairs                    - A self referential story about writers who write a ghost story that comes to life.
 207       The Screwfly Solution                    - Genetic engineering of screwfly males backfires on human males.
 206       Pelts                                    - Stolen racoon pelts take violent revenge on those who seek to wear them.
 205       Pro-Life                                 - A prolifer is tricked by the devil into doing its work.
 202       Family                                   - A couple's neighbour does not turn out to be who they think he is.
 201       The Damned Thing                         - Apocalyptic tale of a mysterious creature that terrorises a small Texas town.
 112       Haeckel's Tale                           - A wife has a passion for the dead.
 111       Pick Me Up                               - People who pick up hitchhikers can't be trusted.
 110       Sick Girl                                - Two lesbians get infected by a love bug.
 109       Fair Haired Child                        - A couple sell their souls to get their dead son back.
 108       Cigarette Burns                          - A film with a terrible power wreaks havoc.
 107       Deer Woman                               - An ancient Native American mythological creature turns out to be real.
 106       Homecoming                               - The media discover that zombies have swayed the presidential election.
 105       Chocolate                                - A divorced man experiences sensual psychic flashes from a woman.
 104       Jenifer                                  - A girl with eerie powers destroys the life of a police officer.
 103       Dance of the Dead                        - A woman embarks on her first date, encountering a dangerous postapocalyptic world.
 102       Dreams in the Witch House                - A physics student experiences visions of forces conspiring to kill his neighbor's baby.
 101       Incident on and off A Mountain Road      - A survivalist teaches a girl how to protect herself and she gets to use her skills.

Millennium (18 episodes)

 322       Goodbye to All That                      - Peter Watts is killed by the Millennium group.
 321       Via Dolorosa                             - Emma's father's Alzheimer's gets worse and she is tempted by the Millennium group.
 320       Nostalgia                                - Emma travelled to her home town to investigate a series of muders of young girls.
 318       Bardo Thodol                             - Buddhist monks shielding the life of a former Millennium group member who works on regeneration.
 317       Darwin's Eye                             - A female asylum inmates escapes.
 316       Saturn Dreaming of Mercury               - Jordan's ability to see into the future is manifested.
 315       Forcing the End                          - A new born child is kidnapped and used to bring about the apocalypse.
 314       Matryoshka                               - A man's evil side is separated using physical theories and the formation of the Millennium group.
 313       Antipas                                  - Frank Black encounters the devil incarnate Lucy Butler.
 312       The Sound of Snow                        - White noise is used to induce hallucinations.
 311       Collateral Damage                        - Peter Watts' daughter is kidnapped.
 310       Borrowed Time                            - A train crash, drowning, and getting a second chance after death is depicted.
 304       Closure                                  - Emma Hollis and a pathological killer with a death wish confront each other.
 221       Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me             - A group of devils wreak havok by playing on humanity's frailties but Frank Black is aware of them.
 214       The Pest House                           - A security guard in a mental asylum imitates the serial killers there.
 121       Maranatha                                - Frank investigates mob-style killings in New York's Russian community.
 108       The Well-Worn Lock                       - A father who controls his child is put on trial.
 101       Pilot                                    - Frank Black moves to Seattle and tracks a serial killer.

Minority Report (10 episodes)

 110       Everybody Runs                           - The team voluntarily go into the milk bath to stop a terrorist attack but turn the tables on Blomfeld.
 109       Memento Mori                             - The team track down a bioterrorist while some of their own are also being hunted.
 108       The American Dream                       - Vega's boss learns the truth about Dash.
 107       Honor Among Thieves                      - Dash is kidnapped by a criminal whose money has been stolen by Arthur.
 106       Fiddler's Neck                           - Vega, Dash, and Arthur head out to the island where Agatha lives to help stop a murder.
 105       The Present                              - Vega and Dash solve the murder of Vega's father.
 104       Fredi                                    - Dash is infatuated with a woman seeking revenge who may be the murder victim or perpetrator.
 103       Hawk-Eye                                 - Dash joins the Metro PD to work as a civilian consultant with Vega.
 102       Mr. Nice Guy                             - Dash and Lara prevent a bartender from committing a murder.
 101       Pilot                                    - Dash teams up Lara Vega to stop a murder by pigeon before it happens.

Mr. Robot (10 episodes)

 110       eps1.9_zer0-day.avi                      - Elliot takes in the revolution resulting from his hack.
 109       eps1.8_m1rr0r1ng.qt                      - Elliot learns that he is Mr. Robot and is suffering from an identity disorder; Tyrell is fired and joins Elliot.
 108       eps1.7_wh1ter0se.m4v                     - Elliot discovers that Mr. Robot is his father and that Darlene is his sister.
 107       eps1.6_v1ew-s0urce.flv                   - The Dark Army is reassembled as Elliot comes clean to his therapist.
 106       eps1.5_br4ve-trave1er.asf                - Elliot manages to free Vera but Shayla dies anyway.
 105       eps1.4_3xpl0its.wmv                      - The hackers manage to plant an exploit in Steel Mountain but are unable to convince the Dark Army to go along.
 104       eps1.3_da3m0ns.mp4                       - The hackers go on a road trip as Elliot goes through withdrawals.
 103       eps1.2_d3bug.mkv                         - Elliot realises that a bug can be a feature.
 102       eps1.1_ones-and-zer0es.mpeg              - Elliot's choices begin to complicate him.
 101                   - Elliot, a vigilante hacker, is recruited to initiate a revolution.

Nancy Drew (18 episodes)

 118       The Clue in the Captain's Painting       - Nancy finds the murderer of her boyfriend to be Lucy's brother, who is her uncle who she rescues; the vengeful spirit continues to threaten them with terrible visions.
 117       The Girl in the Locket                   - Nancy's boyfriend dies, ostensibly killed by the vengeful spirit, who is after her and her friends for reneging on their promise.
 116       The Haunting of Nancy Drew               - Nancy figures out the truth to absolve her father: Lucy killed herself, despondent over her treatment by the Hudson family.
 115       The Terror of Horseshoe Bay              - Nancy and her friends invoke a vengeful spirit who brings them Lucy's bones to enable her to track down the cause of her death.
 114       The Sign of the Uninvited Guest          - Nancy deduces that Ryan was the target, not Tiffany, which led to her murder and the culprit was Lucy's brother who blamed him for her death.
 113       The Whisper Box                          - Nancy's friends work to awaken her; she figures out the way to get back even as strange forces seek to keep her in a perfect fantasy.
 112       The Lady of Larkspur Lane                - Nancy, George, and Nick break into a mental institution to talk with Lucy's mother but our eponymous hero gets trapped in a fantasy world.
 111       The Phantom of Bonny Scot                - Nancy works to get her father released from prison, which leads to her laying a trap for Everett Hudson in the form of a sting operation.
 110       The Mark of the Poisoner's Pearl         - Nancy solves the mystery of a serial killer who poisoned her victims but she turns out to not have been the one that killed Tiffany.
 109       The Hidden Staircase                     - Nancy revisits one of her earliest cases to solve the crime when George's baby sister Ted is kidnapped, revealing that a supernatural entity erased portions of her memory.
 108       The Path of Shadows                      - Nancy and the Chief of Police, McGinnis, form a spirit circle with George and Carson to ensure that the wandering spirit of their comatose friend Ace finds its way back to his body.
 107       The Tale of the Fallen Sea Queen         - Nancy and her friends conduct a spooky seance which deepens the mystery and points to two murderers, one of whom may be her father Carson.
 106       The Mystery of Blackwood Lodge           - Nancy discovers that the death of Lucy Sable is connected to the death of Tiffany via a thread that runs through her father.
 105       The Case of the Wayward Spirit           - George is possessed by the spirit of Tiffany, who Ned finds has been amassing evidence against the Hudsons.
 104       The Haunted Ring                         - Tiffany's sister returns and attempts to prevent the murder from being covered up while Bess and George are attacked by supernatural phenomenon.
 103       The Curse of the Dark Storm              - Nancy moves from suspect to suspect and clue to clue as strange hauntings plague the residents of Horseshoe Bay.
 102       The Secret of the Old Morgue             - Nancy works with her friends Bess, George, and Ned to uncover the truth behind the murder of Tiffany, wife of businessman Ryan Hudson.
 101       Pilot                                    - A murder at her place of employment thrusts Nancy Drew into detective mode, even though initial appearances are that the spirit of a dead woman is the cause.

Night Visions (4 episodes)

 112       The Occupant                             - A divorced wife thinks there's an intruder in the house when it turns out that she's the one.
 111       If A Tree Falls                          - A theist whose life has been spared can't seem to accept the gift.
 102       The Bokor                                - A group of medical students mess with voodoo.
 101       The Passenger List                       - A transportation official ends up investigating a plane crash that he died in.

Nightflyers (10 episodes)

 110       All That We Have Found                   - Karl is transported by the Volcryn to be reunited with his daughter; the ship power cycles and the crew huddles together as it heads into the unknown.
 109       Icarus                                   - Rowan goes crazy and chops up Roy; Agatha, a low level telepath and Karl's former ex, sacrifices herself to enable Thale, a high level one, to evolve.
 108       Rebirth                                  - Rowan's child dies, releasing aggressive spores, forcing Roy to reveal his inorganic nature after decontamination; Roy's mother traps Lommie in VR.
 107       Transmission                             - As the ship approaches the Volcryn, strange things begin to happen due to the increase in telepathic and telekinetic energy.
 106       The Sacred Gift                          - The crew come across another ship thought lost but which is run a bunch of women scientists who have gone mad seeking sustainability.
 105       Greywing                                 - Lommie, a cyberneticist who interfaces with the ship through a port in her arm, sequesters Roy's mother, removing her control of the ship's systems.
 104       White Rabbit                             - A probe launched to contact the Volcryn shows up in Karl's quarters infused with his organic material; the ship consciousness desperately wants it destroyed.
 103       The Abyss Stares Back                    - Karl D'Branin, the leader of the expedition, and Rowan, a xenobiologist, learn that Captain Roy Eris' mother has uploaded her consciousness into the ship and is trying to kill them.
 102       Torches and Pitchforks                   - The crew blames a high level telepath for the ongoing malfunctions, but the incidents are being caused by an entity that wants to derail the mission.
 101       All That We Left Behind                  - The crew of the eponymous ship leave to make contact with the alien race known as the Volcryn to gain a new energy source to replenish the dying Earth.

Niko and the Sword of Light (14 episodes)

 113       From the Depths of Despair               - Lyra and Niko, with the help of the people they encountered on their journey, defeat Nar Est and the Darkness and free Carondolet.
 112       From the Cursed Volcano to the End of Ho - Lyra and Niko confront Nar Est but end up defeated and facing dire fates.
 111       From the Tunnels of Terror to the Den of - Lyra is poisoned when a swarm of Exuber-Ants attack Team Niko and becomes recklessly fearless.
 110       From the Peaks of Peril to the Mounds of - Niko defeats the Jackal in a luge race to win over the protocol obsessed Umlauti.
 109       From the Shattering Springs to the Cloud - Lyra, Niko, and Mandok deal with cloud pirates on their way to fighting Nar Est.
 108       From the Cliffs of Catastrophe to the Po - Lyra and Niko deal with a former champion who has been turned by Nar Est.
 107       From the Endless Expanse to the Thorns o - Niko faces a betrayal when his sidekick turns out to be spy for Nar Est.
 106       From the Tumbledowns to the Gap of Gloom - Niko and his friends battle the terrible Prickletwister that is terrorising the Tumblebees.
 105       From the Sea of Suffering to the Faraway - Niko and Lyra help free the Dolphin Queen, who had been turned into a fearsome Mantigore.
 104       From the Phantom Woods to the Mountains  - Lyra overcomes her past regrets with Niko's help.
 103       From the Swamp of Sorrow to the Hills of - After Lyra becomes solid (and vulnerable) to save Niko, he gets on Nar Est's radar.
 102       From the Sky Maze of Anguish to the Swam - Niko and Lyra are joined by Mandok and Flicker and must navigate a treacherous maze.
 101       From the Temple of Champions to the Brid - Princess Lyra, last of the humans in a world ravaged by the evil Nar Est, finds hope in her latest champion, Niko.
 100       From the Desert of Despair into the Swam - Princess Lyra, last of the humans in a world ravaged by the evil Nar Est, finds hope in her latest champion, Niko.

Odyssey 5 (20 episodes)

 120       Fossil                                   - The Cadre and the astronauts are revealed to have overlapping goals, but have been working at cross purposes; Kurt is arrested for Angela's kidnapping.
 119       Rage                                     - Naron Chandra is killed by a synthetic; the group foils yet another sentient study of aggression caused by poisoning a town's water supply.
 118       Half-life                                - An astronaut friend of Angela who disappeared to another dimension in a failed experiment returns to haunt her.
 117       Follow the Leader                        - A sentient manipulates children into creating a device of unknown purpose.
 116       Vanishing Point                          - Kurt is kidnapped by transhumanist sentients (wow!) after investigations by the group into a series of murders caused by brain downloads.
 115       Begotten                                 - Kurt manages to create his own synthetic infused with his DNA but it goes out of control and starts attacking people craving their serotonin.
 114       Skin                                     - Chuck's wife Paige who had just comes to terms with her husband and son being from the future is killed by sentient skin.
 113       The Trouble with Harry                   - A synthetic named Harry Mudd helps the group talk down a psychotic one that threatens to destroy the world, by showing the power of love.
 112       Dark at the End of the Tunnel            - Kurt finds religion when a sentient attempts to come to the material world posing as a god.
 111       Kitten                                   - Neil is hounded by a sentient cyberstalker that also aims to sabotage the work being done by the group.
 110       Flux                                     - Chuck is exposed to nanobots that begin to turn him into a synthetic.
 109       L.D.U. 7                                 - The group break into a mental institution designed by the sentients to study "evil" human traits such as aggression, rage, and hatred.
 108       Rapture                                  - Neil and his friends at high school become addicted to a drug devised by the sentients to gain power over humans in the material world.
 107       The Choices We Make                      - The group are given glimpses of a future where anything is possible by an entity that transcends time.
 106       Symbiosis                                - The group protect a girl who has the ability to communicate with synthetic ants.
 105       Time Out of Mind                         - The group begin to lose their memories one by one as their older consciousnesses reassert themselves.
 104       Astronaut Dreams                         - The group work to rescue a kidnapped girl while sabotaging what they believe is an accelerated attempt by the sentients to destroy Earth.
 103       Shatterer                                - The group encounter a scientist who has discovered the existence of sentient AIs on the Internet, and go up against synthetics trying to stop them.
 102       Pilot (2)                                - In their quest to change their future, the group narrowly escape a humanoid synthetic stomping ground, as an a-life experiment accelerates its self evolution.
 101       Pilot (1)                                - A group of six astronauts watch the destruction of the Earth and are sent back in time five years (to 2002) by an alien sentient AI who has witnessed the same in 50 other worlds.

Other Space (8 episodes)

 108       Finale                                   - The crew make contact with an alien (who steals their fuel) and then discover yet another universe.
 107       First Contact                            - Stewart dreams of love in order to make contact with an alien.
 106       Powerless                                - The crew are trapped in a lightning storm which leads to Natasha regressing to an infant stage and nurtured by Kent, leading them to fall in love.
 105       Trouble's Brewing                        - Tina and Michael are left to their own devices on an away mission where time slows down by thousand fold while a robot uprising takes place on the ship.
 104       Ted Talks                                - Tina is heartbroken when Ted dumps her; A.R.T. and Zalian find hidden cameras that enable their own reality show.
 103       The Death of A.R.T.                      - A copy of A.R.T. is flung out into space becoming a satellite and then a planet.
 102       Getting to Know You                      - The crew attempt to identify an alien disguised within their midst and space it.
 101       Into the Great Beyond---Beyond           - The young inexperienced crew of the UMP Cruiser is sucked into another universe where they almost kill themselves.

Outcast (20 episodes)

 210       To the Sea                               - Kyle's father demands that all the beacons, including Kyle and Amber, spill blood to seal the demon portal; the attempt fails and things go from bad to worse.
 209       This Is How It Starts                    - Sidney dies; Amber and Allison disappear; Megan and Holly are accosted by Park and Blake for the child within her; Kyle's father returns; John rediscovers his flock.
 208       Mercy                                    - John taunts Sidney (and vice versa); Park makes a power play and begins a nasty alliance with terrible consequences to the people of Rome.
 207       Alone When It Comes                      - Kyle makes a sacrifice to enable Amber and Allison to leave town; Sidney is taken captive by a Church full of the former possessed.
 206       Fireflies                                - Kyle is thought dead by his loved ones, but Amber sees his light and leads them to where he was being held captive by Sidney.
 205       The Common Good                          - Megan becomes a believer when Giles is possessed in front of the whole town; Kyle, albeit stabbed, manages to evict the demon within him.
 204       The One I'd Be Waiting For               - Aaron escapes Sidney, taunts John, and kills his mother; Kyle learns about his father's fight with the demons 30 years ago.
 203       Not My Job t Judge                       - Kyle finds others in Rome have taken up the fight against Sidney and his minions; Megan and Allison are still haunted by their demons.
 202       The Day After That                       - Byron tells John that they to work out of the same playbook with Kyle; Megan attempts to kill herself but is pulled out at the last instant.
 201       Bad Penny                                - Kyle and Amber return to Rome after seeing that the rest of the world is also plagued by the possessed, who can no longer be evicted using his blood.
 110       This Little Light                        - Amber displays the same power that Kyle has enabling her to free Megan from her possession; Reverend Anderson mistakenly kills Aaron.
 109       Close to Home                            - Megan becomes possessed and kills her husband Mark; Reverend Anderson plays into Sidney's games; Giles proves that he is a loyal friend.
 108       What Lurks Within                        - Kyle talks to Sidney, learning about the entities possessing the townspeople, and begins to question Anderson's quest.
 107       The Damage Done                          - Allison remembers her possession and leaves her young daughter with Kyle; Mark's attack on Donnie gets him suspended; Anderson outs Sydney on the day the town remembers the victims of a mining disaster.
 106       From the Shadows It Watches              - Kyle decides that he can't turn away from his power; the Reverend is marked by the Devil; Megan puts her husband in the doghouse.
 105       The Road Before Us                       - Kyle and the Reverend continue to find cases of past exorcisms that weren't successfully completed but his wife appears to be free from demonic possession.
 104       A Wrath Unseen                           - Donnie, a bully who abused Kyle's foster sister Megan, returns; Anderson discovers that his past exorcisms may have been incomplete due to pride.
 103       All Alone Now                            - Kyle and Reverend Anderson work together to help a police officer whose wife was murdered by his best friend and partner.
 102       (I Remember) When She Loved Me           - The backstory on the possession of Kyle's mother is revealed, as the intrigue deepens in Rome, Virgina.
 101       A Darkness Surrounds Him                 - Kyle Barnes is haunted by figurative and literal demons, as he becomes aware of a sinister possession conspiracy in his hometown.

Paradox (5 episodes)

 105       Episode 5                                - The team stop three teenagers from being shot but Christian ends up being a victim.
 104       Episode 4                                - The team save a woman from being burned in an arson but are unable to save a building window washer from falling to his death.
 103       Episode 3                                - A sex offender is stopped by the team from claiming his latest victim but is released and intends to offend again.
 102       Episode 2                                - The team save the life of a kidnapped boy who is about to drown.
 101       Episode 1                                - Astrophysicist Christian King receives images from the future that predict a train caught in an explosion; his colleagues led by DI Rebecca Flint are unable stop it from happening.

Penny Dreadful (27 episodes)

 309       The Blessed Dark                         - The gang manage to save Vanessa's soul if not her material self; Caliban, still mourning his dead son, gives the final eulogy.
 308       Perpetual Night                          - Cat, Dr. Seward, Ethan, Kaetaney, and Malcolm track down Vanessa whilst fighting off dark creatures; Victor lets Lily go and rejoins them.
 307       Ebb Tide                                 - Even as Kaetenay, Ethan, Malcolm race to save Vanessa, she gives in to Dracula's kiss.
 306       No Beast So Fierce                       - Rusk and the Rangers track Ethan to his home, who eventually lashes out against his father; only Malcolm and Kaetenay survive with him.
 305       This World Is Our Hell                   - Ethan's backstory on his family's murders is revealed after he, Hecate, and Malcolm are taken to his home.
 304       A Blade of Grass                         - Deep under hypnosis, Vanessa recalls her time institutionalised where she was loved by Caliban and encountered the Devil and Dracula.
 303       Good and Evil Braided Be                 - Ethan and Hecate are pursued by Rusk and the Rangers followed by Malcolm and Kaetenay; Caliban returns home.
 302       Predators Far and Near                   - Vanessa appears taken in with Dr. Street who is revealed to be Count Dracula; Ethan escapes with the help of Hecate.
 301       The Day Tennyson Died                    - A despondent Vanessa see a therapist; Ethan is taken home; Malcolm and Kaetenay set out rescue him; Dracula arrives in London.
 210       And They Were Enemies                    - Vanessa defeats the devil, which ages Evelyn; Lily aligns herself with Dorian; Ethan, Frankenstein, and Lyle go their separate ways.
 209       And Hell Itself My Only Foe              - The gang are trapped by the witches in various states of distress when they go to rescue Malcolm, leading to Sembane's death.
 208       Memento Mori                             - Malcolm snaps out his spell and is forced to confront memories of his dead family; Lily displays her dark side.
 207       Little Scorpion                          - Vanessa enjoys her life in the Cut-Wife's cottage with Ethan when they run into Geoffrey who she kills by reciting from the Verbis Diablo.
 206       Glorious Horrors                         - Vanessa collapses in rain a blood at Angelique's coming out ball; Ethan turns into a werewolf.
 205       And Hell Itself My Only Foe              - Evelyn seduces Malcolm with an enchanted ring; Frankenstein hooks up with Lily; Caliban dances with Vanessa.
 204       Evil Spirits in Heavenly Places          - The group is attacked by Eveylyn's coven who steal a lock of Vanessa's hair.
 203       The Nightcomers                          - Humans are revealed to be monsters as Vanessa tells the backstory of how she received her training in witchcraft to Ethan.
 202       Verbis Diablo                            - The group attempt to under the language of the devil; Eveylyn Poole creates a doll resembling Vanessa with transplanted baby organs.
 201       Fresh Hell                               - Vanessa and Ethan are attacked by a group of witches; Brona is reborn as Lily.
 108       Grand GuignolMalcolm makes a crucial dec - Grand GuignolMalcolm makes a crucial decision to save Vanessa's life; Frankenstein gives Caliban his bride using Brona's corpse; Ethan howls at the moon.
 107       Possession                               - Mine becomes possessed and the rest of her friends bide their time until Ethan is finally able to suddenly perform an exorcism.
 106       What Death Can Join Together             - Vanessa's demon comes to fore after she hooks up with Dorian; Malcolm and Ethan see Mina slipping their grasp.
 105       Closer Than Sisters                      - The backstory of Vanessa and Mina is revealed, including how the former became psychic and possessed and began to work with Malcolm.
 104       Demimonde                                - After Brona Croft breaks it off with Ethan, he hooks up with Dorian.
 103       Resurrection                             - Caliban's backstory is revealed; Vanessa turns out to be the one desired by the vampire that has kidnapped Mina Harker, Malcolm's daughter.
 102       Seance                                   - During a seance, Vanessa Ives becomes possessed by the spirit of Amunet; Proteus is murdered by Victor's first creation, Caliban.
 101       Night Work                               - Victor Frankenstein succeeds in piercing the veil between life and death; Malcolm Murray searches for his daughter along with Vanessa Ives.

Person of Interest (103 episodes)

 513       Return 0                                 - The Machine defeats Samaritan when failure is no longer an option; Finch reunites with his love; Reese goes out in a blaze of glory and Shaw picks up his mantle, with Fusco promising to see her.
 512       .exe                                     - Finch decides that the only way to defeat Samaritan is to unleash a lethal virus that would also destroy his creation.
 511       Synecdoche                               - Reese, Shaw, Fusco team up to save the President from domestic terrorists rebelling against a surveillance state.
 510       The Day the World Went Away              - Elias and Root fall causing Finch to consider allowing his creation to take drastic action to defeat Samaritan.
 509       Sotto Voice                              - The Voice returns to play an intricate game with Team Machine in order to get his intended target; Shaw reunites with her friends.
 508       Reassortment                             - Samaritan engineers a superflu strain and uses it to cover the assassinations of medical health workers; Shaw escapes her prison.
 507       QSO                                      - Team Machine is unable to prevent a radio host from exercising free will; however, Root manages to send a message of hope to Shaw.
 506       A More Perfect Union                     - As Team Machine crashes a wedding to prevent a murder, Team Samaritan informs a captive Shaw that it is there to save humanity from the Great Filter.
 505       ShotSeeker                               - Finch sets up simulations of the Machine battling Samaritan, with every scenario in more than a billion leading to failure.
 504       6,741                                    - Shaw returns in an action-packed episode that turns out be her own personal Matrix-like hell engineered by Samaritan in its custody.
 503       Truth Be Told                            - An old assignment by Reese when he was in the CIA returns to haunt him while saving his next target.
 502       SNAFU                                    - Finch convinces the recovered machine that he and his friends are the good guys.
 501       B.S.O.D.                                 - Finch, Reese, and Root try to restore the Machine from its backup while being pursued by Samaritan agents.
 422       YHWH                                     - The Machine goes into hibernation as Samaritan gains the upper hand.
 421       Asylum                                   - The Machine gives itself up to save Finch and Root.
 420       Terra Incognita                          - A dying Reese hallucinates Carter.
 419       Search and Destroy                       - The developer of anti-virus software used by Samaritan to track the Machine is POI.
 418       Skip                                     - Root is unable to give up Finch.
 417       Karma                                    - A grieving husband seeks vigilante justice.
 416       Blunt                                    - POI is a grifter.
 415       Q&A                                      - Samaritan attempts to convinces Finch that its intentions are benign.
 414       Guilty                                   - Finch has jury duty.
 413       M.I.A.                                   - The team continue their search for Shaw and find Samaritan experimenting on ant hills.
 412       Control-Alt-Delete                       - The search for Shaw is on.
 411       If-Then-Else                             - The Machine plays the game of life and appears to lose an important peace.
 410       The Cold War                             - Samaritan voews to destroy the Machine.
 409       The Devil You Know                       - Elias is targeted by Dominic but escapes.
 408       Point of Origin                          - Shaw is tracked by Martine.
 407       Honor Among Thieves                      - POI is a jewel thief.
 406       Pretenders                               - Reese and Fusco stop gun runners.
 405       Prophets                                 - Samaritan starts to gain political power.
 404       Brotherhood                              - POI are two children who steal from a sour drug deal.
 403       Wingman                                  - Lionel Fusco plays at being a wingman.
 402       Nautilus                                 - Finch reinitialises the team.
 401       Panopticon                               - The Machine swings back into action.
 323       Deus Ex Machina                          - The crew go into hiding as Samaritan is given full rein by Samaritan.
 322       A House Divided                          - Vigilance nabs Control, Greer, Finch, among other key players.
 321       Beta                                     - Finch is captured by Greer.
 320       Death Benefit                            - Samaritan is turned on to find Finch.
 319       Most Likely To                           - The existence of Northern Lights is made public.
 318       Allegiance                               - Root and Greer have a draw.
 317       Root Path                                - Root learns there are limits to being all knowing.
 316       RAM                                      - POI is a hacker whose life intersects with that of the major players.
 315       Last Call                                - POI is a 911 call operator and a little boy.
 314       Provenance                               - POI is a former Olympic medalist.
 313       4C                                       - The crew stop a plane from crashing.
 312       Aletheia                                 - Root escapes from Control and the rest of the team reunite.
 311       Lethe                                    - Sameen Shaw meets Control and the team discovers Samaritan.
 310       The Devil's Share                        - Reese is pulled back from the abyss.
 309       The Crossing                             - Reese doesn't get to experience his love for long.
 308       Endgame                                  - Carter captures the head of HR.
 307       The Perfect Mark                         - Cons con cons.
 306       Mors Praematura                          - The Machine starts to have several teams in play.
 305       Razgovor                                 - POI is a little girl who plays spy.
 304       Reasonable Doubt                         - POI are a husband and wife pair with murderous intentions.
 303       Lady Killer                              - POI is a father who doesn't know he is one and Root escapes.
 302       Nothing to Hide                          - POI is the owner of a social media company.
 301       Liberty                                  - POI is a sailor.
 222       God Mode                                 - The Machine free itself.
 221       Zero Day                                 - The Machine reboots and reaches Root and Reese.
 220       In Extremis                              - POI is a doctor who dies in the end.
 219       Trojan Horse                             - POI is an IT security expert.
 218       All In                                   - POI is a card shark.
 217       Proteus                                  - POI is actually a set of six people targeted by an identity thief.
 216       Relevance                                - POI is an assassin hired by the Special Counsel.
 215       Booked Solid                             - POI is a hotel maid.
 214       One Percent                              - POI is a billionaire.
 213       Dead Reckoning                           - Kara and Snow appear to retire.
 212       Prisoner's Dilemma                       - Donnelly does not enjoy his victory over Carter and Reese for long.
 211       2nR                                      - Finch helps out a hacker while Reese is in custody.
 210       Shadow Box                               - Reese is one of four people captured by Donnelly.
 209       C.O.D.                                   - Reese works to save a taxi driver.
 208       Til Death                                - Reese helps out a couple who want to kill each other.
 207       Critical                                 - A doctor is forced to kill a patient under duress.
 206       The High Road                            - A former criminal finds it hard to run away from his past.
 205       Bury the Lede                            - The POI is a reporter who is planning an expose on Reese.
 204       Triggerman                               - The POI is a mob killer.
 203       Masquerade                               - The POI is a Brazilian socialite.
 202       Bad Code                                 - Reese finds Finch as Root runs away.
 201       The Contingency                          - Reese continue to track Root to find Finch.
 123       Firewall                                 - Root catches up to Finch.
 122       No Good Deed                             - Finch reveals the price he paid for creating the Machine.
 121       Many Happy Returns                       - Reese goes after abusers.
 120       Matsya Nyaya                             - Nothing and everything happens.
 119       Flesh and Blood                          - Elias goes after his competition and Reese has his hands full.
 118       Identity Crisis                          - Finch rolls.
 117       Baby Blue                                - Reese and Finch take care of a baby but Elias manipulates them.
 116       Risk                                     - Reese helps out a trader on Wall Street.
 115       Blue Code                                - Reese helps out an undercover cop.
 114       Wolf and Cub                             - Reese helps protect a boy whose brother was murdered.
 113       Root Cause                               - Another hacker outwits Finch who calls in Zoe the Fixer for help.
 112       Legacy                                   - Reese protects an attorney who threatens a corrupt parole officer.
 111       Super                                    - Reese is fixed up and in a wheelchair.
 110       Number Crunch                            - Reese saves people who stole money from a car crash but gets shot.
 109       Get Carter                               - Joss Carter is targeted but Reese intervenes to save her life.
 108       Foe                                      - An ex-Stasi agent hunts his wife.
 107       Witness                                  - Reese get caught in a fight between gangs.
 106       The Fix                                  - Reese helps another Fixer whose motivations aren't as pure.
 105       Judgment                                 - The POI is judge whose son is being threatened.
 104       Cura Te Ipsum                            - The POI is a doctor who wants revenge for her sister's death.
 103       Mission Creep                            - A group of soldiers are duped into committing robberies.
 102       Ghosts                                   - Harold Finch, the billionaire IT hacker and employer of Reese, tasks him to protect a dead teenager, a person of interest (POI).
 101       Pilot                                    - John Reese, a former government employee looking to become a vigilante/superhero is given a job.

Poltergeist: The Legacy (5 episodes)

 402       Bird of Prey                             - A person who kills via a Raven goes after members of the Legacy.
 401       Song of the Raven                        - A person on death row kills via a Raven.
 204       Spirit Thief                             - An African shaman performs healing rituals using the spirits of dead people.
 122       Traitor Among Us                         - Rachel thinks of leaving the Legacy in a flashback clipshow episode.
 114       Fox Spirit                               - A Chinese Fox Spirit goes on a killing spree.

Powers (20 episodes)

 210       Legacy                                   - Christian convinces Supershock to fly them into the sun ending his threat after he almost kills Deena, who turns out to be a power herself.
 209       Slain Dragons                            - Patrick begins killing powers one by one and the remaining powers along with Christian and his division set out to stop him using Morrison as bait.
 208       Chasing Ghosts                           - Patrick takes Christian to his cabin in the Andes but doesn't to be all there; Calista explodes her father; Cutter is stabbed by the Ghost.
 207       Origins                                  - Flashbacks detail the involvement of Janice and Patrick in the first two World Wars, and the presence of a power referred to the Ghost.
 206       Requiem-episode                          - Triphammer is killed by Heavy; Conrad turns out to be the money-minded mastermind behind the killings; Christian gets his revenge.
 205       Shaking the Tree                         - Angela fires Christian and Deena as they refuse to drop the RetroGirl murder case.
 204       Stealing Fire                            - Christian's backstory with Angela is revealed as he recovers from the building collapse caused by Heavy, a gravity power.
 203       Hell Night                               - A confluence of factors causes riots to break out in LA; Christian tracks down Marigold aka Chaotic Chic when a building is collapsed around them.
 202       Funeral of the Century                   - A riot breaks out at the funeral for Retro Girl and Calista steps in to save the day; Christian captures a suspect in her murder.
 201       Caracas 1967                             - Christian and Deena attempt to track down Janis' killer when the chief suspect, Krispin, is found dead, seemingly by hanging himself.
 110       F@#K the Big Chiller                     - After great losses, Christian, Johnny, Deena, and Janis take down Wolfe but continue to pay a price.
 109       Level 13                                 - Christian's plan to trap Johnny works but backfires as Wolfe ends up being free.
 108       Aha Shake Heartbreak                     - Christian and Johnny decide to take down Wolfe.
 107       You Are Not It                           - Wolfe changes his mind when he learns that he can absorb the powers of all those who took Sway.
 106       The Raconteur of the Funeral Circuit     - Wolfe appears to be repentant and asks for his powers to be permanently removed.
 105       Paint It Black                           - Wolfe is drained of his powers after Christian regains his own after ingesting Sway, which was made from Wolfe's blood.
 104       Devil in a Garbage Bag                   - Wolfe breaks out of his containment and wreaks havoc.
 103       Mickey Rooney Cries No More              - Calista appears innocent but plays a dangerous game with all parties.
 102       Like a Power                             - Christian and his new partner Deena Pilgrim investigate the deaths of other powered individuals as Johnny Royalle goes public.
 101       Pilot                                    - Christian Walker AKA Diamond is a detective in the Powers Division police force that helps bring superpowered criminals to justice.

Preacher (10 episodes)

 110       Call and Response                        - The news of god missing leads to Annville's destruction and Tulip, Jesse, Cassidy heading out on a road trip to find him.
 109       Finish the Song                          - The backstory on the Saint of Killers is revealed, with Jesse, who escapes custody, made into his new target.
 108       El Valero                                - After suffering initial losses, Odin manages to take over Jesse's church, who is then arrested; the angels are unable to extract Genesis out of Jesse.
 107       He Gone                                  - Flashbacks detail Jesse and Tulip growing up; Quincannon appears unpersuaded by Jesse's voice and wants his church.
 106       Sundowner                                - The custodians of the voice (aka Genesis) want Jesse to give it back but he declines thinking that he is respecting god's wishes.
 105       South Will Rise Again                    - The two Adelphi Angels confront Jesse as he increasingly uses his voice to make people behave according to the way he thinks is right.
 104       Monster Swamp                            - Jessie uses his voice on Odin Quincannon, an influential local, to serve god; Tulip discovers that Cassidy is a vampire.
 103       The Possibilities                        - Jesse learns that with great power comes great responsibility as Cassidy offers himself as an intermediary for the angels' mission.
 102       See                                      - Jesse becomes aware of his ability to persuade people to do as he commands; Cassidy, his Irish vampire friend, saves him from two Adelphi angels.
 101       Pilot                                    - An object from space explodes the individuals it possesses, until encountering Jesse Custer, a preacher, whose purpose of saving his flock becomes clear.

Primeval (41 episodes)

 506       Episode 6                                - The team collapse the New Dawn anomaly into the smaller anomaly built by Connor and appear to save the future.
 505       Episode 5                                - Matt, Abby, and Emily fail to stop Philip from initiating the New Dawn anomaly.
 504       Episode 4                                - Connor's anomaly causes Future Beetles to chew through the ARC; Philip's priorities are revealed.
 503       Episode 3                                - Matt brings back Emily; Connor induces an anomaly but his relationship with Abby becomes strained.
 502       Episode 2                                - The team deal with an underwater anomaly connected to the Jurassic era.
 501       Episode 1                                - Matt tells Abby about a dystopian future and asks for her help in tracking down the person responsible.
 407       Episode 7                                - Danny returns and learns that Ethan is his long lost brother, and together they end up in the Pliocene.
 406       Episode 6                                - Gideon, who turns out to be Matt's father, dies; Jenny makes a reappearance when an anomaly interferes with her wedding.
 405       Episode 5                                - Matt rescues Emily as Connor and Abby return Labyrinthodont back to its era.
 404       Episode 4                                - Abby manages to save her menagerie with Lester's help (though not Connor's); Emily is kidnapped by Ethan.
 403       Episode 3                                - Emily and Ethan, originally from the 19th century, arrive followed by Tree Creepers.
 402       Episode 2                                - Abby and Connor redeem themselves and are given a spot back on the team.
 401       Episode 1                                - Abby and Connor return to find a new team in place and they are on their own.
 310       Episode 10                               - Helen attempts to wipe out humanity as the team races to stop her; Abby, Connor, and Danny end up being trapped in the past.
 309       Episode 9                                - Helen returns and takes Christine hostage and into the future where the latter is killed.
 308       Episode 8                                - Abby's brother Jack acts moronically and ends up being trapped in the future.
 307       Episode 7                                - A 14th century knight arrives with a Dracorex and think he is in hell.
 306       Episode 6                                - Christine Johnson attempts a coup and the group are forced to flee to Lester's cabin.
 305       Episode 5                                - After dealing with an aggressive fungus from the future, Jenny decides to quit.
 304       Episode 4                                - Jenny's first mission as team leader is dealing with a Giganotosaurus that terrorises an airfield.
 303       Episode 3                                - Nick is murdered by Helen as she fears him causing humanity's destruction.
 302       Episode 2                                - A "gremlin" from the future with the ability to camouflage itself is implicated in the disappearance of a group of children.
 301       Episode 1                                - A monument created by the Egyptians as the Sun Cage appears to enable control of the anomalies.
 207       Episode 7                                - Stephen pays the ultimate price for Leek's treachery.
 206       Episode 6                                - Oliver Leek turns out to be traitor working with Helen to exploit the creatures from the anomaly.
 205       Episode 5                                - Nick and Stephen are trapped in the Silurian era whilst in search of a young girl.
 204       Episode 4                                - Abby is kidnapped by the Mer, but Connor and Nick rescue her from the future.
 203       Episode 3                                - A naive girl think she is the mother of a Sabretooth.
 202       Episode 2                                - The team deal with giant carnivorous worms that thrive in an anoxic environment.
 201       Episode 1                                - Nick attempts to adjust to the disappearance of Claudia while dealing with velociraptors.
 106       Episode 6                                - A vicious predator from the future causes the present and the past to be profoundly altered.
 105       Episode 5                                - A Pteranodon proves to be a false suspect in a murder.
 104       Episode 4                                - Helen Cutter escapes from custody, leaving deadly dodos in her wake.
 103       Episode 3                                - Nick Cutter finds his wife in the Cretacious period, who ends up being brought back by force.
 102       Episode 2                                - The group deal with creatures from the Carboniferous era entering via another anomaly.
 101       Episode 1                                - A group of explorers discover a portal/anomaly leading to the Permian period 250 million years ago.
 WE5       Episode 5                                - Gideon appears to be anxious about Matt's mission that goes beyond his employment at the ARC.
 WE4       Episode 4                                - Matt announces that he rejects the government findings presuming that Abby, Connor, and Danny are missing, presumed dead.
 WE3       Episode 3                                - The new team gets to know each other better.
 WE2       Episode 2                                - A new team is put together with Becker, Jenny, and Matt who has a private agenda reporting to "Gideon".
 WE1       Episode 1                                - Lester and Becker are interviewed, revealing that Sarah was killed while attempting to rescue Abby, Connor, and Danny.

Primeval: New World (13 episodes)

 113       The Sound of Thunder (2)                 - Hall pays the price for his stupidity; Connor doles out wisdom; Mac saves Evan again in the past; Dylan and Evan race to beat their anomaly closing.
 112       The Sound of Thunder (1)                 - Toby is near death after being stung by a poisonous scorpion while Dylan and Evan travel through an anomaly junction to retrieve the venom to create an antitoxin.
 111       The Inquisition                          - Evan is persuaded by Colonel Hall to put his skills to work for the military.
 110       The Great Escape                         - The Titatis being experimented on by the military escapes and has to be euthanised.
 109       Breakthrough                             - A Triceratops is led back to its home by Dylan.
 108       Truth                                    - Evan hallucinates and Mac discovers the body of his alternate self who saved Evan.
 107       Babes in the Woods                       - The team deal with a pair of Ornitholestes.
 106       Clean Up on Aisle Three                  - Dylan, Evan, and Mac deal with a pack of Daemonosaurus.
 105       Undone                                   - A Lycaenops kills Mac's girlfriend, among others.
 104       Angry Birds                              - A few angry Titanis or terror birds break into a pot cultivation operation.
 103       Fear of Flying                           - A plane with two passengers flies through an anomaly; Dylan and Evan attempt (and fail) to rescue them.
 102       Sisiutl                                  - A man-eating Titanoboa is sent back to its own time by Dylan, Evan, Mac, and Toby.
 101       The New World                            - Anomalies begin to open up in Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC causing prehistoric creatures to appear.

Project Blue Book (20 episodes)

 210       Operation Mainbrace                      - When investigating a battleship fleet plagued by strange occurrences including an UFO, Quinn disappears.
 209       Broken Arrow                             - Hynek and Quinn find and disarm a nuclear weapon ferried by two Russian spies that crashes in Canada after an encounter with a UFO.
 208       What Lies Beneath                        - Susie ends up being outed as a Russian spy but decides to take the blame for Mimi's theft of stolen case files protecting Hynek and Quinn.
 207       Curse of the Skinwalker                  - Hynek and Quinn investigate the legend of the skinwalker which turns out to be a secret Air Force weapons experiment.
 206       Close Encounters                         - Hynek and Quinn defend their work in front of a panel convened to determine their fate, turning around a last minute betrayal by Banks.
 205       The Men in Black                         - Quinn and CIA agent Dan Banks track down William, the mysterious man in the hat who has kidnapped Hynek viewing him as a kindred spirit.
 204       Hopkinsville                             - Hynek and Quinn continue to investigate the further relationship between the Air Force and the newly created CIA that appear to be furthering the UFO paranoia.
 203       Area 51                                  - Hynek and Quinn investigate the real Area 51 operated by the Air Force and stumble onto strange experiments led by General Hugh.
 202       The Roswell Incident (2)                 - Hynek refuses to use a fake video of an alien autopsy to advance his position preferring to rely on finding the real truth which it was modelled upon.
 201       The Roswell Incident (1)                 - Hynek and Quinn find coverup after coverup behind the original purported flying saucer crash site in Roswell, NM.
 110       The Washington Merry-Go Round            - Hynek and Quinn witness otherworldy events, but help cover it up so they can continue to investigate and discover the truth.
 109       Abduction                                - Hynek and Quinn are held hostage by an alien abductee and his wife insisting that their story be believed, while providing intriguing evidence.
 108       War Games                                - Hynek and Quinn investigate an alleged UFO encounter at an army base but it turns out to be miltary conducting secret experiments on their own.
 107       The Scoutmaster                          - Hynek sees through a Boy Scout leader staging a hoax to obtain a reward for finding proof of alien existence; Quinn's loyalty is tested.
 106       The Green Fireballs                      - Hynek and Quinn investigate reports of green fireballs at the White Forest Missile Range, with the former going behind the back of the Air Force.
 105       Foo Fighters                             - Hynek and Quinn come across a group of pilots who claim to be contacted by aliens, who appear to be programmed as weapons against them.
 104       Operation Paperclip                      - Hynek and Quinn investigate the activites of Wernher von Braun, who appears to be working for the government to test alien technology.
 103       The Lubbock Lights                       - While investigating reports of a V-shaped craft flying over Texas causing rolling blackouts, Hynek and Quinn experience the phenomenon.
 102       The Flatwoods Monster                    - Hynek and Quinn debunk the source of an alien monster sighting but it appears that the government is covering up something.
 101       The Fuller Dogfight                      - Astrophysicist Allen Hynek is recruited by Michael Quinn, representing the US Air Force, to debunk an UFO encounter by a military pilot.

Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal (4 episodes)

 422       Stone Dream                              - Mia Stone experiences precognitive dreams and hallucinations.
 405       883                                      - Matt leaves the OSIR to colonise new worlds after being infected with mutated DNA.
 402       Sacrifices                               - The OSIR investigates black magic on a college campus.
 401       Shocking                                 - A girl struck by lightning has to have sex to release that energy.

Quantum Leap (97 episodes)

 522       Mirror Image                             - Sam learns that he is control of his destiny and goes back to fix Al's marriage to Beth.
 521       Memphis Melody                           - Sam leaps into Elvis Presley before he becomes famous.
 520       The Leap Between The States              - Sam leaps into his great grandfather during the time of the American Civil War.
 519       The Beast Within                         - Sam leaps into a Vietnam veteran who needs to reconcile members from his former unit.
 518       Goodbye Norma Jean                       - Sam helps Marilyn Monroe make her last film.
 517       Revenge of the Evil Leaper               - Alia's old handler Zoey attempt to kill her and Sam, who manages to turn the tables on them.
 516       Return of the Evil Leaper                - Sam ruins a fraternity initiation and encounters Alia, the evil leaper, once again.
 515       Blood Moon                               - Sam leaps into a wanna be vampire involved in sacrificing virgins.
 514       Dr. Ruth                                 - Sam leaps into sex doctor who needs to help a woman stop her boss from sexually harassing her.
 513       Liberation                               - Sam leaps into a mother who needs to stop her daughter from making a terrible mistake.
 512       A Tale of Two Sweeties                   - Sam ends up juggling two lives when he leaps into a low-life bigamist.
 511       Promised Land                            - Sam needs to stop a predatory banker from ruining the lives of farmers.
 510       Trilogy (3) - The Last Door              - Sam solves the mysteries surrounding Abigail's life and learns about his daughter.
 509       Trilogy (2) - For Your Love              - Sam's host is Abigail's boyfriend.
 508       Trilogy (1) - One Little Heart           - Sam's host is the Sheriff and father of Abigail, whose life is in danger.
 507       Deliver Us From Evil                     - Sam leaps back into Jimmy and encounters his evil counterpart.
 506       Star Light, Star Bright                  - Sam's host is visited by UFOs.
 505       Killin' Time                             - Sam leaps into a serial killer who in the future escapes from the waiting room.
 504       Nowhere to Run                           - Sam leaps into a Vietnam veteran who has lost his legs and needs to save the life of a fellow veteran.
 503       Leaping of the Shrew                     - Sam is stranded on a deserted island with a spoilt heiress.
 502       Lee Harvey Oswald (2) - Leap to Judgemen - Sam is unable to save JFK but is still able to affect positive change.
 501       Lee Harvey Oswald (1) - Leaping On A Str - Sam's leaps take him through a whirlwind tour of Oswald's life.
 422       A Leap for Lisa                          - Sam leaps into a younger Al as he is being accused of rape and murder.
 421       Stand Up                                 - Sam's host is part of a trio comedy act who helps his two partners fall in one love with each other.
 420       The Curse of Ptah-Hotep                  - Sam has to deal with the curse of the mummy.
 419       Moments to Live                          - Sam host's is kidnapped by a rabid fan of a soap opera who is unable to separate fantasy from reality.
 418       It's a Wonderful Leap                    - Sam leaps into a cab driver whose career and life are at stake.
 417       Roberto!                                 - Sam plays a Geraldo-like TV host who has to prevent the murder of his colleague.
 416       Ghost Ship                               - Sam helps pilot a plane through the Bermuda Triangle.
 415       A Song for the Soul                      - Sam leaps into Cherie, a young teen who wants to sing for a career against her father's wishes.
 414       The Last Gunfighter                      - Sam must prevent a gunfight from going sour.
 413       Temptation Eyes                          - Sam must prevent a serial killer from murdering a psychic he is in love with.
 412       Running for Honor                        - Sam needs to help a gay Naval cadet discover his true calling.
 411       The Play's the Thing                     - Sam leaps into an actor with an insecure girlfriend who is twice his age.
 410       Unchained                                - Sam helps a convict unjustly accused of a crime escape.
 409       A Single Drop of Rain                    - Sam has to make it rain.
 408       Dreams                                   - Sam helps catch a murderer before it is too late.
 407       The Wrong Stuff                          - Sam leaps into a chimpanzee whose life is threatened by primate experimentation.
 406       Raped                                    - Sam leaps into a rape victim who must bring the rapist to justice.
 405       Permanent Wave                           - Sam helps bring a crooked police officer to justice.
 404       Justice                                  - Sam puts his own life on the line to help people understand that racism is wrong.
 403       Hurricane                                - Sam helps prevent a jealous ex-girlfriend from committing a murder.
 402       Play Ball                                - Sam helps his host and a coplayer reach the major leagues and reunite with the latter's father.
 401       The Leap Back                            - Sam returns home to his wife but has to leap again to save Al.
 322       Shock Theater                            - Sam's ego is lost after his host undergoes an electroshock session.
 321       Nuclear Family                           - Sam helps a bomb shelter salesman to sell fun not fear.
 320       Heart of a Champion                      - Sam stops a wrestler from having a heart attack.
 319       Last Dance Before An Execution           - Sam helps save the life of a person on death row.
 318       A Hunting We Will Go                     - Sam helps out an honest embezzler.
 317       Glitter Rock                             - Sam leaps into a rock star to prevent his host's murder.
 316       Southern Comforts                        - Sam saves a woman from her abusive husband.
 315       Piano Man                                - Sam is hunted by a mobster after witnessing a murder.
 314       Private Dancer                           - Sam helps a deaf woman find herself.
 313       Future Boy                               - Sam learns about his original source of inspiration of quantum leaping.
 312       8.5 Months                               - Sam leaps into a pregnant teenager who needs help keeping her baby.
 311       Runaway                                  - Sam plays a brother who has to save his mother.
 310       A Little Miracle                         - Sam teaches a Scrooge-like real estate magnet that money can't buy everything.
 309       Rebel Without a Clue                     - Sam convinces a young girl that there are many roads in life.
 308       The Great Spontini                       - Sam leaps into a magician to regain custody of his daughter and reunite with his wife.
 307       Black on White on Fire                   - Sam prevents his host's white girlfriend from being killed during the Watts Riots.
 306       Miss Deep South                          - Sam leaps into a beauty pageant contestant who helps out a fellow contestant win.
 305       The Boogieman                            - Sam encounters the devil in one of the scarier episodes.
 304       One Strobe over the Line                 - Sam prevents a model from overdosing on drugs.
 303       Leap of Faith                            - Sam stops a priest from committing a murder.
 302       The Leap Home (2) - Vietnam              - Sam manages to save his brother's life, but at great cost to another.
 301       The Leap Home (1)                        - Sam leaps into his sixteen year old body but is unable affect the changes he desires.
 222       M.I.A.                                   - Al thinks Sam's leap is to help rescue his first marriage to Beth.
 221       Sea Bride                                - Sam leaps into a ex-husband who wants to reunite with his ex-wife.
 220       Maybe Baby                               - Sam help reunites a child with her mother.
 219       Leaping in Without a Net                 - Sam jumps into a trapeze act.
 218       Pool Hall Blues                          - Sam plays pool against a loan shark to recover a marker.
 217       Good Night, Dear Heart                   - Sam helps solve a murder.
 216       Freedom                                  - Sam jumps into a Native American who wants to die with dignity.
 215       Her Charm                                - Sam plays an corrupt FBI agent tasked with protecting a witness in trouble.
 214       All Americans                            - Sam helps a football player win a game.
 213       Another Mother                           - Sam leaps into a mother who saves her son from being kidnapped.
 212       Animal Frat                              - Sam is a frat brother who has to manage a bomb explosion.
 211       A Portrait for Troian                    - Sam helps the solve a haunting mystery.
 210       Catch A Falling Star                     - Sam becomes an understudy for the role of Don Quixote.
 209       So Help Me God                           - Sam defends a black girl who confesses to murder.
 208       Jimmy                                    - Sam helps society accept mentally different individuals.
 207       Thou Shalt Not                           - Sam helps save a marriage.
 206       Good Morning, Peoria                     - Sam saves a rock 'n' Roll radio station.
 205       Blind Faith                              - Sam leaps into a blind pianist with a girlfriend who has a smothering mother.
 204       What Price Gloria?                       - Sam becomes a woman who has to save her best friend's life.
 203       The Americanization of Machiko           - Sam helps his mother accept his Japanese wife.
 202       Disco Inferno                            - Sam helps a brother reach for his dreams.
 201       Honeymoon Express                        - Sam is a cop whose honeymoon is interrupted.
 109       Play It Again, Seymour                   - Sam investigates the murder of his private detective partner.
 108       Camikazi Kid                             - Sam is a brother protecting his sister from making a terrible mistake.
 107       The Color of Truth                       - Sam assumes the identity of a black man in 1995 living in a small town in the South.
 106       Double Identity                          - Sam becomes a mafia hit man.
 105       How the Tess Was Won                     - Sam becomes a cowboy.
 104       The Right Hand of God                    - Sam becomes a pugilist.
 103       Star-Crossed                             - Sam helps lovers unite.
 102       Genesis (2)                              - Sam helps prevent a premature childbirth and wins a baseball game.
 101       Genesis (1)                              - Sam makes the first quantum leap.

Ray Bradbury Theater (3 episodes)

 502       The Murderer                             - In a futurisitic society, a person rebels against communication devices.
 407       The Wonderful Death of Dudley Stone      - An author "dies" since he's sick of writing.
 304       Gotcha                                   - A couple's test of love during a weekend away turns to terror.

Red Dwarf (73 episodes)

 1206      Skipper                                  - Rimmer tries other places in the multiverse where he has everything he could want but finds that relative success is what matters.
 1205      M-Corp                                   - Lister's brain is hacked by the ship's new corporate owners, causing him to lose all contact with anything that is not their property.
 1204      Mechocracy                               - The machines on the ship go on a strike and demand equal right until a crew member is chosen to represent their interests.
 1203      Timewave                                 - The crew run into a time displacement wave that puts them on a ship from the future where the crew has outlawed criticism.
 1202      Siliconia                                - The biological crew members are Krytonised and put to work when they encounter a group of robots on their way to Silconia.
 1201      Cured                                    - The crew encounter various psychopaths from history on a space station that are allegedly cured but the real one lurks in their midst.
 1106      Can of Worms                             - The Cat seemingly falls for a female cat who turns out to be polymorph that lays its eggs within him.
 1105      Krysis                                   - Kryten goes through a mid-life crisis which is resolved when he talks to the Universe that is also going through its own.
 1104      Officer Rimmer                           - Rimmer is promoted through a stroke of luck which leads to clones of him being created one of which becomes a Rimmer-devouring monster.
 1103      Give and Take                            - The crew encounter a space station with an insane medidroid who causes Lister to lose his kidneys.
 1102      Samsara                                  - Past and present (and the future) collide in this interesting episode where the crew find the remnants of a derelict ship and encounter a karma drive.
 1101      Twentica                                 - The crew travel in time to 20th century Earth to defeat the expenoids, Borg-like simulants who have blocked humanity's technological progress.
 1006      The Beginning                            - Rimmer leads the crew in a victory against a quartet of Simulant death ships.
 1005      Dear Dave                                - Lister almost ends up being a father while also being involved in a love triangle with two vending machines.
 1004      Entangled                                - Lister loses Starbug and Rimmer in poker to GELFs with a bomb strapped to his groin; quantum entanglement between Krysten and Cat saves the day.
 1003      Lemons                                   - The crew assemble a rejuvenation shower that transports them to 23 AD where they encounter a Jesus who visits their ship and has a kidney stone removed.
 1002      Fathers and Suns                         - The ship's new computer with precognitive abilities almost ends their mission until Lister saves the day.
 1001      Trojan                                   - The crew discover a Quantum Twister ship that leads to Arnold meeting his brother Howard with both harbouring deep resentments.
 903       Back to Earth (3)                        - The crew discover that their experiences on Earth were caused by the female version of the Despair Squid that causes joy.
 902       Back to Earth (2)                        - The crew end up in 21st century Earth and set out to find their creator after discovering that they are fictional characters about to be killed off.
 901       Back to Earth (1)                        - A sexy new hologram shows up with the promise of finding Lister an interdimensional mate to restart the human race.
 808       Only the Good                            - Rimmer travels to a mirror universe where everything is the opposite to save the mining ship from being destroyed by microbes.
 807       Pete (2)                                 - After further time wand disasters, Captain Hollister finds peace by sentencing himself to solitary confinement to get away from Rimmer and Lister.
 806       Pete (1)                                 - The gang find a digitising time wand to pass their prison sentence faster and end up evolving a Tyrannosaurus Rex from a sparrow.
 805       Krytie TV                                - Kryten is reprogrammed to set up a peep show for male prisoners of the women's showers after he is classified as female for lacking genitalia.
 804       Cassandra                                - In prison, Lister volunteers up the gang for dangerous missions, the first of which leads them to Cassandra, a computer that can predict the future.
 803       Back in the Red (3)                      - The gang's story is believed and are found innocent of their original charge but are found guilty of another one.
 802       Back in the Red (2)                      - Lister, Kristine, Kryten, and Cat are administered a psychotropic drug to evaluate their story.
 801       Back in the Red (1)                      - The nanobots not only rebuild Red Dwarf but also all of its crew.
 708       Nonarchy                                 - The crew discover that Kryten's nanobots had escaped and stolen the Red Dwarf which they regain along with Lister's arm.
 707       Epideme                                  - Lister loses his hand after being infected by the epideme virus.
 706       Beyond a Joke                            - Kryten finds the truth about his origins.
 705       Blue                                     - Kryten creates the Rimmer experience to "cure" Lister from missing him.
 704       Duct Soup                                - The new crew (Kristine, Lister, Kryten, and Cat) are trapped in the ventilation ducts and get to know one another well.
 703       Ouroboros                                - Khristine Kochanski from a parallel dimension joins the crew; Lister finds out that he is the snake head eating its own tail.
 702       Stoke Me a Clipper                       - It's finally Rimmer's turn to take on the legacy of Ace and do great things for the universe.
 701       Tikka to Ride                            - Lister continues to abuse the time travel device in his quest for a supply of curry leading to disastrous consequences.
 606       Out of Time                              - The crew acquire a time travelling machine which leads them going to war with their decadent future selves.
 605       Rimmerworld                              - Rimmer Passes through a wormhole escaping from a psychopathic simulant and creates a world composed of clones of himself that is his personal hell.
 604       Emohawk: Polymorph II                    - While escaping from a Space Corps probe, Starbug crashes onto GELF occupied territory where a polymorph prey's on the crew's emotions.
 603       Gunmen of the Apocalypse                 - Rogue simulants infect starbug with an apocalpyse virus that is battled by the crew in a Wild West setting.
 602       Legion                                   - The crew are taken captive by a gestalt entity that is created from the synergy of their collective consciousnesses.
 601       Psirens                                  - The crew follow the trail of Red Dwarf in Starbug after having misplaced it, and are tempted by brain sucking GELFs.
 506       Back to Reality                          - The crew undergo a group hallucination after encountering a Despair Squid from an evolutionary terraforming experiment gone horribly awry.
 505       Demons and Angels                        - The crew devise a triplicator that separates out the good, the bad, and the ugly from its target.
 504       Quarantine                               - Rimmer is infected with an electronic holovirus that causes him to become insane while giving him psychic powers.
 503       Terrorform                               - The crew end up on a planet that is being terraformed to the whims of Rimmer's deranged self-loathing psyche.
 502       The Inquisitor                           - The crew are asked to justify their existence to a time travelling Inquisitor whose work is undone when Lister uses his brain.
 501       Holoship                                 - Rimmer decides to join the crew of a Holoship to become whole but he finds the price of admission to be too steep to bear.
 406       Meltdown                                 - The crew transport to a planet of independent thinking wax droids where the heroes and villains are warring; Rimmer ensures victory by mutual annhilation.
 405       Dimension Jump                           - An alternate dimension Rimmer who became quite a guy due to a single different childhood event meets the one on the Red Dwarf.
 404       White Hole                               - A mishap results in Holly possessing an IQ of 12,368 but a lifespan of 3 minutes as the crew deal with a white hole, the opposite of a black one.
 403       Justice                                  - Rimmer is tried on Justice World, a deep space penal station, for his imagined guilt of killing almost all the members of Red Dwarf.
 402       DNA                                      - The crew find an alien machine that can transform organic molecules into anything they desire, mostly.
 401       Camille                                  - The crew rescue a pleasure GELF (genetically engineered life form) that appears to them as the object of their desires.
 306       The Last Day                             - Kryten is about to be dismantled and replaced but discovers enjoyment in life for the first time, with help from the rest of the crew.
 305       Timeslides                               - The crew alter history by going back in time via old photographs which results in Lister becoming rich and Rimmer becoming alive (temporarily).
 304       Bodyswap                                 - Rimmer swaps his mind with Lister's body and refuses to give it back after enjoying it a bit too much.
 303       Polymorph                                - The crew encounter a genetic mutant creature that can change shape into their worst emotions and feed off of it.
 302       Marooned                                 - Lister and Rimmer are marooned on a desolate ice planet after encountering five black holes at once.
 301       Backwards                                - The crew go through a time hole to an Earth where time flows backwards.
 206       Parallel Universe                        - Holly invents the Hop Drive that transports them to an alternate universe where the crew encounter opposite versions of themselves.
 205       Queeg                                    - Holly becomes senile and is replaced by his military-minded backup program, Queeg 500.
 204       Stasis Leak                              - Lister, Rimmer, and Cat find a stasis leak in the ship that allows them to go back three million years in the past.
 203       Thanks for the Memory                    - Lister implants some of his memories of a long lost love into Rimmer resulting in everyone losing four days worth of them.
 202       Better Than Life                         - The crew play a virtual reality video game that enables them to live out their every fantasy until Rimmer's mind betrays them.
 201       Kryten                                   - The crew intercept a distress call and come across an android serving three female astronauts who have been dead for centuries.
 106       Me2                                      - Rimmer and his double don't get along and the second one is erased as everyone learns that gazpacho soup is served cold.
 105       Confidence and Paranoia                  - Lister gets sick and suffers from a split personality.
 104       Waiting for God                          - The ship comes across one of its own garbage pods that Rimmer deeply believes is a dormant alien that can restore him back to life.
 103       Balance of Power                         - Lister attempts to rise above Rimmer's rank so he can get his way on the ship.
 102       Future Echoes                            - Lister and his companions, Holly the ship's AI, Arnold Rimmer his hologram bunkmate, and Cat, a human-feline hybrid descendant of his pet cat see glimpses of their future as their ship accelerates to light speed.
 101       The End                                  - Dave Lister, a technician third-class on a mining ship is woken up from being in suspended animation for three million years with almost all the crew dead.

Requiem (6 episodes)

 106       Episode 6                                - The cultists persuade Matilda to let the archangel within her out which enables to wreak her vengeance upon them.
 105       Episode 5                                - The activities of the townspeople are cast in an increasingly more sinister light; Matilda becomes confused over differing stories.
 104       Episode 4                                - Matilda, based on the advice of a vagrant who she believes is her father, communicates with ethereal beings that seemingly fill in her backstory.
 103       Episode 3                                - As Matilda continues to insist that she is Carys, the collateral damage to those connected to the disappearance in the entire village increases.
 102       Episode 2                                - Matildta begins to believe that she is the missing girl, Carys, which greatly disturbs everyone around her.
 101       Episode 1                                - After her mother's suicide, Matilda goes to a small Welsh village for answers after finding clippings of a toddler reported missing 25 years ago.

Salvation (13 episodes)

 113       The Plot Against America                 - As the coup against President McKenzie is foiled, the world stands on the brink of war.
 112       The Wormwood Prophecy                    - Grace, Darius, and Harris come closer to uncovering the conspiracy to take over the government, discovering that the President is alive.
 111       All In                                   - Darius and Nicholas sort of make up; the corrupt US government moves to consolidate its power by taking out RE/SYS.
 110       Coup de Grace                            - A conspiracy to take over the US by the Vice President is revealed when the President appears to die on live TV.
 109       Patriot Games                            - An assassination attempt on Grace leads to an alliance between Darius and the hactivist group RE/SYST, implicating the White House.
 108       From Russia, With Love                   - Grace and Darius accomplish what their own governments could not, while the nature of Project Atlas is revealed.
 107       Seeing Red                               - Grace and Darius head off to Russia to stave off World War 3 and end up being framed for murder; Liam struggles with his separation from Jillian.
 106       Chip Off the Ol' Block                   - Darius concots a plan to steal a piece of a rare crystal needed to rebuild the EM drive from his uncle, even as World War 3 looms.
 105       Keeping the Faith                        - Liam is forced to kill Croft after discovering that he is the mole and traitor working for the Russians, who abscond with the EM drive.
 104       The Human Strain                         - Darius is tortured for alleged treason and is able to exonerate himself with Grace's help but they are too late to save NASA's effort to blow up the asteroid.
 103       Truth or Darius                          - Team Darius is given a tight deadline to build a prototype EM drive to push the asteroid off its course, with the fate of over a billion people hanging in balance.
 102       Another Trip Around the Sun              - Grace commits treason to aid Darius in saving civilisation; Amanda Neel, a reporter, pushes to uncover the whole truth.
 101       Pilot                                    - MIT student Liam, tech CEO Darius, Pentagon PR representative Grace, and Deputy Secretary of Defense Harris must work together to prevent an asteroid from colliding with the Earth in six months.

Scream Queens (13 episodes)

 113       The Final Girl(s)                        - Hester, the final Red Devil, frames all the murders on the Chanels who are committed to an asylum.
 112       Dorkus                                   - Pete ends up redeeming himself as the sisters attempt to take down the final Red Devil killer.
 111       Black Friday                             - The sisters attempt to murder Dean Munsch thinking she is the killer but Pete has something to say to Grace.
 110       Thanksgiving                             - The sisters all have a Thanksgiving dinner together when Gigi's head turns up as the main course.
 109       Ghost Stories                            - Chanel appears to kill Hester; Boone, one of the Red Devil twins, is killed by his sister.
 108       Mommie Dearest                           - Grace finds out the truth about her mother.
 107       Beware of Young Girls                    - Dean Munsch frames Feather McCarthy for the murder of her husband.
 106       Seven Minutes in Hell                    - The girls play a game of Truth or Dare which results in Sam being killed.
 105       Pumpkin Patch                            - Gigi is shown masterminding the Red Devils, one of whom is in love with Zayday who escapes from captivity.
 104       Haunted House                            - Zayday challenges Chanel for Presidency of the Kappa House but ends up being kidnapped by the Red Devil.
 103       Chainsaw                                 - Dean Munsch is accused of being the killer.
 102       Hell Week                                - A serial killer wearing a Red Devil costume is on the loose.
 101       Pilot                                    - Grace Gardner joins the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority house run by the ruthless Chanel Oberlin.

Sense8 (10 episodes)

 112       I Can't Leave Her                        - Everyone works together to save Riley from Whispers.
 111       Just Turn the Wheel and the Future Chang - The net around the Sensates cast by Whispers grows tighter.
 109       Death Doesn't Let You Say Goodbye        - Hernando brekas up with Lito.
 108       We Will All Be Judged by the Courage of  - Choice and opportunity and the consequences of making and capitalising on them.
 106       Demons                                   - Sun takes the fall for her brother and father and goes to prison.
 105       Art is Like Religion                     - Kala collapses during her wedding as she hears Wolfgang say that she is not in love with her husband.
 104       What's Going On                          - Nomi is able to escape a lobotomy.
 103       Smart Money Is on the Skinny Bitch       - The Sensates learn to stand in for each other in times of need.
 102       I Am Also a We                           - Jonas starts to make contact with the other Sensates.
 101       Limbic Resonance                         - Eight people from all over the world discover that they are in each other's consciousnesses.

Servant (10 episodes)

 110       Balloon                                  - Leanne's connection to a cult, the Church of the Lesser Saints, is revealed as she returns to them and they all disappear; Dorothy sees the reborn doll in the crib instead of Jericho.
 109       Jerico                                   - Flashbacks show how Dorothy lost Jericho initially which led to the psychotic break and the arrival of Leanne into their home.
 108       Boba                                     - Julian watches over Jericho and finds that he has become a reborn doll again and argues with Leanne about where the real one is.
 107       Haggis                                   - Dorothy's friend Natalie, the one who suggested the reborn doll as therapy, visits (after being fired) and is shocked at the turn of events.
 106       Rain                                     - A weird uncle of Leanne, George, shows up and wants to take Leanne back but she refuses.
 105       Cricket                                  - Leanne is able to inflict pain on those that cross her; as she punishes herself by whipping, a dead cricket comes back to life.
 104       Bear                                     - Leanne is shown being interviewed by Dorothy as a child; Sean begins to monitor her movements after seeing that she is beginning to imitate being her mother.
 103       Eel                                      - Upon investigating Leanne, Sean and his brother in law Julian discover that she and her parents who reportedly died about 18 years ago.
 102       Wood                                     - After Leanne's first stint, the baby comes to life and everyone pretends nothing has changed; the secular Sean finds himself hurt when he crosses religious Leanne.
 101       Reborn                                   - Dorothy and Sean hire a nanny, Leanne, to help care for their "reborn doll", replacing their infant Jericho who died at 13 weeks.

Shadowhunters (33 episodes)

 220       Beside Still Water                       - Jace dies but Clary manages to kill Valentine and wishes the Angel Raziel to resurrect him.
 219       Hail and Farewell                        - The team manage to track and kill Jonathan, but Valentine escapes and plots with the Seelie Queen.
 218       Awake, Arise, or Be Forever Fallen       - Sebastian is outed, and Clary prevents him from taking off with the Mortal Mirror which then turns to dust in her hands.
 217       A Dark Reflection                        - Clary and Jace track down the Mortal Mirror; Valentine recruits Sebastian/Jonathan to his cause sends him to fetch it.
 216       Day of Atonement                         - The Sebastian doppelganger intends to punish Valentine for making him a part of his twisted experiment, as Jace and Clary attempt to track them.
 215       A Problem of Memory                      - Simon is accused of murder after a night of nursing his sorrows in (plasma) drink; Valentine's escape is orchestrated by the Sebastian doppelganger who refers to him as his father.
 214       The Fair Folk                            - Clary chooses Jace over Simon when the Seelie Queen traps them into a test over her feelings.
 213       Those of Demon Blood                     - A Seelie is out for revenge by murdering Shadowhunters and removing their ruins while framing various downworlders.
 212       You Are Not Your Own                     - Valentine and Magnus are reintegrated back into their own bodies after Azazel's switch; Jace discovers that he is a Herondale.
 211       Mea Maxima Culpa                         - A higher demon, Azazel, terrorises the inhabitants of the city looking for the Mortal Cup, as Simon gets used to being a day walker.
 210       By the Light of Dawn                     - Jace discovers that he is not Valentine's son and does not have demon blood in him when he activates the Soul Sword.
 209       Bound by Blood                           - Valentine tries to get Clary to activate the Soul Sword but ends up taking Simon instead when he and Jace attempt to rescue her.
 208       Love is the Devil                        - Everyone turns on each other at Magnus' party caused by another warlock working under orders from Valentine to retrieve his spell book.
 207       How Are Thou Fallen                      - Valentine's plans to use an angel and a bolt of lightning to activate the soulsword is foiled by Jace and Clary.
 206       Iron Sisters                             - Aldertree gets Izzy hooked on vampire venom to control her; Jace is expelled from the Institute; Luke is found by Simon and Maia.
 205       Dust and Shadows                         - Clary makes a deal with a warlock to bring her mother back but changes her mind and almost becomes a demon mother.
 204       Day of Wrath                             - Jace proves his loyalty against Valentine who steals the Soul Sword, but Jocelyn is killed by his diversion.
 203       Parabatai Lost                           - Jace returns in time to save Alec's life after evading the wrath of the wolf pack, but the Clave arrests him for high treason.
 202       A Door Into the Dark                     - Clary is kidnapped by Dot and taken to Valentine to help him manipulate Jace, but the two siblings seemingly escape.
 201       This Guilty Blood                        - Jace is hunted by the Clave for apparently collaborating with Valentine, while his friends and family try to find him sooner.
 113       Morning Star                             - Jace joins Valentine under duress as Clary reunites with her mother Joceyln.
 112       Malec                                    - Alec comes out just before he is about to marry; Valentine gets closer to the Mortal Cup as Hodge is revealed to be a traitor.
 111       Blood Calls to Blood                     - Clary and Jace find Joceyln, and also that Valentine is father to both of them.
 110       This World Inverted                      - Meliorn helps Clary and Jace go through an alternate dimension to find Valentine.
 109       Rise Up                                  - Clary rallies the downworlders to rescue Meliorn, a Seelie, as Simon makes peace with being a vampire; Alec and Jace drift further apart.
 108       Bad Blood                                - Clary makes a difficult choice to resurrect Simon as a vampire.
 107       Major Arcana                             - Clary finds and wields the Mortal Cup to control the demons from hell.
 106       Of Men and Angels                        - The history behind Valentine's descent into insanity is revealed to Clary, as she finds a clue about the location of the Mortal Cup.
 105       Moo Shu to Go                            - Clary is kidnapped by werewolves but she and and the other Shadowhunters are saved through Luke's actions.
 104       Raising Hell                             - The Shadowhunters team up with Marcus Bane, the warlock who removed Clary's memories at her mother's request.
 103       Dead Man's Party                         - The Shadowhunters rescue a whiny Simon from the vampires, but it may be too late to save his humanity.
 102       he Descent into Hell is Easy             - Clary learns that she is Valentine's daughter; Simon is kidnapped by vampires.
 101       The Mortal Cup                           - On her 18th birthday, Clary's universe is upended as her mother is kidnapped and she discovers that she is a Shadowhunter.

Sherlock (14 episodes)

 403       The Final Problem                        - Sherlock and Mycroft go up against their institutionalised sister to prevent her from executing Moriarty's revenge and save John.
 402       The Lying Detective                      - Sherlock appears to go off the end in his pursuit of a creepy philanthropist who happens to be a serial killer with a need to confess.
 401       The Six Thatchers                        - John blames Sherlock for not upholding his vow to protect Mary when a former colleague comes gunning for her.
 400       The Abominable Bride                     - Sherlock retreats to his mind palace and tackles a case in Victorian London to figure out Moriarty's real fate.
 303       His Last Vow                             - Sherlock fulfils his solemn promise to his best friends John and Mary by getting rid of a dangerous psychopath threatening them.
 302       The Sign of Three                        - Sherlock is best man to the marriage of John Watson and Mary Morstan, where he also solves a delayed murder.
 301       The Empty Hearse                         - Sherlock returns and saves the Houses of Parliament from being blown up with John.
 300       Many Happy Returns                       - Sherlock appears to be coming back.
 203       The Reichenbach Fall                     - James Moriarty and Sherlock battle to their apparent deaths.
 202       The Hounds of Baskerville                - Sherlock and John tackle and solve the case of a gigantic hound haunting Dartmoor.
 201       A Scandal in Belgravia                   - Sherlock appears to have found a worthy adversary in Irene Adler.
 103       The Great Game                           - Sherlock and John confront Moriarty and a standoff ensues.
 102       The Blind Banker                         - Sherlock and John break up a Chinese antiquities smuggling operation gone awry.
 101       A Study in Pink                          - A modern day Sherlock Holmes becomes flatmates with Dr. John Watson and solve their first case together involving apparent suicides.

Slasher (8 episodes)

 108       Soon Your Own Eyes Will See              - Sarah and Dylan and get their revenge on the Executioner, who is revealed to be Cam.
 107       In the Pride of His Face                 - Tom is executed for the cardinal sin of Pride, sparing Sarah in the process.
 106       The One Who Sows His Own Flesh           - Iain Vaughn's lies and past catch up with him and he is burnt alive for the sin of Lust.
 105       Ill-Gotten Gains                         - Allison is offed for the sin of Greed.
 104       As Water is Corrupted Unless It Moves    - Trent is executed by snakes, and June is kidnapped, left naked, and paralysed in a field, both for the sin of Sloth.
 103       Like as Fire Eateth Up and Burneth Wood  - Sarah's grandmother Brenda is killed by the Executioner by drowning for the sin of Envy.
 102       Digging Your Grave with Your Teeth       - Sarah learns uncomfortable truths about her parents; the Executioner kills Justin for the sin of Gluttony.
 101       An Eye for an Eye                        - A copycat killer mimicking the style of person who murdered Sarah Bennet's parents surfaces, killing Verna for the sin of Anger/Wrath.

Sleeper Cell (10 episodes)

 110       Youmud Din                               - The terrorists carry out their attack.
 109       Hijack                                   - Farik unveils his plan.
 108       Intramural                               - Darwyn gets a new handler.
 107       Immigrant                                - An Afghani boy joins the terrorists.
 106       Family                                   - The terrorists visit their families.
 105       Soldier                                  - The terrorists take over a warehouse.
 104       Scholar                                  - The terrorists kill an islamic scholar.
 103       Money                                    - The terrorists visit Tijuana.
 102       Target                                   - The terrorists try out a mock attack with Anthrax.
 101       Al-Faitha                                - Darwyn gets in with the terrorists.

Sleepy Hollow (62 episodes)

 413       Freedom                                  - Team Witness defeat the Horsemen and take down Dreyfuss whose contract with the Devil comes due.
 412       Tomorrow                                 - Future Molly aka Lara and Diana separate Ichabod from the Avatar of War, but his son Henry reclaims his former mantle.
 411       The Way of the Gun                       - Molly travels from a future where Malcolm is a tyrant to stop him from from creating War, and fails when Ichabod takes a bullet meant for her mother.
 410       Insatiable                               - Malcolm assembles the second of his Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (following Pestilence) by releasing a hunger demon to yield Famine.
 409       Child's Play                             - Malcolm hexes Molly so that her protector golem comes to life attacking those she is angered by, all just to introduce himself to her.
 408       Sick Burn                                - Malcolm uses a Djinn to spread a supernatural infection.
 407       Loco Parentis                            - Molly's research into the meaning of being a Witness attracts the attention ofa a Barghest, a wolf demon; Dreyfuss turns out to be alive.
 406       Homecoming                               - Even though Team Witness thinks they have secured a win, Malcolm becomes effectively immortal from drinking Crane's blood.
 405       Blood from a Stone                       - Malcolm's former (and presumed dead) partner returns for revenge and life eternal.
 404       The People vs. Ichabod Crane             - Ichabod goes through psychic trial after being attacked by a despair spider but his friends, along with Molly, give him hope.
 403       Heads of State                           - The Headless Horseman goes after the President while an aghast Diana learns that Molly is the next Witness.
 402       In Plain Sight                           - Ichabod learns that Diana's ten year old daughter Molly is the next Witness, as they both deal with a coven of witches with Jenny's help.
 401       Columbia                                 - Ichabod tries to move on without Abby and finds himself a new partner in Diana Thomas, an FBI agent.
 318       Ragnarok                                 - The journeys for Abby, Joe, and Pandora end as the Hidden One is defeated; Crane is roped into a new secret organisation to battle the supernatural.
 317       Delaware                                 - Ichabod and Abby head out into the catacombs and encounter Betsy Ross; the Hidden One becomes omnipotent.
 316       Dawn's Early Light                       - The group track down the American flag sewn by Betsy Ross in order to go to the catacombs and put a stop to the Hidden One.
 315       Incommunicado                            - Crane and the Hidden One are trapped by the Emblem of Thura and Abby and her friends team up with Pandora to free them.
 314       Into the Wild                            - Abby and Sophie fend off a Verslinder, a wormy devouring monster, with help from Crane who is able to see within her mind using the Emblem of Thura.
 313       Dark Mirror                              - The Jersey Devil brings forth the sands of life.
 312       Sins of the Father                       - Abby and Jenny reunite with their father as the team deal with the return of Atticus Nevins.
 311       Kindred Spirits                          - The Hidden One wants the Kindred as his lieutenant but our heroes set him up with a partner.
 310       Incident At Stone Manor                  - Crane finds Abby using astral projection and comes back with her, thwarting Pandora and the Hidden One.
 309       One Life                                 - Crane becomes obsessive about recovering Abby with disastrous consequences, which he is able to set right with Sophia Foster's help.
 308       Novus Ordo Seclorum                      - Abby sacrifices herself to save her sister who is captured by Pandora and her partner, the Hidden One.
 307       The Art of War                           - Jenny absorbs a mystical shard which is sought after by Norse Beserkers.
 306       This Red Lady from Caribee               - Pandora revives an tropical insect based entity that causes extreme reactions of fear.
 305       Dead Men Tell No Tales                   - An old enemy of Ichabod resurfaces and it's up to the team to burn them to the ground.
 304       The Sisters Mills                        - A tooth fairy (clearly not the Disney version) attempts to steal the souls of children.
 303       Blood and Fear                           - Pandora releases the knife that causes people to become like Jack the Ripper.
 302       Whispers in the Dark                     - Pandora releases a shadow wraith that thrives on secrets.
 301       I, Witness                               - Abbt, Jenny, and Crane reunite to face a new tribulation.
 218       Tempus Fugit                             - Abby travels back in time to prevent Katrina from changing the past.
 217       Awakening                                - Henry is killed by Abby who is transported back in time with Katrina.
 216       What Lies Beneath                        - The spirit of Thomas Jefferson aids Crane and Mills.
 215       Spellcaster                              - Katrina and Irving walk on the dark side.
 214       Kali Yuga                                - Hawley almost turns into a Kali worshipper.
 213       Pittura Infamante                        - A serial killer hides within a painting.
 212       Paradise Lost                            - The crew deal with the fallout from winning their key battle.
 211       The Akeda                                - Henry stops being a pawn of Moloch.
 210       Magnum Opus                              - Crane and Mills retrieve the Sword of Methuselah.
 209       Mama                                     - The Mills sisters understand what happened to their mother.
 208       Heartless                                - The team battle an Incordata, a succubus feeding the baby Moloch.
 207       Deliverance                              - Katrina survives Moloch's inception.
 206       And the Abyss Gazes Back                 - Corbin's son is cursed by Henry to become the Wendigo.
 205       The Weeping Lady                         - A person who was formerly infatuated with Crane ends up haunting him.
 204       Go Where I Send Thee                     - Crane and Mills tackle the Pied Piper of Sleepy Hollow.
 203       Root of All Evil                         - A coin causes darkness in one's heart to manifest.
 202       The Kindred                              - Ichabod create their own animated corpse to combat Moloch.
 201       This is War                              - Everyone but Katrina escapes from their captors.
 113       Bad Blood                                - Parish springs a surprise on Mills, Crane, and Katrina.
 112       The Indispensable Man                    - Crane, Mills, and Parrish try to retrieve Washington's map.
 111       The Vessel                               - Captain Irving's daughter Macey is possessed by Ancitif.
 110       The Golem                                - Crane learns his son enabled the creation of a Golem to protect him.
 109       Sanctuary                                - Crane learns that he has a son.
 108       Necromancer                              - Crane learns the identity of the Horseman.
 107       The Midnight Ride                        - Crane et al. capture the Headless Horseman.
 106       The Sin Eater                            - Crane's sins from the past are revisited.
 105       John Doe                                 - A sick boy from the 16th century threatens modern humans.
 104       The Lesser Key of Solomon                - Mills and her sister reconcile.
 103       For the Triumph of Evil                  - A dream spirit threatens Crane and Mills.
 102       Blood Moon                               - A witch from the past returns to take revenge.
 101       Pilot                                    - Ichabod Crane dies in 1781 and arises in 2013 along with the Headless Horseman.

Snowpiercer (10 episodes)

 110       994 Cars Long                            - The revolution is finally done but a new threat emerges when another train shows up and Melanie's daughter Alexandra demands their surrender on behalf of Mr. Wilford.
 109       The Train Demanded Blood                 - Melanie decides her way is not working and helps Andre's revolution succeed, resulting in him having to make hard choices.
 108       These Are His Revolutions                - While Andre makes progress with his plan, the sociopathic family in first class decides on its own takeover and set Melanie up to be executed.
 107       The Universe is Indifferent              - Melanie embarks on a brutal quest to find Andre which results in Josie's death and Andre's revolution starting.
 106       Trouble Comes Sideways                   - Andre escapes with his girlfriend Josie's help and goes after Melanie but she is needed save the train and talks him out of it.
 105       Justice Never Boarded                    - While Andre is placed in suspended animation, the psychopathic mastermind is put on trial but Melanie orchestrates events to have them go her way.
 104       Without Their Maker                      - Andre catches the murderer, who turns out to be a First Class bodyguard acting on the orders of his psychopathic boss.
 103       Access is Power                          - Melanie's authority derives from Mr. Wilford, the ostensible builder of the train, but he is long gone and she is impersonating him to maintain order.
 102       Prepare to Brace                         - Andre Layton, a former detective living in the lowest class area, i.e., the tail, of the train and tasked by Melanie Cavill, its head and voice, to solve a murder, uncovers a separate case involving cannibalism.
 101       First, the Weather Changed               - A 1,001 car train circumnavigates the Earth which has been struck by climate catastrophe, serving as a metaphor for societal class divisions.

South of Hell (8 episodes)

 108       Blood Relations                          - Maria, Grace, and David appear to defeat Enos with Elijah's gamble, but there is no Hollywood ending to their story.
 107       Take Life Now                            - Maria, Grace, and David are trapped by Enos who makes a deal with Abigail and reveals that Dusty was too good to be true.
 106       South of the Border                      - Maria and Grace learn that they both have the same mother who is in hell, possessed by a demon.
 105       The One That Got Away                    - Abigail's former demon lover assumes the form of Maria to make her host commit murders leading to a tragicomic exorcism.
 104       White Noise                              - Grace Bledsoe's help enables Maria and Abigail to defeat the demon mother of the Sons of the Serpent whose husband had been killed by Elijah.
 103       I See You                                - Reverend Elijah Bledsoe's past turns out to be complicated as David becomes entangled with the Sons of the Serpent.
 102       Judge and Fury                           - Maria's second attempt at exorcising the demon from the last episode goes better.
 101       Demons are Forever                       - Maria, possessed by Abigail, works with her brother David to exorcise the demons of others which are then consumed by her own.

South Park (122 episodes)

 1304      Eat, Pray, Queef                         - Male society loves farts but goes against queef.
 1212      About Last Night...                      - Barack Obama and John McCain conspire together.
 1205      Eek, A Penis                             - Garrison decideds to become a female again.
 1204      Canada on Strike!                        - The boys rescue Canada mired in a strike.
 1203      Major Boobage                            - The boys look for novel ways to get high (as a homage is paid to Heavy Metal).
 1202      Britney's New Look                       - The kids discover the secret behind Britney Spears' popularity.
 1201      Tonsil Trouble                           - Cartman has a tonsilectomy which results in him being infected with HIV.
 1107      Night of the Living Homeless             - Homeless people take over South Park.
 1103      Lice Capades                             - The gang has to deal with head lice.
 1011      Hell on Earth 2006                       - Satan has a birthday akin to those held by spoilt Hollywood teenagers.
 1009      Mystery of the Urinal Deuce              - Cartman links someone doing number two in the toilet to the 911 attacks.
 914       Bloody Mary                              - Stan is embarrassed by his drunk-driving dad.
 905       The Losing Edge                          - The boys try very hard to lose at baseball since the game sucks.
 903       Wing                                     - The boys start a talent agency.
 903       Best Friends Forever                     - A Sony PSP is used by god to train a Keanu Reeves for Heaven, but Kenny/Keanu ends up in a persistent vegetative state.
 901       Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina          - Garrison has a sex change operation but his organs end up in Kyle's family.
 814       Woodland Critter Christmas               - Stan helps the rise of the anti-Christ in a story told by Cartman.
 813       Cartman's Incredible Gift                - Cartman allegedly becomes a psychic.
 811       Quest for Ratings                        - The boys start their own TV show.
 810       Pre-school                               - A kid sent to juvenile prison because of the gang returns to take his revenge.
 809       Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes       - Wal-mart arrives in town.
 806       The Jeffersons                           - Michael Jackson's childish nature is parodied as he movies into South Park as Michael Jefferson along with his son.
 805       AWESOM-O                                 - Cartman pretends to be a robot to make fun of Butters, but it backfires.
 803       The Passion of the Jew                   - Cartman convinces Kyle to watch The Passion and feel guilty, while he turns into a Nazi.
 801       Good Times With Weapons                  - The boys are transformed into Japanese Warriors after buying martial arts weapons at a flea market.
 714       Raisins                                  - The kids go to restaurant named Raisins modelled after Hooters.
 713       Butt Out                                 - The boys become the victims in a fight between tobacco and anti-tobacco groups.
 712       All About the Mormons                    - Stan becomes friends with a Mormon.
 711       Casa Bonita                              - Cartman exacts revenge when he is not invited to Kyle's birthday party.
 709       Christian Rock Hard                      - Cartman forms a Christian rock band and the others are in trouble for downloading music.
 708       South Park Is Gay                        - The town embraces metrosexuality.
 707       Red Man's Greed                          - Indians try to take over the town of South Park.
 706       Lil' Crime Stoppers                      - The boys become detectives.
 705       Fat Butt and Pancake Head                - Cartman comes up with a Jennifer Lopez finger puppet.
 704       I'm A Little Bit Country                 - The boys are split in pro-war and anti-war camps which illustrates that America was designed to have it both ways.
 703       Toilet Paper                             - The boys toilet paper their teacher's house (parodying Silence of the Lambs).
 702       Krazy Kripples                           - Timmy and Jimmy join up with the Denver Crips.
 616       My Future Self 'n' Me                    - Stan meets his future self.
 615       The Biggest Douche in the Universe       - Cartman channels Kenny and they make fun of John Edwards.
 613       The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring - The boys go on a quest to return the one ring (a pornographic film) that rules everyone's behaviour.
 612       A Ladder to Heaven                       - The boys build a ladder to reach Kenny.
 611       Child Abduction is Not Funny             - The children are sent away since the parents are afraid they'll be abducted.
 610       Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society             - Bebe attracts all the boys after developing breasts.
 609       Free Hat                                 - The gang try to prevent Steven Spielberg and George Lucas from re-releasing old films, and also free Hat, a child killer.
 607       Simpsons Already Did It                  - The gang thinks they killed their teacher, Diane Choksondik with their "sea men" (The Simpsons are referenced a lot).
 606       Professor Chaos                          - Cartman, Stan, and Kyle fire Butters who becomes professor Chaos.
 604       The Terrance & Phillip Movie Trailer     - Cartman and the kids try to watch a commercial about Terrance and Phillip's Asses of Fire 2, in the middle of a show where Russell Crowe picks fights with people all over the world (in a manner parodying Popeye and the Crocodile Hunter).
 604       Fun with Veal                            - The boys try to prevent the deaths of young lambs.
 602       Jared Has Aides                          - Kenny appears to be really dead and Butters undergoes a liposuction as Jared (from the Subway commercial) beats the "AIDES" dead horse.
 602       Asspen                                   - The gang goes to Aspen, Colorado.
 601       Freak Strike                             - Butters fakes being a freak so he can appear on a TV show.
 514       Butters' Very Own Episode                - Butters, in his own episode, discovers his father is gay and is almost killed by his mother.
 513       Kenny Dies                               - Cartman sells aborted fetuses and Kenny dies in a way that he has never died before (i.e., accompanied by tears).
 512       Here Comes the Neighborhood              - Rich people are discriminated against in South Park when they arrive.
 511       The Ginger Device                        - Kyle's cousin shows up and Garrison invents a gyroscope-based machine to travel that beats airplanes.
 510       How to Eat With Your Butt                - Cartman plays a joke involving Kenny's butt that deprives him of his sense of humour.
 509       Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants          - The boys go out to Afghanistan and return a goat sent by their counterparts there.
 508       Towelie                                  - The boys have to deal with a super-intelligent towel, Towlie, to get their video game back.
 507       Proper Condom Use                        - The elementary school is taught condom use.
 506       Cartmanland                              - Cartman inherits a million dollars and buys his own amusement park.
 505       Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow    - The boys try to get Terrance and Phillip to perform at the Earth Day Festival in South Park.
 503       The Super Best Friends                   - The boys join a cult and have to be saved by the super best friends.
 503       Cripple Fight!                           - Big Gay Al is dismissed as the Scout troop leader for being gay, and a new kid steals Timmy's spotlight.
 502       Cartman Says...                          - Saying the word "shit" too much invokes a curse.
 501       Scott Tenorman Must Die                  - Cartman gets revenge against a ninth grader who sells him his pubes in a massive way.
 416       Wacky Molestation Adventure              - The kids get their parents sent to prison on charges of molestation and Cartman becomes the mayor.
 415       Fat Camp                                 - Cartman gets sent to fat camp.
 414       Helen Keller: The Musical                - The kids stage a Thanksgiving play about Helen Keller.
 413       Trapper Keeper                           - A person from the future returns back in time to prevent Cartman from destroying the world with his Trapper Keeper à la The Termintor and the 2000 U.S. Presidential Elections are parodied.
 410       Probably                                 - Satan decides he neither wants to be with Chris or Saddam and Cartman religious evangelicising turns out to be a farce.
 409       Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?           - Saddam comes back to Satan and the gang become afraid of hell.
 408       Something You Can Do With Your Finger    - Cartman and the gang form a boy band called Fingerbang.
 408       4th Grade                                - The gang move into the 4th Grade.
 407       Chef Goes Nanners                        - The boys debate the South Park flag which Chef says is racist (this episode contains a cool joke involving the burning of a monk in protest).
 406       Cherokee Hair Tampons                    - Cartman refuses to donate his kidney to save Kyle.
 405       Cartman joins NAMBLA                     - The boys try to join NAMBLA.
 404       Quintuplets 2000                         - Where the Elian Gonzales case is parodied when the gang forms the Cirque du Cheville with quintuplets from Romania.
 403       Timmy! 2000                              - The kids are put on Ritalin and Timmy leads a band.
 402       Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000          - Cartman is sent to prison for committing a hate crime.
 401       The Tooth Fairy's Tats 2000              - A tooth fairy gang ring is started by Cartman (Timmy! makes his first appearance).
 317       The Brown Noise                          - Cartman discovers the sound of brown noise which moves bowels, and Mr. Garrison wants to be sexually molested by his father.
 316       Are You There God, It's Me Jesus         - Cartman has a period and Jesus and Rod Stewart put together a concert in Las Vegas.
 315       Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics          - A piece of turd hosts Christmas songs, South Park style!.
 314       The Red Badge of Gayness                 - The south win the civil war.
 313       Starvin' Marvin in Space                 - Starvin' Marvin finds a new planet to escape from Christian missionaries.
 312       Hooked on Monkey Fonics                  - Home-schooled kids join South Park Elementary and Dio performs Holy Diver at the school dance.
 311       Chinpokomon                              - The Chinpokomon makes an appearance.
 310       Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery       - Korn and pirate ghosts make an appearance.
 309       Jewbilee                                 - Kyle, Ike, and Kenny go to a Jew Scout camp.
 308       Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub              - A meteor shower party is mistaken by the ATF to be a cult suicide attempt.
 307       Cat Orgy                                 - Cartman has troubles with his babysitter Shelly.
 306       Sexual Harassment Panda                  - The Sexual Harassment Panda encourages people file a slew of lawsuits.
 305       Tweek vs. Craig                          - The boys are introduced to shop class and bet on who's worse, Tweek or Craig.
 304       Jakovasaurs                              - The prehistoric Jakovasaurs breeds beyond control.
 303       The Succubus or Chef's Mama              - Chef falls in love with a succubus.
 302       Spontaneous Combustion                   - Cartman is crucified so Stan or Kyle's dad can have an erection.
 301       Rainforest Schmainforest                 - The rainforest is portrayed as the aggressor.
 218       Prehistoric Ice Man                      - A "prehistoric" person frozen from 1996 is thawed by the gang.
 217       Gnomes                                   - Harbucks invades the town.
 216       Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!          - The gang spend Christmas at Cartman's grandma's house and Charles Manson shows up.
 215       Spooky Fish                              - Pets start killing people and a door has been opened to an alternate dimension.
 214       Chef Aid                                 - The boys try raise money for Chef who is sued (this is the episode that is the basis for the Chef Aid album).
 212       Clubhouses                               - The kids build clubhouses to play truth or dare with girls.
 211       Roger Ebert Should Lay Off the Fatty Foo - Cartman stars in a Cheesy Poofs commercial.
 209       Chef's Salty Chocolate Balls             - Hollywood takes over South Park.
 208       Summer Sucks                             - Fireworks are banned and a giant snake firework threatens to destroy everything.
 207       City on the Edge of Forever/Flashbacks   - The children are trapped in a school bus after which they experience flashbacks but it all turns out to be just a dream.
 206       The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri - Jimbo and Ned wage a ratings war against Ned.
 205       Conjoined Fetus Lady                     - The school nurse with a conjoined fetus is singled out and the dodgeball team wins the world championships.
 204       Chickenlover                             - Chickens are violated.
 203       Ike's Wee Wee                            - Ike has his circumcision.
 113       Cartman's Mom Is a Dirty Slut            - Cartman tries to figure out the identity of his father.
 112       Mecha-Streisand                          - Barbra Streisand becomes a Godzilla-like monster.
 111       Tom's Rhinoplasty                        - Wendy must vie for Stan's affection with a substitute teacher.
 110       Damien-episode                           - Jesus fights with Satan.
 109       Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo            - No one believes Kyle about Mr. Hankey the Christmas poo.
 108       Starvin' Marvin                          - The boys get Starvin' Marvin instead of a sports watch, Cartman finds himself in Ethiopia, and mutant turkeys wreak havoc.
 107       Pink Eye                                 - The town become zombies.
 105       An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig          - Genetic engineering technology is used to cross-breed elephants with pigs.
 104       Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride           - Big Gay Al's animal sanctuary is showcased.
 102       Volcano                                  - A volcano erupts.
 101       Cartman Gets an Anal Probe               - Cartman gets an anal probe and aliens kidnap Kyle's brother.

Space: 1999 (49 episodes)

 224       The Dorcons                              - An alien race considered to be the mightiest in the galaxy seek Maya's brainstem to make their ruler immortal.
 223       The Immunity Syndrome                    - The Alphans investigate an Earth-like planet to find a lone entity that inadvertently brings death.
 222       Devil's Planet                           - John ends up as the prisoner of a cruel warden on the moon of a home planet where all its inhabitants have died.
 221       Dorzak                                   - Another psychon who fled his planet before its destruction and became evil and caused great suffering ends up on Alpha trying to do the same.
 220       The Seance Spectre                       - A desolate planet is on a collision course with the moon, further complicated when one of the Alphans becomes psychotic.
 219       The Lambda Factor                        - The Alphans encounter a mysterious signal that amplifies their psychic abilities.
 218       The Bringers of Wonder (2)               - John defeats the aliens, stating that it is better to live as their own individuals than to die as a fool in someone else's dream.
 217       The Bringers of Wonder (1)               - John is the only one that can see through the disguises of the hideous aliens masquerading as loved ones from Earth.
 216       A Matter of Balance                      - The Alphans encounter a race of antimatter aliens who want to swap places with them.
 215       Space Warp                               - John and Tony are left five years behind when the moon goes through a space warp and desperately need to find their way home.
 214       The Beta Cloud                           - A cloud of space dust commands a seemingly indestructible robot to retrieve components from the Moonbase Alpha life support system.
 213       Seed of Destruction                      - A doppelganger of John seeks to restore his civilisation that was miniaturised when it was consumed by a black hole.
 212       The AB Chrysalis                         - The Alphans encounter a rejuvenating group of aliens whose defense systems threaten to destroy Alpha.
 211       Catacombs of the Moon                    - A crew member afraid of losing his wife who needs a heart transplant decides to rely on his faith instead.
 210       New Adam, New Eve                        - The Alphans encounter a person claiming to be their creator who wishes for four of them to begin anew on New Earth.
 209       Brian the Brain                          - The Alphans encounter a friendly sentient computer who appears to have balked at having a sibling.
 208       The Mark of Archanon                     - The Alphans find two aliens in stasis while exploring the moon and learn that they are from a peaceful race afflicted with a sickness.
 207       The Rules of Luton                       - On the planet Luton, John and Maya are pitted against other races in a fight to the death.
 206       The Taybor                               - The Alphans learn to be wary of traders bearing gifts when one shows up and wants Maya.
 205       Journey to Where                         - Helena, John, and Alan are transported to 1339 Scotland after they are contacted by 2120 Earth and offered a way home.
 204       All That Glisters                        - The Alphans encounter a rock-based lifeform that thirsts for water.
 203       One Moment of Humanity                   - Androids on the planet Vega want the Alphans to teach them about violence so they can finish off their human creators.
 202       The Exiles                               - A group of stasis chambers are drawn into orbit, a pair of which are opened revealing the reason for the people inside being in that situation.
 201       The Metamorph                            - The Alphans are held hostage by the despotic leader of a devasted planet who wants to use their minds to replenish and rebirth it.
 124       The Last Enemy                           - The Alphans are stuck between permanently warring planets orbiting directly opposite each other around their sun.
 123       The Testament of Arkadia                 - The moon pauses near a planet where the Alphans find new meaning in the origin myth of Adam and Eve.
 122       The Troubled Spirit                      - The ghost of one of the Alphans ends up being responsible for the death of his body.
 121       Space Brain                              - The crew encounter a large energy field that is organised like a brain and treats the moon as an invading object.
 120       Missing Link                             - John finds himself on the planet Zenno where the inhabitants are evolutionarily ahead from humans by two million years.
 119       Ring Around the Moon                     - The Alphans encounter a sophisticated intelligence from the planet Triton that no longer exists, making its mission obsolete.
 118       The Infernal Machine                     - The Alphans encounter a lonely and blind spaceship imbued with the personality of its creator.
 117       The Last Sunset                          - Alien vessels arrive at the moon and terraform it but their motives are neither benevolent nor malovolent.
 116       Another Time, Another Place              - The Alphans encounter a future version of themselves and their moon.
 115       The Full Circle                          - Some of the Alphans go through a time warp and regress to being cro-magnons when they pass through a strange mist on an earth-like planet.
 114       Earthbound                               - After encountering an alien spaceship headed for Earth in 75 years, one of the Alphans takes drastic steps to ensure that he travels with them.
 113       Matter of Life and Death                 - The Alphans come across an earth-like planet, but it poses dangers since it is made up of antimatter.
 112       End of Eternity                          - The crew have to figure out a way to stop an immortal psychopath bent on creating havoc on Alpha.
 111       Guardian of Piri                         - The crew are enticed to spend the rest of their lives on a planet governed by a computer that renders its subjects into a state of apathy.
 110       Black Sun                                - The crew "pass through" a "black sun" where nothing can escape its gravitational pull which deposits them across the universe.
 109       Mission of the Darians                   - The Alphans encounter an ark consisting of a race of aliens whose planet was no more and had resorted to desperate measures to survive.
 108       Dragon's Domain                          - The Alphans encounter a graveyard of ships that previously had been encountered by one of them who faced a monster that dwelled within.
 107       Alpha Child                              - A race of aliens demand to use members of the crew as hosts for their consciousnesses to hide from their tyrannical authorities.
 106       Voyager's Return                         - The crew encounter Voyager I being tailed by an alien fleet that blame humans for the destruction of two of their worlds.
 105       Death's Other Dominion                   - The crew encounter a group of shipwrecked humans that have become immortal, albeit paying a significant price.
 104       War Games                                - The crew encounter a race of noncorporeal beings that temporarily occupy brains coexisting without any negative emotions such as fear.
 103       Collision Course                         - The moon is on the path of a large inhabited planet whose leader prophesises that their contact will evolve and elevate her people.
 102       Force of Life                            - An energy hungry alien life form possesses an Moonbase Alpha technician.
 101       Breakaway                                - The moon is knocked off its orbit into deep space; on it are the crew of Moonbase Alpha, commanded by John Koenig.
 000       Final Message From Moonbase Alpha        - Sandra relays a final message from Alpha with failing life support systems, with the humans facing an uncertain future colonising a habitable planet within range.

Space: Above and Beyond (24 episodes)

 124       Tell Our Moms We Done Our Best           - The peace offering falls apart and the Wild Cards suffer heavy losses rescuing prisoners of war.
 123       And If They Lay Us Down To Rest          - The Wild Cards encounter an alien creature on a mission and the Chigs reach out with a peace offering.
 122       Sugar Dirt                               - The Wild Cards have to hold a Chig-occupied airfield for months with no air or ground support.
 121       Stardust                                 - The Wild Cards are tasked with carrying out a clandestine mission.
 120       R&R                                      - The Wild Cards go wild.
 119       Pearly                                   - Paul Wang recovers his confession.
 118       Dear Earth                               - Life is a rollercoaster and then you die.
 117       Toy Soldiers                             - West loses his younger brother.
 116       The Angriest Angel (2)                   - McQueen engages the space Baron after a Silicate saboteur is captured.
 115       Never No More (1)                        - The Wild Cards encounter a dangerous ace enemy piloting a stealth fighter, Chiggy von Richthofen.
 114       Level of Necessity                       - Vanessa Damphousse has psychic abilities.
 113       Who Monitors the Birds?                  - Cooper Hawkes undertakes a dangerous covert mission.
 112       The River of Stars                       - The Wildcards need to hitch a ride on the tail of a comet.
 111       Stay with the Dead                       - West is thought to be the only survivor of a Chig attack.
 110       Choice or Chance (2)                     - The Wildcards escape.
 109       Hostile Visit (1)                        - The Wildcards attempt a Trojan Horse maneuver but are captured.
 108       The Enemy                                - The Wildcards are subjected to a Chig weapon that induces psychosis.
 107       Eyes                                     - The Wildcards uncover a conspiracy involving the election of a new Secretary General.
 106       Ray Butts                                - The Wildcards go into enemy territory to retrieve some planes.
 105       Mutiny                                   - The Wildcards crew face an ambush.
 104       The Dark Side of the Sun                 - The Wildcards go up against the Silicates.
 103       The Farthest Man from Home               - West goes AWOL to find Kylen and helps rescue two survivors.
 102       Pilot (2)                                - The 58th squadron (aka Wildcards) present the alien Chigs with their first defeat.
 101       Pilot (1)                                - Humans learn that they are not alone in this universe as their colonies are attacked.

Space Rangers (6 episodes)

 106       The Trial                                - Boon and his fellow rangers defend their Graaka compatriot, Zylyn, when he is falsely accused of murder.
 105       To Be Or Not To Be                       - The rangers rescue an aging comedian who has crash landed on Katraz, a notorious prison planet.
 104       Death Before Dishonor                    - Boon goes up against a reptilean race known as the Vee'Lons after he inadvertently offends them.
 103       The Replacements                         - The rangers are stuck with an android that is meant to eventually replace them as they deal with a drug smuggling operation.
 102       Banshees                                 - The rangers are tasked with saving a young deaf survivor from a slaver spaceship attack and bringing back a banshee specimen.
 101       Fort Hope                                - John Boon leads a crew of rangers in space to rescue his former captain who is seeking a weapon of immense power.

Stan Against Evil (16 episodes)

 208       A Hard Day's Night                       - Evie and Stan both go back in time but even as they find some closure, Claire fails to stop Hell on Earth from occurring.
 207       Mirror Mirror                            - Stan's efforts to go back in time to save his wife, Claire, ends up inviting an evil wizard to wreak havoc in his guise.
 206       Hex Marks the Tot                        - Evie and Stan take down a demon baby being taken care of by Denise.
 205       The Eyes of Evie Barret                  - Evie gets hold a ring that lets another her through a killer's eyes.
 204       Girls' Night                             - A former con artist who was put to the stake by Eccles returns for revenge against Evie and Stan.
 203       Curse of the Werepony                    - Evie's ex-husband gifts her daughter an evil pony that is supposed to kill her.
 202       Black Hat Society (2)                    - Stan saves Evie but Eccles' daughter has to travel to another nonoverlapping time period.
 201       Black Hat Society (1)                    - Stan discoveres that Evie is trapped in the 1600s and is about to executed by Eccles.
 108       Level Boss                               - Constable Eccles tricks Evie into bringing him his eyes and having his daughter trade places with her in the real world.
 107       Spider Walk With Me                      - Evie and Stan take down a spider-demon masquerading as a historian.
 106       I'm Gleaning My Coven                    - Denise is possessed by a witch who posed as the evil Constable Eccles killing innocent women to enlarge his coven.
 105       Ouija Bored                              - Stan, Evie, and Denise deal with smelly, cursed flowers that bloom in the shape of a pentagram.
 104       Life Orr Death                           - Evie is taken captive by a demon but is saved by Stan using Bobby Orr's hockey stick.
 103       Let Your Love Groan                      - Evil and Denise deal with a succubus.
 102       Know, Know, Know Your Goat               - Evie, Stan, and his daughter Denise, take down a goat demon.
 101       Dig Me Up, Dig Me Down                   - Former Sheriff Stan Miller and his replacement Evie Barrett work together to deal with a curse that threatens them.

Stargate: Origins (10 episodes)

 110       Episode 10                               - As Ra attacks, Aset tasks the Langfords with returning from Earth with a force strong enough to counter him before wiping their memories.
 109       Episode 9                                - Paul finally stands up to Wilhelm after realising that Catherine has followed him.
 108       Episode 8                                - After seeing Aset being corrupted by Wilhelm, Catherine agrees to help Kasif and his tribe against the Nazi.
 107       Episode 7                                - Catherine figures out Wilhelm's plans and seeks to stop him, along with saving her father.
 106       Episode 6                                - Catherine gains the allegiance of Kasif's tribe after displaying the seal of Ra; Aset indicates the need for more slaves to Paul and Wilhelm.
 105       Episode 5                                - Kasif takes the group to his village/tent but Yusuf is stabbed accidentally and then healed magically.
 104       Episode 4                                - Catherine's group realise that they are not on Earth anymore after fighting off a fierce warrioress, and meet a friendly local Kasif.
 103       Episode 3                                - Catherine reopens the stargate with the help of James Beal, her love interest, and Yusef, his guide, with the goal of rescuing her father.
 102       Episode 2                                - Paul is taken through the gate by Wilhelm and his goons; Catherine escapes the Nazis and vows to find her father.
 101       Episode 1                                - Catherine Langford and her father, Paul, puzzle over the Stargate when Wilhelm Brucke, a high ranking Nazi, shows up and initiates its operation.

Starhunter (44 episodes)

 222       Hyperspace (2)                           - Travis is able to active his second Divinity Cluster gene and go back in time to save Callie; the horizon generator is stolen leaving them stranded.
 221       Hyperspace (1)                           - The Tulip crew, along with an astrophysicist, escape into hyperspace after surmounting several obstacles, including Callie being shot and dying.
 220       License to Fill                          - The Tulip crew are put on trial by a vindictive Mars Federation prosecutor.
 219       Negative Energy                          - The Tulip crew strive to reach hyperspace using negative energy by hook or by crook.
 218       Just Politics                            - A group of Mars Federation delegates are being transported to a secretive meeting on the Tulip.
 217       The Heir and the Spare                   - Marcus discovers that he has a twin brother and is descended from royalty.
 216       Rivals                                   - Callie leaves the Tulip to join a rival corporate bounty hunting crew but learns that the grass isn't greener on the other side.
 215       Kate                                     - Percy becomes annoyed with Carvaggio and designs a replacement, Kate, who turns out to a terribly misguided AI.
 214       The Prisoner                             - The Orchard regroups and goes after Travis who is facing his own demons.
 213       Stitch In Time                           - The crew stumble across a gravitational anomaly that enables Percy's consciousness to be taken over by a mass murderer.
 212       Pandora's Box                            - The bounty hunters end up in possession of evidence of a planet destroying weapon illegally being developed by the firm that hired them.
 211       Supermax Redux                           - The crew and some con artists search for a valuable necklace hidden aboard the Tulip when it was a luxury liner.
 210       Skin Deep                                - An old friend of Callie's is accused of murder.
 209       Painless                                 - Travis unmasks a corrupt druglord dealing in a powerful euphoric painkiller called Anista.
 208       Torment                                  - Rudolfo's sixteen year old daughter joins him onboard as the crew goes up against a kidnapper that can travel at sublight speeds.
 207       The Third Thing                          - Marcus and Percy go on a bounty hunt followed by a holographic camera crew who secretly undermine their mission.
 206       Becoming Shiva                           - A terrorist group plans to use the Tulip as a means to crash one of Jupiter's moons into its colonies.
 205       Spaceman                                 - An individual picked up the crew from a debris field in a stasis pod causes them to fight each other.
 204       Chasing Janus                            - Callie is shot and Travis and the crew pull out all stops to save her.
 203       Biocrime                                 - The crew go after Father Abode, a mad geneticist and a protege of Novak, who is creating and selling abnormally altered clones.
 202       Star Crossed                             - Rudolfo's unintentional double cross goes awry; Travis and Callie help stop a Raider clan war.
 201       Rebirth                                  - Percy and the Tulip comes out of hyperspace after fifteen years to a changed universe where Travis has grown up and is a bounty hunter.
 122       Resurrection                             - Dante and Travis work together to stop the Raiders and end up reliving the past; Eccleston uses the last of his powers to save Percy and the Tulip.
 121       Travis                                   - Dante finally finds his son who leaves his position as the leader of the Raiders to be with his biological family.
 120       Bad Seed                                 - Dante is abducted by Tosca to establish a psychic link with Travis; a Raider, Salomea, takes Percy to Travis.
 119       Bad Girls                                - Percy makes some new friends but their father is under the mercy of the Orchard.
 118       Eat Sin                                  - A psychopath repeatedly stalks Percy, Luc, and Dante as they experience space/time warps.
 117       A Twist In Time                          - Dante experiences space/time warps as he races to save both Percy and Luc.
 116       Super Max                                - A businessman buys the Tulip from Rudolpho leaving Dante scrambling to figure out a way to get it back.
 115       Dark and Stormy Night                    - Darius convinces Dante to help him investigate the Divinity Cluster but his shuttle his destroyed after he leaves.
 114       Half Dense Players                       - A three million year old alien ship "frees" a detainee aboard the Tulip; Dante demands the truth from Luc about the Orchard.
 113       The Most Wanted Man                      - An individual enhanced by the Divinity Cluster is sought after by multiple parties.
 112       Goodbye, So Long                         - One of Dante's old friends gives him an opportunity to recover his son.
 111       Black Light                              - Dante attempts to infiltrate a gathering of all the Raiders with a cryogenetically frozen colonel to find his lost son.
 110       Cell Game                                - Percy is taken captive in order to blackmail Dante.
 109       Order                                    - The Tulip encounters the last (convenient) surviving mentors of a suicide cult.
 108       Past Lives                               - Percy's ex-husband, injected with an experimental serum to unlock the Divinity Cluster, ends up on the Tulip.
 107       Frozen                                   - Dante and the crew help save a father and his son (who has psychic powers of projection) from a Raider attack.
 106       Peer Pressure                            - Dante is mind controlled by a prisoner who's travelling with her son.
 105       The Man Who Sold the World               - Dante and Luc go over a war criminal called Novak who performed human genetic experiments on the Divinity Cluster.
 104       Siren's Song                             - The crew encounter a strange prisoner with weird virus-like abilities while transporting another prisoner.
 103       Family Values                            - Dante believes he has found his son who was kidnapped by Raiders but the boy turns out to be another victim.
 102       Trust                                    - Percy is tricked by one of the prisoners and inadvertently helps engineer their escape but ends up making up for it.
 101       The Divinity Cluster                     - The Trans-Utopia Cruiseship HHS (Tulip) led by Dante Morgana is commandeered by a renegade geneticist who has harnessed the Divinity Cluster of genes.

Star Trek (65 episodes)

 324       Turnabout Intruder                       - Kirk's jilted lover from the academy exchanges bodies with him to take revenge and command of the Enterprise.
 323       All Our Yesterdays                       - Spock, Kirk, and McCoy are sent into different pasts of a dying planet's history.
 322       The Savage Curtain                       - Kirk and Spock are forced to a fight battle between good and evil.
 320       The Way to Eden                          - A leader of a weird cult carrying an infectious disease demands to be transported to the planet Eden.
 319       Requiem for Methuselah                   - Kirk falls for an android constructed by an immortal man who is believed to be Picasso and Brahms.
 311       Wink of an Eye                           - The Kirk ends up being "kidnapped" by aliens who travel much faster than the Enterprise.
 310       Plato's Stepchildren                     - Kirk and co. are prisoners on a planet modelled after ancient Greece.
 309       The Tholian Web                          - The Kirk drifts between dimensions.
 308       For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touch - McCoy has a terminal disease with a cure that is hidden in an asteroid disguised as a planet.
 307       Day of the Dove                          - An alien that feeds on hatred pits Klingons vs. the Enterprise Crew.
 306       Spectre of the Gun                       - Kirk and co. showdown at the OK Corral with the Earps in Tombstone in an illusion created by aliens.
 305       Is There in Truth No Beauty?             - Spock goes mad after seeing a Medusan.
 303       The Paradise Syndrome                    - Kirk loses his memory on a planet very-like Earth and is assumed to a god-like creature (an interesting explanation is given for all the humanoid life-forms seen in Star Trek).
 302       The Enterprise Incident                  - Kirk and Spock steal the Romulan cloaking device.
 301       Spock's Brain                            - Spock's brain is stolen and used to control a civilisation.
 226       Assignment: Earth                        - The Enterprise crew return to Earth to prevent World War III.
 225       Bread and Circuses                       - Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are trapped on a planet resembling a combination of 20th century earth and the Roman Empire.
 223       The Omega Glory                          - A Federation Captain mistakes natural immunity for the fountain of youth in a planet that has gone through a "cold war".
 222       By Any Other Name                        - Aliens from the Andromeda galaxy take on human form and want to colonise our galaxy.
 221       Patterns of Force                        - The crew encounter a planet patterned after Nazi Germany due to the interference of an Earth historian.
 217       A Piece of the Action                    - Kirk and crew deal with a race of alien mimickers who copy the lifestyle of Chicago mobsters.
 216       The Gamesters of Triskelion              - Kirk, Uhura, and Chekov are trained as gladiators to fight for their lives.
 215       The Trouble with Tribbles                - The Tribbles reproduce beyond control.
 214       Wolf in the Fold                         - Scotty is accused of murdering three women that's actually done by an evil energy being that travels from planet to planet.
 213       Obsession                                - Kirk attempts to destroy at all costs a creature he encountered as a Lieutenant.
 212       The Deadly Years                         - Some crew members grow old rapidly after being exposed to a comet's radiation.
 211       Friday's Child                           - A race of war-like aliens decide between favouring humans or Klingons.
 210       Journey to Babel                         - Spock's father, Sarek, faces charges of killing a fellow ambassador during an Enterprise voyage.
 208       I, Mudd                                  - Harvey Mudd captures the crew as he is ruling a world run by androids.
 207       Catspaw                                  - Kirk and crew are taken prisoner by mind-controlling aliens.
 206       The Doomsday Machine                     - A giant planet eating robot is unleashed by an alien race.
 205       The Apple                                - The Enterprise is trapped in orbit by a god-like creature ruling over a "primitive" people.
 204       Mirror, Mirror                           - Kirk and co. take places of their counterparts in an evil parallel universe.
 203       The Changeling                           - The crew encounter the deadly space probe Nomad that thinks Kirk is its creator.
 202       Who Mourns for Adonais                   - Apollo holds the Enterprise hostage.
 201       Amok Time                                - Spock and Kirk fight over his betrothed.
 129       Operation: Annihilate!                   - Leech-like organisms that are single neurons of a part of a giant creature attack Spock.
 128       The City on the Edge of Forever          - The McCoy jumps through a time portal and Kirk and Spock follow him to 1930s Earth.
 127       The Alternative Factor                   - Identical persons from parallel universes will result in total annihilation if they meet.
 126       Errand of Mercy                          - The Federation and Klingons have their fighting toys taken away by a race of highly evolved and peaceful super beings.
 125       Devil in the Dark                        - A silicon-based lifeform threatens Federation mining operations on Janus 6.
 124       This Side of Paradise                    - Spores control the crew until they express violent emotions.
 123       A Taste of Armageddon                    - Kirk forces two planets waging war using computers to confront its realities.
 122       Space Seed                               - Khan, a genetically engineered superhuman from the 1990s takes over the Enterprise.
 121       Return of the Archons                    - Kirk and crew are trapped on a planet run by a computer that coerces peace and tranquility.
 120       Court Martial                            - Kirk is tried for accidentally sending a crewman to his death who later turns out to be alive.
 119       Tomorrow is Yesterday                    - The Enterprise returns to the past and takes an Air Force pilot on board.
 118       Arena                                    - Kirk is forced to do battle with the reptilian captain of a spacecraft being pursued by the Enterprise.
 117       The Squire of Gothos                     - Kirk battles a child who is a super-being.
 116       The Galileo Seven                        - Spock is in charge of a team stranded on a planet in the centre of a quasar and faces mutiny.
 115       Shore Leave                              - The crew take shore leave on a planet that ends up becoming an Alice in Wonderland-like adventure.
 114       Balance of Terror                        - Kirk fights a Romulan ship.
 112       The Menagerie (2)                        - Spock defies the death penalty (!) to take a disabled Christopher Pike back to Talus IV.
 111       The Menagerie (1)                        - Spock defies the death penalty (!) to take a disabled Christopher Pike back to Talus IV.
 110       The Corbomite Maneuver                   - Kirk tries to bluff an apparently menacing alien.
 109       Dagger of the Mind                       - A doctor in the Tantalus Penal Colony uses brainwashing techniques to "cure" his prisoners.
 108       Miri                                     - The Enterprise encounters a group of children in planet extremely similar to Earth.
 107       What Are Little Girls Made Of?           - Kirk discovers that a famous anthropologist has transferred his consciousness into an android.
 106       Mudd's Women                             - Harvey Mudd shows up on the Enterprise with two women.
 105       The Enemy Within                         - Kirk's "bad" half appears after a transporter malfunction.
 104       The Naked Time                           - An alien infection makes the crew go crazy as a planet disintegrates.
 103       Where No Man Has Gone Before             - Two of the crew are possessed by a telepathic force.
 102       Charlie X                                - A socially maladjusted boy with telekinetic powers wreaks havoc on the Enterprise.
 101       The Man Trap                             - McCoy reunites with his old love who doesn't turn out to be what she appears to be, as Enterprise crewmembers die.
 000       The Cage                                 - Captain Christopher Pike is held prisoner by an alien species so they can breed humans as slaves.

Star Trek: Continues (14 episodes)

 111       To Boldly Go (2)                         - The ESPers are defeated at a high cost, and the five year mission of the Enterprise comes to an end with events that segue into its next chapter.
 110       To Boldly Go (1)                         - The crew return to where their journey began when they encounter an ESPer who has crossed the galatic barrier with ulterior motives.
 109       What Ships Are For                       - The crew encounter two rival species whose fates are fare more interconnected than either of them imagine.
 108       Still Treads the Shadow                  - Kirk encounters a duplicate version of himself when the ship encounters a gravimetric singularity.
 107       Embracing the Winds                      - Spock and a female captain are up for consideration for command, amidst accusations of discrimination by Starfleet.
 106       Come Not Between the Dragons             - The crew encounter a lifeform that is rock-like living among a cloud of comets with an angry and abusive father.
 105       Divided We Stand                         - Kirk and McCoy are trapped in time during the American Civil War.
 104       The White Iris                           - Kirk forgets the password to a Chalcidian planetary defense grid.
 103       Fairest of them All                      - The mirror universe Spock rebels against the Terran Empire.
 102       Lolani                                   - The crew fails to aid an Orion slave girl.
 101       Pilgrim of Eternity                      - Apollo returns and promises to not be a god.
 003       Happy Birthday Scotty                    - Scott gets new phasers.
 002       You've Got the Conn                      - Sulu, Chekov, and Uhurua take turns imagining being captain.
 001       Turnabout Intruder                       - The Enterprise crew pick up from where they left off.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (176 episodes)

 726       What You Leave Behind (2)                - Sisko defeats Dukat; Odo leaves Kira to rejoin the founders after the Dominion is defeated by Starfleet.
 725       What You Leave Behind (1)                - Sisko defeats Dukat; Odo leaves Kira to rejoin the founders after the Dominion is defeated by Starfleet.
 724       The Dogs of War                          - The Dominion pulls back and Damar's forces are destroyed but he regroups.
 723       Extreme Measures                         - Bashir and O'Brien go into Sloan's mind to find a cure for Odo.
 722       Tacking Into the Wind                    - Worf kills Gowron.
 721       When it Rains...                         - Kira trains Damar's men and Gowron reassumes active command of the Klingon forces.
 720       The Changing Face of Evil                - The Breen attack the earth and Damar declares rebellion against the Dominion.
 719       Strange Bedfellows                       - Damar turns against the Founders and sets Worf and Ezri free.
 718       Til Death Do Us Part                     - Dukat and Kai Wen, and Worf and Dax, get it on together, and the Breen and the Dominion announce an alliance.
 717       Penumbra                                 - Sisko proposes to Kasidy.
 716       Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges             - Bashir and Section 31 collaborate in a plot to assasinate a Romulan.
 715       Badda-Bing Badda-Bang                    - The hologram Vic Fontaine is intimidated by mobsters.
 714       Chimera                                  - Odo meets another changeling who wants him to search the galary for others like them.
 713       Field of Fire                            - A cool transporter-based rifle and a sight that penetrates bulkheads is used to kill people.
 712       The Emperor's New Cloak                  - Quark and Rom rescue Zek from the mirror universe.
 711       Prodigal Daughter                        - Ezri returns home to her domineering family to uncover the whereabouts of O'Brien who returned to the world he went undercover in earlier.
 710       It's Only a Paper Moon                   - Nog suffers from PTSD due to his war injury.
 709       Covenant                                 - Dukat returns as the emissary of the Pah-Wraiths and kidnaps Kira, attempting to get her to join his cult.
 708       The Siege of AR-558                      - Nog loses a leg following a Jem'Hadar ambush while Sisko and his crew hold on to a Dominion communications array captured by Starfleet.
 707       Once More unto the Breach                - Kor seeks a final mission to end his life as a Klingon warrior.
 706       Treachery, Faith and the Great River     - A defective clone of Weyoun seeks to defect to the Federation with Odo's help.
 705       Chrysalis                                - Bashir falls in love with one of his patients.
 704       Take Me Out to the Holosuite             - A rival Vulcan captain with a lowly opinion of humans challenges Sisko to a game of baseball.
 703       Afterimage                               - Ezri, the newest host of the Dax symbiont, adjusts to being around the crew while trying to treat Garak's claustrophobia.
 702       Shadows and Symbols (2)                  - Sisko finds the Orb of the Emissary which ousts the evil Pah-Wraith from the wormhole, opening it once more.
 701       Image in the Sand (1)                    - Sisko feels without purpose on Earth when he learns that the face of a woman in sand in his visions belonged to his mother.
 626       Tears of the Prophets                    - Gul Dukat allows a Pah-Wraith to possess him and shutdown the wormhole, killing Jadzia in the process, as the Federation gains a foothold in Cardassian space.
 625       The Sound of Her Voice                   - The Defiant crew receive a transmission from a stranded starship captain seeking help.
 624       Time's Orphan                            - O'Brien's daughter Molly falls through a time portal and comes back ten years older as a feral teenager.
 623       Profit and Lace                          - Zek's rule as the Ferengi Grand Nagus is threatened when he goes progressive.
 622       Valiant                                  - Jake and Nog come across a Defiant-class ship manned by elite Starfleet cadets and a poor captain.
 621       The Reckoning                            - Kira and Jake are possessed by two wormhole aliens (one Prophet and the other a Pah-Wraith, an exiled alien) to do battle.
 620       His Way                                  - Vic Fontaine, a hologram, plays cupid to Kira and Odo.
 619       In the Pale Moonlight                    - Sisko compromises his morals in order to get the Romulans on the side of the Federation in the Dominion war.
 618       Inquisition                              - Bashir is suspected of being a Dominion spy by Sloan, the mysterious head of a secret Starfleet spy organisation known as Section 31.
 617       Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night        - Gul Dukat informs Kira that he and her mother were lovers.
 616       Change of Heart                          - Worf has to decide between his duty to Starfleet and the war effort vs. saving Jadzia's life.
 615       Honor Among Thieves                      - O'Brien goes undercover in the Orion Syndicate to find out the identity of a Starfleet informant within.
 614       One Little Ship                          - A miniaturised shuttle from the Defiant returns to find it overtaken by Jem'Hadar soldiers.
 613       Far Beyond the Stars                     - Sisko has visions of being a black science fiction writer in the 1950s on Earth, writing about his adventures on the station.
 612       Who Mourns for Morn?                     - Quark's customer Morn fakes his death and sets the Ferengi up to recover stolen latinum sought after by other criminals.
 611       Waltz                                    - Sisko is injured after being attacked and landing on a hostile planet with a crazy Dukat while transporting him to a war crimes hearing.
 610       The Magnificent Ferengi                  - Quark leads a band of rag tag Ferengi recruits to rescue his mother who has been captured by the Dominion.
 609       Statistical Probabilities                - Bashir attempts to provide a useful role for genetically enhanced augments like himself but who are not as well adjusted.
 608       Resurrection                             - Kira is taken hostage by her dead lover's counterpart from the mirror universe.
 607       You Are Cordially Invited                - Worf and Jadzia get married.
 606       Sacrifice of Angels (2)                  - The wormhole aliens deliver a miracle to Bajor and Starfleet, causing the Dominion forces to retreat.
 605       Favor the Bold (1)                       - Starfleet decides to go on the offensive with a daring plan to retake the station; Odo becomes compromised by the female changeling.
 604       Behind the Lines                         - Sisko watches as an adjutant to the Admiral while Jadzia commands the Defiant successful without him.
 603       Sons and Daughters                       - Worf's son Alexander seeks to reconnect with his father; Kira tires of working with Gul Dukat.
 602       Rocks and Shoals                         - Sisko and his crew crash and are stranded on a planet, along with a group of Jem'Hadar and their Vorta that have done likewise.
 601       A Time to Stand                          - With Starfleet losing the war, Sisko and his crew go on a daring mission behind enemy lines to destroy a Ketracil-White facility.
 526       Call to Arms                             - The Dominion go to war with the Federation and take the station when the entrance to the wormhole is mined to prevent passage of reinforcements from the gamma quadrant.
 525       In the Cards                             - Jake and Nog go to extreme lengths to procure a baseball card for Sisko.
 524       Empok Nor                                - Some of the crew, led by O'Brien, head to DS9 sister station for spare parts; Cardassians exposed to psychotropic drugs attack them.
 523       Blaze of Glory                           - Sisko takes Eddington out of confinement ostensibly to disarm missiles headed for Cardassia but it turns out to be a rescue mission.
 522       Children of Time                         - The Defiant crew encounters their descendants who were stranded on a planet 200 years in the past after a temporal accident.
 521       Soldiers of the Empire                   - Worf helps Markok, given his first command after two years in a Dominion prison, recall his Klingon courage.
 520       Ferengi Love Songs                       - Quark learns that Grand Nagus Zek is getting senile and that the force behind the Ferengi economy is his mother.
 519       Ties of Blood and Water                  - The last moments of a dying Cardassian are spent with Kira, the two of whom have developed a father-daughter relationship.
 518       Business as Usual                        - Quark gets into the arms dealing business but eventually finds the consequences of his choices to be unbearable.
 517       A Simple Investigation                   - Odo falls in love with a woman who turns out to be an undercover operative in the Orion Syndicate.
 516       Doctor Bashir, I Presume?                - Bashir turns out to have been subjected to genetic engineering as a child.
 515       By Inferno's Light (2)                   - The crew, expecting an attack from the Cardassian-Dominion forces, are able to thwart the Bashir changeling.
 514       In Purgatory's Shadow (1)                - Worf and Garak are captured by the Jem'Hadar and put in a training camp where they encounter Martok and Bashir.
 513       For the Uniform                          - Sisko plays the villain to capture Michael Eddington.
 512       The Begotten                             - Odo takes care of a sick changeling infant which brings him great joy but eventually joys and gifts him back his shapeshifting ability.
 511       The Darkness and the Light               - Kira and her fellow resistance members are targeted by someone with a vendetta against their actions.
 510       Rapture                                  - Sisko receives prophetic visions that leads him to the Bajoran city of B'hala, lost for tens of thousands of years.
 509       The Ascent                               - Odo and Quark crash land on a planet where the latter saves the former's life.
 508       Things Past                              - Jadzia, Sisko, and Garak experience a period of the Cardassian occupation when Odo was more interested in maintaining order than justice.
 507       Let He Who Is Without Sin                - Jadzia and Worf go on a vacation to Risa.
 506       Trials and Tribble-ations                - The Defiant travel back in time and help Kirk deal with the Klingons and the tribbles.
 505       The Assignment                           - Kieko is possessed by an evil Pah-wraith who seeks to destroy the wormhole aliens and blackmails her husband into helping her.
 504       Nor the Battle to the Strong             - Jake's courage is tested when he and Bashir end up on a Federation colony under Klingon attack.
 503       Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Pl - Jadzia and Worf fall in love; Quark charms his Klingon ex-wife Grilka.
 502       The Ship                                 - A shuttle crew commanded by Sisko discovers a crashed Jem'Hadar ship and seek to claim it as salvage.
 501       Apocalypse Rising                        - The Klingon general Martok turns out to be a changeling seeking to destabilise the Empire.
 426       Broken Link                              - Odo is judged by the Founders' Great Link and is made into a humanoid permanently.
 425       Body Parts                               - Quark believes he is about to die; Kira takes ofKieko O'Brien's pregnancy after a shuttle accident.
 424       The Quickening                           - Bashir helps a planet that was infected with a deadly and painful virus as punishment for defying the Dominion.
 423       To the Death                             - The crew of the defiant go on a joint mission with the Jem'Hadar to destroy an Iconian gateway.
 422       For the Cause                            - Sisko's girlfriend Kasidy is used to draw him out while Starfleet officer Michael Eddington betrays his oath.
 421       The Muse                                 - Jake's brain energy is fed on by an alien who promises immortality to his works; a pregnant Lwaxana Troi seeks Odo's help.
 420       Shattered Mirror                         - Sisko and Jake are taken to the mirror universe where they once again must help the Terrans learn how to use the Defiant.
 419       Hard Time                                - O'Brien is put into a simulated prison for twenty years by an alien species and comes back a changed man.
 418       Rules of Engagement                      - The Klingon Empire tries to extradite Worf after setting him up for destroying a civilian transport while commanding the Defiant.
 417       Accession                                - A Bajoran who was with the wormhole aliens returns after 200 years claiming that he is the Emissary.
 416       Bar Association                          - When Quark gets too greedy with respect to his employees, his brother Rom forms a union of the employees and leads them on a strike.
 415       Sons of Mogh                             - Worf's brother Kurn suffers from extreme depression after Klingon Chancellor Gowron made him dishonourable.
 414       Return to Grace                          - A demoted Dukat teams up with Kira to capture a Klingon Bird of Prey.
 413       Crossfire                                - Kira and Shakaar, First Minister of Bajor, fall in love with each other, leaving Odo dejected.
 412       Paradise Lost (2)                        - Sisko and Odo have to stop the admiral who has orchestrated a coup against Starfleet and the Federation.
 411       Homefront (1)                            - A Starfleet admiral orchestrates a coup believing that he is acting to protect Earth from the Dominion threat.
 410       Our Man Bashir                           - When some of the crew's transporter patterns need to be stored in the holomatrix, Bashir has to play the spy game very carefully.
 409       The Sword of Kahless                     - Dax, Worf, and Kor find the legendary sword belonging to Kahless, the Klingon emperor, but are not destined to keep it.
 408       Little Green Men                         - Quark, Rom, Nog, and Odo are transported back in time to 1947 Roswell on the way to dropping Nog off to Starfleet Academy.
 407       Starship Down                            - The Defiant plays a cat and mouse game with two Jem'Hadar war ships in the atmosphere of a gas giant in the gamma quadrant.
 406       Rejoined                                 - Jadzia falls in love with a Trill woman with a symbiont whose previous host was married to Dax's former one, which is considered a taboo.
 405       Indiscretion                             - Kira and Dukat work together to rescue prisoners, including his half-Bajoran daughter, who were being held captive by the Breen.
 404       Hippocratic Oath                         - Bashir and O'Brien are stranded on a planet with Jem'Hadar soliders who want to break their addiction to ketracil-white.
 403       The Visitor                              - Sisko is temporally separated from his son when the Bajoran wormhole undergoes an inversion.
 402       The Way of the Warrior (2)               - The Klingons invade Cardassia, placing Sisko and his crew in the middle of a conflict with wide ranging repurcussions.
 401       The Way of the Warrior (1)               - The Klingons invade Cardassia, placing Sisko and his crew in the middle of a conflict with wide ranging repurcussions.
 326       The Adversary                            - Odo accidentally kills a changeling who is trying to start a war between the Federation and the Tzenkethi.
 325       Facets                                   - Jadzia encounters former Trill hosts to which the Dax symbiont was joined with.
 324       Shakaar                                  - Kira joins with her former commander in the resistance after being manipulated by Kai Winn.
 323       Family Business                          - Quark is held responsible for the actions of his mother, accused by the Ferengi Commerce Authority of illegal activities.
 322       Explorers                                - Sisko and Jake set out to prove that the ancient Bajorans were capable of space flight over long distances.
 321       The Die is Cast (2)                      - Sisko goes into the gamma quadrant to rescue Odo and Garak who are stuck with the Cardassians and Romulans following a failed preemptive strike on the Founders' homeworld.
 320       Improbable Cause (1)                     - Odo investigates an attempt on Garak's life.
 319       Through the Looking Glass                - Sisko replaces his dead counterpart in the mirror universe.
 318       Distant Voices                           - Bashir is telepathically attacked by a Lethean seeking a controlled substance.
 317       Visionary                                - O'Brien is exposed to toxic radiation that makes time jump five hours into the future, where he learns of a Romulan threat to the wormhole.
 316       Prophet Motive                           - Grand Nagus Zek is evolutionarily regressed by the wormhole aliens into becoming more benevolent and altruist, shocking Quark.
 315       Destiny                                  - A Bajoran prophecy about the wormhole being destroyed appears to come true.
 314       Heart of Stone                           - Nog petitions Sisko to write him a recommendation letter to join Starfleet; Kira is trapped while pursuing a fugitive with Odo.
 313       Life Support                             - Vedek Bareil gives his life to make peace with the Cardassians, leaving Kira heartbroken.
 312       Past Tense (2)                           - Sisko, Bashir, and Dax are trapped on 21st century Earth following a transporter accident.
 311       Past Tense (1)                           - Sisko, Bashir, and Dax are trapped on 21st century Earth following a transporter accident.
 310       Fascination                              - Lwaxana Troi's viral infection causes those close to her on the station to strongly express their latent feelings of lust.
 309       Defiant                                  - Will Riker's duplicate, Tom, commandeers the Defiant to expose a rift between the Cardassian Central Command and the Obsidian Order.
 308       Meridian                                 - Jadzia finds the love of her life but he turns out to be from a planet that appears once every several decades.
 307       Civil Defense                            - The station's computers trigger a lockdown assuming that it is still under Cardassian occupation, threatening its inhabitants.
 306       The Abandoned                            - Odo tries to impart the lessons of free will and humanity to an infant from the gamma quadrant who rapidly grows up into a Jem'Hadar.
 305       Second Skin                              - Kira is kidnapped by Cardassians and told that she is an undercover sleeper agent of the Obsidian Order posing a Bajoran.
 304       Equilibrium                              - One of Dax former hosts, who was erased from her memories to cover up an uncomfortable truth for the Trill society, resurfaces.
 303       The House of Quark                       - Quark becomes the head of a Klingon house after he accidentally kills one of them.
 302       The Search (2)                           - The experiment on what the humans would do in extreme situations turns out to be a simulation.
 301       The Search (1)                           - On a mission to contact to the Founders, the crew is captured and experimented on; Odo finally finds his source of origin.
 226       The Jem'Hadar                            - The crew of the station realise the extent of the threat that the Dominion, and their foot soliders, pose to the alpha quadrant.
 225       Tribunal                                 - O'Brien is framed and put on trial on Cardassia for allegedly smuggling weapons to the Maquis.
 224       The Collaborator                         - Kira's Vedek Bareil who is running for Kai is accused of collaborating with the Cardassians.
 223       Crossover                                - Kira and Bashir travel through the looking glass to the mirror universe where they find that the Terran Empire has been displaced.
 222       The Wire                                 - Garak, the station's tailor, turns out to have a past with the Cardassian intelligence known as the Obsidian Order.
 221       The Maquis (2)                           - Sisko helps avert an all out war with Cardassia by going after rebel Federation colonists.
 220       The Maquis (1)                           - Sisko helps avert an all out war with Cardassia by going after rebel Federation colonists.
 219       Blood Oath                               - Jedzia repays a Klingon blood oath to Kirk's old friends, Kang, Kor, and Koloth.
 218       Profit and Loss                          - Quark's former lover, the Cardassian Natima Lang, shows up with her students with the ideal of forging a different Cardassia.
 217       Playing God                              - Dax deals with saving a proto-universe that threatens her own, while mentoring a Trill initiate candidate.
 216       Shadowplay                               - Odo and Dax come across a settlement that fled the Dominion made up of mostly holograms who are unaware of their nature.
 215       Paradise                                 - Sisko and O'Brien land amongst a colony of humans who have renounced technology.
 214       Whispers                                 - The clone of O'Brien gets paranoid of the other crew in the station when they begin to grow suspicious of him.
 213       Armageddon Game                          - Bashir and O'Brien learn that no good deed goes unpunished when they are targeted after helping a warring planet.
 212       The Alternate                            - A scientist who was Odo's finder and keeper when he was discovered comes to the station, to his distress.
 211       Rivals                                   - A gambling device affects probabilities on the station.
 210       Sanctuary                                - A race of aliens from the gamma quadrant fleeing the Dominion view Bajor as their prophesised land.
 209       Second Sight                             - Sisko falls for a mysterious woman who turns out to be a projection of someone in an unhappy marriage.
 208       Necessary Evil                           - An murder committed by Kira back when she was an underground resistance fighter comes to light.
 207       Rules of Acquisition                     - Quark is sent to the gamma quadrant by Zek to find out more about the force ruling it, the Dominion.
 206       Melora                                   - Bashir helps the first Elaysian to join Starfleet adjust to gravity preferred by humans.
 205       Cardassians                              - A scheme orchestrated by Gul Dukat to embarass a Cardassian civilian politician blows up in his face.
 204       Invasive Procedures                      - A Trill who was rejected for joining with a symbiont comes to the station to steal Dax in Jadzia.
 203       The Siege (3)                            - The coup comes to an end when Sisko is able to convince the Bajoran authorities that it was the Cardassians behind the curtain.
 202       The Circle (2)                           - An extremist faction seeks to overthrow the Bajoran provisional government, with the Federation stuck in the middle.
 201       The Homecoming (1)                       - Kira and O'Brien go on a mission into Cardassian space to recover Bajoran POWs, one of whom, Li Nalas, holds the promise of bringing stability to Bajor.
 120       In the Hands of the Prophets             - Two Bajoran Vedeks, Winn and Bareil, compete for the future of Bajor on the station, seeking to becoming the next Kai.
 119       Duet                                     - A low level Cardassian military officer seeks to be punished for not doing more to help the Bajorans during the occupation.
 118       Dramatis Personae                        - A telepathic imprint from a warring race that destroyed itself infects the minds of the inhabitants of the station.
 117       The Forsaken                             - Lwaxana Troi, the Federation ambassador from Betazed, develops feelings for Odo.
 116       If Wishes Were Horses                    - An alien species tests the limits of the imagination of the inhabitants on the station.
 115       Progress                                 - Kira is forced to choose between fighting for the underdog or enforcing the rules of the Bajoran provisional government.
 114       The Storyteller                          - O'Brien is persuaded into becoming the protector of a Bajoran village, while Sisko arbitrates a conflict between two of them.
 113       Battle Lines                             - Sisko and his crew are stranded on a moon whose residents are in perpetual war, which results in the loss of the Bajoran spiritual leader, Kai Opaka.
 112       Vortex                                   - Odo finds a small clue with regards to his origins from an alien trying to save his daughter.
 111       The Nagus                                - The head of the Ferengi Alliance pays a visit to Quark's establishment on the station.
 110       Move Along Home                          - The Ferengi propreitor of the local gambling establishment, Quark, meet his match when he tries to cheat game loving aliens from the gamma quadrant.
 109       The Passenger                            - An alien criminal survives by hijacking the mind of his human host, who in this case turns out to be Bashir.
 108       Dax                                      - Chief Science Officer, Jadzia Dax, belonging to the Trill race, is accused of a murder allegedly committed by her previous symbiont, Curzon Dax.
 107       Q-Less                                   - Q shows up on DS9, in pursuit of Vash, who initially travelled with him to the gamma quadrant but eventually found him too overbearing.
 106       Captive Pursuit                          - Chief of Operations Miles O'Brien befriends an alien who is the prey being chased by hunters in a culture that thrives on the hunt.
 105       Babel                                    - The crew is infected by an aphasia-causing virus that has managed to transfer itself through the station's replicators.
 104       A Man Alone                              - Chief Inspector Odo, the head of station security, is framed for a murder which is solved by Chief Medical Officer, Julian Bashir.
 103       Past Prologue                            - A Bajoran terrorist attempts to persuade First Officer Kira Nerys to continue the fight against the Cardassians.
 102       Emissary (2)                             - The discovery of a wormhole to the gamma quadrant, along with Sisko's first contact with the aliens residing in it, puts Bajor on the map.
 101       Emissary (1)                             - Commander Benjamin Sisko, along with his son Jake, takes on a new posting on the eponymous space station located off the planet Bajor.

Star Trek: Discovery (29 episodes)

 214       Such Sweet Sorrow (2)                    - As the Enterprise runs interference, Michael and Discovery jump ahead 980 years into an uncertain future after Control is vanquished.
 213       Such Sweet Sorrow (1)                    - In a bold plan, Michael and select crew who decide to join, decide to jump to the future with Discovery to stop Control in its tracks.
 212       Through the Valley of Shadows            - Control attempts to co-opt Michael to gain access to the sphere data; Pike has a glimpse of his terrible future as he gains possession of a time crystal.
 211       Perpetual Infinity                       - The head of Section 31 is taken over by Control as it seeks to acquire the data from a data sphere from the future.
 210       The Red Angel                            - The crew lay a trap to capture the Red Angel and prevent the future AI from travelling back, who turns out to be Michael's mother.
 209       Project Daedalus                         - Control, the threat assessment AI that runs Section 31, goes all Skynet, resulting in the death of augmented human Airiam.
 208       If Memory Serves                         - The Talosians cure Spock who shares the Red Angel's vision to Michael of a possible future where all sentient life in the galaxy is destroyed.
 207       Light and Shadows                        - Michael finds Spock repeating a series of numbers that turn out to be coordinates to the planet Talos IV, once visited by him with Pike and again in the future with Kirk.
 206       The Sounds of Thunder                    - The crew travel to Saru's home planet of Keminar and help free the oppressed Kelpiens, with help of the Red Angel.
 205       Saints of Imperfection                   - The ship traverses the mycelial dimension to rescue Tilly and recover former medical officer, Hugh Culver.
 204       An Obol for Charon                       - The crew encounter a unique lifeform that seeks to transmit its knowledge in its dying moments.
 203       Point of Light                           - Phillipa recruits Ash/Voq into Section 31 to ensure peace with the Klingons; Michael helps Tilly with an interdimensional hitchhiker.
 202       New Eden                                 - The crew track the signal, associated with a Red Angel entity, to a planet colonised by pre-warp humans facing an extinction level event.
 201       Brother                                  - Captain Christopher Pike transfer over from the Enterprise to take command and the crew pursue a mysterious signal which leads them to a source of dark matter.
 115       Will You Take My Hand?                   - Michael appeals to Starfleet principles to convince L'Rell to use their doomsday plan to destroy Qo'nos to unite the Klingon empire instead.
 114       The War Without, The War Within          - Starfleet turns to alternate universe Philippa to defeat the Klingons decisively, who takes over again as captain.
 113       What's Past is Prologue                  - Michael and Philippa taken down mirror Gabriel and return to their home universe nine months in the future where the Klingons appear to have won the war.
 112       Vaulting Ambition                        - Philippa and Michael have a heart to heart; the latter learns that the Gabriel paired with her came from the mirror universe.
 111       The Wolf Inside                          - Ash is revealed as Voq, reconstructed to pass off as human; the Terran Emperor turns out to be Michael's mentor, Philippa Georgiou.
 110       Despite Yourself                         - In the mirror universe ruled by the Terran Empire, Tilly is the ship's evil captain and Burnham her counterpart on the Shenzhou.
 109       Into the Forest I Go                     - The crew destroy the Klington Ship of the Dead after breaking its cloak, but end up transported to a previously unmapped region.
 108       Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum                - The crew encounter a sentient planet, Pavho, that seeks to broker peace between the Federation and the Klingons.
 107       Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad      - Mudd returns to wreak revenge and make money by utilising a time crystal to stop the Discovery in a time loop.
 106       Lethe                                    - The crew rescue Sarek who has been injured by a Vulcan fanatic, eventually leading to Admiral Cornwell taken captive by the Klingons.
 105       Choose Your Pain                         - Gabriel is captured by the Klingons with his fate in the hands of the travelling tardigrade that is succumbing to its abuse.
 104       The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the La - Michael identifies a way to navigate the spore network using a large tardigrade-like creature, which saves a mining colony from being destroyed by the Klingons.
 103       Context Is for Kings                     - Michael is given a choice for atonement and redemption aboard the USS Discover by Captain Gabriel Lorca.
 102       Battle at the Binary Stars               - As war breaks out, the captain of the Shenzhou is killed and Michael is sentenced to life imprisonment.
 101       The Vulcan Hello                         - The crew of the Shenzhou encounter a Klingon relic on the edge of Federation space; Vulcan First Officer Michael Burnham investigates leading to a confrontation with a fleet of ships.

Star Trek: Enterprise (98 episodes)

 422       These Are the Voyages                    - Troi and Riker view a holodeck simulation of the last mission by Archer's crew and his role in the formation of the alliance of planets that would become the Federation.
 422       These Are the Voyages                    - Riker interacts with Archer's crew in the series finale.
 420       Demons                                   - T'Pol and Tucker are captured by a xenophobic organisation that orchestrates a plan to expel all non-humans from Earth.
 419       In a Mirror, Darkly (2)                  - Following a bunch of backstabbing and double dealing, the mirror universe Hoshi declares herself the Terran Empress.
 418       In a Mirror, Darkly (1)                  - The mirror universe Archer comes up with a bold plan to take control of the USS Defiant from our universe captured by the Tholians.
 417       Bound                                    - A trio of Orion women, ostensibly slave girls, commandeer the ship and plan to claim the bounty on Archer's head.
 416       Divergence                               - The Enterprise and Columbia work together to rescue Phlox and save the exposed Klingons who have become more human in appearance.
 415       Affliction                               - Phlox is kidnapped and tasked by the Klingons to repair the damage done due to their experimentation with genetic enhancements.
 414       The Aenar                                - Archer works with the subspecies of the Andorians one of whom is being used by the Romulans to destroy ships and destabilise alliances.
 413       United                                   - Archer manages to unite a coalition of Vulcans, Andorians, and Tellarites to go up against their common Romulan threat.
 412       Babel One                                - While escorting a Tellarite delegation to a diplomatic conference with the Andorians, the ship is attacked by a strange chameleon-like vessel.
 411       Observer Effect                          - The effects of silicon based virus on humans are being studied by noncorporeal Organians inhabiting the bodies of two crew members.
 410       Daedalus                                 - The inventor of transporter technology arrives on the ship with the goal of retrieving his long lost son.
 409       Kir'Shara                                - Archer, T'Pol and rebel leader T'Pau try to overthrow the corrupt Vulcan government.
 408       Awakening                                - The Enterprise and the Vulcans stand off against each other.
 407       The Forge                                - The Starfleet embassy on Vulcan is bombed.
 406       The Augments                             - Arik Soong repents for his mistakes and goes about planning a new cybernetic creation.
 405       Cold Station 12                          - Arik Soong and his augments plan to raise more.
 404       Borderland                               - Arik Soong, the creator of genetically enhanced augments, is taken out of prison by the crew in order to bring them to justice.
 403       Home                                     - Archer attempts to come to terms with his actions in winning the war against the sphere builders; Trip goes to Vulcan with T'Pol.
 402       Storm Front (2)                          - The crew is able to defeat the alien faction's threat thus resetting the timeline and ending the temporal cold war.
 401       Storm Front (1)                          - Daniels transports Archer and the ship to stop a temporal cold war faction that has rewritten Earth's timeline to benefit the Nazis.
 324       Zero Hour                                - The Enterprise and Archer's team respectively destroy the spheres, normalising space, and the Xindi weapon, saving Earth.
 323       Countdown                                - Three Xindi species and the Enterprise are unable to stop the weapon from being armed and launched toward Earth.
 322       The Council                              - Archer presents his case to the five species Xindi council but the Reptilians and Insectoids take over and launch the weapon.
 321       E2                                       - A generation ship version of the Enterprise shows up and helps the original one traverse a subspace corridor without getting stuck in a time loop.
 320       The Forgotten                            - A Xindi aids Archer as Trip gets upset at the death of his sister.
 319       Damage                                   - Archer compromises his ethics yet again in order to fulfil his mission, while T'Pol struggles with addition to trellium-D.
 318       Azati Prime                              - Archer pilots a mission to destroy the Xindi weapon when Daniels gives him a glimpse of the future that eventually necessitates a diplomatic approach.
 317       Hatchery                                 - Archer becomes attached to a Xindi hatchery.
 316       Doctor's Orders                          - Phlox is the only member of the crew awake while navigating the ship through a treacherous region of space harmful to humans.
 315       Harbinger                                - An alien from the trans-dimensional realm belonging to a species manipulating the Xindi into attacking the Earth is used as a canary in a mine.
 314       Strategem                                - Archer and the chief scientist developing the Xindi weapon are immersed in a simulation to uncover its real location.
 313       Proving Ground                           - The Andorian commander Shran rescues the Enterprise from spatial anomalies in the Expanse and offers to help them with the Xindi threat.
 312       Chosen Realm                             - Archer meets a race who believes in the destruction of everything they do not believe in.
 311       Carpenter Street                         - Archer and T'Pol go back in time to prevent the Xindi from unleashing a bioweapon.
 310       Similitude                               - Trip is cloned so that the clone's brain matter can be harvested to cure the real Trip.
 309       North Star                               - The crew discovers an old earth colony that still looks like the Wild West.
 308       Twilight                                 - Archer is infected with subspace parasites while saving T'Pol which causes him to stop forming long term memories.
 307       The Shipment                             - Someone from one of the Xindi races helps Archer.
 306       Exile                                    - Hoshi is held captive by a telepath.
 305       Impulse                                  - The Trellium ore makes T'Pol lose control of her emotions.
 304       Rajiin                                   - Archer encounters an apparent prostitute who's really a spy for the Xindi.
 303       Extinction                               - The crew encounters a virus that re-writes the host's DNA.
 302       Anomaly                                  - The crew encounter an anomaly (and a Dyson sphere) in the expanse.
 301       The Xindi                                - Archer goes after the Xindi.
 226       The Expanse-episode                      - The Xindi preemptively attack Earth, resulting in more than seven million casualties, fearing that they will be annihilated by humans 400 years in the future.
 225       Bounty                                   - T'Pol goes into premature Pon Farr and Archer is captured by a bounty hunter who wishes to collect on a reward from the Klingons.
 224       First Flight                             - Recounts his story of how Starfleet first achieved warp 2.
 223       Regeneration                             - Frozen Borg left over from First Contact attempt to reach the collective, while assimilating and crushing any resistance.
 222       Cogenitor                                - Trip interferes with the mating rituals of a tri-gender species.
 221       The Breach                               - Phlox is asked to treat an alien from a species hostile toward his race.
 220       Horizon                                  - Travis returns to the cargo ship on which he was raised after hearing the news of his father's death and helps them out with a few upgrades.
 219       Judgment                                 - Archer is put on trial by the Klingons.
 218       The Crossing                             - The crew is taken over by non-corporeal life forms.
 217       Canamar                                  - Archer and Trip are detained for smuggling.
 216       Future Tense                             - The Tholians and the Suliban are after a craft from the future that is in possession of the Enterprise.
 215       Cease Fire                               - Archer negotiates a truce between the Andorians and the Vulcans.
 214       Stigma                                   - T'Pol fights the stigma of having a disease caused by mind-melds.
 213       Dawn                                     - Trip and an alien are isolated on a hot planet.
 212       The Catwalk                              - The crew takes refuge inside a small maintenance shaft for eight days during a radioactive storm.
 211       Precious Cargo                           - Trip falls for a monarch.
 210       Vanishing Point                          - Hoshi gets stuck in the transporter's pattern buffer.
 209       Singularity                              - The crew encounter a singularity and behave in a weird manner.
 208       The Communicator                         - Archer and Reed face execution at the hands of a pre-warp society.
 207       The Seventh                              - T'Pol must go after a Vulcan rebel.
 206       Marauders                                - The crew scheme against marauding Klingons.
 205       A Night in Sickbay                       - Archer worries about his dog and the sexual tension between him and T'Pol grows.
 204       Dead Stop                                - The ship undertakes repairs at an automated space station for a price that is too good to be true.
 203       Minefield                                - Archer and Reed work to defuse a mine that has attached itself to the ship while being threatened by Romulan warbirds.
 202       Carbon Creek                             - T'Pol narrates the story of how one of her ancestors visited Earth, more than a century before the official first contact with the Vulcans.
 201       Shockwave                                - Archer and Daniels try to restore the timeline that vanished because of Archer's disappearance.
 126       Shockwave                                - In the season finale, Archer finds himself set up by the Suliban.
 125       Two Days and Two Nights                  - The crew's vacation on Riza doesn't turn out as planned.
 124       Desert Crossing                          - Archer and Trip are caught in the middle of a war in a desert world.
 123       Fallen Hero                              - A Vulcan ambassador is accused of criminal misconduct.
 122       Vox Sola                                 - An alien creature imprisons crew members in a web to make them return it home.
 121       Detained                                 - Archer and Mayweather are interned along with the Suliban.
 120       Oasis                                    - The crew encounter a father and daughter stranded on a planet, living with a hologram "family" (this episode stars Rene Auberjones, who played Odo on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine).
 119       Acquisition                              - The Ferengi put the ship to sleep and Archer, Trip, and T'Pol must take back control.
 118       Rogue Planet                             - An alien race hunts telepathic wraiths on a rogue planet.
 117       Equilibrium                              - The crew encounters Vulcans who're not afraid of expressing emotion.
 116       Shuttlepod One                           - The Enterprise is apparently destroyed.
 115       Shadows of P'Jem                         - T'Pol and Archer are held captive as they mull T'Pol's transfer.
 114       Sleeping Dogs                            - The crew encounter a Klingon ship disabled in a gas giant.
 113       Dear Doctor                              - Pholx's ethics preventing from interefering with the evolution of two humanoid species the ship encounters.
 112       Silent Enemy                             - The crew encounters an alien that toys with them until they get their new phase cannons to work.
 111       Cold Front                               - Archer runs into Silik who's apparently being pursued by a time traveller for violating some sort of a time code.
 110       Fortunate Son                            - The crew encounters the Naussican pirates.
 109       Civilization                             - The crew land on a less-advanced planet and find another alien race mining it for materials to make weapons.
 108       Breaking the Ice                         - The Enterprise crew drill a comet for a rare substance while a Vulcan ship watches.
 107       The Andorian Incident                    - The Enterprise crew visit a Vulcan sanctuary and are taken hostage by the Andorans.
 106       Terra_Nova                               - The crew investigates Terra Nova, a legendary Earth colony whose inhabitants mysteriously disappeared.
 105       Unexpected                               - Trip becomes pregnant after a first contact.
 104       Strange New World                        - An away team is stranded on a planet and undergo hallucinations.
 103       Fight or Flight                          - The crew encounters a ship with alien corpses.
 102       Broken Bow (2)                           - John Archer leads the first Starfleet mission to return a Klingon to his homeworld.
 101       Broken Bow (1)                           - John Archer leads the first Starfleet mission to return a Klingon to his homeworld.

Star Trek: New Voyages (12 episodes)

 109       Mindsifter                               - Kirk is tortured by Klingons for the location of Gateway and ends up lost in the past.
 108       Kitumba                                  - Kirk goes the Klingon homeworld of Qo'nos to make peace.
 107       The Child                                - This episode mimics the one from TNG where a non-corporeal entity goes through its life cycle in a short period via a human host.
 106       Enemy: Starfleet                         - A lost starship is threatening two civilisations.
 105       Blood and Fire Part 2                    - Kirk uncovers a secret plot by Section 13.
 104       Blood and Fire Part 1                    - Kirk's nephew is on an away team that is to be sacrificed.
 103       World Enough and Time                    - Sulu gets trapped in another universe and has a family.
 102       To Serve All My Days                     - Chekov becomes older as a ship impersonates the Klingons and attempts to provoke a war.
 101       In Harm's Way                            - The crew encounter the Doomsday Machine and the Guardian from the City on the Edge of Forever.
 100       Come What May                            - The Enterprise encounter a far and pointed object.
 002       No Win Scenario                          - A crewmember is impregnated by an alien lifeform.
 001       Center Seat                              - Sulu returns to the crew of the Enterprise.

Star Trek: Picard (10 episodes)

 110       Et in Arcadia Ego (2)                    - Picard reasons with Soji as the Federation shows up in time to defend her planet against the Romulans; together they stop the universal extinction event from unfolding.
 109       Et in Arcadia Ego (1)                    - The crew travel to the planet of the synthetics, with Seven and Narek following; Soji meets her "family" and is persuaded to agree to a solution that destroys all organic life.
 108       Broken Pieces                            - Soji and Picard reunite with their ship; her backstory is revealed as is reason why the Romulans fear her; Seven reclaims the Borg Cube.
 107       Nepenthe                                 - Soji and Picard end up at the home of Riker and Troi on Nepenthe; Jurati has a change of heart and violently disables her Romulan tracker.
 106       The Impossible Box                       - After a warm reunion with Hugh, Picard rescues Dahj's twin Soji who was about to be killed by Romulan spy Narek on the Borg Artifact.
 105       Stardust City Rag                        - The crew retrieve Bruce Maddox, captured by a former associate of Seven responsible for Icheb's death, who is then killed by Jurati.
 104       Absolute Candor                          - Picard recruits two more members to his cause: Elnor, a Romulan lost cause warrior and Seven of Nine, to whom he owes a ship.
 103       The End is the Beginning                 - Picard's crew is cyberneticist Agnes Jurati, Raffi Musiker and Chris Rios, both ex-Starfleet, the latter ship's Captain.
 102       Maps and Legends                         - Picard attempts to get reinstated into Starfleet which does not go over well but his requests attract the attention of the Romulan Zaht Vash.
 101       Remembrance                              - Picard is drawn into a mystery involving Romulans, androids, and the Borg when Data's daughter Dahj, a sentient organic android, is killed before his eyes.

Star Trek: The Next Generation (178 episodes)

 726       All Good Things... (2)                   - In the final episode, Picard travels through time, aided by Q, to prevent himself from destroying humanity.
 725       All Good Things... (1)                   - In the final episode, Picard travels through time, aided by Q, to prevent himself from destroying humanity.
 724       Pre-emptive Strike                       - Ro joins the Maquis.
 723       Emergence-episode                        - The ship's complex systems give rise to an emergent intelligent life form, commandeering its resources to reproduce.
 722       Bloodlines                               - Picard has to save his son from the Ferengi.
 721       Firstborn                                - Worf's son Alexander returns from forty years into the future to change the path his childhood self takes.
 720       Journey's End                            - Wesley decides to give up being a part of Starfleet and makes his own way with the Traveller.
 719       Genesis                                  - Latent DNA within the crew members is activated that regresses them all to a more primitive state, with the exception of Picard and Data.
 718       Eye of the Beholder                      - Troi is haunted by psychic images from a suicide that occurred while the Enterprise was being constructed.
 717       Masks                                    - Data and the Enterprise is taken over by an ancient alien archive which is transforming them into its civilisation.
 716       Thine Own Self                           - Data loses his memories due to an injury and walks into a pre-warp society; on the ship, Deanna seeks to be promoted.
 715       Lower Decks                              - A bunch of young cadets vie for promotion.
 714       Sub Rosa                                 - Crusher is haunted by an anaphasic life form wanting her as its lover, which it has been so doing matrilineally for eight centuries.
 713       Homeward                                 - Worf's step brother violates the Prime Directive to ensure the survival of a species and its culture at an early stage of development.
 712       The Pegasus                              - Riker's mistake as an ensign haunts him as as his former captain seeks a covert weapon in violation of a treaty with the Romulans.
 711       Parallels                                - Worf's shuttle travels through a quantum space-time fissure which causes him to shift between different realities.
 710       Inheritance                              - Data meets his mother Julianna, who was married to his creator Noonien Soongh, but she turns out to be an android.
 709       Force of Nature                          - Two siblings contend that warp drive is destroying the universe.
 708       Attached                                 - Beverly Crusher and Picard have their minds interlinked while taken captive by a xenophobic species.
 707       Dark Page                                - Lwaxana Troi harbours a secret within her metaconsciousness that comes to light when communicating with a telepathic species.
 706       Phantasms                                - Data's dreams turn into nightmares caused by interphasic creatures feeding on the Enterprise crew.
 705       Gambit (2)                               - Picard disguises himself as a smuggler to uncover the truth behind a search for a stolen Romulan artifact.
 704       Gambit (1)                               - Picard disguises himself as a smuggler to uncover the truth behind a search for a stolen Romulan artifact.
 703       Interface                                - George imagines that he sees his mother who is missing presumed dead within a gas giant via a neural interface to a probe.
 702       Liasons                                  - Troi, Picard, and Worf play host to an alien ambassadors who belong to a species that take experiences to their furthest extremes.
 701       Descent (2)                              - Picard, Geordi and Troi reinstate Data's ethical subroutines; along with the help of Hugh and the Enterprise, they defeat Lore and his Borg.
 626       Descent (1)                              - Lore commandeers the individualised Borg created after Picard returned Hugh, and coopts Data in his plan to destroy all organic life.
 625       Timescape                                - An alien entity seeks to protect its young that are incubating in an artificial quantum singularity powering a Romulan warbird.
 624       Second Chances                           - A second Will Riker is discovered living alone on a planet for eight years as the result of a transporter incident.
 623       Rightful Heir                            - Klingon legend Kahless returns and threatens to plunge the empire into a civil war; a compromise is reached to make him Emperor.
 622       Suspicions                               - Beverly decides to help out a Ferengi scientist test his metaphasic shield invention which leads to a murder mystery.
 621       Frame of Mind                            - Riker is kidnapped on a mission and his mind is assaulted to a point where he is unable to distinguish reality from fiction.
 620       The Chase                                - The crew solve an archaelogical puzzle that also involves the Klingons, Cardassians, and Romulans, that posits their common origin.
 619       Lessons                                  - Picard falls in love with a subordinate; their relationship is complicated when he has to give an order that puts her life on the line.
 618       Starship Mine                            - Picard deals with mercenaries attempting to steal a volatile byproduct from the engines while a lethal beam sweeps across the ship.
 617       Birthright (2)                           - Worf teaches Klingons held in a Romulan prison camp about their heritage.
 616       Birthright (1)                           - Worf goes in search of his father and Data dreams about his creator.
 615       Tapestry                                 - Picard dies and is given a second chance by Q.
 614       Face of the Enemy                        - Troi impersonates a Romulan officer.
 613       Acquiel                                  - A coalescent organism that assumes the form and identity of its victims is the explanation for a murder being investigated by the crew.
 612       Ship in a Bottle                         - Moriarty orchestrates a plan to gain freedom from the holodeck but Picard turns the tables on him.
 611       Chain of Command (2)                     - Picard refuses to yield to torture by the Cardassians (this has to be one of the best Star Trek episodes ever).
 610       Chain of Command (1)                     - Picard is taken prisoner by the Cardassians.
 609       The Quality of Life                      - Data finds evidence of life in sophisticated machines devised as tools to help the construction of a particle fountain.
 608       A Fistful of Datas                       - A malfunctioning interface experiment causes Data's traits to overlap with holodeck characters in the wild west.
 607       Rascals                                  - Guinan, Ro, Keiko, and Picard are turned into twelve year olds due to a transporter, followed by a rogue Ferengi attack on the ship.
 606       True Q                                   - A young girl shows up on the Enterprise with Q-like powers.
 605       Schisms                                  - The crew is kidnapped and experimented with in "hideous" ways.
 604       Relics                                   - The crew encounter Scotty from the original series and a Dyson's sphere.
 603       Man of the People                        - A diplomat needs to expell his negative emotions into some host so he can do his work.
 602       Realm of Fear                            - Barclay perceives weird life forms while going through the transporter and the crew dismiss it as an hallucination.
 601       Time's Arrow (2)                         - Data's head is found in the 19th Century, the crew return back in time to meet Guinan for the first time, aliens travel back in time to feed on human neural energy, and Mark Twain comes to the future (the actor who plays him, Jerry Hardin, also plays Deep Throat in The X Files).
 526       Time's Arrow (1)                         - Data's head is found in the 19th Century, the crew return back in time to meet Guinan for the first time, aliens travel back in time to feed on human neural energy, and Mark Twain comes to the future (the actor who plays him, Jerry Hardin, also plays Deep Throat in The X Files).
 525       The Inner Light                          - Picard is beamed information from an alien probe that makes him live a full life from a long lost civilisation.
 524       The Next Phase                           - Ro and Geordi are believed dead following an accident transporting from a Romulan ship which has phased them from our reality.
 523       I, Borg                                  - The Enterprise turn a Borg into the individual Hugh.
 522       Imaginary Friend                         - An alien entity befriends a young girl when the ship passes through a nebula and turns malevolent when ignored.
 521       The Perfect Mate                         - Picard falls in love with a empathic metamorph who imprints on him but is destined to be given away as someone else's bride.
 520       Cost of Living                           - Lwaxana Troi decides to get married to a person she is only compatible with on paper but not in reality.
 519       The First Duty                           - Wesley is involved in a cover up with his Starfleet flight squadron and must choose between truth and loyalty.
 518       Cause and Effect                         - The Enterprise enters the Typhon Exchange and gets blown up again and again in a spectacular manner.
 517       The Outcast                              - Riker falls in love with a woman from an ostensibly genderless alien society that views the separation of sexes as primitive.
 516       Ethics                                   - Worf undergoes a controversial surgical procedure when his spine is damaged in an accident.
 515       Power Play                               - Three crew members inhabited by the consciousnesses of prisoners from a penal colony take control of the Enterprise.
 514       Conundrum                                - The crew has their memory taken away by an alien who wishes to use them to make war.
 513       The Masterpiece Society                  - The crew help a genetically engineered colony of humans in the path of a destructive stellar core fragment.
 512       Violations                               - One of a trio of telepathic aliens who recover memories is accussed of a mind rape.
 511       Hero Worship                             - A boy who survives the destruction of his ship and the loss of his parents emulates Data as part of coping with his pain.
 510       New Ground                               - Worf's son Alexander comes to live with him, while the ship averts danger from a new warp technology based on soliton waves.
 509       A Matter of Time                         - A scientist from the past turns up on the Enterprise claiming to be from the future (this episode stars Matt Frewer from Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal).
 508       Unification (2)                          - The trap set by Sela, half-Romulan daughter of Tasha Yar, fails due to the ingenuity of Spock, Data, and Picard.
 507       Unification (1)                          - Ambassador Spock is suspected of defecting to the Romulans; as his father Sarek dies, Picard and Data track him down in Romulus.
 506       The Game                                 - The Enterprise crew is addicted to an electronic game.
 505       Disaster                                 - The crew are trapped on a damaged Enterprise.
 504       Silicon Avatar                           - The crew attempt to communicate with the crystalline entity that is extinguishing all life in its path.
 503       Ensign Ro                                - A Bajoran Starfleet officer rough around the edges works with Picard to expose a Cardassian conspiracy involving a naive Admiral.
 502       Darmok                                   - Picard and the leader of a civilisation are stranded together but can't talk to each other.
 501       Redemption (2)                           - The Federation must stop the Romulans from interfering in a Klingon Civil War and where Data becomes captain of a ship.
 426       Redemption (1)                           - The Federation must stop the Romulans from interfering in a Klingon Civil War and where Data becomes captain of a ship.
 425       In Theory                                - An ensign falls for Data as the Enterprise encounters dark matter.
 424       The Mind's Eye                           - Geordi is brainwashed by the Romulans in the hopes of getting him to cause the break up the Federation-Klingon alliance.
 423       The Host                                 - Beverly Crusher falls in love with a Trill diplomat; the symbiote is transplanted to a new female host when he is killed.
 422       Half a Life                              - Troi's mother falls in love with a scientist who must kill himself.
 421       The Drumhead                             - A Starfleet admiral sees conspiracies everywhere (this features great acting by Patrick Stewart who preaches about the importance of not abridging freedoms).
 420       Qpid                                     - Q turns Picard into Robin Hood to test his love for Vash.
 419       The Nth Degree                           - A space probe endows Barclay with superhuman intelligence and power.
 418       Identity Crisis                          - Geordi and a former shipmate are transformed by alien DNA.
 417       Night Terrors                            - The crew is unable to sleep and experience hallucinations after being caught in the energy-sucking Tycan's rift.
 416       Galaxy's Child                           - The Enterprise kills the mother of a large alien being and helps the release of the child inside, who thinks the Enterprise is its mother.
 415       First Contact                            - Riker is stranded on a first-contact mission.
 414       Clues                                    - Data negotiates with a powerful alien race to spare the Enterprise crew but is thwarted by their curiousity.
 413       Devil's Due                              - A girl claims she's the devil and challenges Picard.
 412       The Wounded                              - A Starship Captain continues to wage war on the Cardassians even though there is a peace treaty.
 411       Data's Day                               - A day in the life of Data involves the deception of a Romulan spy masquerading as a Vulcan ambassador.
 410       The Loss                                 - Troi loses her powers.
 409       Final Mission                            - Picard and Wesley crash land on a desolate moon awaiting rescue as the Enterprise tows a radiation filled garbage scow into a sun.
 408       Future Imperfect                         - Riker is apparently transported sixteen years into the future.
 407       Reunion                                  - Worf's mate K'Ehleyr dies, leaving their son Alexander with him; Picard appoints the next successor to the Klingon Empire, Gowron.
 406       Legacy                                   - The crew encounter Tasha Yar's sister when they get involved in a conflict in her homeworld.
 405       Remember Me                              - Beverley Crusher is trapped in a time bubble created by Wesley.
 404       Suddenly Human                           - A human boy living as an alien is found by the Enterprise and has a difficult decision about his future.
 403       Brothers                                 - Data is summoned via a homing beacon by his creator Noonien Soong who is alive but dying which also inadvertently summons Lore.
 402       Family                                   - The Enterprise returns to earth and Picard and Worf meet family.
 401       The Best of Both Worlds (2)              - The crew save Picard from the Borg.
 326       The Best of Both Worlds (1)              - Picard is abducted by the Borg and his knowledge used to assimilate humanity.
 325       Transfigurations                         - An alien who has lost his memory brings danger and healing to the Enterprise.
 324       Menage a Troi                            - Luxwana Troi is kidnapped along with Deanna and Riker by a Ferengi intent on exploiting her telepathic abilities.
 323       Sarek                                    - Ambassador Sarek, suffering from a degenerative syndrome, concludes the last diplomatic triumph of his career with Picard's help.
 322       The Most Toys                            - Data is held captive as a museum exhibit.
 321       Hollow Pursuits                          - Barclay retreats into the Holodeck.
 320       Tin Man                                  - A Betazoid prodigy is tasked with making first contact with an ancient space faring life form, beating the Romulans to it.
 319       Captain's Holiday                        - Picard vacations on Risa where he runs into Vash, an archaelogist with dubious morals, and time travellers from the future.
 318       Allegiance                               - Picard is kidnapped and replaced by a doppelganger by telepathic aliens experimenting on concepts like authority.
 317       Sins of the Father                       - After discovering his long lost brother Kurn, Worf accepts discommendation from the Klingon Council to avert a civil war.
 316       The Offspring                            - Data creates Lal and Starfleet tries to take her away from him.
 315       Yesterday's Enterprise                   - Timeline changes when the crew encounter their predecessor ship NCC 1701-C via a spacetime rift bring back Tasha Yar.
 314       A Matter of Perspective                  - A scientist's wife accuses Riker of killing her husband.
 313       Deja Q                                   - Aliens tormented by Q come after him when he is punished by the Continuum and made into a human and deposited on the Enterprise.
 312       The High Ground                          - Crusher is taken prisoner by a group of terrorists (this episode has some good discussions about the use of violence by both "good" and "bad" sides).
 311       The Hunted                               - A soldier is brainwashed by his government to kill rebels.
 310       The Defector                             - A Romulan admiral defects in vain.
 309       The Vengeance Factor                     - Picard mediates warring clans.
 308       The Price                                - Troi falls for a handsome wormhole negotiator.
 307       The Enemy                                - La Forge and a Romulan are trapped on a hostile planet while a Romulan Warbird bears down on the Enterprise.
 306       Booby Trap                               - Geordi and Leah Brahms work together to get out of an energy-draining, radioactive field left over from an ancient war.
 305       The Bonding                              - Worf bonds with the orphaned son of a crew member who was killed on his away team as an energy being tempts him with illusion.
 304       Who Watches the Watchers                 - A primitive culture worships Picard as a god and prepares to offer Troi as a sacrifice.
 303       The Survivors                            - A creature of amazing power eliminates an entire species.
 302       The Ensigns of Command                   - Data is handed the role of evacuating a bunch of colonists.
 301       Evolution                                - Wesley's experiment using nanites results in the creation of a new lifeform.
 222       Shades of Gray                           - While exploring an uncharted planet, Riker is infected and his life threatened by a virulent organism.
 221       Peak Performance                         - When the Enterprise crew engage in battle simulation exercises, they are confronted by a real threat from the Ferengi.
 220       The Emissary                             - The crew of a Klingon ship in cryogenic hibernation wake up, still think they're at war with the Federation.
 219       Manhunt                                  - Troi's mother chases after the Enterprise crew.
 218       Up the Long Ladder                       - The crew help two previously unknown Earth colonies with opposing philosophies unite to ensure their combined survival.
 217       Samaritan Snare                          - Picard undergoes heart surgery and Geordi is kidnapped by a race of dumb aliens.
 216       Q Who                                    - Q torments the Enterprise by putting them in the path of the Borg, a formidable cybernetic hive mind species.
 215       Pen Pals                                 - Data convinces Picard to save his pen pal.
 214       The Icarus Factor                        - Riker is offered a command of his own; Worf's friends make sure that his Age of Ascension anniversary is not forgotten.
 213       Time Squared                             - Picard is confronted with a future version of himself who is torn up after witnessing the destruction of the Enterprise.
 212       The Royale                               - Data, Riker, and Worf are trapped in an illusory casino from a dime store novel created by aliens for an astronaut lost in space.
 211       Contagion                                - Probes from the world of Iconia almost destroy the Enterprise.
 210       The Dauphin                              - Wesley gets close to a dignitary being transported aboard the enterprise who turns out to be an allasomorph, a shapeshifter.
 209       The Measure of a Man                     - Data resigns his commission and is put on trial to determine if he is Starfleet property.
 208       A Matter of Honor                        - Riker serves time aboard a Klingon vessel as part of an exchange program.
 207       Unnatural Selection                      - A genetic engineering research facility is stricken by a contagion that causes premature aging.
 206       The Schizoid Man                         - A brilliant cyberneticist transfers his consciousness into Data's body, threatening to snuff him out.
 205       Loud as a Whisper                        - The crew help an established diplomat and mediator recover after suffering tragedy while mediating a conflict.
 204       The Outrageous Okona                     - A charming rogue plays cupid.
 203       Elemendary, Dear Data                    - Geordi accidentally makes it possible for Professor Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes' arch enemy, to gain sentience.
 202       Where Silence Has Lease                  - The ship encounters a void in space that turns out to be a unique alien being that wishes to evaluate humanity.
 201       The Child                                - Deanna becomes pregnant through an alien entity and gives birth to a rapidly growing infant who gives his life to save the ship.
 126       The Neutral Zone                         - The Enterprise investigating the destruction of distant outposts encounter the Romulans who warn them that they are back.
 125       Conspiracy                               - A insect enters human hosts in an attempt to take over Starfleet.
 124       We'll Always Have Paris                  - Picard reunites with an old flame.
 123       Skin of Evil                             - Deanna Troi's shuttle crashlands on a desolate planet and is menaced by a creature of pure evil that kills Tasha Yar.
 122       Symbiosis                                - The crew find a pair of neighbouring planets, one of which is exploiting the other via an addictive narcotic sold as vital medicine.
 121       The Arsenal of Freedom                   - The crew are trapped by a highly efficient AI weapons system that killed off its own creators.
 120       Heart of Glory                           - A trio of Klingons arrive on the Enterprise with plans to rekindle their war with the Federation and try to rope Worf in.
 119       Coming of Age                            - Picard's competence is evaluated and Wesley takes the Starfleet exam.
 118       Home Soil                                - A crystalline life form attacks a terraforming crew when its environment is threatened by their operations.
 117       When the Bough Breaks                    - A mythical planet decloaks and kidnaps some of the children of the crewmembers to solve an infertility problem.
 116       Too Short a Season                       - An old Starfleet hostage negotiator returns to the planet where an early mistake in his career cost thousands of lives.
 115       11001001                                 - Binars, aliens that have fused their organic bodies to their computing devices, use the Enterprise computer to save their civilisation.
 114       Angel One                                - The crew visit a planet where male revolutionaries threatening its matriarchal society are about to be executed.
 113       Datalore                                 - The crew travel to the planet where Data was found and discover another android, Lore, who calls him his brother.
 112       The Big Goodbye                          - Picard and the crew are trapped in the holodeck in San Francisco.
 111       Haven-episode                            - Troi is supposed to be married off.
 110       Hide and Q                               - Riker is given Q's powers.
 109       The Battle                               - A vengeful Ferengi captain controls Picard.
 108       Justice                                  - The crew's visit to a planet populated by simple people and protected by a transdimensional entity ends up threatening Wesley's life.
 107       Lonely Among Us                          - The ship picks up an energy life form that travels through different hosts until it joins with Picard.
 106       Where No One Has Gone Before             - The Traveller makes his first appearance and Wesley is promoted to acting Ensign.
 105       The Last Outpost                         - The Enterprise encounter the Ferengi for the first time.
 104       Code of Honor                            - Tasha is kidnapped during a mission.
 103       The Naked Now                            - The crew fall victim to an intoxicating illness that spreads by touch, a situation that once plagued the original Enterprise.
 102       Encounter at Farpoint (2)                - In the first voyage by the new Enterprise, they are tested by the omnipotent and omniscient Q.
 101       Encounter at Farpoint (1)                - In the first voyage by the new Enterprise, they are tested by the omnipotent and omniscient Q.

Star Trek: Voyager (172 episodes)

 726       Endgame (2)                              - An old Janeway travels back in time to fight the Borg and make her voyage home go faster.
 725       Endgame (1)                              - An old Janeway travels back in time to fight the Borg and make her voyage home go faster.
 724       Renaissance Man                          - The doctor impersonates crew members to save Janeway's life.
 723       Homestead                                - Neelix meets some other Telaxians and leaves the ship.
 722       Natural Law                              - Seven and Chakotay are stranded on a planet with an indigenous society.
 721       Friendship One                           - Janeway tries to help an alien society decimated by a nuclear device from Earth.
 720       Author, Author                           - The doctor writes a novel but doesn't have the "right" to control it because he/she is a hologram.
 719       Q2                                       - Q's son is looked after by Janeway.
 718       Human Error                              - Seven of Nine explores her human side.
 717       Workforce (2)                            - The crew is abducted and their memories reprogrammed so they could be used as workers.
 716       Workforce (1)                            - The crew is abducted and their memories reprogrammed so they could be used as workers.
 715       The Void                                 - The ship is trapped in some weird void and Janeway needs to form alliances to get out.
 714       Prophecy                                 - B'ellana is considered to be a religious icon by a wandering Klingon ship.
 713       Repentance                               - Seven of Nine grows attached to a prisoner who is about to be executed.
 712       Lineage                                  - B'ellana wants to genetically alter her baby because she is not proud of of being Klingon.
 711       Shattered                                - The ship is fractured into many times.
 710       Flesh and Blood (2)                      - Holograms created by the Hirogen turn on them.
 709       Flesh and Blood (1)                      - Holograms created by the Hirogen turn on them.
 708       Nightingale                              - Ensign Kim becomes captain of an alien ship.
 707       Body and Soul                            - The doctor goes into Seven of Nine to hide.
 706       Inside Man                               - A hologram of Barclay is commandeered by the Ferengi.
 705       Critical Care                            - The doctor is kidnapped and made to treat patients.
 704       Repression                               - The Maquis on Voyager are controlled remotely.
 703       Drive                                    - Paris races in space.
 702       Imperfection                             - Seven of Nine's cortical implant starts to fail.
 701       Unimatrix Zero (2)                       - Janeway starts a civil war within the Borg collective.
 626       Unimatrix Zero (1)                       - Janeway infiltrates a Borg cube so a few of them can continue dreaming.
 625       The Haunting of Deck 12                  - An electromagnetic lifeform takes over the ship.
 624       Life Line                                - The doctor travels back to the alpha quadrant to save his creator.
 623       Fury                                     - Kess returns to change the future.
 622       Muse                                     - B'elanna Torres and Harry Kim are stranded on a planet where a poet uses them as inspiration.
 621       Live Fast and Prosper                    - People impersonating Voyager give Janeway a bad reputation.
 620       Good Shepherd                            - Janeway takes three incompetent crewpeople under her wing.
 619       Child's Play                             - A child is engineered to destroy the Borg.
 618       Ashes to Ashes                           - A former crewperson returns.
 617       Spirit Folk                              - A characters in a program in the holosuite become self-aware.
 616       Collective                               - A Borg ship manned by teenagers is abandoned by the collective.
 615       Tsunkatse                                - Seven of Nine and Tuvok are kidnapped and the former is made to fight in a WWF-style gladitorial arena (This episode features The Rock and Jeffrey Coombs from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.).
 614       Memorial                                 - The crew experiences memories of people who had made mistakes in the past leading to the loss of lives.
 613       Virtuoso                                 - The Doctor becomes respected for his singing abilities.
 612       Blink of an Eye                          - Voyager is trapped in an orbit of a planet where time moves extremely fast.
 611       Fair Haven                               - The ship runs into a radioactive storm which messes up the holodeck.
 610       Pathfinder                               - Barclay and Troi from Star Trek: The Next Generation  find a way to communicate with Voyager.
 609       The Voyager Conspiracy                   - Seven of Nine sees conspiracies everywhere.
 608       One Small Step                           - The crew encounter a massive ball of energy and a spacecraft from the Mars mission.
 607       Dragon's Teeth                           - The Vaadwaur are revived by the crew after being in stasis for over 900 years.
 606       Riddles                                  - Tuvok loses his memory.
 605       Alice                                    - Tom Paris bonds with a spaceship.
 604       Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy               - The doctor's dreams become a reality.
 603       Barge of the Dead                        - B'elana has to confront her demons.
 602       Survival Instinct                        - Seven of Nine faces the responsibility for three individuals.
 601       Equinox (2)                              - An alien lifeform is unethically being used as fuel.
 526       Equinox (1)                              - Janeway encounters Captain Ransom's ship who've been using other creatures as batteries to power their warp drive.
 525       Warhead                                  - The crew encounters a sentient weapon of mass destruction.
 524       Relativity                               - People from 500 years into the future attempt to track down who placed a temporal disruptor bomb that destroys Voyager.
 523       11:59                                    - Janeway describes how she was inspired by her ancestor.
 522       Someone to Watch Over Me                 - Seven of Nine undergoes training in romance by the doctor who ends up falling for her.
 521       Juggernaut                               - The garbage dumping aliens run into Voyager once again as one of their ships carring radiation garbage malfunctions.
 520       Think Tank                               - A think-thank wants Seven of Nine.
 519       The Fight                                - Chakotay tries to communicate with other dimensional aliens through boxing.
 518       Course: Oblivion                         - Creatures who are clones of the Voyager crew are also trying to make their way home.
 517       The Disease                              - Ensign Kim falls in love with an alien.
 516       Dark Frontier (2)                        - Janeway struggles with the Borg queen for control of Seven of Nine.
 515       Dark Frontier (1)                        - Janeway struggles with the Borg queen for control of Seven of Nine.
 514       Bliss                                    - The ship encounters a space-creature disguised as a wormhole.
 513       Gravity                                  - Tom and Tuvok are stranded on a planet.
 512       Bride of Chaotica!                       - Captain Proton (a parody of Buck Rogers TV shows) fights evil.
 511       Latent Image                             - The hologram doctor has an ethical dilemma as his program goes crazy after making a choice to save the life of two patients.
 510       Counterpoint                             - Janeway gets involved with an "inspector" from a race of people who are against telepaths.
 509       Thirty Days                              - Tom Paris risks his rank to save an ocean in space.
 508       Nothing Human                            - A cytoplasmic pseudo-parasite attaches itself to B'Elanna; the Doctor resorts to dubious ethical practices to extricate it from her.
 507       Infinite Regress                         - The neural patterns of individuals assimilated by the Borg haunt Seven of Nine when she is infected with a technological virus.
 506       Timeless-episode                         - Voyager crashes spectacularly after trying to return home through a quantum slip stream; and Kim and Chakotay in the future play around with time to prevent it from happening.
 505       Once Upon a Time                         - Neelix lies to Naomi Wyleman about her mum's fate.
 504       In the Flesh                             - Species 8472 create a simulation of Starfleet to wage war with humans.
 503       Extreme Risk                             - B'Elanna becomes clinically depressed, while the crew build a new shuttle to recover a probe stuck deep within a gas giant.
 502       Drone                                    - Seven of Nine nanoprobes merge with the Doctor's mobile holoemitter to create a 29th century offspring that is more human than human.
 501       Night                                    - A vast expanse of space devoid of any stars is used as a dumping ground for toxic waste, threatening a species indigenous to the void.
 426       Hope and Fear                            - A member of a species largely assimilated by the Borg, due to Voyager eliminating the threat of Species 8472, tries to take revenge.
 425       One                                      - Seven of Nine must take care of the ship alone.
 424       Demon                                    - Paris and Kim get accustomed to the toxic environment of a demon planet while mining dilithium.
 423       Living Witness                           - A backup of the Doctor's program recovered 700 years later by two warring races in the Delta Quadrant is accused of war crimes.
 422       Unforgettable                            - Chakotay falls in love with a girl but loses his memory when she leaves.
 421       The Omega Directive                      - Janeway must destroy a powerful compound.
 420       Vis à Vis                               - Tom Paris's body is hijacked by a being who can swap bodies by resequencing genomes.
 419       The Killing Game (2)                     - The Hirogen learn about the Voyager crew by putting them in holodeck simulations.
 418       The Killing Game (2)                     - The Hirogen learn about the Voyager crew by putting them in holodeck simulations.
 417       Retrospect                               - The Doctor fancies himself a psychoanalyst and extracts seemingly repressed memories from Seven, with unfortunate consequences.
 416       Prey                                     - The Hirogen hunt Species 8472; Seven of Nine disobeys Janeway.
 415       Hunters-episode                          - The crew run up against the Hirogen, a race of nomadic hunters, who claim the relay station network being used to deliver letters from home.
 414       Message in a Bottle                      - The crew use a network of ancient relay stations to send the Doctor to the Alpha Quadrant and make contact with Starfleet.
 413       Waking Moments                           - The crew are trapped in a dream world.
 412       Mortal Coil                              - Neelix is dead for eighteen hours and is brought back to life using Borg nanotechnology, causing him to question his faith.
 411       Concerning Flight                        - Janeway teams up with a holographic Leonardo da Vinci to retrieve technology stolen from the ship by a space pirate.
 410       Random Thoughts                          - B'ellana is to have her violent thoughts erased in a society where bad thoughts are prohibited.
 409       Year of Hell (2)                         - The Voyager crew must deal with the captain of a time ship who is bent on re-writing history for personal gain.
 408       Year of Hell (1)                         - The Voyager crew must deal with the captain of a time ship who is bent on re-writing history for personal gain.
 407       Scientific Method                        - Seven of Nine saves the crew from alien experimentation.
 406       The Raven                                - Seven of Nine's implants reassert themselves due to a Borg homing signal transmitted from the ship where she and her family were assimilated.
 405       Revulsion                                - A psychotic hologram screws around with the Voyager crew.
 404       Nemesis                                  - Chakotay is brainwashed and conscripted in a war where he wishes that it were easier to stop hating than it is to start.
 403       Day of Honor                             - Seven of Nine adjusts to life with her new crewmates, and B'Elanna tries to come to terms with her Klingon heritage.
 402       The Gift                                 - Kes outgrows Voyager and Seven of Nine learns to adjust to the ship.
 401       Scorpion (2)                             - The crew manage to defeat Species 8472, and add a Borg drone, Seven of Nine, to their family.
 326       Scorpion (1)                             - The crew encounter the Borg and Species 8472.
 325       Worst Case Scenario                      - Tuvok's holodeck program is taken over by Seska to destructive ends.
 324       Displaced                                - Janeway and the crew are slowly replaced by aliens.
 323       Distant Origin                           - A scientist challenges doctrine by stating that his species evolved on Earth.
 322       Real Life                                - The doctor creates a holographic family.
 321       Before and After                         - Kes travels backwards in time to a point where she conceived and discovers a possible dark future for the crew.
 320       Favorite Son                             - Harry is believed to conceived by another alien species.
 319       Rise                                     - An alien race creates natural disasters that result in the evacuation of the population to claim the abandoned resources.
 318       Darkling                                 - The doctor becomes crazy after integrating multiple personalities within him.
 317       Unity                                    - Chakotay is stranded on a planet consisting of former members of the Borg collective who are trying to build a new cooperative.
 316       Blood Fever                              - Varik passes on the Pon farr to B'Ellana.
 315       Coda                                     - Janeway is on the verge of death when an alien being tries to convince her to let go so it can feed on her consciousness.
 314       Alter Ego                                - Tuvok and Kim fall for an holodeck character.
 313       Fair Trade                               - Neelix lies because he thinks his usefulness on Voyager is finished.
 312       Macrocosm                                - A virus is both microscopic and macroscopic.
 311       The Q and the Grey                       - The Q continuum face a civil war.
 310       Warlord                                  - Kes' body is taken over an alien warlord who has the ability to transfer his consciousness between bodies.
 309       Future's End (2)                         - The crew time travel to 1996 earth to prevent a catastrophic event from happening in the 29th century.
 308       Future's End (1)                         - The crew time travel to 1996 earth to prevent a catastrophic event from happening in the 29th century.
 307       Sacred Ground                            - Kes is injured and Janeway undergoes a spiritual ritual to save her life.
 306       Remember                                 - B'Elanna is given the memories of a genocide that was repressed by an alien race and works to pass it on.
 305       False Profits                            - Voyager discovers that two Ferengi who went into a unstable wormhole are milking a planet for all its worth.
 304       The Swarm                                - A swarm of ships attack.
 303       The Chute                                - Paris and Kim face a death sentence and are imprisoned aboard a ship.
 302       Flashback                                - A memory virus hiding in Tuvok's mind resurfaces when a related memory is triggered.
 301       Basics (2)                               - The crew regain control of the ship from the Kazon after surviving an inhospitable environment.
 226       Basics (1)                               - The Kazon take over the ship and maroon the crew on a primitive planet.
 225       Resolutions                              - Janeway and Chakotay are isolated on a planet since they are infected with a virus.
 224       Tuvix                                    - Tuvok and Neelix merge as a result of a transporter accident.
 223       The Thaw                                 - A computer program takes on the guise of a fear-clown and threatens the lives of the people it's monitoring.
 222       Innocence                                - Tuvok is stranded on a planet with children who are on their death bed.
 221       Deadlock                                 - The ship goes through subspace turbulence and undergoes a spatial scission, diverging into two copies, one of which is destructed.
 220       Investigations                           - Paris acts as a malcontent to uncover a spy colluding with the Kazon-Nistrium.
 219       Lifesigns                                - The doctor develops feelings for the first time when he treats a Viidian female for the Phage.
 218       Death Wish                               - A Q is made to stand trial for wanting to commit suicide; this episode stars John DeLancie who plays Q and Jonathan Fraker who plays Riker.
 217       Dreadnought                              - A bomb programmed by Bel'ana goes amok.
 216       Meld                                     - Tuvok mind-melds with a murderer and acquires murderous intentions himself.
 215       Threshold-episode                        - Paris undergoes transformations after achieving warp 10 on a shuttle flight.
 214       Alliances                                - Janeway reluctantly allies with the Trabe to fight against the Kazon.
 213       Prototype                                - Torres helps a race of robots create a new prototype but finds she has made a mistake.
 212       Resistance                               - Tuvok and Torres are taken hostage.
 211       Maneuvers                                - Seska returns to destroy Voyager.
 210       Cold Fire                                - The crew run across an Ocampa array, watched over by a female member of the Nachine, the same species as that of the Caretaker.
 209       Tattoo                                   - Chakotay runs into ancestors of his ancestors.
 208       Persistence of Vision                    - The crew experience hallucinations caused by an alien.
 207       Parturition                              - Paris and Neelix take care of a baby alien.
 206       Twisted                                  - The ship is engulfed in a vortex that collapses the ship as it tries to communicate.
 205       Non Sequitur                             - A shuttle accident causes Harry to land in an alternate timeline where he and Tom Paris never joined Voyager.
 204       Elogium                                  - The ship passes through a space-faring swarm of lifeforms that induce the desire to procreate within Kes.
 203       Projections                              - The Doctor is trapped in a holographic simulation where he begins to think he is a real flesh and blood human.
 202       Initiations                              - Chakotay instructs a young Kazon boy attempting to earn his "name".
 201       The 37s                                  - The crew encounters humans in stasis that were abducted by aliens.
 116       Learning Curve                           - Tuvok tutors former-Maquis crew members with disciplinary problems in the Starfleet way; the ship's bioneural gel packs become ill.
 115       Jetrel                                   - A Haakonian scientist who unleashed a terrible weapon of mass destruction on Neelix's people, the Talaxians, seeks redemption.
 114       Faces                                    - Torres is split into two beings to help an alien race discover a cure for a devastating virus.
 113       Cathexis                                 - An alien entity keeps jumping people's minds to lure them back to a nebula where they can feed on the neural energy of the brains of the crew.
 112       Heroes and Demons                        - Harry, Tom, and Tuvok are taken in retaliation after Janeway inadvertently captures a photonic life-form.
 111       State of Flux                            - Seska turns out to be Cardassian.
 110       Prime Factors                            - Janeway tries to get hold of a device that would allow them to return from an extremely hospitable planet.
 109       Emanations                               - Harry is replaced by an individual who believes she is dead, seemingly transported to another dimension, and must die to get back.
 108       Ex Post Facto                            - Paris is accused of murder and forced to relive his alleged victim's memories.
 107       Eye of the Needle                        - The crew are able to communicate with a Romulan ship in the alpha quadrant via a micro-wormhole, but twenty years in the past.
 106       The Cloud                                - The crew mistakenly injure a living organism resembling a nebula and have to repair their damage to help it heal.
 105       Phage                                    - Neelix's lungs are harvested by aliens.
 104       Time and Again                           - Janeway and Paris end up in a causal time loop resulting in a planet's destruction.
 103       Parallax                                 - The crew is trapped in a quantum singularity.
 102       Caretaker (2)                            - The ship is pulled across to the opposite end of the galaxy by the dying caretaker of an alien species.
 101       Caretaker (1)                            - The ship is pulled across to the opposite end of the galaxy by the dying caretaker of an alien species.

Star Wars: Rebels (79 episodes)

 416       Family Reunion and Farewell (2)          - Ezra and Thrawn head off into hyperspace in the company of the purrgil, while his friends ensure that Lothal remains liberated.
 415       Family Reunion and Farewell (1)          - Ezra executes a bold plan to take control of the Lothal Imperial command centre to free his people.
 414       A Fool's Hope                            - Ezra sets a trap for the Empire's forces to capture the Governor of Lothal with the aid of his friends and allies.
 413       A World Between Worlds                   - Ezra encounters past, present, and future (Ahsoka, Rey, Kanan, Yoda, Obi-Wan, Anakin, Qui-Gon, Kylo, Poe, Maz, Jyn, Chirrut, Luke, and Leia) within the temple as the Emperor seeks to harness its power.
 412       Wolves and a Door                        - The group discover that the Emperor wants control of Jedi temple's secrets after infiltrating its excavation; Ezra opens and enters its gateway.
 411       DUME                                     - Hera, Sabine, Ezra, and Zeb mourn the loss of Kanan; Ezra encounters Loth--wolves who instruct him to save the Lothal Jedi temple.
 410       Jedi Night                               - Kanan sacrifices his life to save his friends and complete their mission of crippling the TIE factory.
 409       Rebel Assault                            - The rebel assault on the TIE factory is foiled by Thrawn and Hera ends up being taken prisoner by the Empire.
 408       Crawler Commanders                       - The remaining rebels hijack a Mining Guild ore crawler; the rebel command plans an all out assault on the TIE fighter factory.
 407       Kindred                                  - Hera makes it out of Lothal with the TIE flight recorder while the rest of team are saved by the wolves from being bombarded.
 406       Flight of the Defender                   - Sabine and Ezra steal one of the prototype TIEs as Thrawn shows up, and the latter is helped to escape by a mysterious Loth-wolf.
 405       The Occupation                           - The Ghost crew go to Lothal to obtain information about a new superior TIE fighter being prototyped by the Empire.
 404       In the Name of the Rebellion (2)         - Saw recruits Sabine, Ezra, and Chopper on a mission involving the Empire's plans to weaponise a khyber crystal.
 403       In the Name of the Rebellion (1)         - In a mission that goes awry, Sabine, Ezra and Chopper escape with Saw Gerrera.
 402       Heroes of Mandalore (2)                  - The weapon created by Sabine to fry Mandalorian armour is modified to be used against the Empire's stormtroopers.
 401       Heroes of Mandalore (1)                  - The rebels free Sabine's father before he is scheduled to be executed by the Empire.
 322       Zero Hour (2)                            - The rebel fleet escape Thrawn's trap with the help of the Mandaloreans and Bendu, who forsees the admiral's eventual defeat.
 321       Zero Hour (1)                            - Thrawn unmasks Kallus as Fulcrum and traps the rebel fleet on Atollon with Interdictor vessels that block passage via hyperspace.
 320       Twin Suns                                - Ezra is tricked by Maul into tracking down Obi-Wan on Tatooine; on his last breath, Maul expresses his wish for the Chosen One to avenge them.
 319       Double Agent Droid                       - Chopper is compromised when he and AP-5, and Wedge infiltrate an Imperial facility to steal access codes for a factory on Lothal.
 318       Secret Cargo                             - The crew of the Ghost help transport Senator Mon Mothma to a secret rendezvous to help her create the Rebel Alliance.
 317       Through Imperial Eyes                    - Thrawn tries to root out the identity of Fulcrum; Kallus manages to frame Lyste not realising that he has tipped his hand.
 316       Legacy of Mandalore                      - Sabine returns to Mandalore with her friends and convinces her family, the Wren clan, to rebel against the Empire.
 315       Trials of the Darksaber                  - Sabine learns to wield the awesome responsibilities of the Mandalorean darksabre.
 314       Warhead                                  - The rebels reprogram an infiltrator droid to blow up an Imperial cruiser, but that still allows Thrawn to narrow his search for their base.
 313       Ghosts of Geonosis (2)                   - The rebels blow up an Imperial cruiser and rescue Saw, enabling the lone Genosian rebuild his race with a queen Egg.
 312       Ghosts of Geonosis (1)                   - The rebels investigate the disappearance of Saw Gerrera and his squad and find a lone Geonosian survivor.
 311       Visions and Voices                       - Maul and Erza discover that the answer to their respective questions is on a planet with two suns, i.e., Tatooine and Obi-Wan.
 310       An Inside Man                            - Ezra and Kanan infiltrate an Imperial factory and go up against Thrawn's strategies to steal the designs for a new fighter.
 309       The Wynkahthu Job                        - The crew team up with Hondo to steal cargo from an abandoned Imperial ship, barely making it out with their lives.
 308       Iron Squadron                            - Commander Sato's nephew, who leads the Iron Squadron, bites off more than he can chew with the Empire; the crew of the Ghost rescue him.
 307       Imperial Supercommandos                  - Fenn Rau joins the rebellion after his fellow Mandalorians and the Empire betray him.
 306       The Last Battle                          - Captain Rex and an old Super Tactical Droid relive their last war, and realise that they are united against the Empire's tyranny.
 305       Hera's Heroes                            - Hera tries to retrieve a family heirloom from her Empire-occupied home, with the rebels going up against General Thrawn.
 304       The Antilles Extraction                  - Wedge Antilles, Hobbie, and Rake are extracted from the clutches of the Empire and recruited into the Rebellion.
 303       The Holocrons of Fate                    - Darth Maul returns and attempts to reunite the Jedi and Sith Holocrons to ask a burning question.
 302       Steps into Shadow (2)                    - With Kanan blind, Ezra steps up and begins leading missions with some success but pride goes before a fall.
 301       Steps into Shadow (1)                    - Ezra steps up and begins leading missions with some success but pride goes before a fall.
 222       Twilight of the Apprentice (2)           - Ahsoka and Darth Vader finally have their showdown and the apprentice is unable to let go of Anakin Skywalker.
 221       Twilight of the Apprentice (1)           - Ezra, Kanan, Ahsoka, and Chopper head out to the Sith Temple on Malachor where just Maul helps them unlock its secrets.
 220       The Mystery of Chopper Base              - The Rebels fleet set up a new base but the team have to deal with a swarm of Krykna spiders.
 219       The Forgotten Droid                      - Chopper makes a friend and also helps find a safe harbour for the Rebel fleet.
 218       Shroud of Darkness                       - Kanan and Ezra seek guidance from Yoda; Ahsoka, Anakin, the Inquisitors, and even Darth Vader make an appearance.
 217       The Honorable Ones                       - Zeb and Agent Kallus are stranded together on one of moons of Geonosis.
 216       Homecoming                               - The Rebels capture an Imperial Cruiser with the aid of Hera's father, Cham Syndulla.
 215       The Call                                 - The Ghost crew encounter a flock of Purrgill, intelligent space whale-like creatures.
 214       Legends of the Lasat                     - Zeb helps rediscover the planet that his people originated from.
 213       The Protector of Concord Dawn            - Kanan and Sabine make reluctant recruits of Mandalorian Protectors.
 212       A Princess on Lothal                     - Princess Leia aids the rebels in their resistance against the Empire.
 211       Legacy                                   - Ezra believes his parents are alives on Lothal; the Empire attacks the Rebel base on Garell.
 210       The Future of the Force                  - The Empire's attempt at kidnapping force sensitive children is foiled by Ahsoka, Kanan, Ezra, Zeb, and Chopper.
 209       Stealth Strike                           - A gravity well weapon traps Ezra and Commander Sato; Kanan and Rex have to work together to free them and disable the weapon.
 208       Blood Sisters                            - Sabine has to work with an old friend to deliver an information courier to Bail Organa.
 207       Wings of the Master                      - Hera pilots a newly designed ship to break through an Imperial blockade against a starving planet.
 206       Brothers of the Broken Horn              - Ezra and Chopper go off on a mission on their own and run into Hondo Ohnaka.
 205       Always Two There Are                     - Ezra and Sabine are captured by two Inquisitors but are rescued by Zeb.
 204       Relics of the Old Republic               - The clones and the team fight off an attack from the Empire and reunite with Ahsoka.
 203       The Lost Commanders                      - The group split from Ahsoka and find a few retired clones, including Captain Rex, but are tracked by the Empire.
 202       The Siege of Lothal (2)                  - Ahsoka finally learns what became of her old master.
 201       The Siege of Lothal (1)                  - Darth Vader goes after the rebels.
 115       Fire Across the Galaxy                   - Kanan is rescued with the help of Ahsoka Tano, all grown up.
 114       Rebel Resolve                            - The gang learn that Kanan is to be shipped to a prison on Mustafar.
 113       Call to Action                           - Kanan is captured by the Inquisitor.
 112       Vision of Hope                           - The crew discover that a seemingly sympathetic senator is secretly working for the Empire.
 111       Idiot's Array                            - The crew team up with Lando Calrissian to smuggle "mining equipment".
 110       Path of the Jedi                         - Ezra builds a lightsabre.
 109       Gathering Forces                         - Ezra and Kanan thwart the Inquisitor once again.
 108       Empire Day                               - It's Ezra's birthday.
 107       Out of Darkness                          - An abandoned Republic base turns nasty for Hera and Sabine.
 106       Breaking Ranks                           - Ezra infiltrates a Imperial cadet training facility and earns the attention of the Inquisitor.
 105       Rise of the Old Masters                  - The Inquisitor sets a trap for the crew.
 104       Fighter Flight                           - Ezra and Zeb start getting along better after going on a supplies trip.
 103       Droids in Distress                       - R2-D2 and C-3PO (owned by Senator Organa) meet up with the rebels.
 102       Spark of Rebellion (2)                   - Ezra, an orphan, enlists with the rebel cause fighting against Tarkin.
 101       Spark of Rebellion (1)                   - Ezra, an orphan, enlists with the rebel cause fighting against Tarkin.
 004       Property of Ezra Bridger/Not What You Th - Ezra scores.
 003       Entanglement                             - Zeb has some fun.
 002       Art Attack                               - Sabine creates a diversion.
 001       The Machine in the Ghost                 - Hera, Kenan, and Chopper fight off some Imperial TIE fighters.

Star Wars: Resistance (21 episodes)

 121       No Escape (2)                            - Unable to persuade Tam from joining them, Kaz and his friends jump into hyperspace using the Colossus itself to escape the First Order.
 120       No Escape (1)                            - As Kaz works to free his friends, he watches in horror as his home is destroyed by Starkiller Base manned by the First Order.
 119       Descent                                  - The First Order goes after Team Kaz, who escape but Tam is captured as is Yeager eventually; Kaz vows to retake control of the Colossus and free their friends.
 118       The Disappeared                          - Torra and Kaz work together to free prisoners of the First Order arrested for speaking out against them.
 117       The Core Problem                         - Kaz and Poe find a planet and its sun, along with all its inhabitants, completely destroyed while investigating First Order activity.
 116       The New Trooper                          - Kaz protects two children from the First Order and obtains access to their plans and their reason for seeking control of the Colossus.
 115       The First Order Occupation               - Kaz helps Synara escape the First Order who are searching for a pirate spy.
 114       The Doza Dilemma                         - The First Order orchestrates a plan with the pirates to kidnap Doza's daughter.
 113       Dangerous Business                       - Kaz is tasked with minding a parts store which is robbed by a thief working on behalf of the First Order.
 112       Bibo                                     - Kaz's friend and coworker Neeku adopts a strange creature as a pet, when its giant mother attacks the station looking for it.
 111       Station Theta Black                      - Kaz and Poe go on a mission to a First Order station and discover that they are manufacturing vast quantities of weapons.
 110       Secrets and Holograms                    - Kaz seeks to break into Doza's headquarters to figure out his business with the First Order.
 109       The Platform Classic                     - Yaeger's estranged brother shows up and races him, leading them to reconcile and putting their past differences behind them.
 108       Synara's Score                           - The First Order capitalises when the station becomes defenseless and is attacked by pirates after a signal from Synara.
 107       Signal from Sector Six                   - Kaz meets up with Poe who team up to rescue the pirate Synara, who they mistake for a member of the crew that was attacked.
 106       The Children from Tehar                  - Kaz and his friends save two children from the First Order and Kylo Ren.
 105       The High Tower                           - Kaz discovers that the captain of the fuel station is planning to cut a deal with the First Order.
 104       Fuel for the Fire                        - Kaz makes some friends who turn out to be not entirely trustworthy.
 103       The Triple Dark                          - While Kaz may have a way to go to learn about spycraft and being a mechanic, he turns out to have a good heart.
 102       The Recruit (2)                          - Kaz is able to hold his own on his first race without killing himself, under the mentorship of Poe's associate Jarek Yaeger.
 101       The Recruit (1)                          - Kazuda Xiono is recruited by Poe Dameron to go undercover on the Colossus fueling station to figure out the First Order's plans.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (122 episodes)

 613       Sacrifice                                - Yoda learns that regardless out of the outcome of the Clone Wars, there will some day be A New Hope.
 612       Destiny                                  - Yoda travels to the heart of the galaxy and encounters the Living Force and has to pass several tests.
 611       Voices                                   - Yoda travels to Dagobah upon hearing the voice of Qui-Gon Jinn.
 610       The Lost One                             - The Jedi Council learns that the Clone Army was created as part of the machinations of the Sith Lord.
 609       The Disappeared (2)                      - Jar Jar and Mace rescue Queen Julia from the Mother, who turns out to be Talzin.
 608       The Disappeared (1)                      - Jar Jar and Mace head out to the planet Bardotta to prevent an ancient prophecy from coming to fruition.
 607       Crisis at the Heart                      - Clovis is set up by Dooku but redeems himself at the very end.
 606       The Rise of Clovis                       - Clovis becomes the head of the banking clan.
 605       An Old Friend                            - Padme attempts to uncover the secrets of the Banking Clan with the help of Clovis and Anakin.
 604       Orders                                   - Fives dies doing his duty and the Chancellor's manipulations largely go undiscovered.
 603       Fugitive                                 - Fives discovers that the tumour is a malfunctioning inhibitor chip.
 602       Conspiracy                               - Fives discovers that a tumour in Tup may be responsible for his misbehaviour, which Palpatine and Dooku wish to bury.
 601       The Unknown                              - Clone Trooper Tup kills Jedi General Tiplar after appearing to suffer a neurological breakdown.
 520       The Wrong Jedi                           - Anakin discovers that Barriss Offee is the Jedi guilty of the crimes Ahsoka is accused of.
 519       To Catch a Jedi                          - Ahsoka teams up with Ventress to uncover the conspiracy against her.
 518       The Jedi Who Knew Too Much               - Anakin is unable to help Ahsoka when she is accused of Letta Thurmond's murder and is forced to flee.
 517       Sabotage                                 - An explosion in the Jedi Temple leads to Anakin and Ahsoka tracking down the bombers.
 516       The Lawless                              - Palpatine/Darth Sidious takes notice of Darth Maul and Savage Opress and uses them to showcase his skills with the lightsabre.
 515       Shades of Reason                         - Pre Vizla takes over Mandalore, but Maul gets rid of him and installs a puppet Prime Minister.
 514       Eminence                                 - Darth Maul and Savage Opress are rescued by Death Watch and agree to work together.
 513       Point of No Return                       - The droids stow away on a Jedi cruiser bomb controlled by Separatists aimed at destroying a strategic conference.
 512       Missing in Action                        - The droids escape separatist-controlled Abafar with the help of an amenesiac clone commando working as a dishwasher.
 511       A Sunny Day in the Void                  - The droids crash on a desolate planet, Abafar, after running into a comet storm.
 510       Secret Weapons                           - A bunch of droids, including R2-D2, and the minute Colonel Meeber Gason steal an encryption module from a Separatist dreadnought.
 509       A Necessary Bond                         - The Jedi and Hondo team up to defeat Grievous.
 508       Bound for Rescue                         - After Obi-Wan's ship is ambushed by Grievous, the younglings rescue Ahsoka on their own.
 507       A Test of Strength                       - The younglings are ambushed by Hondo's pirates for their crystals; Ahsoka ends up his prisoner.
 506       The Gathering                            - Jedi younglings learn how to obtain the crystals needed to build their lightsabers.
 505       Tipping Points                           - The rebels take back Onderon but pay a heavy price.
 504       The Soft War                             - The rebels free their imprisoned King and gain the acceptance of people of Onderon.
 503       Front Runners                            - The rebels on Onderon begin to mount increasingly sophisticated attacks.
 502       A War on Two Fronts                      - Anakin, Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, and Rex train rebels on the planet Onderon.
 501       Revival                                  - Obi-Wan and Adi Gallia go after and ultimately defeat Darth Maul and Savage Opress with Hondo's help, but with a high cost.
 422       Revenge                                  - Asajj Ventress and Obi-Wan team up to deal with Darth Maul and Savage Opress.
 421       Brothers                                 - Savage Opress tracks and finds a broken Darth Maul who seeks revenge.
 420       Bounty                                   - Ventress teams with Boba Fett's gang of bounty hunters for a job but finds out that she does have a heart (and a future).
 419       Massacre                                 - Asajj Ventress returns to the Nightsisters but Dooku sends Grievous to destroy them before he is destroyed.
 418       Crisis on Naboo                          - The Chancellor is almost taken by Dooku but is thwarted by Anakin and Obi-Wan.
 417       The Box                                  - Obi-Wan and other bounty hunters undergo a deadly obstacle course designed by Moralo Eval to satisfy Dooku.
 416       Friends and Enemies                      - Obi-Wan posing as Rako Hardeen and his associates Cad Bain and Moralo Eval escape Anakin and Ahsoka.
 415       Deception                                - Obi-Wan fakes his own death to infiltrate a separatist plot to assassinate Palpatine, an operation that is kept secret from Anakin.
 414       A Friend in Need                         - Lux Bonteri's quest for revenge against Dooku lands Ahsoka in hot water.
 413       Escape from Kadavo                       - The Zygerrian Queen learns that she too is a slave.
 412       Slaves of the Republic                   - Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka end up becoming slaves to the Zygerrian empire.
 411       Kidnapped                                - Anakin and Ahsoka encounter the rising ambition of Zygerrian slavers.
 410       Carnage of Krell                         - The Clones finally obtain justice with Krell.
 409       Plan of Dissent                          - Even though the clones perform heroic acts, Krell is unimpressed.
 408       The General                              - Krell turns out to be hard General, but the clones achieve their goals with heavy losses.
 407       Darkness on Umbara                       - The Republic attempts to take the captal of Umbara; Anakin is replaced on the front lines by Jedi Pong Krell.
 406       Nomad Droids                             - The travels and trails of R2-D2 and C-3PO.
 405       Mercy Mission                            - R2-D2 and C-3PO help restore ecological equilrium on the planet of the Aleen.
 404       Shadow Warrior                           - Grievous is captured but has to be traded for Anakin's release.
 403       Prisoners                                - The Mon Calamari and the Quarren unite to overthrow Riff Tamson and the separatists.
 402       Gungan Attack                            - Even with the help of the Gungan army, the Republic side suffers significant losses.
 401       Water War                                - The Mon Calamari and the Quarren are fighting a civil war.
 322       Wookiee Hunt                             - Ahsoka escapes from the Trandoshan hunting/prison planet with the help of Chewbacca and Jedi younglings.
 321       Padawan Lost                             - Ahsoka is captured by Trandoshans during the battle on Felucia is dropped off on a hunting/prison planet.
 320       Citadel Rescue                           - Even Piell dies but gives the information on the Nexus Routes to Ahsoka as the team escapes the Citadel.
 319       Counter Attack                           - The team's rescue attempt is foiled when things go badly and their escape ship is destroyed.
 318       The Citadel                              - Anakin and his friends attempt to rescue Jedi Master Even Piell from the Citadel.
 317       Ghosts of Mortis                         - Anakin brings balance to the planet Mortis as the Chosen One.
 316       Altar of Mortis                          - Ahsoka is changed by the dark side but the light side saves her as her last act before dying.
 315       Overlords                                - Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka encounter abstractions of the dark and light sides of the force (and their balance) on Mortis.
 314       Witches of the Mist                      - Asajj Ventress and Savage Opress fail in their attempt to kill Dooku.
 313       Monster                                  - Dooku recruits Savage Opress, a new assassin sent by the Nightsister Mother Talzin.
 312       Nightsisters                             - Dooku is asked by master to kill Ventress, his prized apprentice, who returns to Dathomir and rejoins the Nightsisters.
 311       Pursuit of Peace                         - Padme rises to the occassion and helps defeat a bill that would prolong the war.
 310       Heroes on Both Sides                     - Padme and Ahsoka try to broker a peace with the separtists but warmongers gain the upper hand.
 309       Hunt for Ziro                            - Obi-Wan and Quinlan Vos go after Ziro the Hutt and Cad Bain.
 308       Evil Plans                               - C-3PO and R2-D2 are interrogated by Cad Bain working for the Hutts.
 307       Assassin                                 - Ahsoka helps save Padme's life from Aurra Sing carrying out Ziro the Hutt's revenge.
 306       The Academy                              - Ahsoka helps Satine expose a corrupt government with untrained cadets.
 305       Corruption                               - Padme and Satine investigate corruption in Mandalore.
 304       Sphere of Influence                      - Chairman Papanoida's family is kidnapped and held for ransom.
 303       Supply Lines                             - Bail Organa and Jar Jar Binks convince King Katuunko of Toydaria to help a besieged Ryloth.
 302       ARC Troopers                             - Grievous and Ventress attempt to destroy the cloning facility on Kamino.
 301       Clone Cadets                             - The Domino squad needs to get it together.
 222       Lethal Trackdown                         - Boba's quest for revenge is thwarted by Ahsoka and Plo Kloon.
 221       R2 Come Home                             - R2-D2 saves the day and rescues Anakin and Mace from Boba and Aurra Sing.
 220       Death Trap                               - Boba attempts to gain his revenge against Mace Windu.
 219       The Zillo Beast Strikes Back             - The Zillo beast pays for the mistakes made by the Republic.
 218       The Zillo Beast                          - Anakin and Mace capture a Zillo beast from Malastaire.
 217       Bounty Hunters                           - Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka protect a village of harmers from being robbed by Hondo and his gang.
 216       Cat and Mouse                            - Anakin manages out to outsmart Admiral Trench with a new cloaked ship.
 215       Senate Murders                           - Padme catches the person responsible for the murder of Onacconda Farr.
 214       Duchess of Mandalore                     - Satine needs to save Mandalore from Republic occupation.
 213       Voyage of Temptation                     - Duchess Satine is held hostage on her way to Coruscant.
 212       The Mandalore Plot                       - Duchess Satine of Mandalore wishes to stay neutral but Dooku has other plans.
 211       Lightsaber Lost                          - Ahsoka's lightsabre is stolen but Jedi master Tera Sinube helps her recover it.
 210       The Deserter                             - While on the trail of Grievous, Rex encounters a clone deserter with his own family.
 209       Grievous Intrigue                        - Grievous captures and loses Jedi Master Eeth Koth after being cornered in Saleucami.
 208       Brain Invaders                           - Bariss and Ahsoka battle mind controlling worms.
 207       Legacy of Terror                         - Insect zombies, 'nuff said!.
 206       Weapons Factory                          - The Jedis and clones destroy the droid factory.
 205       Landing at Point Rain                    - The assault on Genosha to destroy the droid factory begins.
 204       Senate Spy                               - Padme helps Anakin steal plans to Dooku's droid foundry in Genosha.
 203       Children of the Force                    - The children kidnapped by Cad are saved and the holocron is recovered.
 202       Cargo of Doom                            - Cad coerces Anakin to unlock the Holocron.
 201       Holocron Heist                           - Cad Bain steals a Jedi Holocron for the Emperor to unlock a list of all force sensitive children in the galaxy.
 122       Hostage Crisis                           - Cad Bain and his gang hold the senate hostage but Anakin manages to free them in time.
 121       Liberty on Ryloth                        - Mace Windu helps liberate Ryloth from Wat Tambor.
 120       Innocents of Ryloth                      - Obi-Wan outsmarts a robot general to rescue Twilek prisoners.
 119       Storm Over Ryloth                        - Ahsoka commands a mission to break the block on the Twilek home planet.
 118       Mystery of a Thousand Moons              - Padme, Ahsoka, and a few clones are trapped in the laboratory with the virus.
 117       Blue Shadow Virus                        - Padme is kidnapped by a mad scientist who seeks to unleash a deadly virus on Naboo.
 116       The Hidden Enemy                         - The Jedi uncover a clone traitor.
 115       Trespass                                 - Anakin and Obi-Wan help negotiate peace between the Talz and the Pantorans on the desolate ice world of Orto Plutonia.
 114       Defenders of Peace                       - The gang protects Lurmen colonists from a terrible defoliating weapon.
 113       Jedi Crash                               - Anakin, Ahsoka, Aayla Secura, and a few clones crash land on the pacifistic planet Maridun.
 112       The Gungan General                       - Anakin and Obi-Wan are rescued by Jar Jar and a few clones.
 111       Dooku Captured                           - Anakin and Obi-Wan attempt to capture Dooku who falls in the clutches of Hondo and his gang.
 110       Lair of Grievous                         - Fisto's padawan Nahdar is killed by Grievous being tested by Dooku.
 109       Cloak of Darkness                        - Nute Gunray escapes.
 108       Bombad Jedi                              - Nute Gunray is captured.
 107       Duel of the Droids                       - R2-D2 is captured by Grievous but is rescued.
 106       Downfall of a Droid                      - R2-D2 is lost.
 105       Rookies                                  - The rebels attempt to invade Kamino but are stopped by a brave clones.
 104       Destroy Malevolence                      - The Malevolence is destroyed.
 103       Shadow of Malevolence                    - Anakin attempts to go after General Grievous but has to settle for his ion cannon.
 102       Rising Malevolence                       - Anakin and Ahsoka rescue Plo Kloon from a new Separatist weapon.
 101       Ambush                                   - Yoda helps establish a Republic base on a strategic planet.
 000       Premiere                                 - Anakin, Ahsoka, and Obi-Wan rescue Jabba the Hutt's son from Dooku's clutches.

Stitchers (31 episodes)

 310       Maternis                                 - After setting up Stinger, Kirsten stitchers into her mother to save her life but ends up losing her memory since the time she joined the program.
 309       Kill It Forward                          - The team stumble on a crossfire kill ring headed by a former CIA black ops agent who seeks Maggie's death; Ivy is outed.
 308       Dreamland                                - The team ponder whether aliens are visiting us while investigating the death of an USAF pilot who seemingly was attached by an alien.
 307       Just the Two of Us                       - Kirsten is unable to distinguish between stitch and reality while inside the mind of an autistic empathetic individual.
 306       The Gremlin and the Fixer                - The team investigate the death of a satellite programmer who was explointed in a underground gaming tournamnet.
 305       Paternis                                 - Cameron, betrayed by his dad, accidentally betrays Kirsten; Amanda breaks Camille's heart; Ivy tries to be trustworthy; Linus had a lonely childhood.
 304       Mind Palace                              - The team investigates the murder of a MI-6 agent, which ends up putting Amanda's life in jeopardy.
 303       Perfect                                  - The team solves the mystery of a divorce attorney who is murdered by his quest for a perfect woman.
 302       For Love and Money                       - The team solves the case of a Russian tycoon who is targeted for murder through his son's girlfriend.
 301       Out of the Shadows                       - Kirsten is rescued from being trapped in a stitch into her mother's mind by her team, who are then reinstated after she blackmails the NSA.
 210       All In                                   - Kirsten learns the location of her father from Ivy but he eludes them both; the team stitch into a doctor who was caring for Kirsten's mother in stasis.
 209       The Guest                                - Kirsten meets up with her sister and bonds recounting her latest stitch as she tries to find out where her father is; Liam is hot.
 208       Red Eye                                  - Twelve people simultaneously and mysteriously die on a plane and Kirsten stitches into six of them in 24 hours to identify the cause and the killer.
 207       Pretty Little Lawyers                    - The stitchers go up against a firm of lawyers lawyering up, one of whom has committed a murder.
 206       The Dying Shame                          - A Chinese pop star is murdered and her bodyguard teams up with the stitchers to catch the killer.
 205       Midnight Stitcher                        - A former MI6 agent programs assassins to kill her targets, and Kirsten gets caught up in her game once she stitches into one of them.
 204       The Two Deaths of Jamie B                - Kirsten solves a murder by stitching into a person who appears to have died twice.
 203       The One That Got Away                    - The team solve a serial killer cold case after Detective Quincy Fisher's mentor is killed for discovering his identity.
 202       Cheaters Never Prosper                   - Kirsten and the team pit their wits against a jilted hacker ninja.
 201       2.0                                      - Kirsten stitches into the brain of Leslie Turner, the programme director, who was murdered; also into Ed Clark whose body Leslie had in storage.
 111       When Darkness Falls                      - The stitchers have the scariest Halloween ever.
 110       Full Stop                                - Cameron's life hangs in balance after Kirsten stitches into him.
 109       Future Tense                             - Kirsten stitches into a psychic and uses her premotions to solve a murder.
 108       Fire in the Hole                         - A deadly virus is released during a stitch operation.
 107       The Root of All Evil                     - A blackmailer is killed and the team must find the real killer.
 106       Finally                                  - The team deal with fradulent brain injury researchers.
 105       Sticher in the Rye                       - There is more to the Stitcher program than just saving lives.
 104       I See You                                - The team break up a human trafficking operation.
 103       Connections                              - The team help catch a mugging operation.
 102       Friends in Low Places                    - Kirsten stitches into a drug overdosed brain to solve a murder.
 101       A Stitch in Time                         - Kirsten joins a secretive government agency that stiches consciousnesses to solve crimes.

Strange World (10 episodes)

 210       Age of Reason                            - Turner uncovers the CG02 conspiracy (which is to create a new superhuman race).
 209       Food                                     - Turner investigates DNA from genetic engineering contaminating the land.
 208       Down Came the Rain                       - Turner discovers a new species of spider capable of killing and healing.
 207       Eliza                                    - An A-life wreaks havoc.
 205       Rage                                     - A person manages to make people angry and get them to kill themselves.
 204       Man Plus                                 - Implants in brains tend to be correlated with certain superior skills.
 203       Skin                                     - Sydney discovers a scientist experimenting on homeless people.
 202       The Devil Still Holds My Hand            - Turner discovers his former mentor trying to expose the government's work on germ warfare research.
 201       Spirit Falls                             - A group of slowly-aging recluses kill themselves.
 3         Azrael's Breed                           - A scientist finds a way to culture and experience other peoples' memories.

Stranger Things (25 episodes)

 308       Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt   - Billy comes to his senses with Eleven's help and fights the Mindflayer while Hopper sacrifices himself to close the portal and defeat the Russians.
 307       Chapter Seven: The Bite                  - Eleven is infected by a piece of the Mindflayer with the Russians hot on their trails.
 306       Chapter Six: E Pluribus Unum             - Those possessed by the Mindflayer are broken down and reassembled into a larger creature that goes after our heroes.
 305       Chapter Five: The Flayed                 - Team Hopper, as well as the other two teams, figure out what the Russians are up to.
 304       Chapter Four: The Sauna Test             - Team Eleven head out to stop Billy but it proves too powerful; Team Dustin break into an underground lab below the new shopping mall in town.
 303       Chapter Three: The Case of the Missing L - Eleven and Max spy on Billy's mind and rally the others to contain the Mindflayer within.
 302       Chapter Two: The Mall Rats               - Eleven breaks up with Mike; Billy, controlled by the Mindflayer, begins to collect other victims on its behalf.
 301       Chapter One: Suzie, Do You Copy?         - Russians try to open a portal to the Upside Down, which drags the residents of Hawkins back into the world of the Mindflayer.
 209       Chapter Nine: The Gate                   - El closes the gate to the Upside Down, thus saving our world as we know it but the Mindflayer continues to loom over our heroes.
 208       Chapter Eight: The Mind Flayer           - As the Mindflayer begins to upside down Hawkins, El returns in the nick of time to save our heroes from judgement day.
 207       Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister           - El reunites with her "sister" Kali, another subject of government experimentation, but ultimates decides to return home to her friends.
 206       Chapter Six: The Spy                     - The Mindflayer sets a trap for the government agents using Will, culminating in a Demogorgon invasion of Hawkins.
 205       Chapter Five: Dig Dug                    - El/Jane reconnects with her catatonic mother and discovers the truth about how she was taken away; Will seems to be physically connected to the Mindflayer now invading Hopkins.
 204       Chapter Four: Will the Wise              - Hopper connects Will's drawings to the Mindflayer; El discovers the truth about her mother.
 203       Chapter Three: The Pollywog              - The infestation from the Upside Down continues to spread, with the Mind Flayer forcing a shadow tentacle down Will's throat.
 202       Chapter Two: Trick or Treat, Freak       - During halloween, the four kids all encounter further evidence of the Upside Down world bleeding into our own.
 201       Chapter One: MADMAX                      - Eleven lives with Hopper in secret, while Will continues to seemingly have visions of the Upside Down and the coming of a great evil.
 108       Chapter Eight: The Upside Down           - The monster hunters bring down the evil doctor and rescue Will, but all is not well.
 107       Chapter Seven: The Bathtub               - The kids and the adults all of one mind learn that Will is still alive thanks to Eleven whose captors draw ever closer to them.
 106       Chapter Six: The Monster                 - Mike, Dustin, and El reunite as their presence is revealed to her captors; Jonathan finally lets loose his pent up frustrations.
 105       Chapter Five: The Flea and the Acrobat   - El's childlike control over her powers causes friction between the boys; Hopper admits that Joyce was right all along.
 104       Chapter Four: The Body                   - Chief Hopper finds out that Will's body is a dummy as Eleven establishes contact between the gang of four and Will.
 103       Chapter Three: Holly, Jolly              - The hunt for Will takes a strange turn as his body his found but he appears to be still alive.
 102       Chapter Two: The Weirdo on Maple Street  - Eleven demonstrates her telekinetic abilities; Barbara disappears.
 101       Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers - Twelve year old Will disappears amidst strange experiments on expanding the mind's capabilities.

Supernatural (241 episodes)

 1123      Alpha and Omega                          - Amara regrets her actions while facing Dean containing a soul bomb who convinces her to make up with Chuck and become a family again.
 1122      We Happy Few                             - The Winchesters, Lucifer/Castiel, Crowley, Rowena, the angels, and the demons attack Amara in concert but she gains the upper hand and begins the end of everything.
 1121      All in the Family                        - Team Chuck plan their moves against the Darkness, beginning by freeing Lucifer with Metatron's help who takes one for the team.
 1120      Don't Call Me Shurley                    - Chuck Shurley turns out to be god who, after a debate with Metatron, returns to save Sam and Dean from the Darkness.
 1119      The Chitters                             - Sam and Dean work with two other hunters to deal with the Bisaan, who hibernate for 27 years and possess human shells to reproduce.
 1118      Hell's Angel                             - Sam and Dean ally themselves with Crowley to use Lucifer/Castiel and the Horn of Joshua to take down Amara but she gains the upper hand.
 1117      Red Meat                                 - Sam and Dean both come extremely close to death while hunting and dispatching werewolves.
 1116      Safe House                               - Dean and Sam deal with an escaped soul eater, one that Bobby and Rufus had trapped several years in the past.
 1115      Beyond the Mat                           - Dean and Sam investigate murders on a wrestling circuit; Crowley uses the Rod of Aaron to fend off Lucifer and make his escape.
 1114      The Vessel                               - Dean travels back in time to a submarine carrying the Hand of God to use on Amara/the Darkness as Lucifer drops his Castiel mask.
 1113      Love Hurts                               - The brothers hunt and are hunted by a shapeshifting creature.
 1112      Don't You Forget About Me                - The brothers reunite with Claire, Jodi, and Alex to foil a vampire revenge scheme.
 1111      Into the Mystic                          - The brothers deal with, and dispatch, a banshee in a retirement home.
 1110      The Devil in the Details                 - After some ups and downs, Lucipher convinces Castiel that he is the one to defeat the Darkness.
 1109      O Brother Where Art Thou?                - As the Darkness continues her quest to find God, Sam appears to be tricked by Lucifer into joining him in his cage.
 1108      Just My Imagination                      - Imaginary friends of children (creatures known as Zana) are being murdered.
 1107      Plush                                    - A ghost takes revenge.
 1106      Our Little World                         - Amara goes through her teenage rebellion phase.
 1105      Thin Lizzie                              - The brothers investigate murders at Lizzie Borden's home which is enabled by Amara.
 1104      Baby                                     - The brothers take out the Nachzehrer ghoulpire Alpha who is amassing an army to fight the Darkness.
 1103      The Bad Seed                             - Crowley raises Amara; Dean and Sam persuade Rowena to cure Castiel.
 1102      Form and Void                            - The Darkness grows up and is sought after by Crowley.
 1101      Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire       - Dean and Sam deal with the consequences of unleashing the Darkness.
 1023      Brother's Keeper                         - The Mark of Cain is removed from Dean, releasing the Darkness.
 1022      The Prisoner                             - Dean takes his revenge on the Steins as he further gives into the Mark of Cain.
 1021      Dark Dynasty                             - Charlie's fate is decided by Eldon Stein.
 1020      Angel Heart                              - Castiel, Sam, and Dean find Amelia Novak who dies while saving Claire from a Grigori and reunites with Jimmy in Heaven.
 1019      The Werther Project                      - Sam and Dean suffer hallucinations while retreiving a codex for translating the Book of the Damned.
 1018      Book of the Damned                       - Castiel regains his grace as Metatron escapes with the Demon Tablet.
 1017      Inside Man                               - Sam and Castiel recruit Bobby's help to break Metatron out.
 1016      Paint it Black                           - The brothers deal with the ghost of a jilted lover.
 1015      The Things They Carried                  - Dean and Sam cure Cole from his khan worm infection.
 1014      The Executioner's Song                   - Dean kills Cain.
 1013      Halt & Catch Fire                        - A ghost travels through Wi-Fi to get revenge.
 1012      About a Boy                              - Dean turns into a teenager by Hansel and his witch.
 1011      There's No Place Like Home               - Charlie's evil doppelganger pushes Dean.
 1010      The Hunter Games                         - Rowena plots and Metatron isn't of much help.
 1009      The Things We Left Behind                - Dean gives in to the Mark of Cain.
 1008      Hibbing 911                              - MOTW are a nest of vampires.
 1007      Girls, Girls, Girls                      - Hannah releases her vessel; Cole steps back; Crowley's mother shows up.
 1006      Ask Jeeves                               - The maid did it.
 1005      Fan Fiction                              - A musical about the life story of Dean and Sam.
 1004      Paper Moon                               - Dean and Sam meet up again with Kate, a werewolf from their past.
 1003      Soul Survivor                            - Sam cures Dean with a better Castiel's help.
 1002      Reichenbach                              - Sam captures Dean.
 1001      Black                                    - Sam follows Dean.
 923       Do You Believe in Miracles?              - Metatron is defeated and Dean becomes a demon.
 922       Stairway to Heaven                       - Metatorn flips the script.
 921       King of the Damned                       - Dean kills Abaddon and Crowley unites with his son.
 920       Bloodlines                               - Chicago is run by five monster families.
 919       Alex Annie Alexis Ann                    - Jody acquires family as she helps the brothers clear out a vampire nest.
 918       Meta Fiction                             - Castiel and Gabreel are correspondingly captured and traded for each other.
 917       Mother's Little Helper                   - Sam understands why Abaddon must be stopped.
 916       Blade Runners                            - Crowley, Dean, and Sam get the First Blade from Magnus.
 915       THINMAN                                  - The Ghostfacers break up.
 914       Captives                                 - Kevin's mother is found and is reunited with his ghost.
 913       The Purge                                - A Pishtaco from Peru loves fat.
 912       Sharp Teeth                              - Garth is married lycanthrope.
 911       First Born                               - Dean takes on the Mark of Cain.
 910       Road Trip                                - Gadreel is expelled from Sam.
 909       Holy Terror                              - Kevin Tran is killed by Gadreel posing as Ezekiel residing in Sam.
 908       Rock and a Hard Place                    - Born again virgins who break their chastity vows are kidnapped.
 907       Bad Boys                                 - Dean and Sam tackle a ghost in a school for boys.
 906       Heaven Can't Wait                        - Castiel fights off a Rit Zien, an angel healer terminating suffering.
 905       Dog Dean Afternoon                       - Dean is an animal.
 904       Slumber Party                            - Charlie and Dorothy help fight the Wicked Witch from Oz.
 903       I'm No Angel                             - Castiel is killed but brought back by Ezekiel.
 902       Devil May Care                           - The brothers go up against Abaddon.
 901       I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here           - Castiel is human and Ezekiel heals Sam.
 823       Sacrifice                                - Angels fall as Sam steps back from closing the gates of Hell.
 822       Clip Show                                - Crowley goes after the people Sam and Dean saved.
 821       The Great Escapist                       - Sam and Dean find Metatron.
 820       Pac Man Fever                            - Sam, Dean, and Charlie fight off a couple of Djinn.
 819       Taxi Driver                              - Sam goes to Hell to transfer Bobby's soul to Heaven to complete the second trial.
 818       Freaks and Geeks                         - A hunter works with a vampire to build the next generation of hunters.
 817       Goodbye Stranger                         - Castiel takes the angel tablet even as he breaks free from Naomi's control.
 816       Remember the Titans                      - Sam and Dean take on Zeus to rescue Prometheus.
 815       Man's Best Friend with Benefits          - Sam and Dean help a witch cop who saved their lives.
 814       Trial and Error                          - Sam and Dean pass the first test to close the gates of hell.
 813       Everybody Hates Hitler                   - Dean and Sam work with the Judah Initiative against the Thule Society.
 812       As Time Goes By                          - Dean and Sam encounter Henry, their grandfather, fleeing from Abaddon.
 811       LARP and the Real Girl                   - Sam and Dean meet up with Charlie in a LARP game.
 810       Torn and Frayed                          - Sam and Dean reconcile.
 809       Citizen Fang                             - Benny is forced to kill Martin.
 808       Hunteri Heroici                          - Looney tunes, 'nuff said..
 807       A Little Slice of Kevin                  - Castiel returns and saves Kevin from Crowley.
 806       Southern Comfort                         - Dean and Sam vent their frustrations against each other.
 805       Blood Brother                            - Dean helps Benny meet his maker.
 804       Bitten                                   - The brothers track down yet another werewolf.
 803       Heartache                                - A Mayan athlete seeks to live forever, until he doesn't.
 802       What's Up, Tiger Mommy?                  - Crowley gets the tablet.
 801       We Need to Talk About Kevin              - Dean and Benny, a vampire, return from purgatory without Castiel; everyone reunites with Crowley after them.
 723       Survival of the Fittest                  - Dean and Castiel get dragged back down to purgatory with Dick; Crowley betrays Sam and takes Kevin and Meg.
 722       There Will Be Blood                      - The brothers obtain blood from Castiel and the Alpha vampire.
 721       Reading is Fundamental                   - Kevin Tran, the Prophet, is poorly protected by Angels.
 720       The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons T - The team steal a clay tablet from Dick.
 719       Of Grave Importance                      - Dean and Sam see Bobby's ghost.
 718       Party on, Garth                          - An alcoholic spirit takes revenge.
 717       The Born-Again Identity                  - Castiel returns but takes on Sam's hallucinations.
 716       Out with the Old                         - The brothers investigate the purchase of real estate in Porland, OR.
 715       Repo Man                                 - A demon from the past returns.
 714       Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie  - Children's fears come alive.
 713       The Slice Girls                          - Dean hooks up with an Amazonian monster.
 712       Time After Time                          - The team go up against the Greek god of time, Chronos.
 711       Adventures in Babysitting                - Sam and Dean go after a pair of bloodsucking Vittala.
 710       Death's Door                             - A comatose Bobby evades a reaper long enough to get a message to Dean and Sa.
 709       How to Win Friends and Influence Monster - Bobby is shot.
 708       Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!        - Becky traps Sam with a love potion.
 707       The Mentalists                           - Sam and Dean decide to work together again.
 706       Slash Fiction                            - Two Leviathans imitate Dean and Sam but are thwarted by Borax; Sam leaves Dean.
 705       Shut Up, Dr. Phil                        - Two witches help save the brothers from a Leviathan.
 704       Defending Your Life                      - Dean is put on trial by Osiris.
 703       The Girl Next Door                       - Dean becomes a dick.
 702       Hello, Cruel World                       - The Leviathans cause havoc.
 701       Meet the New Boss                        - Castiel finds that he is unable to hold in all his power.
 622       The Man Who Knew Too Much                - Castiel becomes the new god.
 621       Let it Bleed                             - Dean asks Castiel to make Lisa and Ben forget him.
 620       The Man Who Would Be King                - Castiel agonises about his choice to prevent the Apocalypse.
 619       Mommy Dearest                            - Eve informs the brothers that Crowley is still alive.
 618       Frontierland                             - The brothers go back in time to kill a Phoenix.
 617       My Heart Will Go On                      - Fate gets upset with the brothers.
 616       And Then There Were None                 - A worm created by the Mother of All Monsters sows dischord.
 615       The French Mistake                       - The brothers are sent into our universe where they inhabit the bodies of the actors playing them.
 614       Mannequin 3: The Reckoning               - The brothers deal with a haunted kidney.
 613       Unforgiven                               - Sam starts breaking down the mental walls of his experience of hell.
 612       Like a Virgin                            - The Mother of All is brought back from Purgatory.
 611       Appointment in Samarra                   - Dean gets Death to put Sam's soul back.
 610       Caged Heat                               - Crowley is destroyed by Castiel after he admits he cannot restore Sam's soul.
 609       Clap Your Hands If You Believe           - The brothers go up against fairies and leprechauns.
 608       All Dogs Go to Heaven                    - The brothers track down a pack of Skinwalkers.
 607       Family Matters                           - Sam learns the truth about his soul; everyone punches Crowley's clock to find the location of Purgatory.
 606       You Can't Handle the Truth               - The brothers dispatch Veritas, the goddess of truth.
 605       Live Free or Twihard                     - Dean becomes a vampire.
 604       Weekend at Bobby's                       - Bobby gets back his soul from Crowley.
 603       The Third Man                            - The brothers deal with the angel Balthazar who has taken to dealing human souls.
 602       Two and a Half Men                       - The brothers deal with a shapeshifter and Dean gives up his idyllic life.
 601       Exile on Main St.                        - Sam and Dean along with some extende family reunite to get rid of some Djinn.
 522       Swan Song                                - Sam manages to draw Lucifer back to his cage along with Michael.
 521       Two Minutes to Midnight                  - The brothers get the remaining rings from Pestilence and Death.
 520       The Devil You Know                       - The brothers work with Crowley to get the two remaining Horsemen rings.
 519       Hammer of the Gods                       - A bunch of pagan gods get together to kill Lucifer but he comes out ahead.
 518       Point of No Return                       - Adam is resurrected to be the sword of Michael and Dean offs Zacharia.
 517       99 Problems                              - The brothers deal with Whore of Babylon.
 516       Dark Side of the Moon                    - Sam and Dean die, goto Heaven, and get a message from god.
 515       Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid                - Death pays a visit to Bobby's hometown.
 514       My Bloody Valentine                      - The brothers dispatch Famine, another one of the Horsemen.
 513       The Song Remains the Same                - Dean and Sam learn that their bloodline stretches back to Cain and Abel.
 512       Swap Meat                                - Sam's mind is swapped into a teenager's body.
 511       Sam, Interrupted                         - Dean and Sam check themselves into a mental institution targeted by a wraith.
 510       Abandon All Hope                         - Lucifer raises Death, another of the Four Horsemen.
 509       The Real Ghostbusters                    - Sam and Dean encounter a real event a Supernatural fan convention.
 508       Changing Channels                        - The trickster is revealed to be the archangel Gabriel.
 507       The Curious Case of Dean Winchester      - The team meet up with a warlock that plays poker using age as a currency.
 506       I Believe the Children Are Our Future    - The brothers enable an antichrist to make a new type of choice.
 505       Fallen Idols                             - A god haunts a wax museum.
 504       The End                                  - Dean is shown the future and decides to reconcile with Sam.
 503       Free to Be You and Me                    - Dean and Castiel are told that god is dead and Sam learns that he is Lucifer's vessel.
 502       Good God, Y'All                          - Sam and Dean go their separate ways.
 501       Sympathy for the Devil                   - The brothers try to figure out how to stop Lucifer.
 422       Lucifer Rising                           - The fallen angel rises.
 421       When the Levee Breaks                    - Sam goes back to his addiction.
 420       The Rapture                              - Castiel's finds it difficult to go back to his family.
 419       Jump the Shark                           - The Winchesters find out about a half brother they had.
 418       The Monster at the End of This Book      - The story of the Winchester gospel is revealed.
 417       It's a Terrible Life                     - The brothers learn that hunting is in their nature.
 416       On the Head of a Pin                     - Uriel shows his true colours.
 415       Death Takes a Holiday                    - The brothers prevent seal from being broken.
 414       Sex and Violence                         - The brothers are pitted against each other by a siren.
 413       After School Special                     - The Winchesters revisit one of their old schools.
 412       Criss Angel Is a Douchebag               - The brothers investigate a trio of magicians who can perform real magic.
 411       Family Remains                           - The brothers rescue a family from feral siblings.
 410       Heaven and Hell                          - Anna regains her grace as Angels and Demons battle it out.
 409       I Know What You Did Last Summer          - The brothers meet Anna, who can hear Angels communicate.
 408       Wishful Thinking                         - A magical coin grants wishes but they go awry.
 407       It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester   - The brothers go up against Samhain on Halloween.
 406       Yellow Fever                             - Dean gets infected with ghost fever and does a funny rendition of Eye of the Tiger.
 405       Monster Movie                            - The brothers track down a shapeshifter influenced by old horror movies.
 404       Metamorphosis                            - Dean sees the consequences of using his demon blood powers.
 403       In the Beginning                         - Dean goes to the past to learn of Azazel's plans.
 402       Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winche - The ghosts of those the hunters couldn't save come back feral.
 401       Lazarus Rising                           - Dean is brought back from Hell by the angel Castiel.
 316       No Rest for the Wicked                   - Dean goes to hell.
 315       Time is on My Side                       - Sam tracks down the immortal doctor Benton as Bela's deal with Lilith ends.
 314       Long Distance Call                       - A Crocotta convinces people to kill themselves so it can eat their souls.
 313       Ghostfacers                              - The brothers get involved in a reality TV show.
 312       Jus in Bello                             - Hendrikson captures the brothers and are laid seige by a horde of demons.
 311       Mystery Spot                             - The Trickster punishes Sam by trapping him in a time loop where Dean dies repeatedly.
 310       Dream a Little Dream of Me               - The brothers get trapped in a dream reality.
 309       Malleus Maleficarum                      - Deadly witchcraft and the demon behind it.
 308       A Very Supernatural Christmas            - Pagan gods meet evergreen stakes on Christmas.
 307       Fresh Blood                              - Gordon turns into a vampire and is garroted by Sam.
 306       Red Sky at Morning                       - Bela gets into trouble and needs the brothers' help.
 305       Bedtime Stories                          - Sam kills the Crossroads Demon who Dean made a deal with.
 304       Sin City                                 - Dean learns that Sam was supposed to lead Azazel's demon army.
 303       Bad Day at Black Rock                    - A rabbit's foot brings really good and really bad luck.
 302       The Kids Are Alright                     - Kids in a neighbourhood are replaced by changelings.
 301       The Magnificient Seven                   - Demons manifest as the seven deadly sins.
 222       All Hell Breaks Loose (2)                - Dean brings Sam back and dispatches Azazel.
 221       All Hell Breaks Loose (1)                - Sam battles other gifted soldiers but is killed in the end.
 220       What is and What Should Be               - Dean's fantasies created by a djinn are hard to let go of.
 219       Folsom Prison Blues                      - The brothers go to prison to dispatch a spirit haunting it.
 218       Hollywood Babylon                        - A writer invokes spirits to murder those who murder his scripts.
 217       Heart                                    - Sam is forced to make an ultimate decision for a werewolf.
 216       Roadkill                                 - The brothers free a ghost that doesn't realise she is dead.
 215       Tall Tales                               - The brothers are pitted against a Pagan trickster demon and need Bobby's help.
 214       Born Under a Bad Sign                    - Sam is possessed by the demon that possessed Meg.
 213       Houses of the Holy                       - A spirit mistakenly thinks he is an angel.
 212       Nightshifter                             - The brothers track down a shapeshifter in the middle of a bank robbery.
 211       Playthings                               - A spirit wants an eternal playmate.
 210       Hunted                                   - Gordon Walker, a hunter, goes after Dean.
 209       Croatoan                                 - The brothers deal with a demonic virus that makes a town disappear.
 208       Crossroad Blues                          - A deal making devil is tricked by the brothers.
 207       The Usual Suspects                       - A spirit helps exonerate Dean, who has been framed for murder.
 206       No Exit                                  - The brothers and Jo track down the spirit of a serial killer.
 205       Simon Said                               - A telepath finds out that he has an evil twin.
 204       Children Shouldn't Play with Good Things - A dead girl is brought back to life as a vengeful zombie.
 203       Bloodlust                                - The brothers find vampires who have stopped needing to feed on human blood.
 202       Everybody Loves a Clown                  - The brothers go after a Rakshasa, a Hindu demon.
 201       In My Time of Dying                      - John makes a deal with Azazel to save Dean's life.
 122       Devil's Trap                             - Azazel proves to be a dangerous opponent.
 121       Salvation-episode                        - The family goes up against Azazel which leads to John being captured.
 120       Dead Man's Blood                         - The brothers team up with their father to dispatch vampires.
 119       Provenance                               - The brothers deal with a haunted painting as Sam falls for a girl.
 118       Something Wicked                         - The brothers put away a shtriga, a vampire-like creature.
 117       Hell House                               - The brothers deal with imagination gone awry caused by a Tibetan Tulpa.
 116       Shadow                                   - A Zoroasterian daeva is used to trip the Winchester Family.
 115       The Benders                              - The brothers deal with human crazies for a change.
 114       Nightmare                                - The brother deals with an abused son who kills his father by using telekinesis.
 113       Route 666                                - Dean's old flame enlists his help to solve her father's murder.
 112       Faith                                    - Dean is injured but is healed by strange forces.
 111       Scarecrow                                - The brothers go against a Pagan god protecting a town.
 110       Asylum                                   - The brothers are tested in a haunted asylum.
 109       Home                                     - The brothers return to their childhood home.
 108       Bugs                                     - A Native American curse stings.
 107       Hook Man                                 - A spirit with a hook digs into people.
 106       Skin                                     - A brothers go after a shapeshifter.
 105       Bloody Mary                              - A chant brings forth a serious guilt trip.
 104       Phantom Traveler                         - A demon haunts a plane.
 103       Dead in the Water                        - The spirit of a young boy returns to haunt his killers.
 102       Wendigo                                  - The brothers go up against a Wendigo.
 101       Pilot                                    - Sam and Dean investigate the Woman in White while hunting for their parents.

Tales from the Crypt (68 episodes)

 604       Operation Friendship                     - A man's diminutive personality is killed to let his more aggressive side take over.
 513       Till Death Do We Part                    - A mobster lady orders her lover to kill his lover, starring Roberto Picardo who plays the EMH on Star Trek: Voyager).
 509       Creep Course                             - A high school student ends up mummifying her teacher and another student who conspire to feed her to a mummy.
 206       The Thing from the Grave                 - A girl's dead boyfriend returns to save her.
 205       Three's a Crowd                          - A husband kills his wife after he thinks she's cheating on her when she is just planning a surprise party since she is pregnant.
 204       'Til Death                               - The owner of a plantation uses voodoo to make a rich girl fall for him.
 203       Cutting Cards                            - Two gamblers ultimately end up playing "chop poker".
 202       The Switch                               - A boy replaces parts of his body to gain the love of a girl.
 201       Dead Right                               - A greedy wife doesn't counter herself as a member of the family who is to die so she can become rich.
 106       Collection Completed                     - A retired husband is stuffed as pet by his wife after he kills her pets.
 105       Lover Come Hack to Me                    - A newlywed kills her husband the same way her mum killed her father.
 104       Only Sin Deep                            - A woman trades her beauty for her life.
 103       Dig That Cat ... He's Real Gone          - A person can die nine times after being transplanted with a cat's brain.
 102       And All Through the House                - A child mistakes a psychotic for Santa Claus.
 101       The Man Who Was Death                    - An unemployed executioner finds an outlet for his passion.
 92        Smoke Wrings                             - A device makes an advertiser's product seem irresistable.
 91        About Face                               - A preacher learns he has feathered Siamese twins.
 90        Ear Today ... Gone Tomorrow              - A deaf safecracker regains his hearing after having his ears transplanted from an owl.
 87        Fatal Caper                              - A rich man's son turns out to be his daughter after his inheritance.
 85        A Slight Case of Murder                  - An aspiring writer conspires to kill a successful one.
 84        The Kidnapper                            - A pawnshop owner falls in love with a pregnant girl but then despises the newborn baby.
 83        Horror in the Night                      - An hit man runs into an old victim he massacred.
 82        Last Respects                            - A magic monkey's paw prompts three sisters to fight amongst each other.
 81        Escape                                   - A German POW betrays his fellow prisoners.
 77        In the Groove                            - A radio station co-owner conspires to kill his sister with the help of his new partner.
 76        Doctor of Horror                         - A doctor searches for the soul in the bodies of recently dead people.
 75        Staired in Horror                        - A hoodlum holes up in a cursed house where the people grow old or young as they climb up stairs.
 74        The Assassin                             - An assassin who once worked for the government changes his appearance (and sex).
 73        The Pit                                  - The wives of two fighters end up duking it out.
 72        The Bribe                                - A fire marshall's daughter isn't as nice as he thinks she is.
 71        Revenge Is the Nuts                      - A caretaker of a home for the blind gets his dues.
 69        Whirlpool                                - A comic book artist is caught in a time loop.
 67        Let the Punishment Fit the Crime         - A ambulance-chasing lawyer from New York City is trapped in a nightmare town after breaking their laws.
 63        Food for Thought                         - A circus magician kills his psychic wife's lover, but is killed by a Gorilla who is in love with the lover.
 62        Came the Dawn                            - A beautiful thief falls for a rich man.
 59        Two for the Show                         - A man learns his wife's lover was a police officer who follows him after he kills her.
 58        House of Horror                          - A pledge leader in a fraternity gets his just dues.
 57        Well-Cooked Hams                         - An ambitious young magician wants to get rid of his competitors.
 56        People Who Live in Brass Hearses         - A ice cream salesman happens to be a Siamese twin.
 55        As Ye Sow                                - A person who suspects his wife of infidelity hires a hitman to kill himself.
 54        Forever Ambergris                        - A photographer who is betrayed by his friend gets his revenge.
 53        Death of a Salesman                      - A salesman cons the wrong family.
 50        Werewolf Concerto                        - A werewolf hunter turns out to be a werewolf.
 49        Maniac at Large                          - A librarian scared of a serial killer turns out to be the serial killer.
 48        On a Deadman's Chest                     - A rock singer's tattoo comes to life.
 47        Strung Along                             - A puppet takes revenge for the killing of its puppeteer.
 45        What's Cookin'?                          - Human steaks are considered a delicacy.
 44        This'll Kill Ya                          - Two researchers play a joke on their boss which backfires.
 42        Beauty Rest                              - A beauty paegant contestant will do anything to win.
 40        King of the Road                         - An old drag racer competes with a young upstart (played by Brad Pitt).
 36        Spoiled                                  - A surgeon gets even with his cheating wife by exchanging her body with that of her lover's.
 35        Split Second                             - A lumberjack becomes blind after he sleeps with his boss' wife.
 34        Dead Wait                                - A voodoo lady is after a man's red hair.
 33        Easel Kill Ya                            - A painter kills to be inspired but it ends up resulting in the death of the girl he likes.
 31        Carrion Death                            - A robber handcuffed to a dead cop has to drag him on his way to Mexico.
 30        Undertaking Pallor                       - An undertaker collaborates with a doctor to kill people and make money.
 27        Mournin' Mess                            - A reporter investigates missing homeless people who are eaten by cannibals.
 26        Abra Cadaver                             - Two brothers play jokes on each other about apparent deaths.
 24        The Secret                               - A couple who adopt a child turn out to be vampires, but the child turns out to be a werewolf.
 23        My Brother's Keeper                      - A Siamese twin kills the lover of the other.
 21        Mute Witness to Murder                   - A doctor who kills his wife ends up treating the witness who has gone mute from shock.
 20        Lower Berth                              - A two-faced man ends up procreating with a mummy.
 19        Korman's Kalamity                        - What a comic book artist draws becomes reality.
 17        Judy, You're Not Yourself Today          - An old witch switches her body with a old woman.
 16        The Ventriloquist's Dummy                - A ventriloquist's dummy turns out to be a Siamese twin.
 15        Four-Sided Triangle                      - A young girl is held by a cruel couple and has to use her wits to escape.
 14        For Cryin' Out Loud                      - A concert promoter plans to embezzle with the sales.
 11        The Sacrifice                            - A wife kills her husband so she can collect on insurance.

Tales from the Loop (8 episodes)

 108       Home                                     - The brother from the switched body episode misses his long lost sibling who is in a robot, but their encounter has unexpected consequences.
 107       Enemies                                  - A person travels to an island to find what is seemingly a monster.
 106       Parallel                                 - A man travels to parallel universe to find his true love but it does not turn out to be what he thought.
 105       Control                                  - A man goes to the extremes to keep his family safe.
 104       Echo Sphere                              - A young boy tries to make peace with the death of his grandfather.
 103       Stasis                                   - A teenage girl attempts to make her moment of falling in love/infatuation last forever.
 102       Transpose                                - Two friends switch bodies and minds and one of them likes it too much leading to a permanent loneliness.
 101       Loop                                     - A young girl trying to find her mother is in a loop of sorts as a grown woman with her son trying to find her.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (31 episodes)

 222       Born to Run                              - John Connor travels through time.
 221       Adam Raised a Cain                       - Reese checks out as Savannah is returned.
 220       To the Lighthouse                        - John Henry is rebooted and a doppelganger emerges.
 219       Today is the Day (2)                     - Why does Jesse dislike machines now?.
 218       Today is the Day (1)                     - Riley checks out.
 217       Ourselves Alone                          - Cameron puts the pressure on Riley.
 216       Some Must Watch, While Some Must Sleep   - Sarah Connor is in an annoying dreamland.
 215       Desert Cantos                            - Cromartie morphs into a respectable John Henry.
 214       The Good Wound                           - Sarah Connor gets shot.
 213       Earthlings Welcome Here                  - Are they aliens or are they machines from the future?.
 212       Alpine Fields                            - Derek Reese saves the future saviour of the human race from a disease.
 211       Self Made Man                            - Cromartie is trapped in the past.
 210       Strange Things Happen at the One Two Poi - Sarah Connor gets conned.
 209       Complications                            - Cromartie vanishes.
 208       Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today                - Cromertie is beaten in Mexico.
 207       Brothers of Nablus                       - Cromartie catches up with the Connors.
 206       The Tower is Tall but the Fall is Short  - A doctor is key to raising various children.
 205       Goodbye to All That                      - Another saviour of John from the future is saved in the present.
 204       Allison from Palmdale                    - Cameron recalls her past.
 203       The Mousetrap                            - Charlie's wife is kidnapped by Cromartie.
 202       Automatic for the People                 - Sarah and Cameron work undercover in a nuclear plant.
 201       Samson and Delilah                       - Cameron turns on John and Sarah.
 109       What He Beheld (2)                       - The team is blackmailed for the Turk.
 108       Vick's Chip (1)                          - Some tension between Cameron and Sarah Connor.
 107       The Demon Hand                           - Derek Reese seems to be hale and hearty again.
 106       Dungeons & Dragons                       - Derek Reese's life hangs in jeopardy as he slips into his past.
 105       Queen's Gambit                           - Derek Reese turns up as the Turk is reinstated.
 104       Heavy Metal                              - Cromartie rises again.
 103       The Turk                                 - The trio come across the "first" AI that led to SkyNet.
 102       Gnothi Seauton                           - Sarah, John, and Cameron make a life in 2007.
 101       Pilot                                    - Sarah discovers the mission isn't over yet and starts to run again.

Terra Nova (13 episodes)

 113       Resistance (2)                           - Jim blows up the Hope Plaza time terminal, stranding the colonists in the past.
 112       Occuptation (1)                          - The Phoenix Group of mercenaries takes over the colony which is cut off from Taylor.
 111       Within                                   - Skye is revealed as a spy but Taylor gets her mother out.
 110       Now You See Me                           - Taylor finds out that Lucas is close to reversing the portal.
 109       Vs.                                      - Taylor tells Jim the real story behind Terra Nova.
 108       Proof                                    - Jim learns that Mira is able to communicate with the future.
 107       Nightfall                                - The object Mira seeks and gives to Taylor's son Lucas turns out be a computing device.
 106       Bylaw                                    - The first murder occurs in the colony.
 105       The Runaway                              - An orphaned sixer seeks refuse in the colony.
 104       What Remains                             - A virus causes people to lose their memories.
 103       Instinct                                 - The pterosaurs come back to their spawning grounds.
 102       Genesis (2)                              - Elisabeth is a doctor, Jim is security, and the kids try to get into trouble.
 101       Genesis (1)                              - From a polluted Earth in 2149, the Shannon family travel 85 million years back in an alternate time stream.

That 70s Show (1 episode)

 311       Hyde's Christmas Rager                   - Hyde invites his friends to a wild party at his and Bud's place.

The 4400 (18 episodes)

 213       Mommy's Bosses                           - Ryland's plan is uncovered and he is arrested.
 212       The Fifth Page                           - The 4400 are poisoned by the government.
 211       Lockdown                                 - The males in the NTAC become overly aggressive.
 210       Hidden                                   - Kyle is discovered to be Jordan's killer.
 209       Rebirth                                  - A person responsible for the slaughter of Tutus is given a healing gift.
 208       Carrier                                  - One of the returnees causes hundreds of deaths.
 207       Life Interrupted                         - Tom is drawn into an illusion so he can build a relationship.
 206       As Fate Would Have It                    - Jordan is shot.
 205       Suffer the Children                      - A teacher who brings out her students' artistic abilities is ostracised.
 204       Weight of the World                      - Jordan's manipulative side is revealed.
 203       Voices Carry                             - The government sends a mindreader to spy on Jordan.
 202       Wake Up Call                             - Shawn gets more deeply involted with Jordan; Richard and Lily go on the run.
 201       Wake Up Call                             - Shawn gets more deeply involted with Jordan; Richard and Lily go on the run.
 105       White Light                              - The source for the 4400 return is revealed.
 104       Trial by Fire                            - People start targeting the 4400 with bombing attacks.
 103       Becoming                                 - The public turns against the 4400.
 102       The New and Improved Carl Morissey       - Carl Morissey's power get him into trouble.
 101       The Return                               - 4400 people abducted by a UFO return.

The Adventures of Tintin (40 episodes)

 313       Tintin in America                        - Tintin and Snowy travel to America and take down the gangsters ruling Chicago.
 312       Explorers on the Moon (2)                - After dispatching an existential threat, the intreprid explorers safetly return to Earth with no oxygen to spare.
 311       Explorers on the Moon (1)                - Tintin and Snowy end up being the first human and dog to set foot on the moon, but their time on it is cut short.
 310       Destination Moon (2)                     - After some initial setbacks, due to a foreign power, the adventurers set off on their mission, leaving Earth behind.
 309       Destination Moon (1)                     - Tintin and Haddock travel to Syldavia to embark on a trip to the moon on a rocket designed by Calculus.
 308       The Castafiore Emerald (2)               - Tintin solves the mystery the stolen Castafiore's famed emerald, which was taken by a thieving magpie.
 307       The Castafiore Emerald (1)               - Bianca Castafiore visits Marlinspike much to consternation of Haddock, who she is romantically linked with.
 306       Prisoners of the Sun (2)                 - Tintin exploits the timing of an eclipse to convince the Prince of the Sun to lift the curse and gain their freedom.
 305       Prisoners of the Sun (1)                 - Tintn and Haddock, along with their new friend Zorrino, brave several perils to find the secret Temple of the Sun.
 304       The Seven Crystal Balls (1)              - After putting on a Incan bracelet, Calculus is kidnapped and taken to Peru, with Tintin and Haddock in pursuit.
 303       The Seven Crystal Balls (1)              - Members of a South American expedition are struck by a mysterious illness, allegedly due to a Inca curse.
 302       The Red Sea Sharks (2)                   - Tintin and Haddock triumph against their rogues gallery (Rastapapalous, Allan, Muller, Dawson, Bab El Ehr) engaged in dirty smuggling operations.
 301       The Red Sea Sharks (1)                   - Tintin and Haddock set out to Khemed to help their deposed friend Emir Ben Kalish Ezab retake control.
 213       Flight 714 (2)                           - Tintin and his friends take down Rastapapoulous and his goons with the help of some extraterrestrial help.
 212       Flight 714 (1)                           - Tintin, Haddock, and Calculus are kidnapped when they accept a millionaire's invitation to travel on his private plane.
 211       The Land of Black Gold (2)               - Tintin finds and stops Muller, who goes to extreme lengths to control the world's oil supply.
 210       The Land of Black Gold (1)               - Tintin travels to the Middle East to solve the problem of exploding petroleum.
 209       Tintin and the Picaros (2)               - Tintin and his friends, including General Alcazar, overthrow Tapioca and expose Sponsz as the mastermind of the conspiracy.
 208       Tintin and the Picaros (1)               - General Tapioca imprisons Castafiore and the Thompsons, accusing Tintin, Haddock, and Calculus of conspiracy.
 207       Tintin in Tibet (2)                      - Tintin and Haddock's devotion to friendship ultimately leads to Chang's rescue; I felt sorry for the Yeti.
 206       Tintin in Tibet (1)                      - Tintin's dream about Chang whose plane crashes in the Himalayas leads him on a treacherous expedition with Haddock.
 205       King Ottokar's Sceptre (2)               - Tintin (or really Snowy, even forgoing a bone) recovers the King's sceptre in the nick of time.
 204       King Ottokar's Sceptre (1)               - Tintin uncovers a plot to overthrow the King of Syldavia by stealing his sceptre of power.
 203       The Broken Ear (2)                       - Tintin foils the criminals after the statue which contains a precious gem belonging to the Arumbaya tribe.
 202       The Broken Ear (1)                       - Tintin heads out South America on the trail of a statue that is stolen from a museum.
 201       The Shooting Star                        - Tintin and his friends embark on an expedition to discover the make up of meteorite that lands in the Arctic ocean.
 114       The Calculus Affair (2)                  - Tintin and his friends outwit the despots; Calculus destroys the plans lest they fall into the wrong hands.
 113       The Calculus Affair (1)                  - Calculus invents an ultrasound weapon, the plans for which is sought by despotic governments around the world.
 112       The Black Island (2)                     - In the isle of Craig Dhui, Tintin puts rest to a local legend and brings the counterfeiters to justice.
 111       The Black Island (1)                     - An accidental shooting leads Tintin on the trail of a counterfeiting operation.
 110       The Blue Lotus (2)                       - Tintin and his Chinese friends take down the opium smugglers, including their leader Rastapapolous.
 109       The Blue Lotus (1)                       - In China, Tintin makes friends of those going up against Japanese agents instigating unrest as a pretext to invade.
 108       Cigars of the Pharaoh (2)                - The smugglers, led by a fakir, drive their enemies mad with poison juice but Tintin brings them to justice.
 107       Cigars of the Pharaoh (1)                - Tintin meets Sarcophagus, who leads him on the trail of a gang of opium smugglers.
 106       Red Rackham's Treasure (2)               - Along with Calculus, Tintin and Haddock find the treasure right under their noses in Marlinspike Hall.
 105       Red Rackham's Treasure (1)               - The adventurers sail to the location where the Unicorn capsized, but are not able to find Rackham's booty.
 104       The Secret of The Unicorn (1)            - To uncover all the clues, Tintin and Haddock have to bring the Bird Brothers to justice.
 103       The Secret of The Unicorn (1)            - A model of the Unicorn, a ship captained by Sir Francis Haddock, leads Tintin and Haddock on a treasure hunt.
 102       The Crab with The Golden Claws (2)       - Tintin and Haddock track down Allan to Omar Ben Salaad, the leader of the drug smuggling operation.
 101       The Crab with The Golden Claws (1)       - Tintin stumbles upon a drug smuggling operation led by First Mate Allan on a ship led by Captain Haddock.

The Cosby Show (1 episode)

 8507      Denise Drives                            - Denise buys a car.

The Crow: Stairway to Heaven (1 episode)

 119       The Road Not Taken                       - Talon gets involved in finding a kidnapped baby.

The Dead Zone (22 episodes)

 213       Zion                                     - John Smith experiences an alternate life vision.
 211       Playing God                              - Johnny tries to save his friend's life, at the expense of another friend.
 210       Dead Men Tell Tales                      - John Smith gets involved with the Irish mob.
 209       The Man Who Never Was                    - John Smith makes friends with an American spy in retirement.
 208       Cabin Pressure                           - Johnny averts a plane crash.
 207       Misbegotten                              - Johnny is kidnapped by three girls who want him to reveal a serial killer.
 206       Scars                                    - Johnny finds out that Stillson's opponent has a dark past.
 205       Precipitate                              - Johnny experiences visions involving people who donated blood.
 204       Outsider                                 - Johnny has visions about a pharmaceutical drug going bad.
 203       Ascent                                   - John Smith beats death and saves Walt's life.
 202       Descent                                  - John and Walt go down a mine to rescue lost teenagers.
 201       Valley of the Shadow                     - A psychopath tests Johnny's powers.
 113       Destiny                                  - Johnny Smith has visions of an apocalyptic future.
 112       Shaman                                   - John Smith communicates with an Indian medicine man from the past who can see the future.
 111       Dinner With Dana                         - John Smith hooks up with his reporter friend.
 110       Here There Be Monsters                   - Johnny Smith is almost burnt at the stake.
 108       The Siege                                - Johnny Smith helps avert a bank robbery.
 107       Enemy Mind                               - Johnny Smith trips after touching a girl with drugs in her.
 106       The House                                - Johnny Smith finds out how his mother died.
 105       Unreasonable Doubt                       - Johnny ends up serving on a jury trial.
 105       Netherworld                              - Johnny Smith experiences such a powerful vision he's not sure what's real and what's not.
 104       Enigma                                   - Johnny Smith helps an old man reunite with his long lost flame.

The Dresden Files (12 episodes)

 112       Second City                              - A police officer uses second chances in life given to others to prolong his own.
 111       Things That Go Bump                      - Harry is trapped in his home under a powerful spell along with a group of powerful wizards.
 110       What About Bob?                          - Harry's dead uncle returns with a plan from beyond the grave to regain his power using Bob's unique skills.
 109       The Other Dick                           - Dresden goes after a incubus who is using a fertility clinic as his cover to birth offspring.
 108       Storm Front                              - When a grieving father begins to use black magic to obtain his revenge, Harry is accused of the consequences and forced to prove his innocence.
 107       Walls                                    - A group of college students are being used by the spirit of a murderer and thief to enable him to come back to life.
 106       Soul Beneficiary                         - Harry deals with a pair of black magicians committing insurance fraud by bringing dead people back to life repeatedly.
 105       Bad Blood                                - A vampire friend of Harry shows up asking for his help in tracking down the person setting her up.
 104       Rules of Engagement                      - Harry tries to help a woman sever her ties to demonic forces.
 103       Hair of the Dog                          - Harry finds out that werewolves are being created and murdered in order to rid someone of the very same curse.
 102       The Boone Identity                       - Harry solves the case of a criminal who uses a spell within an Egyptian tablet to jump from body to body.
 101       Birds of a Feather                       - Harry Dresden saves a special young boy from forces who seek to use him to further their own agendas.

The Exorcist (20 episodes)

 210       Unworthy                                 - Andy sacrifices his life in order to kill the demon; Rose adopts the children; Marcus leaves Tomas and Mouse but later hears a concerning message from God.
 209       Ritual & Repetition                      - The demon takes everyone in the family hostage and is about to end Marcus when Mouse intervenes in the nick of time to save Tomas.
 208       A Heaven of Hell                         - The demon in Andy takes control of the exorcism, freeing itself after incapacitating Tomas in a trance, threatening Verity and Rose.
 207       Help Me                                  - Marcus and Tomas attempt to exorcise the demon from Andy as it seduces him with memories of a happy life with his former wife.
 206       Darling Nikki                            - The demon enters Andy as it makes him kill Harper's mother who came to kidnap her from his home.
 205       There but for the Grace of God, Go I     - Andy's dead wife, Nicole, appears before him, confirming that he is the target for possession.
 204       One for Sorrow                           - Tomas and Marcus leave Harper with Andy who runs a foster home on an island where strange things have been occurring, including having a demon of his own.
 203       Unclean                                  - Tomas has a vision of a seemingly possessed girl in Seattle, but Harper turns out have been a victim of abuse by her mother.
 202       Safe as Houses                           - The sheriff learns the error of his ways but Marcus doesn't approve of Tomas' approach; the Vatican is compromised.
 201       Janus                                    - Tomas and Marcus attempt an exorcism while the husband of the victim, who is also the sheriff, pursues them in rural Montana.
 110       Chapter Ten: Three Rooms                 - Tomas exorcises Pazuzu out of Angela and Marcus saves the Pope before he is assassinated by the devil worshippers.
 109       Chapter Nine: 162                        - When their friends are killed, Marcus and Tomas suspect that Pazuzu is inside Angela and set about confronting it and its acoylytes.
 108       Chapter Eight: The Griefbearers          - Captain Howdy finally leaves Casey but goes back into Angela who then kills her mother.
 107       Chapter Seven: Father of Lies            - Casey possession gets worse but Marcus refuses to let her go.
 106       Chapter Six: Star of the Morning         - The story of how Regan became Angela is revealed as her mother Chris joins the Rance family in the search for Casey.
 105       Chapter Five: Through My Most Grievous F - The demon inside Casey fools Kat who calls the police on Marcus; Angela reveals that she is Regan MacNeil.
 104       Chapter Four: The Moveable Feast         - Marcus gets mojo back after visiting a nunnery; Tomas decides to help the Rances unofficially; Casey sinks deeper.
 103       Chapter Three: Let 'Em In                - Casey's possession grows deeper even though she gives a boorish Chicago Cubs fan his due.
 102       Chapter Two: Lupus in Fabula             - Marcus and Tomas try to find a way to work together as the conspiracy involving demonic possession grows deeper.
 101       Chapter One: And Let My Cry Come Unto Th - Veteran exorcist Father Marcus teams up with rising star Father Tomas to battle demons menacing the Rance family.

The Expanse (46 episodes)

 410       Cibola Burn                              - The belters and inners working together to understand Ilus leads to Chrisjen losing her election; Bobbi finds evidence of rot on Mars which culiminates with a terrorist launching an attack on Earth.
 409       Saeculum                                 - The Miller hallucination works with Holden and Elvi to deactivate the protomolecule technology, find a release for itself, while ensuring that Murtry does not get in the way.
 408       The One-Eyed Man                         - Holden and one of the RCE scientists, Elvi, work together to find a cure for the blindness afflicting everyone except him.
 407       A Shot In The Dark                       - Dealing with mysterious lifeforms, the belters and the inners achieve a stalemate as the Rocinante helps a belter ship avoid a decayed orbit.
 406       Displacement                             - Facing explosions, earthquakes, shockwaves, and tsunamis, the belters and the inners work together to take refuge within the ancient artifacts.
 405       Oppressor                                - Holden reveals the truth about the protomolecule and his connection to it in order to stop the fighting between the belter settlers and RCE security.
 404       Retrograde                               - Naomi, suffering the debilitating effects of adjusting to higher gravity, helps another belter escape Murty's wrath.
 403       Subduction                               - The ancient artifacts go about with mysterious earthquakes and lightning bolts that threaten the nascent settlement; Murtry, the psychopathic head of security exacts his revenge.
 402       Jetsam                                   - On Ilus, Holden and Alex activate ancient protomolecule-related artifacts guided by the Miller hallucination; friction between belters and earthers comes to a head.
 401       New Terra                                - Chrisjen tasks the crew of the Rocinante to investigate the protomolecule on Ilus, a new planet settled by the refugee belters from Ganymede and also claimed by the Royal Charter Energy (RCE) corporation.
 313       Abaddon's Gate                           - Holden's plan convinces the protomolecule that humanity is not a threat; other rings to hundreds of inhabitable worlds then open, possibly leading to a blood-soaked gold rush.
 312       Congregation                             - All personnel in the ships stuck in the pocket universe converge on the Behemoth whose new captain provokes the object at it center.
 311       Fallen World                             - The injuries mount on the speed limited ships; Clarissa, after Holden, is about to kill Naomi but is stopped by Anna; the Behemoth offers aid to the wounded.
 310       Dandelion Sky                            - Prompted by proto-Miller, Holden completes a "circuit" within the object at the centre of the pocket universe and experiences a vision of the fate that befell its creators.
 309       Intransigence                            - The Martians travel inside the ring's pocket universe and continue pursuing the Rocinante; Naomi likewise decides to rejoin the crew; proto-Miller persuades Holden to travel to the nucleus of this space.
 308       It Reaches Out                           - An explosion on a UN ship causes missiles to be fired on the Rocinante, but the protomolecule via Joe Miller appears to save them by guiding them through the ring.
 307       Delta-V                                  - Six months later the protomolecule that crashed on Venus has assembled a ring at the edge of the solar system; teams from Earth, Mars, and the Belt head out to investigate.
 306       Immolation                               - Team Holden rescues Mei and captures Mao, and enlists Fred Johnson to help stop the protomolecule missiles; Sadavir is arrested for treason.
 305       Triple Point                             - Mao decides to infect Mei with the protomolecule just as the Rocinante crew are about to reach her; a desperate Admiral Nguyen launches the missiles containing the protomolecule hybrids.
 304       Reload                                   - The Rocinante crew attempt to get the recording of Sadavir implicating himself out through two routes, via Earth and via Mars.
 303       Assured Destruction                      - A preemptive strike against Mars results in the loss of two million lives; Chrisjen and Bobbie get to know the Rocinante crew.
 302       IFF                                      - The Rocinante comes to the rescue of Bobbie and Chrisjen; the war between Earth and Mars escalates; Mao continues to scheme to exploit the protomolecule.
 301       Fight or Flight                          - The Rocinante crew decide to continue the search for Prax's daughter Mei; Bobbie, Chrisjen, and Cotyar escape the destruction of Mao's ship.
 213       Caliban's War                            - The protocreature that stowed away in the Rocinante is destroyed after being lured by radiation; Bobbie saves Chrisjen and Cotyar from Mao's goons.
 212       The Monster and the Rocket               - Holden pursues the protocreature monomaniacally but relents when his family comes under fire while leaving Ganymede; Sadavir convices Mao (in a meeting with Chrisjen) to work for Earth again.
 211       Here There Be Dragons                    - Bobbie defects, exposing the protomolecule weapons test engineered by Mars and Mao to Chrisjen; Holden and his crew discover experiments on children.
 210       Cascade                                  - Holden and his team search Ganymede Station, which is dying, for Prax Meng's daughter; Bobbie has a chat with Chrisjen on the beach.
 209       The Weeping Somnambulist                 - Bobbie Draper's testimony and the discovery of signs of life on Venus by the Arboghast provides further evidence that we are not alone in the universe.
 208       Pyre                                     - The belters on Tycho Station stage a mutiny against Fred Johnson to use his nuclear missiles on Earth but the Rocinante crew saves the day once again.
 207       The Seventh Man                          - Draper, the sole survivor of the Ganymede conflagaration, revists her story; Dawes kidnaps a scientist intimate with the protomolecule.
 206       Paradigm Shift                           - Earth, Mars, and the Belt deal with the fall out from the events with Eros station, with plenty of distrust to go around.
 205       Home                                     - Seemingly guided by the protomolecule, Eros station hurtles towards Earth; Miller undertakes a daring mission to nuke it but finds Julie Mao instead.
 204       Godspeed                                 - Johnson, Miller, and the Rocinante crew attempt to blast Eros into our Sun with the Mormon Temple ship Nauvoo, but the protomolecule has other ideas.
 203       Static                                   - Chrisjen reaches out to Fred, who along with Miller, decides that Eros Station must be destroyed after finding that the protomolecule is evolving.
 202       Doors and Corners                        - The Rocinante along with Fred Johnson's Belters launch an all out assault on a space station seeking answers; Miller gets his revenge.
 201       Safe                                     - A conspiracy behind the discovery of an extra-solar protomolecule pits Earth, Mars, and the Belt against each other, with the Rocinante crew and Miller caught in the middle.
 110       Leviathan Wakes                          - The alien agent is unleashed on Eros; the crew of the Rocinante and Miller who barely escape.
 109       Critical Mass                            - Julie Mao's final days and death are shown in flashbacks, caused by an alien agent that appears to be enabled by forces from Earth.
 108       Salvage                                  - The group find and flee from a stealth gunship and finally meet up with Miller on Eros and finally coming across the dead body of Julie Mao.
 107       Windmills                                - The survivors continue their journey as Miller continues the quest to find the truth behind what happened to Julie Mao on his own.
 106       Rock Bottom                              - The survivors embark on a new mission to find Johnson's missing operative.
 105       Back to the Butcher                      - The survivors are by contacted by Fred Johnson and given instructions on how to proceed.
 104       CQB                                      - The ship carrying the Five survivors comes under a sophisticated attack and they are left holding the future in their hands.
 103       Remember the Cant                        - An unknown organisation manipulates events to instigate a war between Mars and Earth.
 102       The Big Empty                            - Five surviving members of the Canterbury manage to make contact with the Martian Navy.
 101       Dulcinea                                 - Humanity has colonised the Solar System but has not transcended its base instincts.

The Fades (6 episodes)

 106       Episode 6                                - Paul reopens the portal enabling the Fades to ascend, thereby solving the imminent problem but thunderclouds soon gather.
 105       Episode 5                                - John's knowledge allows other Fades to be reborn and the only with the ability to stop them is Paul.
 104       Episode 4                                - Paul's Fade is tricked by the reborn Angelic killer, John, resulting in more death; Paul's twin sister is used to bring him back.
 103       Episode 3                                - Paul's relationship with his girlfriend Jay blossoms; other Angelics join in the fight; tragedy strikes.
 102       Episode 2                                - Paul is given a choice by Neil, an Angelic acting as his mentor, to forget his old life and join the fight to prevent an apocalyptic future.
 101       Episode 1                                - Paul discovers that he is an Angelic, a human capable of seeing spirits known as Fades that have not moved on.

The Family Guy (17 episodes)

 408       8 Simple Rules for Buying My Teenage Dau - Peter sells Meg.
 404       Don't Make Me Over                       - Meg has a makeover.
 402       Fast Times at Buddy Cianci High          - Brian becomes a substitute teacher.
 321       Family Guy Viewer Mail No. 1             - Brian reads viewer mail.
 313       Screwed the Pooch                        - Brian makes out with the Pewterschmidts' dog.
 311       Emission Impossible                      - Stewie gets jealous at the thought of another baby in the house.
 307       Lethal Weapons                           - Lois goes after New Yorkers with her new martial arts skills (taught by Ralph Macchio).
 213       Road to Rhode Island                     - Stewie and Brian take a road trip.
 212       Fifteen Minutes of Shame                 - Meg exposes her family on a talk show.
 211       A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Bucks           - Chris becomes a sought-after artist.
 206       Death Is a Bitch                         - Peter trades places with the Grim Reaper.
 203       A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Chris - Lois freaks out on Christmas.
 201       Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater               - Peter and Lois inherit a mansion.
 107       Brian: Portrait of a Dog                 - Brian leaves Peter but comes back.
 104       Mind Over Murder                         - Stewie has teething problems and Peter builds a bar in his basement.
 103       Chitty Chitty Death Bang                 - Stewie celebrates his birthday.
 102       I Never Met The Dead Man                 - Peter gets into a car accident while teaching Meg to drive (The show was pretty funny but a bit rooted in the 70s and the 80s.).

The Feed (10 episodes)

 110       Episode 10                               - Ben forces Tom to link up to the AI controlling the consciousnesses that Lawrence was experimenting on, which ultimately results in Feed being shutdown.
 109       Episode 9                                - Tom and Ben investigate Lawrence's secrets, finding out that he was manipulating the stored consciousnesses of dead people who have continued to evolve.
 108       Episode 8                                - Meredith attempts to reveal to the world the truth about what is happening to the Feed; the consciousness inside Max reveals more about itself.
 107       Episode 7                                - Kate begins working the resistance while Tom tries to fix the problem within the Feed; Max escapes from prison, assisted by other hacked/taken people.
 106       Episode 6                                - Tom's brother Ben finds out he is not the biological son of Lawrence, who is killed by a taken Max who himself is shot.
 105       Episode 5                                - Feed inventor and family patriarch Lawrence is using germ-line genetic engineering to feed the Feed into the next generation of people.
 104       Episode 4                                - Tom's friend Max becomes the next victim of whatever is infecting the Feed, while Kate tries to get it removed from herself and her baby.
 103       Episode 3                                - While Tom and Kate temporarily escape from the Feed, the family's matriarch Meredith demonstrates the technology to potential customers which goes awry.
 102       Episode 2                                - The users of the Feed begin to display increasingly bizarre behaviours; Tom and Kate Hatfield end up being victims of abuses by other members of the family.
 101       Episode 1                                - In the near future, people share information, memories, and emotions aka "mundles" via the Feed technology created by the Hatfield family.

The Frankenstein Chronicles (6 episodes)

 106       Lost and Found                           - Marlott solves his original case at the cost of his own life and rebirth (thanks to stem cells, not electricity), and given another opportunity for justice.
 105       The Frankenstein Murders                 - Marlott brings Gernet Chester to justice, but his apparent suicide indicates that the story does not end with him.
 104       The Fortunes of War                      - Marlott catches a group of killers who sell their victims' bodies but that does not help solve his original case.
 103       All the Lost Children                    - Marlott goes through the tunnels to bring in the person responsible for supplying the bodies.
 102       Seeing Things                            - Marlott uncovers a variety of leads that point to different conspiracies, as medicine begins to leave the realm of superstition.
 101       A World Without God                      - Inspector John Marlott investigates the origin of a body composed of multiple children stitched together.

The Handmaid's Tale (36 episodes)

 313       Mayday                                   - June's plan succeeds and the children end up in safety in Canada, but it results in her getting shot.
 312       Sacrifice                                - Lawrence's wife commits suicide and the loss of Fred causes him to be elevated in power, to the benefit of June's plan to save the children.
 311       Liars                                    - June begins a daring plan to smuggle more than 50 children out of Gilead; Serena gives up Fred to the Canadian authorities to be close to baby Nichole.
 310       Witness                                  - Fred curries favour with the High Commander while also punishing June by bearing witness to Lawrence's ceremony.
 309       Heroic                                   - June becomes suicidal and depressed due to her isolation and due to the environment in Gilead but finds her inner strength due to a kind doctor.
 308       Unfit                                    - June gives up information on another handmaid who was spying on her and causing the deaths of her friends.
 307       Under His Eye                            - June's walking partner who is all in with the philosophies of Gilead is pregant and uncertain about her baby's future.
 306       Household                                - June tries to visit Hannah but she is unable to convince her mistress to hold it together;.
 305       Unknown Caller                           - June arranges for Serena to visit baby Nichole with Luke in Canada but the Waterford's turn the tables on her, demanding the baby's return.
 304       God Bless the Child                      - June throws herself in between when Lydia loses it and starts to beat Janine; Emily reunites with her partner Syliva and son Oliver.
 303       Useful                                   - June continues to chafe at the restrictions in Gilead and appeals to Lawrence; Serena wonders about life without Fred.
 302       Mary and Martha                          - An escape attempt goes awry when the Handmaid is shot; In Canada, June's husband Luke feels distress over her choices.
 301       Night                                    - June returns to life in Gilead unable to let go of her daughter Hannah, and moves into the house of Lawrence who helped Emily and her child escape.
 213       The Word                                 - As the creator of Gilead, Laurence, is about to help them escape, June gives her baby to Emily and returns ostensibly to save Hannah.
 212       Postpartum                               - A couple that violates the rules of Gilead is put to death as Serena begins to question her place in this patriarchal society.
 211       Holly                                    - Initially hiding from Serena and Fred and giving up an opportunity to kill them, June is in an isolated house when she gives birth to her baby Holly.
 210       The Last Ceremony                        - June is raped by Fred ostensibly to induce labour; she is given an opportunity to see Hannah who blames her for leaving her.
 209       Smart Power                              - Fred and Serena travel to Canada; Nick communicates with June's husband causing the diplomatic mission to fall apart.
 208       Women's Work                             - Serena steps in for her husband illegally while he recovers with June's help but he returns ungrateful, putting her back in her place.
 207       After                                    - The new commander in charge of security goes about punishing suspected of being involved in the explosion indiscriminately.
 206       First Blood                              - One of the handmaids detonates a bomb during the opening of a new building killing scores of commanders, handmaids, and civilians.
 205       Seeds                                    - June makes a commitment to her unborn baby that she will not let it grow up in Gilead.
 204       Other Women                              - June is persuaded to behave to the expectations of a handmaid as Serena grows irritated with her circumstances.
 203       Baggage                                  - June is recaptured while about to fly out to Canada.
 202       Unwomen                                  - June hides out in the offices of the Boston Globe; Ofglen aka Emily gets revenge on a mistress while slaving away in the colonies.
 201       June                                     - While the rest of the handmaid's are punished, June is exempt due to her pregnancy; her escape is eventually arranged by Nick.
 110       Night                                    - June is revealed to be made pregnant by Nick; Serena links the safety of June's daughter Hannah with that of her unborn child.
 109       The Bridge                               - Offred starts working with the resistance by retrieving a package with Moira's help, as well as saving the baby of another handmaid.
 108       Jezebels                                 - Offred reconnects with the former handmaid, Moira, who was her best friend prior to Gilead, who is working in a brothel.
 107       The Other Side                           - The backstory on how June's husband escapes capture and makes it to Canada where he eventually receives a message from her is revealed.
 106       A Woman's Place                          - A Mexican government delegation visits Gilead with the goal of trading for fertile women; Offred initially lies about the handmaid life.
 105       Faithful                                 - Fearing that Fred is unable to provide viable sperm, Offred is asked by Serena to have sex with Nick, their driver.
 104       Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum        - Offred is put in solitary confinement by her mistress Serena, the wife of Fred, who she starts to get close to.
 103       Late                                     - An acquaintance of Offred is branded as a gender traitor and undergoes torture and punishment; Offred learns that she is not pregnant as a result of her rape.
 102       Birth Day                                - June aka Offred, a handmaid whose master is government official Fred Waterford, dreams of escaping and reuniting with her husband and daughter.
 101       Offred                                   - In a dystopian future where fertility rates have dropped, women are conscriped into various roles as second class citizens ostensibly to solve society's problems.

The Haunting (10 episodes)

 110       Hill House: Silence Lay Steadily         - Hugh decides to stay with Olivia's spirit, along with all the others who died at the house, to ensure that his children live.
 109       Hill House: Screaming Meemies            - The events that led to Olivia's death, after she tries to poison her children, are revealed.
 108       Hill House: Witness Marks                - Luke returns to the house to burn it down, while his family follows afraid of how it will defend itself.
 107       Hill House: Eulogy                       - In the past, Hugh's renovation of the house uncovers one of its secrets, one that is haunting Luke.
 106       Hill House: Two Storms                   - The Crains reunite at Nell's funeral but the house continues to mess with their minds as old wounds are reopened.
 105       Hill House: The Bent-Neck Lady           - Nell's life before the house tricked her into hanging herself illustrates how the bent-necked lady haunting her was herself.
 104       Hill House: The Twin Thing               - Luke struggles with addition has he tries to put the events of his childhood behind him, when Steve finds him after Nell's death.
 103       Hill House: Touch                        - Theo uses her sensitivity to put away child molesters and engage in amazing sex but it also ends up creating walls between herself and others.
 102       Hill House: Open Casket                  - The siblings find out from their father that Nell has killed herself at the house, resulting in Steve's first supernatural experience.
 101       Hill House: Steven Sees a Ghost          - Steve, Shirley, Theo, Nell, and Luke Crain are survivors of the eponymous haunted house that claimed their mother Olivia.

The Kettering Incident (8 episodes)

 108       The Homecoming                           - Anna learns that her choices impact the fate of humanity as she discovers the truth about the events of her past and present.
 107       Madness                                  - The town of Kettering is contaminated by toxic pollutants due to a deal made by Anna's father.
 106       Roy                                      - Anna finds the site where Chloe was murdered, along with her mother who eventually dies.
 105       The Forest                               - Anna learns that her father has covered up her involvement in her friend's murder; the conspiracy deepens.
 104       The Mill                                 - Anna saves the life of Chloe's brother Max, whose accident was caused by strange disturbances by Mother Sullivan's Ridge.
 103       The Search                               - Tensions mount and the town's secrets spill over; Chloe's body is found.
 102       The Lights                               - After partying hard with Anna, Chloe disappears amidst strange lights in the forest; Other eerie happening ensue.
 101       Anna                                     - Anna returns to her childhood home to confront and solve the mystery of her past where her teenage friend mysteriously disappeared.

The Last Ship (23 episodes)

 213       A More Perfect Union                     - The cure is spread via love, but that doesn't help Rachel who is shot at the end.
 212       Cry Havoc                                - The Nathan James sinks the submarine with help from land.
 211       Valkyrie                                 - A few crew members die on an oil rig that is broadcasting Ramsey's signal.
 210       Friendly Fire                            - Rachel is arrested for her actions that led to Niels' death.
 209       Uneasy Lies the Head                     - Niels' immunity is removed by Rachel during the course of creating a contagious cure.
 208       Safe Zone                                - Tom is able to convince the President to pick the right side.
 207       Alone and Unafraid                       - The crew recover the current President of the US and Niels and head back to the ship.
 206       Long Day's Journey                       - Tom and a few of his crew infiltrate the immune cult.
 205       Achilles                                 - All the cure labs are destroyed by the immune submarine.
 204       Solace                                   - The crew and a band of mercenaries battle over a hospital ship.
 203       It's Not a Rumor                         - The crew start to distribute their cure to everyone.
 202       Fight the Ship                           - The crew of the Nathan James take back their ship.
 201       Unreal City                              - Tom allies with Thorwald to take down Amy Granderson.
 110       No Place Like Home                       - The crew end up in Baltimore to deliver the cure but things are not what they seem.
 109       Trials                                   - The crew discover a vaccine to the virus/cure.
 108       Two Sailors Walk Into a Bar              - Tom, Tex, and the other hostages are rescued.
 107       SOS                                      - Tom and Tex are captured by the Russians.
 106       Lockdown                                 - The crew begin to lose confidence in the promise of a vaccine.
 105       El Toro                                  - The crew land to capture some monkeys but have to deal with a drug lord terrorising the local populace.
 104       We'll Get There                          - The crew have to keep cool in the face of technical problems.
 103       Dead Reckoning                           - The USS Nathan James faces off against a Russian cruiser.
 102       Welcome to Gitmo                         - The ship carrying the hope of a vaccine docks at Guantanamo Bay to resupply.
 101       Phase Six                                - A deadly virus wipes out 80% of the human population.

The Librarians (42 episodes)

 412       And the Echoes of Memory                 - Due to Eve's persistence, the Librarians are able to recover their memory and rewrite history to save both Nicole and the Library.
 411       And the Trial of the One                 - Nicole returns and reveals her grand evil plan, to cause humanity (and Team) to lose faith in the Library.
 410       And Some Dude Named Jeff                 - Jenkins swaps bodies with a slacker who invadertently causes Azmodeus to be released into the world.
 409       And a Town Called Feud                   - The members of the team reverse their opinion on whether there should only be one librarian after their respective experiences.
 408       And the Hidden Sanctuary                 - Cassandra escapes to a town where no one ever gets hurt, and learns that life is not worthwhile without some risk.
 407       And the Disenchanted Forest              - The team go to a team building camp where people are disappearing as an ancient ancestor tree is threatened.
 406       And the Grave of Time                    - Nicole and Eve work together to track down Kosche's Needle, a powerful artifact which is also sought after by Rasputin.
 405       And the Bleeding Crown                   - The Librarians work with one of their own from 1888 to save a town full of people who find themselves suddenly aged by decades.
 404       And the Silver Screen                    - During their date, Eve and Flynn get sucked into a movie and need to uncover the real story buried underneath to get out.
 403       And the Christmas Thief                  - Ezekiel tries to make his mother proud during Thankstaking day but it goes awry when Santa's Sleigh falls into the hands of the Prince of Thieves.
 402       And the Steal of Fortune                 - The team deal with the goddess of luck, Fortuna, who is trying to attain a physical form.
 401       And the Dark Secret                      - Nicole Noone, who is revealed to be alive and imprisoned by Judson, helps the Librarians foil the Order of the Shadows who want to physically reconstitute the Library.
 310       And the Wrath of Chaos                   - Eve and Flynn hatch a plan to stop Apep once and for all by playing DOSA.
 309       And the Fatal Separation                 - The gang protect fabled city of Shangri-La from being taken over by a collector of magical items.
 308       And the Eternal Question                 - Cassandra's tumour is removed giving her new powers, after the gang foil a plan by vampires to take over the world.
 307       And the Curse of Cindy                   - Ezekiel's affection for a nerdy girl who compels everyone around her to "love" her using an obsession potion saves the day.
 306       And the Trial of the Triangle            - Flynn returns to find the Eye of Ra with the help of the others by voyaging through the Bermuda Triangle.
 305       And the Tears of a Clown                 - A small time magician stumbles upon an artifact that allows him to bend reality which he uses to psychopathic ends.
 304       And the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy         - Eve fights a prophecy created by the Oracle of Delphi to circumvent her own that predicts their deaths.
 303       And the Reunion of Evil                  - Cassandra and Jacob stumble onto a gathering of Frost Giants.
 302       And the Fangs of Death                   - The gang stop Apep from unleashing Anubis and his werewolf army upon the world.
 301       And the Rise of Chaos                    - The group foil an attempt by the Egyptian god of chaos, Apep, to release pure evil.
 210       And the Final Curtain                    - Flynn and Eve travel back in time to help the rest of the Librarians exorcise and defeat Prospero.
 209       And the Happily Ever Afters              - Flynn works with Ariel to free his friends from a fictional reality created by Prospero.
 208       And the Point of Salvation               - The Librarians are trapped in a quantum computing video game loop and it is up to Ezekiel to get them out.
 207       And the Image of Image                   - The Librarians have to stop Dorian Gray from making innocent clubbers pay for his excesses.
 206       And the Infernal Contract                - A devil tries to get the Librarians to sign a contract.
 205       And the Hollow Men                       - The Library and its disembodied spirit need to be reunited.
 204       And the Cost of Education                - A college students opens up an interdimensional portal by accident.
 203       And What Lies Beneath the Stones         - The Librarians track down a Native American shapeshifter.
 202       And the Broken Staff                     - Prospero and Moriarty attempt to obtain a branch from the Tree of Knowledge to create a new staff of power.
 201       And the Drowned Book                     - The Librarians reunite to thwart a fictional magician (Prospero) and supervillain (Moriarty).
 110       And the Loom of Fate                     - Flynn returns to prevent Dulaque from rebeginning history at the time of Camelot.
 109       And the City of Light                    - Tens of people are trapped in an alternate dimension by Nikola Tesla.
 108       And the Heart of Darkness                - A serial killer takes up residence in a house that grants wishes.
 107       And the Rule of Three                    - A wish granting app threatens a science fair.
 106       And the Fables of Doom                   - A fairy tale book comes to life.
 105       And the Apple of Discord                 - The Librarians transform after possessing the titular apple.
 104       And Santa's Midnight Run                 - The Librarians rescue Santa Claus from the Serpent Brotherhood.
 103       And the Horns of a Dilemma               - The Librarians deal with a Minotaur trapped in a Labyrinth.
 102       And the Sword in the Stone               - The group foil Dulaque and Lamia's plans and save Flynn but not before a bunch of magic is released into the world.
 101       And the Crown of King Arthur             - Flynn, the Librarian, teams up with Eve, the Guardian, and Jake, Ezekiel, and Cassandra.

The Living and the Dead (6 episodes)

 106       Episode 6                                - Nathan's great granddaughter becomes a ghost mother to his son freeing him from his guilt for not saving the boy.
 105       Episode 5                                - Everyone in Shepzoy becomes a believer after All Hallow's Eve but Nathan becomes obssessed with being reunited with his dead son.
 104       Episode 4                                - Nathan solves the case of a girl murdered by her unrequited lover.
 103       Episode 3                                - An innocent girl who was branded and murdered as a witch returns to curse the harvest.
 102       Episode 2                                - Nathan befriends one of the boys working the farm who tragically runs away with ghosts.
 101       Episode 1                                - Nathan and Charlotte move to the English countryside to run the family farm and are haunted by eerie happenings.

The Lost Room (6 episodes)

 106       The Occupant                             - Joe saves reality and then trades places with the Occupant, which enables him to finally recover his daughter.
 105       The Eye                                  - Joe loses the Key when one of his dubious allies betrays him in order to bring his dead son back to life but at risk to reality itself.
 104       The Box                                  - Joe uncovers a bit of the background behind the creation of the objects and theorises that the Prime Object was the Occupant of the Room when the mysterious Event that created the objects occurred.
 103       The Comb                                 - Joe continues to work with allies of dubious value one of whom gives up his object, the Comb, for his sanity.
 102       The Clock                                - Joe, unable to find a trustworthy ally in his quest to recover his daughter, is blamed not only for her disappearance but also for the death of his partner.
 101       The Key                                  - Detective Joe Miller comes across a mystical Key while investigating a murder that can open a door to anywhere via a mystical Room which his daughter gets lost in.

The Magicians (13 episodes)

 113       Have You Brought Me Little Cakes         - The gang confront the Beast, who is really Martin Chatwin, but Julia follows her own agenda after memories of a brutal rape resurface.
 112       Thirty-Nine Graves                       - The gang make it to Fillory, along with Julia, after discovering that they are in a time loop created by Jane Chatwin to stop the Beast.
 111       Remedial Battle Magic                    - Penny and other travellers are attacked telepathically by the Beast, so the gang learn battle magic to take the fight to him.
 110       Homecoming                               - Penny is trapped in the Neitherlands and Quentin and Alice need to overcome their relationship issues to bring him back.
 109       The Writing Room                         - In a quest to find a button that will allow them to travel to Fillory, the Magicians discover that the author of the Fillory books is a pedophile.
 108       The Strangled Heart                      - Penny is attacked by the Beast masquerading as an alumnus of Brakebills who also seems to kill Jane Chatwin before being killed by Eliot.
 107       The Mayakovsky Circumstance              - Quentin and his classmates travel to Brakebills South in Antarctica to study a great teacher.
 106       Impractical Applications                 - The first year students need to undergo a series of trials set up by the third year students.
 105       Mendings, Major and Minor                - Penny discoveres a woman imprisoned in Fillory by the Beast during an astral projection.
 104       The World in the Walls                   - Julia and Marina cause Quentin to become trapped in a self-created mental prison culminating in Julia being expelled from the hedgewitches.
 103       Consequences of Advanced Spellcasting    - Alice tries to recover her brother who has become an evil creature of pure magic.
 102       The Source of Magic                      - Quentin is put on probation for his role in the attack on the Dean by the Beast.
 101       Unauthorized Magic                       - Quentin Coldwater learns that the world of magic is real.

The Man in the High Castle (10 episodes)

 110       A Way Out                                - Heinrich's schemes go awry as Juliana trusts her heart and helps Joe Blake get free; Ed stands in for Frank.
 109       Kindness                                 - Tagomi's scheming has unexpected consequences; Juliana and Frank discover the truth about Joe.
 108       End of the World                         - Juliana and Frank make plans to flee; Joe obtains the new film from the Yakuza.
 107       Truth                                    - Joe is given another chance to prove his loyalty by finding a new film showing the Allies winning the second World War.
 106       Three Monkeys                            - Juliana takes on a job with the Japanese government to find answers; Joe is baited and trapped by John Smith.
 105       The New Normal                           - Both Juliana and Joe face extensive grilling to explain their adventures.
 104       Revelations                              - Juliana delivers the film that depicts a more appealing timeline but still has unanswered questions.
 103       The Illustrated Woman                    - Joe and Juliana are hunted by a nasty bounty hunter called the Marshal.
 102       Sunrise                                  - Juliana is almost killed by a Nazi agent but is saved by another undercover agent; Frank's sister and her children are gassed to death.
 101       The New World                            - An alternate timeline where the Axis powers win the second World War appears unconvincing to Juliana Crain.

The Orville (26 episodes)

 214       The Road Not Taken                       - A future-aware Kelly alters the fate of the galaxy leading to her putting the band back together to ensure that a second memory wipe does take and restore the proper timeline.
 213       Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow     - A seven year younger version of Kelly ends up on the ship when Isaac experiments with time travel and is eventually sent back, without her memory wipe taking.
 212       Sanctuary                                - A society of female Moclans threatens to divide the Union but the women are able to eke out a small victory.
 211       Lasting Impressions                      - Gordon falls in love with the simulation of a woman created using the contents of a time capsule from the early 21st century.
 210       Blood of Patriots                        - An old friend of Gordon shows up with a plan to sabotage planned peace talks with the Krill.
 209       Identity (2)                             - As the Kaylon and Union fleets battle and all hope appears to be lost, the Krill show up and help save the day; Issac becomes alone for his actions.
 208       Identity (1)                             - When Issac suddenly shuts down, the ship travels to the Kaylon homeworld to fix him; the crew then discovers their plans for the rest of the galaxy.
 207       Deflectors                               - A Moclan engineer shows affection for security officer Talla Keyali, which turns out to be crime on his homeworld.
 206       A Happy Refrain                          - Claire and Issac develop romantic feelings for each other, which proves complicated due to the former's status as an artificial life form.
 205       All the World is Birthday Cake           - Kelly and Bortus are imprisoned on a planet that is governed by astrology for having their birthdays in the wrong star sign.
 204       Nothing Left on Earth Excepting Fishes   - Ed falls for a new crewmember who turns out to be a Krill imposter seeking revenge for past actions.
 203       Home                                     - Alara finds that she is becoming weaker adjusting to Earth gravity and returns home to her planet where she has to deal with her pacifist family.
 202       Primal Urges                             - Bortus retreats to a world of fantasy instead of expressing his feelings with his mate Klyden but eventually realises that life's too short.
 201       Ja'loja                                  - The crew travel to Bortus' home planet of Moclus to watch him relieve himself as part of a yearly ritual.
 112       Mad Idolatry                             - The crew investigate a planet whose evolution proceeds rapidly, initially worshipping Kelly as a deity but eventually outgrowing religion.
 111       New Dimensions                           - John LaMarr is given a chance to prove himself and live up to his potential when the ship encounters a portal to a two dimensional universe.
 110       Firestorm                                - Katara puts herself through a grueling simulation involving the worst fears of the crew to maximise her effectiveness.
 109       Cupid's Dagger                           - Ed and Kelly's reasons for dissolution of their marriage shows up and wreaks havoc on the ship with his pheromones.
 108       Into the Fold                            - Clair and her two sons along with Isaac crash land on a moon ravaged by war and disease.
 107       Majority Rule                            - The crew run into trouble when they encounter an Earth-like planet where everything is decided by simple majority opinion.
 106       Krill                                    - Ed and Gordon infiltrate a Krill ship to learn more about their religion but their focus when they discover a neutron bomb about to unleashed on a defenseless colony.
 105       Pria                                     - The crew encounter a visitor from the 29th century who plans to turn the Orville over to a collector.
 104       If the Stars Should Appear               - The crew discover a world ship whose inhabitants are unaware that they are headed towards a collision with a star.
 103       About a Girl                             - Kelly defends the right of Second Officer Bortus' daughter to decide her own future in the male dominated Moclan species.
 102       Command Performance                      - Ed and his First Officer (and ex-wife) Kelly Grayson are kidnapped for a technologically advanced species' zoo exhibit.
 101       Old Wounds                               - Ed Mercer is given command of a midlevel ship, the Orville, whose first mission is stopping the Krills from getting their hands on a time accelerating device.

The Outer Limits (1995) (154 episodes)

 722       Human Trials                             - A Human is subjected to trials consisting of a clip show.
 721       Human Factor                             - An AI decides humanity isn't worth saving, and a human (played by Robert Duncan McNeil from Star Trek: Voyager) disagrees but eventually sees the robot's point of view.
 720       Dark Child                               - A mum is impregnated by an alien who returns to reveal her daughter for who she really is.
 719       The Tipping Point                        - Artificial intelligence is created.
 718       Lion's Den                               - A pressured wrestling coach gives his team an experimental new drug to enhance their abilities.
 717       Rule of Law                              - A judge from Earth is sent to a distant planet to enforce humanity's notion of justice.
 716       Abduction                                - A group of school kids are kidnapped so one of them can be taught a lesson about controlling his anger.
 715       Time to Time                             - A time traveller goes back to the past to save her father but alters the future.
 714       Mindreacher                              - A psychologist can enter other people's minds.
 713       Free Spirit                              - A person who was killed while "out of his body" during an experiment returns.
 712       Flower Child                             - A seductive woman challenges a young couple's ideas of commitment and monogamy.
 711       In the Blood                             - An exploration of "transpace" reveals that it's very similar to the human body.
 710       Worlds Within                            - A physicist saves a child who is caught between dimensions.
 709       Alien Shop                               - The time traveller convinces a criminal to mend his ways.
 708       Think Like a Dinosaur                    - Dinosaurs from another planet provide humans with a transportation device based on copying, but it requires a human operator to "kill" the current copy (i.e., "balance the equation") to make it work.
 707       Replica                                  - A comatose wife who is cloned recovers and confronts her clone.
 706       Mona Lisa                                - An android built to kill becomes too humanish.
 705       The Vessel                               - An author survives a space shuttle explosion caused by an alien lifeform that takes over his body.
 704       The Surrogate                            - Aliens take over their hosts in the form of surrogate embryos.
 703       A New Life                               - A cult is really a front for aliens turnning humans into slaves.
 702       Patient Zero                             - A man from the future is caught in a causal time loop which kills millions of people in a plague.
 701       Family Values                            - Robots enforce family values.
 622       Final Appeal (2)                         - A world without technology is held hostage (and eventually destroyed) by a cold fusion.
 621       Final Appeal (1)                         - A time traveller from the future predicts doomsday when a world outlaws technology.
 620       Nest                                     - A parasitic insect from the arctic propagates from person to person but is sensitive to high numbers of red blood cells.
 619       Zig Zag                                  - The leader of anti-technology group hides covertly among the enemy until the time is right to strike.
 618       Something About Harry                    - Aliens attempting to take over the earth fool a young boy.
 617       Gettysburg                               - An attempt by a time traveller to change the future by altering the past results in the same outcome but in an unexpected manner.
 616       Revival                                  - A alien posing as an evangelist starts a new religion.
 615       The Grid                                 - A computer uses mind control to enslave a population.
 614       Abbadon                                  - A cult leader executed and shot into space comes to life.
 613       Decompression                            - A person from the future comes back to prevent the appointment of a despotic president.
 612       Glitch                                   - Two androids starts a new race.
 611       Inner Child                              - A Siamese twin takes over the body of an injured person.
 610       Down to Earth                            - A stranger causes paranoia and chaos at a UFO convention.
 609       Stasis                                   - Workers in a future world are kept in statis when they are not working to conserve energy.
 608       Simon Says                               - A man builds a robot to replace his dead son.
 607       Seeds of Destruction                     - A small town veterinarian probes the correlation between genetically modified corn and an increase in deadly tumours.
 606       The Beholder                             - A blind man sees aliens.
 605       Breaking Point                           - A time traveller who is responsible for killing his wife kills his own past self before he meets her, but his wife kills herself anyway.
 604       Manifest Destiny                         - A spaceship crew sent to exterminate an alien species faces a mysterious illness.
 603       Skin Deep                                - A person who can change appearance also changes in personality.
 602       The Gun                                  - Residents of a small town become killing machines (this episode stars John DeLancie, who also plays the omnipotent Q on Star Trek).
 601       Judgment Day                             - A person is framed for murder just so he can be hunted and executed on live TV.
 522       Better Luck Next Time                    - The alien creature from the Ripper episode and an episode about the wild west returns and gets its comeuppance.
 521       Star Crossed                             - A human infected with a parasite dangerous to invading aliens needs to be kept alive.
 520       Fathers and Sons                         - A grandfather's memories/skills are taken and put into other people, including his son.
 519       Stranded                                 - An alien befriends a young boy.
 518       Essence of Life                          - A substance that induces hallucination is banned in an emotionless society.
 517       The Inheritors                           - An alien race uses terminally ill patients to survive.
 516       Deja Vu                                  - A teleportation experiment goes awry and the lead scientist is stuck in a time loop.
 515       The Haven                                - An AI computer malfunctions to "save" the humans.
 514       Descent                                  - A professor injects himself with primitive human DNA to make himself more dominant.
 513       The Summit                               - Parties in a delegation for peace sacrifice themselves to prove their word.
 512       Tribunal                                 - A time traveller brings a Nazi war criminal to justice; this was a carelessly plotted time travel episode, but clever nonetheless..
 511       Ripper                                   - Jack the Ripper turns out to be an alien.
 510       The Shroud                               - Christ's second coming is made possible by genetic engineering.
 509       What Will the Neighbors Think?           - A hypochondriac can read her neighbour's thoughts.
 508       Blank Slate                              - A person's memories are stolen but as they return he learns he's the one responsible for creating the device that steals the memories.
 507       The Human Operators                      - Humans are slave operators to space ships, based on a story where one of the writers is Harlan Ellison and has the same sort of feel his short stories do.
 506       Joyride                                  - An astronaut encounters aliens from space.
 505       The Other Side                           - A scientist doing research on brain damaged patients manages to interconnect their brains.
 504       The Grell                                - A slave who has opportunities to run free doesn't.
 503       Small Friends                            - A prisoner plays with nanites.
 502       Donor                                    - A person's complete body is transmitted, with latent memories.
 501       Alien Radio (aka Dead Air)               - A radio show host who sees aliens is mocked.
 426       In Our Own Image                         - An android (played by Nicholas Lea from The X Files) takes a prisoner (played by Nana Visitor from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) to find out how to get away from being a human slave.
 425       Black Box                                - A soldier fantasises about reuniting with his daughter.
 424       Phobos Rising                            - Humans fight as usual on Mars.
 423       Origin of Species                        - A doctor tries to uncover the origins of the human race.
 422       Balance of Nature                        - A doctor moves into a small town community.
 421       The Promised Land                        - Aliens and humans fight on earth without understanding each other.
 420       Nightmare                                - A human crew is allegedly captured and held in an alien prison.
 419       Sarcophagus                              - An archaeologist couple discovers a unique future.
 418       Monster                                  - A telekinetic person conjures up a monster.
 417       Lithia                                   - In a society where all the males have died off due to their violent ways, a former cryogenically preserved soldier awakens and causes conflict.
 416       Final Exam                               - A disgruntled student invents cold fusion.
 415       Mary 25                                  - Mary is an babysitting upgrade of Valerie 23.
 414       To Tell the Truth                        - Scientists on a colony refuse to listen to the warnings of a forecaster of impending doom.
 413       The Joining                              - A human-alien symbiote is taken home.
 412       Fear Itself-episode                      - A person's fear is removed by surgery.
 411       The Vaccine                              - A vaccine is distributed to a dysphoric world.
 410       Identity Crisis                          - Human essences can be transplanted to other bodies.
 409       Glyphic                                  - 12 years later, children are exposed to a foreign language that opens their minds.
 408       Rite of Passage                          - Aliens take care of humans that have been regenerated after humanity has become extinct.
 407       Josh                                     - A mysterious social worker has amazing powers.
 406       Relativity Theory                        - Humans clash with aliens on an uninhabited planet.
 405       In the Zone                              - A prowrestler enhances his skills.
 404       In Another Life                          - A suicidal man is transported to another dimension to kill a homicidal doppelganger.
 403       Hearts and Minds                         - A team of soldiers is sent to battle alien raiders where the first casualty of war is truth.
 402       The Hunt                                 - Androids are hunted by humans for sport.
 401       Criminal Intent                          - A mutant child confronts his father.
 318       A Special Edition                        - A bunch of clones are the basis of a conspiracy.
 317       Feasibility Study                        - A slothful alien race brings over small regions of different worlds to evaluate the potential of its inhabitants to be slaves.
 316       Bodies of Evidence                       - A space station captain is courtmartialed.
 315       The Revelations of Becka Paulson         - A housewife gets shot with a bullet and becomes highly creative (based on a Stephen King story which is referenced in the Tommyknockers).
 314       Music of the Spheres                     - Interstellar transmissions mutate teenagers.
 313       Dead Man's Switch                        - A bunch of people are responsible for blowing up the planet in case of an alien takeover.
 312       Double Helix                             - A geneticist unlocks additional encoding from the human genome which points the way to humanity's future evolution.
 311       New Lease                                - A scientist who is able to bring people back from the head comes back himself but ends up wasting his second chance.
 310       The Awakening                            - A girl without emotions suddenly is faced with it after a neuroimplant.
 309       Tempests                                 - An astronaut carrying a precious vaccine becomes the victim of spiders that induce hallucinations.
 308       Heart's Desire                           - An alien being sows conflict among humans to ensure that humans will never be competitive with his species.
 307       The Camp                                 - Humans are held in a prison camp run by aliens.
 306       Dark Rain                                - A chemical war makes human couples infertile and the government goes to extreme lengths to get women to carry healthy babies to term.
 305       Stream of Consciousness                  - An information society is plagued with a virus.
 304       Last Supper                              - A husband saves the life of an immortal woman from experimentation who ends up dating his son.
 303       Re-generation                            - A couple who loses their child due to an accident creates a clone of him who reveals how he really died.
 302       Second Thoughts                          - A mentally-ill person ends up "acquiring" the minds of four people.
 301       Bits of Love                             - The last man on the planet abuses his AI holograms who then take control.
 222       The Sentence                             - A scientist invents a punishment simulation machine.
 221       Vanishing Act                            - A person travels forward ten years every once in a while.
 220       Out of Body                              - A scientist figures out that human existence is limited to four dimensions.
 219       Falling Star                             - A star losing her fame gets a second chance.
 218       The Light Brigade                        - Always make sure the target you have is the one you want.
 217       Paradise                                 - Several elderly ladies try to fulfill a pact they made with an alien a long time before.
 216       The Deprogrammers                        - Can humans be humans without free will?.
 215       Afterlife                                - A soldier about to be executed gets a second chance if he agrees to transform his DNA.
 214       The Heist                                - A rebel army group called the Lightning Dawn run into a cold sentient alien.
 213       From Within                              - An ancient parasite removes inhibitions from all the townspeople it infects.
 212       Inconstant Moon                          - What does it mean if the moon suddenly starts getting brighter?.
 211       The Refuge                               - People in cryogenic sleep dream together.
 210       Worlds Apart                             - A wormhole separates a couple.
 209       Trial by Fire                            - A President distrusts aliens and brings upon his doom.
 208       Straight and Narrow                      - A difficult student is taught to get with the program.
 207       First Anniversary                        - Beauty is only skin deep.
 206       Beyond the Veil                          - A suicidal person sees aliens.
 205       Mind Over Matter                         - Human brains interface with a computer.
 204       I Hear You Calling                       - A woman is suspicious of an alien visitor.
 203       Unnatural Selection                      - A couple chooses to genetically enhance their child.
 202       Resurrection                             - Androids clone a person after biological warfare destroys humanity.
 201       A Stitch in Time                         - A time traveller goes back in the past to kill people who would end up committing crimes.
 122       The Voice of Reason                      - The threat from aliens to humans is revisted via a clip show.
 121       Birthright                               - A senator is kidnapped.
 120       If These Walls Could Talk                - Do ghosts exist?.
 119       I Robot                                  - A robot is put on trial for killing its creator (defense lawyer played by Leonard Nimoy).
 118       The Message                              - A deaf woman with an implant hears more than she's supposed to.
 117       The New Breed                            - A nanotechnologist seeks to play a god.
 116       The Voyage Home                          - An alien from Mars tries to get to Earth through the first people to land on that planet.
 115       Caught in the Act                        - An alien lifeform enters into a coed and absorbs the energy of the people she has sex with.
 114       Quality of Mercy                         - A soldier imprisoned by aliens loses track of who he is.
 113       The Conversion                           - A disgruntled employee gets a second chance.
 112       Dark Matters                             - A ship is stranded in space.
 111       Under the Bed                            - The bogeyman kidnaps two children.
 110       Corner of the Eye                        - Aliens masquerading as humans claim to deliver the power to heal.
 109       Living Hell                              - A human sees through the eyes of a killer.
 108       Virtual Future                           - We can see a future minutes into the future.
 107       The Choice                               - A new superspecies evolves.
 106       White Light Fever                        - An old man tries to cheat death.
 105       The Second Soul                          - An alien race inhabits the bodies of dead humans.
 104       Blood Brothers                           - Two brothers pit the interests of science and business against each other.
 103       Valerie 23                               - An AI companion gets possessive.
 102       The Sandkings (2)                        - A Martian soil sample yields eggs that hatch intelligent, insectlike creatures with a violent bent.
 101       The Sandkings (1)                        - A Martian soil sample yields eggs that hatch intelligent, insectlike creatures with a violent bent.

The Outer Limits (3 episodes)

 121       Children of Spider County                - An investigation reveals the link between the disappearances of four scientists born in a single county.
 102       The Hundred Days of the Dragon           - In this original series episode, an Asian country creates almost perfect imposters to replace powerful people in the U.S. and take over the country from within.
 101       The Galaxy Being                         - An alien is transported to the radio station it was contacted from.

The Outsider (10 episodes)

 110       Must/Can't                               - Jack and Holly confront the entity which resembles Claude; the real one shows up and shoots it; Ralph finishes it off but Holly has a scratch.
 109       Tigers and Bears                         - Jack, still controlled by the Grief Eater, opens fire on Ralph's team until he finally kills himself after being unable to kill Holly.
 108       Foxhead                                  - The Grief Eater entity targets Claude, a local bouncer who was scratched on the wrist by Terry's doppelganger.
 107       In the Pines, In the Pines               - Ralph becomes suspicious of the disappearance of Holly who escapes after having been taken by Jack controlled by the Grief Eater.
 106       The One About the Yiddish Vampire        - A targeted Holly lays out her theory about the Grief Eater to a skeptical Ralph, who is convinced by his wife Jeannie to open his eyes.
 105       Tear-Drinker                             - Holly surmises that the Grief Eater, who warns Ralph's wife Jeannie, lives around the environment of those it causes suffering and pain to.
 104       Que Viene el Coco                        - Holly encounters other cases similar to Terry's, and the realisation that it is due to a supernatural being known as a Grief Eater that creates tragedy where it preys.
 103       Dark Uncle                               - Terry's daughter Jessa passes a message on to Ralph from a strange being who resembled her father; savant investigator Holly Gibney is enrolled into the case.
 102       Roanoke                                  - Detective Ralph Anderson is placed on administrative leave after killing the brother of the boy who had shot and killed Terry and others around him.
 101       Fish in a Barrel                         - Terry Maitland is charged with the rape and murder of a 11 year old boy with strong forensic evidence pointing at his guilt but also with a terrific alibi.

The Passage (10 episodes)

 110       Last Lesson                              - Fanning wins the battle as Patient Zero, his virals begin taking over the world, infecting everyone and resulting in the near extinction of humanity.
 109       Stay in the Light                        - Amy makes a difficult choice and executes a last ditch effort to stop the bloodsuckers, but they manage to escape, resulting Sykes' death.
 108       You are Not That Girl Anymore            - Amy appears to succumb to the effects of the virus and turn into a vampire, something that is sought by Fanning.
 107       You are Like The Sun                     - The backstory on the death of Brad's daughter is revealed; Amy confonts the top vampire Tim Fanning who plans to take over the world.
 106       I Want To Know What You Taste Like       - An escaped vampire is hunted with the help of Amy and Brad and when he is killed, everyone he turned dies as well.
 105       How You Gonna Outrun The End of The Worl - Amy and Brad escape with the help of Major Nichole Sykes, Projet Noah's lead scientist; the creatures orchestrate one of their own.
 104       Whose Blood is That?                     - Amy and Brad are in the compound when it is targeted/attacked by a disaffected Project Noah agent; the victims begin to flex their powers.
 103       That Never Should Have Happened to You   - Amy is persuaded to be experimented on; Brad is briefed on the nature of the experimentation by Jonas.
 102       You Owe Me a Unicorn                     - Brad and Amy are captured while on the run; the backstory on how Dr. Jonas Lear got sucked into Project Noah is revealed.
 101       Pilot                                    - Brad Wolgast is tasked with bringing in a young girl, Amy Bellafonte, for secret experimentation in Project Noah, but instead goes on the run with her.

The Pretender (3 episodes)

 420       The Inner Sense                          - Jarod reunites with his brother Ethan and his half-sister (Miss Parker).
 416       Junk                                     - Jarod infiltrates a drug rehabilitation centre to prove the innocence of a mother who has lost custody of her child.
 109       Mirage                                   - Jarod becomes a sky diver to solve a sky diver's murder.

The Shannara Chronicles (20 episodes)

 210       Blood                                    - Mareth and Wil defeat the Warlock Lord, thereby saving the Four Lands, with Lyria becoming queen of Leah.
 209       Wilderun                                 - Eretria gives into her dark side and beats down Wil and Lyria as the Warlock Lord has Allanon and Mareth on the ropes.
 208       Amberle                                  - The Warlock Lord kills General Rega; Wil is able to let go of the past and reconstitute the Sword of Shannara; Allanon and Mareth are in peril.
 207       Warlock                                  - Bandon resurrects the Warlock Lord who looks like an evil doppelganger of Allanon; Mareth inherits the mantle of the next druid.
 206       Crimson                                  - Mareth and Wil retrieve the skull but Bandon escapes with it after Flick sacrifices himself; Ander is seemingly killed by Rega.
 205       Paranor                                  - Bandon, trapped in a magic prison with Allanon, tasks Wil and Mareth to retrieve the Warlock Lord's skull in exchange for Flick's life.
 204       Dweller                                  - Wil travels with Mareth and Allanon to rescue his uncle from Bandon, stopping on the way to retrieve the Sword of Shannara.
 203       Graymark                                 - Eretria, Mareth, Wil, and Jax rescue Allanon from General Rega's castle.
 202       Wraith                                   - Allanon is taken captive by Riga, the leader of the Crimson; Bandon tasks with Wil with retrieving the druid by holding his uncle hostage.
 201       Druid                                    - Wil, with the help of Mareth, avoids the Crimson and the Mord wraiths to seek Allanon; Eretria sets off to find Wil with her partner Lyria.
 110       Ellcrys                                  - Amberle sacrifices herself to become the Ellcrys in order to save the Four Lands.
 109       Safehold                                 - As the last leaf on the Ellcrys falls, Amberle immerses herself into the Bloodfire, and the Demon Army begins its march to Arborlon.
 108       Utopia-episode                           - Eretria is invited to join a group of humans who seek to restore the race to its former glory, while hiding a terrible secret.
 107       Breakline                                - Allanon recovers; Eventine's deception is revealed but Arion is killed by the Dagda More; Elf ear hunters who capture Eretria.
 106       Pykon                                    - Allanon is apparently killed by Arion tricked by a demon posing as Eventine; Amberle, Eretria, and Wil plunge down a mountain gorge.
 105       Reaper                                   - Fortune bounces up and down between the Rovers and the Elves but in the end all sides fully grasp the threat posed by the Dagda Mor.
 104       Changeling                               - The changeling plays on mistrust but is finally killed as Rover girl Eretria replaces Allanon on the trio's journey.
 103       Fury                                     - The three return to Elven Kingdom where Amberle has to reaffirm her commitment to the Ellcrys tree.
 102       Chosen (2)                               - The three are attacked by a Fury sent by the Dagda Mor, following the deaths of the Chosen by a Changeling.
 101       Chosen (1)                               - Elven Princess Amberle, Druid Allannon, and Wil Ohmsford are on a quest to save the world from the Forbidding demons.

The Simpsons (281 episodes)

 2218      Chief of Hearts                          - Chief Wiggum has a crush on Homer.
 2123      Judge Me Tender                          - Moe becomes a professional judge.
 2122      The Bob Next Door                        - Sideshow Bob faces off with Bart.
 2120      To Surveil with Love                     - Ned becomes Big Brother.
 2119      The Squirt and the Whale                 - Homer uses wind power.
 2116      Greatest Story Ever D'Ohed               - The Simpsons Go To Israel.
 2115      Stealing First Base                      - Bart falls in love (clever car navigation joke at the beginning).
 2114      Postcards from the Wedge                 - Bart is forced to do his homework.
 2113      The Color Yellow                         - Lisa makes her family tree.
 2112      Boy Meets Curl                           - Homer and Marge take up Curling.
 2111      Million Dollar Maybe                     - Homer invests in a lottery ticket.
 2109      Thursdays with Abie                      - Grandpa becomes famous.
 2108      O Brother, Where Bart Thou?              - Bart wants a brother (funny parody of South Park).
 2106      Pranks and Greens                        - Bart learns of a bigger prankster than him.
 2105      The Devils Wears Nada                    - Marge poses for a calendar and Homer goes to Paris.
 2104      Treehouse of Horror XX                   - Lisa, Krusty, and Moe star in this 20th Halloween special.
 2103      The Great Wife Hope                      - Marge goes against ultimate punching.
 2102      Bart Gets A Z                            - Bart's prank on Mrs. Krabapel goes too far.
 2101      Homer the Whopper                        - Homer acts in a superhero movie.
 2021      Coming to Homerica                       - Ogdenville residents take over Springfield.
 2020      Four Great Women and a Manicure          - Tales of fancy featuring Homer as Sir Walter Raleigh; Lisa as Snow White; Marge as Lady Macbeth; and Maggie as the architect from Ayn Rand's Fountainhead.
 2019      Waverly Hills 9-0-2-1-D'oh               - The kids go to school in Waverly Hills.
 2018      Father Knows Worst                       - Marge finds a sauna in the basement, Homer burns his tongue, and Bart and Lisa have childhood problems.
 2017      The Good, the Sad, and the Drugly        - Bart has a new girfriend and forgets Milhouse.
 2015      Wedding for Disaster                     - Reverend Lovejoy turns out to be a nonminister for failing to pay his dues and Sideshow Bob channels Saw.
 2014      In the Name of the Grandfather           - The Simpsons go to Ireland to take care of their grandfather.
 2012      No Loan Again, Naturally                 - Flanders becomes Homer's landlord.
 2010      Take My Life, Please                     - Homer wonders what his life would've turned out like had he won his high schol selection.
 2009      Lisa the Drama Queen                     - Lisa makes a new friend with whom she writes a fantasy book.
 2008      The Burns and the Bees                   - Mr. Burns relocates a basketball team to Springfield.
 2007      Mypods and Boomsticks                    - Lisa gets a MyPod; Bart has a Muslim friend; and Homer goes Jack Bauer against the Muslims.
 2006      Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words      - Homer becomes the breakup king, and Lisa gets addicted to crossword puzzles.
 2005      Dangerous Curves                         - Homer and Marge reminisce about their marriage.
 2004      Treehouse of Horror XIX                  - Three vigenettes parodying Transformers, 2008 elections, and It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.
 2003      Double, Double, Boy in Trouble           - Bart trades his life with a rich kid lookalike.
 2002      Lost Verizon                             - Bart gets Denis Leary's cell phone.
 2001      Sex, Pies, and Idiot Scrapes             - Homer becomes a bounty hunter and Marge works at an erotic bakery.
 1920      All About Lisa                           - Lisa takes over for Krusty.
 1919      Mona Leaves-a                            - Homer's mother returns and dies.
 1918      Any Given Sundance                       - Lisa makes a film about her family that gets into the Sundance festival.
 1917      Apocalypse Now                           - Bart raises and falls in love with a calf.
 1916      Papa Don't Leech                         - The Simpsons take in a country singer.
 1914      Dial 'N' for Nerder                      - Homer cheats on his diet which ends up with him landing on a reality show.
 1913      The Debarted                             - Skinner and Chalmers sneak an orphan into Bart's gang.
 1912      Love, Springfieldian Style               - Homer and Marge celebrate Valentine's Day.
 1911      That 90s Show                            - A flashback details Marge and Homer's early dating days where Homer works hard to pay for Marge's college.
 1910      E Pluribus Wiggum                        - Homer burns down a number of fast food places, leading the Mayor to have an early Presidential election primary.
 1909      Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind    - Homer loses his memory.
 1908      Funeral for a Fiend                      - Marge goes in for TiVo as Sideshow Bob returns.
 1907      Husbands and Knives                      - A new comic book guy arrives at Springfield as Marge becomes a successful businesswoman.
 1906      Little Orphan Millie                     - Milhouse's parents get remarried again.
 1905      Treehouse of Horror XVIII                - Parodying E.T., Kodos "phones home" to destroy earth (E.T. Go Home); A great parody of the film where Marge and Homer go against each other (Mr. and Mrs. Simpson); A parody of a haunted house where Flanders convinces the kids that treating is better than tricking (Hell House).
 1904      I Don't Wanna Know Why the Caged Burns S - Marge befriends a bank robber.
 1903      Midnight Towboy                          - Homer becomes a tow truck driver.
 1902      Homer of Seville                         - Homer becomes an opera singer, with a cool Homer "evolution" introduction.
 1901      He Loves to Fly and He D'oh's"           - Homer spends a night with Burns in luxury and learns the price of success.
 1822      24 Minutes                               - For the 400th episode, an amazingly great parody of the TV show 24 where the Counter Truancy Unit and Bart who defuses a Stink Bomb to be set off in Springfield Elementary.
 1821      You Kent Always Say What you Want        - Kent Brockman gets fired on FOX for violating FCC rules.
 1820      Stop or My Dog will Shoot                - Santa's Little Helper becomes a police dog.
 1819      Crook and Ladder                         - Homer, Apu, Moe, and Skinner become volunteer firemen.
 1818      The Boys of Bummer                       - Bart drops a catch and becomes hated by the town, while Marge and Homer lose their love-making bed.
 1816      Homerazzi                                - Homer becomes a papparazzi to make money lost by fire damage.
 1811      Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Three Time - The Simpsons narrate three tales of revenge.
 1810      The Wife Aquatic                         - Marge visits an island she loved and is shocked to find it a mess.
 1809      Kill Gil: Vols. 1 & 2                    - After watching an ice skating show, the Simpsons pick up a slobby houseguest in an episode that goes all over the place.
 1807      Ice Cream of Marge (With the Light Blue  - Marge becomes a folk art sculptor using popsicle stickets.
 1806      Moe 'N' A Lisa                           - Moe becomes a poetic success with Lisa's help.
 1804      Treehouse of Horror XVII                 - Homer becomes a blob with a parody of Sir Mixalot in Baby got Fat (Married to the Blob); Bart obtains control of a Golem (You Gotta Know When to Golem); and Orson Welles' broadcast becomes reality as Kang invades in a manner similar to the invasion of Iraq (The Day the Earth Looked Stupid).
 1802      Jazzy and the Pussycats                  - Bart becomes an excellent Jazz drummer much to the chagrin of Lisa.
 1801      The Mook, the Chef, the Wife, and His Ho - Fat Tony is put out of commission as his son becomes Lisa's friend.
 1719      Girls Just Want to Have Some Sums        - Skinner is replaced after making a sexist remark.
 1716      Million Dollar Abie                      - Abe Simpsons becomes a matador.
 1713      Seemingly Never-Ending Story             - The Simpsons are trapped in a cave an exchange stories.
 1711      we're on the Road to D'Ohwhere           - We're on the Road to D'Ohwhere.
 1710      Homer's Paternity Coot                   - Homer finds his long last father (cool opening sequence).
 1709      Simpsons Christmas Story                 - The Simpons narrate famous historical tales that they are a part of (Homer, Marge, and play Mary and Joseph; Homer; Grandpa,and Mr. Burns; and a parody of The Nutcracker).
 1708      The Italian Bob                          - The Simpsons go to Italy to pick up Burns' car and run into Sideshow Bob.
 1707      The Last of the Red Hot Mamas            - Marge has a new friend who gets her engaged in exciting activities; Lisa gets an Italian tutor.
 1706      See Homer Run                            - Homer doesn't appreciate the gift handmade by Lisa and runs for mayor to make her happy.
 1705      Marge's Son Poisoning                    - Marge goes bicycling with Bart and Homer exercises only one arm.
 1704      Tree House of Horror XVI                 - In the Halloween episode featuring B.I. Bartificial Intelligence; Survival of the Fattest; the World Series of Manhunter with host Terry Bradshaw; I've Grown a Costume on Your Face.
 1703      Milhouse of Sand and Fog                 - Maggie gets chickenbox and Homer tries to form a business to infect other children.
 1702      The Girl Who Slept Too Little            - A cemetery that is relocated next to the Simpsons' house scares Lisa.
 1701      The Bonfire of the Vanities              - Marge leaves Homer.
 1621      The Father, The Son, and The Holy Guest  - Bart Goes to Catholic School.
 1619      Thank God It's Doomsday                  - Homer thinks he can predict the rapture.
 1618      A Star Is Torn                           - Lisa goes on the Krusty-sponsored Li'l Starmaker show.
 1617      The Heartbroke Kid                       - Bart becomes fat on vending machine food.
 1616      Don't Fear the Roofer                    - Homer befriends a roofer who everyone thinks is imaginary.
 1614      The Seven-Beer Snitch                    - Homer becomes a snitch in prison.
 1613      Mobile Homer                             - Homer obtains an RV.
 1612      Goo Goo Gai Pan                          - Homer pretends to be Selma's husband to adopt a Chinese baby.
 1610      There's Something About Marrying         - Homer starts marrying gay and lesbian couples.
 1609      Pranksta Rap                             - Bart fakes his own kidnapping.
 1608      Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass           - Homer teaches stars how to dance.
 1607      Mommie Beerest                           - Marge takes a role in running Moe's Tavern.
 1605      Fat Man and Little Boy                   - Bart becomes a big T-shirt maker.
 1604      She Used to Be My Girl                   - Marge's high school friend returns and makes her jealous.
 1603      Sleeping With the Enemy                  - Marge befriends Nelson.
 1602      All's Fair in Oven War                   - Marge falls in love with her neighbour's kitchen.
 1601      Treehouse of Horror XV                   - In the Halloween episode Ned gains the power to foretell people's deaths (The Ned Zone); Maggie is shrunk, then swallowed by Mr. Burns; in Victorian London, Detective Eliza Simpson and her sidekick, Dr. Bartley, pursue the Muttonchop Murderer.
 1522      Fraudcast News                           - Lisa takes on Mr. Burns as he tries to control all media (another reference confusing Larry Flynt and Stephen Hawking is made).
 1521      Bart-Mangled Banner                      - Bart moons the American flag by accident.
 1520      The Way We Weren't                       - Homer and Marge reminisce about how they met.
 1519      Simple Simpson                           - Homer becomes a superhero called the Pie Man.
 1518      Catch 'em If You Can                     - Homer and Marge sneak off to Miami.
 1517      My Big Fat Geek Wedding                  - Skinner gets married to Crabapple.
 1516      The Wandering Juvie                      - Bart hooks up with a girl who's more than his match.
 1515      Co-dependent's Day                       - "Cosmic Wars" sucks and Homer and Marge become drinking buddies.
 1514      The Ziff Who Came to Dinner              - Artie Ziff ends up living with the Simpsons.
 1513      Smart and Smarter                        - Maggie is considered to be very smart, with Simon Cowell.
 1512      Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore       - Milhouse moves to Capital City.
 1511      Margical History Tour                    - Marge goes back into history starting with Homer as Hentry VIII; Lenny and Carl as Lewis and Clark and Lisa as Sacagaewea; and Bart as Mozart.
 1510      Diatribe of a Mad Housewife              - Marge writes a book.
 1509      I, D'oh-bot                              - Homer becomes a robot to please Bart.
 1508      Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Co - Maggie goes to see a child show which pits Marge against some denizens of Springfield.
 1507      Tis the Fifteenth Season                 - Homer gives up his greediness after buying an Astrolabe, which makes Ned jealous.
 1506      Today I Am a Clown                       - Krusty undergoes a Bar Mitzvah and Homer gets his own talk show.
 1505      The Fat and Furriest                     - Homer tries to have a rematch with a bear.
 1504      The Regina Monologues                    - The Simpsons go to England.
 1503      The President Wore Pearls                - Lisa becomes the class president.
 1502      My Mother the Carjacker                  - Homer's mother returns.
 1501      Treehouse of Horror XIV                  - In the 14th Halloween episode, Homer becomes the Grim Reaper; Lisa harvests human body parts from Springfield residents to create a Frankenstein monster; Bart and Milhouse discover a watch that stops time.
 1421      Bart of War                              - Bart and Milhouse end up on opposing teams after a prank goes awry.
 1420      Brake My Wife, Please                    - Homer stops drinking and starts taking care of Marge.
 1419      Old Yeller Belly                         - Snowflake saves Homer's life.
 1418      Dude, Where's My Ranch?                  - David Byrne produces a song Homer writes hating Flanders.
 1417      Three Gays of the Condo                  - Homer is confronted with his alcohol problems.
 1416      'Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky           - A documentary maker works on Springfield Elementary as Lisa becomes an astronomer.
 1415      C.E. D'oh                                - Homer takes charge of the nuclear plant.
 1414      Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington            - Krusty becomes a legislator.
 1413      A Star Is Born Again                     - Ned Flanders dates an an actress.
 1412      I'm Spelling as Fast as I Can            - Lisa takes part in the Spellympics.
 1411      Barting Over                             - In the 300th episode Bart emancipates from his parents.
 1410      Pray Anything                            - Homer prays to god to get things to happen.
 1409      The Strong Arms of the Ma                - Marge lifts weights to overcome her fear of being weak and helpless.
 1408      The Dad Who Knew Too Little              - Homer hires a detective to learn about Lisa.
 1407      Special Edna                             - Bart nominates Mrs. Krabappel for Teacher of the Year and Homer confuses Little Richard/Michael Jackson.
 1406      The Great Louse Detective                - Sideshow Bob helps the police catch someone who's stalking Homer.
 1405      Helter Shelter                           - The Simpsons star in a Reality TV show after their house is infected with termites.
 1404      Large Marge                              - Marge gets breast implants.
 1403      Bart vs. Lisa vs. 3rd Grade              - Bart and Lisa both end up in 3rd Grade.
 1402      How I Spent My Strummer Vacation         - Homer goes to rock camp.
 1401      Treehouse of Horror XIII                 - In this Halloween special, Homer clones swarm the countryside; a madman turns townspeople into animallike creatures (parodying The Island of Dr. Moreau); a posse of otherworldly outlaws rides into Springfield.
 1322      Poppa's Got a Brand New Badge            - Homer becomes a police officer after Lisa's Malibu Stacy dolls stolen.
 1321      The Frying Game                          - Homer takes care of an endangered caterpillar and ends up on death row for killing an old lady.
 1320      Little Girl in the Big Ten               - Lisa pretends to be a college student.
 1319      The Sweetest Apu                         - Apu cheats on his wife.
 1318      I Am Furious (Yellow)                    - Bart creates a comic book based on Homer.
 1317      Gump Roast                               - Homer's "roasted" with clips reminiscing the Simpsons' lives.
 1316      Weekend at Burnsie's                     - Homer inhales medical marijuana after being attacked by crows.
 1315      Blame It on Lisa                         - The family goes to Brazil.
 1314      Tales from the Public Domain             - Homer reads stories to the kids, including ones involving Ulysses, Joan of Arc, and Hamlet.
 1313      The Old Man and the Key                  - Grandpa Simpson borrows Homer's car.
 1312      The Lastest Gun in the West              - Bart and Lisa befriend an old cowboy actor.
 1311      The Bart Wants What It Wants             - Bart has a rich girlfriend.
 1310      Half-Decent Proposal                     - Homer "rents" out Marge to Artie Ziff to raise money to cure Homer's snoring problem.
 1309      Jaws Wired Shut                          - Homer's jaw is wired shut and he becomes polite.
 1308      Sweets and Sour Marge                    - Marge goes on a crusade against fatness and Homer becomes a sugar smuggler.
 1307      Brawl in the Family                      - Acid rain falls on Springfield; the family fights over Monopoly; and Homer and Ned's second wives turn up.
 1305      The Blunder Years                        - Homer regresses to his childhood and we discover Burns that "adopted" Smithers.
 1304      Hunka Hunka Burns in Love                - Burns falls in love, thanks to Homer's fortune in a cookie.
 1303      Homer the Moe                            - Homer competes with Moe by opening a bar in his garage.
 1302      She of Little Faith                      - Lisa becomes a Buddhist after Homer destroys the Church which becomes commercialised.
 1301      Treehouse of Horror XII                  - Homer is cursed by a Gypsy (Hex in the City); Marge orders a home that's run by a Hal-like computer (House of Whacks); Bart and Lisa attend a Hogwarts-like school of magic.
 1222      Parent Rap                               - A judge orders Bart and Homer to be leashed together.
 1221      Simpsons Tall Tales                      - The Simpsons act the roles of characters in Grimm Brothers' fairy tales, Paul Bunyan, and Tom Sawyer/Huckleberry Finn.
 1220      Children of a Lesser Clod                - Homer runs a day-care center.
 1219      I'm Goin' to Praiseland                  - Flanders builds an amusement park in the memory of his wife.
 1218      Trilogy of Error                         - Three intersecting stories (Homer losing his thumb; Lisa trying to enter the science fair; and Bart and Milhouse discovering a stash of fireworks) are told in parallel.
 1217      Simpson's Safari                         - They go to Africa.
 1216      Bye, Bye, Nerdie                         - Lisa figures out why bullies bully.
 1215      Hungry, Hungry Homer                     - Homer goes on a hunger strike.
 1214      New Kids on the Blecch                   - Bart is in a boy-band.
 1213      Day of the Jackanapes                    - Sideshow Bob reunites with Krusty after hypnotising Bart.
 1212      Tennis the Menace                        - Homer builds a tennis court in his house.
 1211      Worst Episode Ever                       - Bart and Milhouse run the comic book store.
 1210      Pokey Mom                                - Marge befriends a talented prison inmate.
 1209      HOMR                                     - Homer removes a crayon stuck in his brain and becomes smarter.
 1208      Skinner's Sense of Snow                  - Principal Skinner refuses to shut down Springfield Elementary during a snowstorm.
 1207      The Great Money Caper                    - Homer and Bart run a con game.
 1206      The Computer Wore Menace Shoes           - Homer sets up his own web site and wins the Pulitzer.
 1205      Homer vs. Dignity                        - Homer asks Burns for a raise.
 1204      Lisa the Tree Hugger                     - Lisa lives on a tree to save it.
 1203      Insane Clown Poppy                       - Krusty's daughter shows up.
 1202      A Tale of Two Springfields               - Homer separates the town based on area code, and The Who play Springfield.
 1201      Treehouse of Horror XI                   - Homer must earn a place in Heaven, dolphins take over Springfield, and fairy tales get scary.
 1122      Behind the Laughter                      - The Simpsons are featured in the style of "behind the music".
 1121      It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge          - The family takes on Otto's girlfriend in their home.
 1120      Last Tap Dance in Springfield            - Lisa learns to tap dance and Bart and Milhouse spend time in a mall.
 1119      Kill the Alligator and Run               - Homer goes on spring break.
 1118      Days of Wine and D'Oh'ses                - Barney becomes sober.
 1117      Bart to the Future                       - Bart sees the future in an Indian casino.
 1116      Pygmoelian                               - Mo undergoes plastic surgery.
 1115      Missionary: Impossible                   - Homer becomes a missionary.
 1114      Alone Again Natura-Diddly                - Flanders' wife dies.
 1113      Saddlesore Galactica                     - Bart races a horse.
 1112      The Mansion Family                       - The Simpsons house sit for Mr. Burns.
 1111      Faith Off                                - Bart is given the power to heal.
 1110      Little Big Mom                           - Marge breaks her leg and Lisa takes over.
 1109      Grift of the Magi                        - A company designs toys that eliminate their competition, featuring Gary Coleman.
 1108      Take my Wife Sleaze                      - Homer forms a motorcyle gang.
 1107      Eight Misbehavin'                        - Apu and Manjula have octuplets.
 1106      Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder               - Homer bowls a perfect game.
 1105      E-I-E-I D'oh!                            - Homer grows Tamasco.
 1104      Treehouse of Horror X                    - Ned Flanders is killed by Homer, Bart and Lisa become superheroes, and the Y2K bug is exploited.
 1103      Guess Who's Coming to Criticize Dinner   - Homer becomes a food critic.
 1102      Brother's Little Helper                  - Bart is put on a behaviour modification drug (Focusyn) to make him be good.
 1101      Beyond Blunderdome                       - Homer helps Mel Gibson make a movie.
 1023      Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo                - The Simpsons go to Toyko while they're to save money (featuring the voice of George "Sulu" Takei).
 1022      They Saved Lisa's Brain                  - Lisa and a bunch of geeks in Springfield become town rulers (with Stephen Hawking making a guest appearance as Larry Flynt!).
 1020      The Old Man And The 'C' Student          - An attempt to bring the Olympics to Springfield fails thanks to Bart, and Bart takes the elderly out of their retirement homes for the time of their lives.
 1019      Mom and Pop Art                          - Homer becomes a successful artist.
 1018      Simpsons Bible Stories                   - The various characters are involved in Biblical plots.
 1017      Maximum Homerdrive                       - Homer drives a truck across the country.
 1016      Make Room for Lisa                       - Homer becomes indebted to a cellular phone company.
 1015      Marge Simpson in 'Screaming Yellow Honke - Marge's road rage combined the Canyonero SUV makes a potent weapon.
 1014      I'm with Cupid                           - Apu and Manjula get it on.
 1013      Homer to the Max                         - A character named Homer shows up on TV.
 1012      Sunday, Cruddy Sunday                    - The Simpsons watch the Superbowl.
 1011      Wild Barts Can't Be Broken               - Bart exposes Springfield's secrets when Chief Wiggum imposes a curfew on children and Village of the Damned is parodied.
 1007      Lisa Gets an A                           - Lisa gets an award for her school because she cheated on a test.
 1004      Treehouse of Horror IX                   - Homer mimics Snake, Itchy and Scratchy go after Bart and Lisa, and Maggie is found to be Kang's daughter.
 1002      The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace          - Homer becomes an inventor.
 925       Natural Born Kissers                     - Homer and Marge spice up their love life by performing PDAs.
 915       The Last Temptation of Krusty            - Krusty goes non-commercial but the lure of the Canyonaro is too much for him.
 905       The Cartridge Family                     - Homer buys a gun to protect his family.
 904       Treehouse of Horror VIII                 - Homer battles mutants; Bart morphs with a fly; and Marge and her sisters turn out to be witches in the middle ages who start the custom of Halloween.
 819       Grade School Confidential                - Bart becomes Skinner's and Krabappel's confidante.
 815       Homer's Phobia                           - Homer befriends a gay antiques dealer.
 806       A Milhouse Divided                       - Homer divorces Marge and marries her again.
 802       You Only Move Twice                      - Homer leaves the Springfield power plant to go work for Scorpio.
 722       Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Gra - Grandpa Simpson fights with Burns to get the Flying Hellfish treasure featuring a parody of the German guy at the end who refers to Kraftwerk.
 717       Homer the Smithers                       - Burns learns to be self-reliant thanks to Homer's help.
 707       King-Size Homer                          - Homer goes on disability after gaining 100 pounds.
 701       Who Shot Mr. Burns                       - The identity of who shot Burns is revealed.
 621       Who Shot Mr. Burns                       - Burns is shot and everyone is a suspect.
 608       A Star is Burns                          - A film festival is held in Springfield.
 607       Bart's Girlfriend                        - Bart falls for Reverend Lovejoy's daughter.
 606       Treehouse of Horror V                    - In this Halloween special, The Shining, Crime and Punishment, and Soylent Green are spoofed.
 506       Marge on the Lam                         - Marge and her single mom neighbour go out.
 505       Treehouse of Horror IV                   - Halloween shorts about the Simpsons family features vampires out to get Bart.
 501       Homer's Barbershop Quartet               - Homer reminisces about his time in a barbershop quartet.
 422       Krusty Gets Kanceled                     - Krusty's show gets cancelled.
 421       Marge in Chains                          - Springfield has a case of the Osaka flu and Marge gets into trouble for shoplifting.
 420       Whacking Day                             - Bart is expelled.
 419       Homer's Enemy                            - Homer has an enemy and Bart owns a factory.
 418       So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Sh - Homer's past flashes by him reminding him of the times he hurt himself.
 417       Last Exit to Springfield                 - Homer fights to keep his dental plan.
 416       Duffless                                 - Homer gives up alcohol.
 414       Brother From the Same Planet             - Bart looks for a new father and Lisa falls for a Beverly Hills 90210 character.
 413       Selma's Choice                           - Selma decides to get artificially inseminated.
 409       Mr. Plow                                 - Homer buys a snow plow.
 408       The New Kid on the Block                 - Bart's gets friendly with his neighbour.
 407       Marge Gets a Job                         - Marge gets a job at the nuclear factory and Mr. Burns falls in love with her.
 406       Itchy and Scratchy The Movie             - Homer and Marge try to discipline Bart as an Itchy and Scratch movie parodying Steamboat Willie is announced.
 405       Treehouse of Horror III                  - A demonic Krusty doll goes after Homer; Homer is King Kong; Bart raises zombies that overrun Springfield.
 404       Lisa the Beauty Queen                    - Lisa becomes insecure about her looks.
 320       Colonel Homer                            - Homer gets involved with Lurleen, a country singer.
 318       Separate Vocations                       - Bart becomes the school monitor.
 315       Homer Alone                              - Homer cares for Maggie when Marge is away.
 309       Saturdays of Thunder                     - Homer and Bart build a soapbox racer.
 308       Lisa's Pony                              - Homer buys a pony for Lisa.
 221       Three Men and a Comic Book               - Bart buys Radioactive Man #1.
 204       Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes  - Burns runs for governor.
 203       Treehouse of Horror                      - The very first Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror.
 202       Simpson and Delilah                      - Homer is analogised to Sampson?.
 201       Bart Gets an F                           - Bart demonstrates applied knowledge.
 113       Some Enchanted Evening                   - Bart has a babysitter.
 112       Krusty Gets Busted                       - Krusty is framed by Sideshow Bob for shoplifting.
 111       The Crepes of Wrath                      - Bart goes to France.
 110       Homer's Night Out                        - Bart gets a spy camera.
 109       Life on the Fast Lane                    - Marge learns to bowl.
 108       The Telltale Head                        - Jebediah's Springfield's head ends up in the hands of the Simpsons..
 107       The Call of the Simpsons                 - Homer buys an RV.
 106       Moaning Lisa                             - Lisa is into the blues.
 105       Bart the General                         - Bart goes up against Nelson.
 104       There's No Disgrace Like Home            - The family goes to treatment.
 103       Homer's Odyssey                          - Homer is fired and takes on the nuclear plant.
 102       Bart the Genius                          - Bart fakes it till he makes it.
 101       Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire        - Low quality first episode, but harbringer of awesomeness to come.

The Strain (26 episodes)

 213       Night Train                              - Setrakian wins the Occido Lumen; Nora and Coco Marchand die; Zach goes with Kelly.
 212       Fallen Light                             - Setrakian, Palmer, the Ancients, and the Master are out to get the Occido Lumen.
 211       Dead End                                 - Dutch is freed by Nora, Eph, and Fet.
 210       The Assassin                             - Eph and Dutch tries to kill Palmer but they are captured and Dutch ends up in Eichorst's dungeon.
 209       The Battle for Red Hook                  - A large group of strigoi attack Red Hook but are repelled in the end.
 208       Intruders                                - Kelly puts on a disguise and tries to bring Zach over to her side.
 207       The Born                                 - Eph vows to kill Eldrich Palmer.
 206       Identity                                 - The Master uses Bolivar's body much to surprise of Eichhorst.
 205       Quick and Painless                       - Eph makes his way to Washington, DC after killing his former boss Everett Barnes.
 204       The Silver Angel                         - The Master makes the vampires who are infected with the cure kill themselves.
 203       Fort Defiance                            - Eph and Nora appear to find a cure.
 202       By Any Means                             - Eph and Nora run experiments on infected humans to find a cure.
 201       BK, NY                                   - Setrakian almost kills the Master but the latter manages to escape.
 113       The Master                               - The Master lives to fight another day.
 112       Last Rites                               - The Master saves a dying Eldritch Palmer as Mrs. Martinez becomes a victim.
 111       The Third Rail                           - Eph and the Master confront each other.
 110       Loved Ones                               - Eph finds out that his wife has been turned.
 109       The Disappeared                          - Zach reuintes with his father and Eichorn is reborn.
 108       Creatures of the Night                   - The gang all get together and fight off the Strigoi in a vampire store.
 107       For Services Rendered                    - Setrakian and Eichorst confront each other as a group of rebel Strigoi show up.
 106       Occupation                               - A lunar eclipse enables the Strigoi to feed.
 105       Runaways                                 - Eph and Setrakian take up the fight against the Strigoi.
 104       It's Not for Everyone                    - Setrakian starts hunting those who have turned.
 103       Gone Smooth                              - Captain Redfern turns and is killed by Eph.
 102       The Box                                  - The box/coffin from the plane is transported to New York City.
 101       Night Zero                               - A deadly disease strikes New York City.

The Terror (20 episodes)

 210       Infamy: Into the Afterlife               - Chester negotiates with Yuko and together they determine an outcome the leads to peace for her and for his new family.
 209       Infamy: Come and Get Me                  - Chester reunites with his adopted parents; as Yuko attacks Luz and takes the newborn, Chester's mother reveals her role in all the suffering.
 208       Infamy: My Sweet Boy                     - Chester and Luz get back together; Luz reveals she is pregnant again, but Yuko continues to haunt them just as Luz gives birth.
 207       Infamy: My Perfect World                 - Chester breaks out of the internment camp to go after Luz, while Yuko the bakemono follows them.
 206       Infamy: Taizo                            - The backstory on the bakemono is revealed, indicating that it represents Chester's biological mother, whose body is then burnt but the spirit manages to survive.
 205       Infamy: Shatter Like a Pearl             - The bakemono follows Chester to his posting and causes the death of his friend.
 204       Infamy: The Weak Are Meat                - Chester enlists as a translator and is shipped out to the front in order to provide for Luz, who loses her twins during childbirth.
 203       Infamy: Gaman                            - Chester, a US citizen of Japanese ancestry, enlists with the army as a code breaker to help his family and Luz, his pregnant girlfriend of Mexican descent.
 202       Infamy: All the Demons Ar Still in Hell  - Some residents of the camp believe that a bakemono, a supernatural shapeshifting creature from Japanese folklore, is responsible for the strange deaths.
 201       Infamy: A Sparrow in a Swallow's Nest    - Mysterious deaths plague the Japanese residents of Terminal Island who are sent off to internment camps following Pearl Harbour.
 110       We Are Gone                              - The Tuunbaq kills the mutineers, who'd been poisoned by one of their captives, and itself dies; Francis instructs the Inuit he lives with to tell searchers to go back as there is nothing left of the expedition.
 109       The C, the C, the Open C                 - Francis surrenders to the mutineers who've resorted to cannibalism; he arranges for the rest of his men to continue ahead.
 108       Terror Camp Clear                        - Just as Francis is about to hang the mutineers, the Tuunbaq attacks the expedition camp and causes havoc, allowing them to escape.
 107       Horrible from Supper                     - As the expedition walks their long journey on land, one of the men plans a mutiny and begins by killing his fellow crewmembers.
 106       A Mercy                                  - Captain Francis Crozier, an alcoholic, dries himself out and eventually decides to lead the men by land to safety when a raging fire set by the ship's surgeon gone crazy due to lead poisoning kills many of the crew.
 105       First Shot a Winner, Lads                - The Tuunbaq attacks the ship and is injured by fire and cannons; during the confusion, Silna, the shaman's daughter, escapes.
 104       Punished, as a Boy                       - As the creature continues to kill off the crew members, one of them leads an expedition to capture the shaman's daughter due to the belief that she controls the creature.
 103       The Ladder                               - The Inuit man's daughter despairs at her responsibility for the Tuunbaq, which attacks the crew laying a trap for it, killing the expedition Captain.
 102       Gore                                     - An smaller expedition searching for a path out of the ice accidentally kills an Inuit shaman who was holding abay a monster known as Tuunbaq.
 101       Go for Broke                             - In 1846, an expedition by the British ships HMS Erebus and HMS Terror to cross the Northwest Passage ends up stuck in the ice.

The Twilight Zone (55 episodes)

 7611      And When the Sky Was Opened              - Three astronauts who've apparently survived a space flight crash slowly disappear.
 7609      Perchance to Dream                       - A person who fears dying in his dreams mistakenly falls asleep.
 530       Stopover in a Quiet Town                 - A couple driving under the influence ends up being kidnapped by aliens and used as toys.
 504       A Kind of Stopwatch                      - A person with a stop watch that can stop time breaks it as he has frozen the world.
 401       In His Image                             - A robot created to mimic a man's desires becomes the man's salvation.
 331       The Trade-ins                            - An elderly man wants a young, artificial body.
 314       Five Characters in Search of an Exit     - A group of five people are trapped in a cylinder that actually is a container for another humanoid species but is much much larger -- in a variance of a theme that appears again and again in the Twilight Zone.
 310       The Midnight Sun                         - A girl dreams the sun is moving closer to the earth when in reality it's moving farther away.
 308       It's a Good Life                         - A six-year old controls everyone from thinking bad thoughts.
 229       The Obsolete Man                         - A person is condemned to die by the State for being an individual.
 215       The Invaders                             - Tiny invaders from space (who turn out to be human) terrorize a female (who turns out to be an alien).
 212       Dust                                     - A man who is about to be hung is saved by a stroke of fortune.
 207       Nick of Time                             - An office manager (played by William Shatner) ends up being obsessed by a fortune telling machine in a small town, almost to the point of remaining there forever.
 140       Developing                               - A wife whose husband dies guides her to happiness.
 139       Eye of the Beholder                      - A totalitarian leader makes everyone the same by making them ugly.
 138       The Collection                           - Lonely girl finds a way to keep her babysitters forever.
 137       The Pharaoh's Curse                      - Where a magician has figured out a way to live forever.
 136       Cold Fusion                              - A person discovers a new weapon and goes crazy.
 135       Placebo Effect                           - A person's imagination becomes real.
 134       How Much Do You Love Your Kid            - A mother takes part in a TV show to find her kidnapped child.
 133       Memphis                                  - Person with brain cancer is given a second chance.
 132       The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street     - Fear drives a neighbourhood to attack innocent people that don't behav